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    This is kinda where I am on this. Basically they are two extra young guys that I'm guessing that Koby Perez liked at some point. Givens is a free agent at the end of the year and Bleier is a 33-year old reliever. It's hard to gauge them off their DSL stats, but they seem to have some body upside and were given decent bonuses that suggest they both have some upside.
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    Talk about "lack of imagination..." -- I'm talking about the ZiPS figures, not Szymborski or the Orioles. Hardly seems worth running the projections over five years if there's so little variation from year to year for each of those players. Maybe I'm just spoiled by wildly fluctuating careers in baseball sim games... or reality itself.
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    https://art19.com/shows/baltimore-orioles-inside-the-yard-podcast/episodes/803739fb-f670-422e-acac-c3a486bf341a About 17 minutes long. Not a ton of quotable quotes, but well worth the time and here’s a few tidbits: Says the most important characteristic for an analyst is a passion for baseball The hours are long and the pay in the industry less than other industries, and it really hurts to have analysts who stay for a year or two and then move to another industry. So passion for baseball is key. The O’s get about 1,000 resumes every time they post a job opening in their analytics group. There are about 400 analysts throughout baseball. He’s very happy with where the O’s analytics department is now. You don’t get the impression he’s still playing catch-up. He watches what other teams are doing and really respects the work Tampa does, especially on defensive positioning. Talking about the new data he gets, including Trackman, he mentioned two things I’ve never heard of before: Hawk-Eye, and Continuous Player Tracking. I looked them up and think it’s all one system baseball has introduced: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.tvtechnology.com/amp/news/mlb-rolls-out-hawk-eye-next-gen-baseball-tracking-analytics-platform -
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    No, they both had to be added to the 60-man squads of their original teams and then put on the 60-man squad of the Orioles. I suppose that since the season is nearly over, it’s easier now to add someone to the 60-man squad and not be concerned that you’d actually need that spot for someone who might be called to the majors. So, that explains why it’s easier to do this now instead of when the trades were made originally. But I don’t really see any advantage to doing it now as opposed to waiting for the offseason.
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    Similar to Hunter Harvey, this is the main problem with counting on Hays. I really think he has the talent to be a solid every day major league player, but he needs to prove he can stay healthy over an entire season. He's yet to do that and wasn't even able to get through this mini 60 game season. I can see a future outfield though with him back in center regularly. Mullins is better suited as a 4th outfielder than an every day starter, though Mullins is the best defensive center fielder this organization has right now that's major league ready.
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    Don’t think so. Revenue must be down by a lot more than 3B. Have a look at my thread on last year’s Forbes numbers. The average team has gate revenues of $94 mm — that’s $2.82 bb lost right there. Then consider that local TV revenues (per another Forbes article, $2.3 bb) are probably down proportionally to the number of games — that’s another $1.4 bb down. Then there’s the National TV revenue - whatever portion of that relates to the regular season probably reduced proportionally. So it’s got to be at least a $5 B revenue loss for MLB overall, maybe more. Not sure if it translates to a $3 BB loss, though. MLB had net income of $40 mm per team of $1.2 B in 2018. Subtract $5 BB lost revenue but add in $3 B in payroll deductions and you’re only $800 mm in the hole. I’m sure there are other revenue and cost reductions that I haven’t mentioned that would move the needle from there, but it seems unlikely it would swing $2.2 B lower than what I calculated here .
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    Yikes, I'm really surprised it wasn't a hybrid between 2019 and 2020. Seems a bit unfair that a 60 game schedule with 7-inning no headers and severely uneven schedules should decide the draft order completely. I guess the only good news is this isn't official yet. The article states, ESPN.com’s Jeff Passan reports that teams’ 2020 records are “highly likely” to be used to determine the order of selection.
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    Per Sara Perlman: https://mobile.twitter.com/saraperlman/status/1308167183588098049
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    Yes, absolutely. Connie Mack was a brilliant manager, with several dynastic teams. His late 20s teams had several seasons where they finished 10+ games in front of the Ruth-Gehrig Yankees. But he was an old-old school owner, in that he had few resources outside of the A's. If they weren't making money there was NO cushion to fall back on, they were in real danger of going bankrupt. So twice he was put in a position where he feared that paying players market rates (which seem comically small compared to today) would put the future of the organization in doubt, so he sold off everyone making much more than a few thousand dollars a year. As I mentioned the first case was during the battle with the Federal League, which paid players much more than the AL/NL to jump. And the second was in the early 30s after the Depression hit. In 1932 the A's were coming off that string of fantastic seasons and drew under 300k fans for the season. A team with multiple HOFers in one of the bigger cities in the country beating the Yanks at their own game, and they were drawing fans like the York Revolution does today.
