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    This is the last weekend without an Oriole game until October. (November if we make it to the World Series).
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    2 Words... Trey Mancini. Our season is a success the minute he takes the field.
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    Is this the first "Looks good coming out of his hand" comment by Hyde? lol
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    https://blogs.fangraphs.com/a-conversation-with-orioles-pitching-prospect-dl-hall/ A fairly expansive interview following up on the Fangraphs rankings, including the now standard semi-technical note on work with Chris Holt sure to give us the fuzzies. Hopefully he'll keep those bits about the Royals and Mariners passing on him on his bulletin board when things get down to business in a few years. I can imagine the Orioles, Yankees, White Sox, Royals and Mariners being the ones able to surpass the Rays 88-win default circa 2024. Baysox Opening Night can't get here soon enough; other than Baumann's health I'm not sure there's a ton of really interesting stuff to see between now and May 3rd outside of crazy longshots. Maybe April Swing Decisions crawling out of the MLB basement if they can.
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    Also this, on an unrelated point: Balto: Does Kjerstad’s ranking compared to other 2020 draft picks mean that, at least at the moment, you think Baltimore’s gamble was a poor one? Eric A Longenhagen: no, because it enabled them to get Mayo and Baumler. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/eric-longenhagen-chat-2-26-21/
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    I’m not sure I agree with Longenhagen in any event. There have been 56 no. 4 picks — Gausman ranks 15th in rWAR among them, Bundy 17th and Matusz 26th. Britton was a 3rd rounder who has the highest rWAR of anyone drafted in the 3rd round that year; he was the 85th pick overall and ranks 3rd overall among 85th picks. Arrieta was a 5th rounder, 159th overall and he’s the top 5th rounder chosen that year and the third-best 159th pick. For me, the only real big disappointment there was that we were unable to unlock Arrieta’s talent and he had his success after being traded.
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    Sure. Giving the money to TradeAngelos instead of Davis would have made the team a bit easier to watch.
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    Unfortunately the $161 million deductible hasn't been met yet.
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    If he's ready, he's ready. I don't see the need to make a thread about this. I'm sure we'll see him in Baltimore at some point this season.
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    Random, almost related fact about the 1980 draft: The O's first rounder 26th overall was Jeff Williams, not a sniff of the majors. Ken Dixon was taken 61 overall then..... I was taken 594th overall, before: Danny Jackson 599 Darren Daulton 629 Chris Sabo 727 overall (.....one of those things is not like the other) https://www.baseball-almanac.com/draft/baseball-draft.php?yr=1980
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    At least Davis has a built in excuse now to explain yet another freezing cold start to the season.
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    Man that guy just can’t catch a break. Or I guess he can.
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    Winter is over. Everyone is healthy. And all is right with the world. O's play baseball today.
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    Orioles Manager Brandon Hyde has tabbed journeyman Thomas Eshelman to take the bump in Sunday afternoon's Spring Opener at Ed Smith Stadium. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2021/02/orioles-notes-and-quotes-from-todays-workout.html
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    I'm irrationally annoyed that he didn't correct the guest that called one of the five a bust.
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    I will admit to a bit of morbid curiosity each year with Davis. It's honestly impressive how long he will take a beating of his own volition. I still like the guy, honestly, and it's fun when he runs into a dinger. I'm curious about the changes, and doubtful they will have any impact. But it's something new to look for. Honestly though I really think he's just going to have more knee problems.
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    Dude has a punchable face, he'll end up in Boston for sure. No more Papi, no more Pedroia. They need a punchable face.
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    Sure, but my point is every single spring training for every single team is going to feature a LOT of guys fans aren't excited about. Eshelman is a 26 yr old pitcher who put up decent numbers when he was used last season. He doesn't throw hard, but he managed to do his job without melting down. We all know he's not going to put those numbers up over a whole season, but he's still a good player to have around. Whining about the guy throwing 2 innings in the first of many meaningless games that will definitely feature a boatload of exciting prospects is what I don't understand. It's the same as when people complain about depth signings. You don't actually have to have an opinion on these types of things. They're just procedural things and it's ok to not say anything about them at all.