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    Honestly, I don't care how the individual trades stack up, but the moves served as a shift into rebuilding as a whole so I'll look it at more has how did the moves as a whole at the deadline pan out? In the end, if we can get a solid every-day corner outfielder (Diaz), a mid-rotation starter (Kremer), and a couple solid bullpen arms (Pop, Tate), I consider that a win. On top of that, guys like Bannon, Zimmerman, and Rogers may have a future in some roll. Honestly, given Manny's expiring contract, the injury questions around Britton and the inconsistent season for Schoop, that's not a terrible deadline, not great, but not terrible.
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    The Orioles are now 23-31. A whole bunch of us picked 21 and have now been eliminated, as did people who picked 22, and the two people who picked a winning record. Only a few people left who could be right:
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    https://www.si.com/mlb/2019/02/19/trevor-bauer-cleveland-indians-training-tools-twitter-controversy-cy-young Quotes for days.
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    https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/john-means-607644?stats=statcast-r-pitching-mlb 2450 on the 4S. Which is good.
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    been a fan for 50 years...we always had a class act team...even when we sucked we still had a great announcer in Jon Miller that made the games interesting...and great players...now we got crap announcers and crap players...Austin Hays!...yeah right...Chance Cisco!....nope...Ryan Mountcastle?...yawn....Mullins?...gawd help us...and basically most of the pitchers are AAAA at best...so, why should I care about an organization that now is putrid but once was great...I need hope
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    Two wins at the start gives Wildcard enough time to predict the playoffs.
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    Beast. But, haters still gonna hate.
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    This is a good site for tracking the race to the bottom: http://www.tankathon.com/mlb
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    Tony can speak for himself, but here is my view of the CF situation. McKenna is better defensively, but the bat isn't ready (and it may never be). Hudson Haskin, this year's second round pick out of LSU could potentially stick in center. Zach Watson and Lamar Sparks are the only other centerfield prospects in the system, but Sparks hasn't even gotten out of Rookie ball and Watson hasn't really hit yet at either Aberdeen or Delmarva.
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    Every time Manfred speaks, I get mad all over again. There are very few people I want to hear less than him.
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    On the other hand we also have the time he, let's say, exaggerated, how much time he spent with the hitting coach in the offseason.
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    I can't help but think that there is only one true elephant in the room, and his name rhymes with Shmiss Shmavis.
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    I do think he got squeezed tonight, plus he had some bad luck in the first inning, Hyde left him out there too long in the third inning when he clearly didn’t have it, and then Kline couldn’t pick him up by stranding the runners. None of that eradicates the fact that he wasn’t sharp and left too many pitches in bad locations, but his line was a bit worse than it needed to be.
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    Do your own research, I'm not your errand boy.
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    Stewart is terrible defensively and uncoordinated regardless of the attempt that current stats try to qualify talent. He's had five plays since Saturday that would embarrass a player at any level. But, sure, hang your hat on sss and misleading stats. He'll prove you wrong in the end.
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    https://www.mlb.com/video/dj-stewart-s-slick-sliding-grab https://www.mlb.com/video/dj-stewart-s-sliding-catch I get it, that drop the other night was bad and it is hard to forget the ball hitting him in the head. That is why we have defensive stats. Because your mind plays tricks on you. He is fine.
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    “All the time?” The average team has made 3 errors in the outfield this year in 55ish games (excluding throwing errors). Some of those were presumably errors fielding balls that had bounced. I’d call that particular error probably in the worst 10% of dropped outfield flies that I’ve seen, based on the amount of time Stewart had to get under it and the lack of any complicating factors like heavy wind or confusion over who was calling for the ball. I doubt there have been five dropped flies this year as bad as that one. That said, Michael Chavis was pretty hilarious in LF last night, too.
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    I believe that "Loquacious" would be an apt name for @Philip. So many nicknames (Loco, QAnon, Oqua). And if that student later had a child so named, that child would definitely be unique (and hopefully not eunuch). Loquacious is a nice moniker. My apt name would be taciturn. https://www.scb.se/en/finding-statistics/sverige-i-siffror/namesearch/Search/?nameSearchInput=loquacious
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    For playoff slots to awarded in order of worst record, not best.
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    Akin has looked OK. That's a good thing.
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    What I would have done is projected this year’s record out to 162 games (including decimal points), and then weighted it equally with last year’s record. So for example if the O’s finish 26-34, that would project out to 70.2 wins over 162 games. Add their 54 wins from 2019 for a total of 124.2. I think that would have avoided giving sole weight to a short season that may have had some fluky results, while at the same time not putting undue weight on 2019 (which would count 2.7 times as much if you just added the two seasons together). I do think this year’s results ought to have at least equal weight with any past results.
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    o BALTIMORE O RIOLES ))))) (vs. RED SOX, 9/22) Boyce Cedric "B.C." Mullins II - CF Austin Charles Brian "C.B." Hays - RF Ryan Mountcastle - 1B Renato Nunez - DH Demetrius Jerome "D.J." Stewart - LF Pedro Severino De Leon - C Hanser Joel Alberto Pena - 2B Rio Ruiz - 3B Ramon Urias - SS Keegan Lee Akin - LHP )) (1-1, 3.38 ERA) OPPOSING PITCHER Nicholas John Carlo "J.C" Pivetta - RHP )) (0-0, 15.88 ERA) ) * * )) [PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES] https://www.mlb.com/starting-lineups o
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    Looks like it will be based on 2020 W-L records. Next 6 games will make a difference in terms of having a Top 5/Top 10 pick.
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    I can envision Mullins having a role on a competitive team. Nunez and Sisco not so much. I think Nunez is moved in the offseason anyway
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    My parents named me Charles, but then started calling me Rick (which is a short version of Eric, my middle name). I’ve been called Rick all my life, so I’ve had to explain that approximately one trillion times to people I’ve met. I used to tell my parents I was going to name my kid Richard but call him Chuck. But of course I didn’t actually go through with that.
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    The 1914 A's went 99-53, won the pennant by 8.5 games and kind of had a dynasty going on. They hadn't won fewer than 90 games in a 154-game schedule since 1908 and had three World Series wins. Then they lost the '14 Series 4-0 to the Miracle Braves, Connie Mack decided he couldn't afford to compete with the Federal League so he sold off his stars and in '15 they finished 43-109. Then in '16 they went 36-117, arguably the worst team since they outlawed syndicate baseball. Also last place doesn't always mean much in the 5-team division era. The 2014 Sox had the 4th-worst record in the AL.
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    I don't think the sad face was intentional. Certain character sequences get converted to smilies and you can't stop it. I've run into it with a numbered list, with an 8 flowed by a close parenthesis. ... 6) 7) 😎 9) 10)
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    o FINALLY ........ the Orioles claimed a hard-fought) WIN )against the Rays. ))) https://www.espn.com/mlb/boxscore?gameId=401226461 o
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    7!! Both called strike 3s this inning
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    Bottom first:. Alberto infield single, Hays singled to left, Alberto dangerously races to 3rd and beat the throw from the LF, Hays hustled into 2nd on the play. Mountcastle grounded out, runners held. Nunez blooped a single that only got over the SS becauae he was saying in, both runners scored. 2-0
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    The good news: currently in line for #7 pick in the draft (under normal rules).
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    An interesting comp is Mishael Deson (acquired in the Givens trade) versus Stiven Acevedo (signed by the O’s in 2018). Both very young for their class (7/7/02 vs. 8/2/02). Both play CF. Deson got a $350 k bonus, Acevedo $275 k. Deson: .252/.327/.336 in 286 PA. Acevedo: .250/.334/.302 in 288 PA.
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    I'm hopeful that these kids are throwing even if they aren't competitive innings.
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    What has changed to allow them to announce PTBNL trades? I thought these would be post-season announcements.
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    Stewart has had a couple of good weeks, but I'm a long way from thinking he's a long-term answer. Santander looked like an All Star before he was hurt. I think you have Mountcastle in left, Hays/Mullins in center and Santander/Stewart in right next year. I want to see Diaz have a big season in AAA next year before I count on him winning a job in Baltimore.
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    First Hobgood and now Harvey. We are no longer allowed to draft any pitcher, starting with the letter "H" LOL
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