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    Well first of all, the media circles jerks about the Yanks and Red Sox, so there’s that. Secondly, whether people say it or not is irrelevant. The bottom line is when you have 2 of the worst franchises in the sport in your division, it’s easy to rack up wins. And, it is mentioned more for the Os because they had some lucky/flukish teams in that 2012-2016 stretch, so when your team has been terrible for years and the team you currently have is good but not great, pointing out what the competition around you is doing is fine to do. There is nothing wrong with saying the Os took advantage of that time period.
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    It's not a dig, just a fact. Boston, usually a juggernaut, was reloading and won 69 games in 2012. Toronto just 73. But we did fend off a 90-win Rays team. New York won the division with 95 wins to our 93. In 2014, the rest of the division was just mediocre (in large part because we pounded them). We cruised to a 96-win division title, while the Yankees, Jays, Rays, and Sox won 84, 83, 77, and 71 games, respectively.
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    The only waiver claim I see the O's making is some one to help at 3rd baseman. Its going to be hard for them to pick up a pitcher off waivers that is better than what they have IMO.
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    Eddie had my earliest 79/80/81 memories to get bonded before that newfangled Ripken guy entered the picture, and that one never got too close in my heart, especially in comparison to many of my grade school buddies who only got to baseball at like 10 not 6, and were 100% Cal guys. Just Regular is a preference i share with him about lots of stuff in life. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1995-06-20-sp-14951-story.html When he became the first position player to receive a $1-million salary in 1979, he bought a gold necklace that said, “Just Regular.”
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    I say that whoever sets the record for total RBIs by a switch hitter is worthy of all the praise he got and a lot more. So he was an introvert, I always said that he let his bat do the talking, and talk it did. He should not have been held to a different standard than any other Oriole, period. When the topic comes up as to my favorite Oriole, that is easy. It is the person who hit 3 run homers and won ball games from both sides of the plate for years.
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    That's a relief - as long as it doesn't sap his power...
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    So Elias is the right guy for the job, yet he hates our draft, which was done by Elias.
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    It’s a reasonable assumption Adley Rutschman, Grayson Rodriguez, D.L. Hall and Heston Kjerstad, all current Top 100 Prospects, will not graduate this year, which gives the Orioles a very strong base of prospects for a 2022 farm system ranking. Baltimore will pick fifth in the 2021 draft, which gives them a potential addition Top 100 Prospect. And then there’s the chance for young prospects like SS Gunnar Henderson to develop.
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    Probably. I’m going to guess that I’ll watch it anyway.
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    My takeaway is that he’s healthy and throwing batting practice. That’s all I care about.
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    Oh man, I really loved Bill Mazeroski's Baseball too! Was always looking forward to it.
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    Gotta be Hamels after Felix and Harvey - Kazmir is small beer. I was trying to go to Active SO leaders for pitchers when I chanced on hitters first, noticing that Davis is actually ahead of Justin Upton for the active lead. Justin's the one with the chance to run Reggie down if the SLG can stay a few more years. Pitcher-wise Hamels and Felix both in the 2500's. The more I think about workloads and slow-playing 2021, the more I think even if Kremer and Akin are solid, they are going to get capped at like 22 starts, so by the end of it there could be 5-10 games for pushing a dozen guys.
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    I guess that means we're due for a good rotation.
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    He's not only a poor strategic coach, he fails at the other part of being a college coach: he's a bad educator. What I most disrespect about him is how he repeatedly throws players under the bus. He is tasked with making these young men stronger in body and mind, yet he tears them down after losses in order to build himself up and avoid responsibility for his shortcomings.
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    Both Kubatko and Dubroff have mentioned the possibility of going with a 14 man pitching staff to start the season, in the past week. People are concerned about inning load on pitchers after the short season. There's a 26 man roster this year. If you have a 14 man pitching staff on a 26 man roster, you basically just have room for 3 bench guys. A backup C, a backup OF, and a backup IF. If Chris Davis is on the roster, as most assume he will be -- I just don't see how you can make that work.
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    You are right there are lots of questions, but I think it’s going to be an interesting rotation to watch. I’m really interested in how Akin and Kramer fare in their second go-round, and for me Hernandez and Harvey are more interesting than the usual group of retreads and AAAA types we see. Doesn’t mean that either has anything left in the tank, but it will be interesting to see if they do. And I’m really hoping to see Lowther, Wells and Baumann debut at some point this summer. I’ll be watching the pitching development real closely all year as we are finally at the point where promising prospects are in the majors or close, with even better ones not too far away.
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    Misses planes like he misses baseballs
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    The Orioles made it clear that they are going to take it slow with Baumann. They also made it clear that those going to AA and A will not pitch much for a while. Baumann is probably slated to go to AA as part of a rehab situation. So, he won’t be doing too much for probably for at least a few weeks. Then they will start ramping him up more and more. If we see Baumann in Baltimore this year, it probably wouldn’t be until after August 1. This isn’t a lost year by any means for him but it’s not a year where we should expect him to explode onto the scene either. My guess is he goes to Bowie and they start him off throwing 3-4 innings at a time....let him do that for 3-5 outings and then start to expand it and get him up to AAA. By the end of June, he should be a relative full go, assuming everything goes well.
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    The more I read about Valdez the more encouraged I am about him being our diamond in the rough. Happy to give him a try.
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    The dude has a .774 OPS in ~150 professional PAs, none of which occurred higher than A ball and all of which occurred well over a year ago. All of this intense hand-wringing about him being unjustly held back by a greedy FO that only cares about getting an extra year of control over him just seems bizarre to me (and kind of a little silly), especially when we currently have Severino and Sisco on the roster. I mean, it's not like we have Taylor Teagarden penciled in as the OD starter with Eli Whiteside and Geronimo Gil duking it out in ST to see who gets to be the backup. Sisco is a former 2nd round pick who has demonstrated pretty good on-base skills so far in his MLB career (55 BBs in 525 PAs and a .330 OBP despite an anemic .205 career BA), and he hasn't even turned 26 yet. Severino is a 27 year old that has out-produced the MLB average for offense by catchers in both of the last 2 seasons. I don't think it's too crazy to think that at least one of them could take a step forward in 2021 and net something of potential future value from a team in the playoff hunt in July, especially when they both have multiple years of control remaining. One of them will almost certainly need to go when AR eventually arrives anyway, so why not try get something of value out of it? And if we're trying to get something out of it, why not try to maximize the value of that something?
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    An average player peaks at 27. It wouldn't be that unusual if an individual peaks several years before or after that. Nick Markakis had his best season at 24. If they don't even let Rutschman get to the majors until 24 because of service time and contention windows and whatever, it's possible they're missing out on part of his peak in exchange for seasons in his 30s when he might be in steep decline.
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    Don’t forget Jimmy Key! And you might want to forget Vlad 😂
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    It's crazy for someone who didn't watch football in that era to go back and look at QB stats. Terry Bradshaw had 2 more career TDs than INTs and had 6 seasons where he threw more INTs than TDs. Even Johnny U had a couple seasons with more INTs than TDs. If you even come close to that nowadays you're on the bench by your third game.
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    There is one thing you can do...
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    Lost me at Gold Glove caliber. I do think he showed improvement and could be a useful 4th OF/pinch runner.
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    Never a darling with the media, always beloved in the hearts of the fans. Always.
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    Before there was ESPN, before there was SportsCenter, before there was Baseball Tonight, before there was MLB Network....there was This Week in Baseball. And if you were a baseball fan in the '70's and '80's, it was your TV lifeline to the baseball world. You watched it religiously and hoped they'd show some highlights of your team or a feature on one of your players, all while thoroughly enjoying the coverage of everyone else and, of course, the bloopers and silly moments in the dugout. The narrator, Mel Allen, had been the Yankees' broadcaster during the 40's, 50's and '60's, and listening to his easy Southern drawl and old style delivery ("how about that?"), you really felt you were watching history as it was unfolding -- and in hindsight, that's exactly what was happening on that show. It really fed my love of baseball.
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