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    The Rays used 9 pitchers in last nights playoff game. The Orioles used 4 pitchers total in winning the 1966 World Series.
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    You are going at this backwards. They are not going to look at the 2020 team that is not expected to win, and notice that it has a deficit of talent in the middle infield, and use that as a reason to try Mountcastle there (which would be about his 5th position to try in the last 5 or 6 years). They are going to look at Mountcastle as a player, determine what is best for his development and what position he has the best chance to perform well and have a good major league career at, and that is where he will play. The fact that the 2020 major league team has a need somewhere will have absolutely zero impact on that decision. The only way he would play 2nd is if they decided that was the best place for him to have a quality major league career.
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    Yesterday, I attended the Surprise Saguaros vs. Scottsdale Scorpions game at the Scorpions home base , Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. Four Orioles started for the Saguaros -- Rylan Bannon at 3rd, Mason McCoy at 2nd, T.J. Nichting at DH and Alex Wells pitching. Dean Kremer relieved Wells to start the 4th inning. Overall, the game featured strong pitching and some of the worst fielding gaffs that I've witnessed at an AFL game -- including a run scoring from second base while the Scorpions' pitcher, catcher and first baseman surrounded a pop fly and watched it plop safely fair about 20 feet up the first base line. Bannon -- hitless in 4 at-bats; one hard hit ball, liner to medium center field; weak grounder to 3rd for a force out; pop fly to second baseman; struck out missing a low outside fastball strike; my impression remains that he is a patient hitter with good plate awareness and coverage McCoy -- notable batting stance, sort of leans back with knees strongly bent forward; no hard hit balls, a couple of infield grounders, foul tip fastball 3rd strike, and a walk on a 3-2 fastball well outside; started a 4-6-3 double play. Nichting -- switch hitter, batted left 4 times; looked a bit overmatched; a couple of weak grounders to first, late on a 3rd strike fast ball, drew an easy walk. Wells -- impressive; simple windup, rocks from the waist; pitched ahead; 3 pitches for strikes; fastball - 89 and 90, breaking ball 72 - 74, change (excellent) 83-85; a few hard hit balls, line drives for hits; 4 strikeouts no walks; 2 swinging K's 2 looking (completely fooled on fastballs); struck out the side in the 2nd; multiple moves to hold runners at first; step off throw and picked off runner at first who had taken an average lead. Kremer -- looked good; pitched 1 inning; basic windup, rocks from the waist; 3 pitches around the plate - fastball 91-92, breaking pitch 74, change 84; 3 up and down; struck out 2, 1 swinging and a weak fly to center. So that's 2 AFL games that I have attended so far; each breezed along: Time of games -- 8 1/2 innings 2:34; 9 innings 2:21
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    I would rather switch the Yankees with the Nationals.
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    It is new stuff, very new, but this isn’t being ahead of the curve yet, 22 teams will be using k-motion in 2020. So no longer behind would be appropriate. I think the winners and losers will be determined less by who has the best or newest technology, but by who best optimizes the technology (along with coaching personnel) for achieving measurable player development outcomes.
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    Harvey definitely has not graduated. Pitchers exceed rookie eligibility with 50 innings or 45 days on the active roster excluding the period of roster expansion following September 1st. Harvey pitched 6 and a third innings and was called up in mid-August, accruing around 15 days prior to September 1st.
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    My son Edward just made it through the Crucible and is a Marine now. We'll be going to the Graduation in a week or so. 40 years after I was there. Going to be a blast to wander around Parris Island with my Son.
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    Even the guys on the MASN blogs don't say this cliche anymore.
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    Schoop became a part-time player because Luis Arraez came up and hit .334. He's the reason the Twins wouldn't be interested in Villar.
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    Five days after the World Series is over the 6 year minor league free agents become available. Starting pitching probably will be Elias focus. Elias has said he will be active in signing some of these players. He has a couple of spots on the major league roster to use and he can offer minor league spots with an invitation to ST. I look for at least a couple a Wojo/Brooks types to be signed. Guys in their late 20s or early 30s who can add length to the pitching staff. Early November for the 6 year free agents and early December for the Rule 5 draft may be as busy as any time this off season for player acquisition. The rest of the winter will probably be watching the waiver wire and see if who is available is better than who the O's have on the 40 man roster. Other dateS of interest: November 20th Roster set for the Rule 5 draft December 2nd Non tender deadline December 12th Rule 5 draft Here is an article with more dates: https://www.brewcrewball.com/2019/10/9/20906317/mlb-offseason-important-dates-milwaukee-brewers
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    Exactly, which is why I love them. There is no more, "He gets a good jump or he doesn't take good routes. With this data, you have the exact data to tell you whether that's true or not.
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    Your friends must've hated you! I was one of the older kids on my block so dominated as well. We used to play in our one friend's yard that had a fence that ran diagonally in the outfielder from left to deep right. That meant the younger kid on the other team that hit left-handed had a home run advantage and evened it out a bit. Of course I would switch hit so I could hit it out left-handed as well. They would usually throw the lefty though and forced my Ken Singleton to bat right handed so I would try and go the other way for homers! I hit a number of home runs as Joe Nolan though because when I would announce the lineups, I would make sure it was full of lefties to take advantage of the short porch. Nolan, Dwyer, Lowenstein, Crowley and of course Eddie and Singleton were my guys at that field.
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    We used whiffle balls, as we was in a sub division, while the yards were pretty decent, just not close to big enough for anything but a whiffle ball. Here is the Ripken way of stick ball. Note: I saw this same method used for my nephew in travel ball and high school ball.
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    I like Stauffer and have been a big proponent, but he’s only that high if he’s a starter and we don’t know that yet. He was 91-94 t95 in short outings but he needs to hold that over 100 pitches if he’s going to profile in a rotation and he hasn’t shown that yet, there was a lot of 88-90 in longer outings. He’s more around 30 for me at this point with potential to rise further.
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    Or, he could be a minor league coach.
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    Dan needs to write a juicy tell-all book. There are tens of us here that would buy it.
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    That has to be one of the worst-executed fire sales ever. Offloaded Surhoff, Bordick, Baines, Clark, and Johnson, and every one of the trades netted someone 28 or older. Plus some spare parts and minor leaguers that never worked out. Syd's going in position for all of this must have been "Hey, who''s your 7th-best infielder? That's who we want." Who acquires a 30-year-old catcher, multiple 27-year-old AAA first basemen, and a 36-year-old outfielder in a fire sale?
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    Or letting guys get hit with a fine coat of rust. I don't think sweeping leads to any advantage.
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    It would be more awesome if the Nationals totally fell apart.
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    There were more changes in the last CBA then that: https://www.mlb.com/news/details-of-mlb-mlbpa-labor-agreement/c-210125462
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    Agree there’s nothing wrong with it. Saying that, Trumbo had a .275 average in the minors, Mountcastle is .295. Mountcastle has played each level younger than Trumbo did, and generally, the minor leagues the West Coast prospects play in tend to be more hitter friendly than the ones Mountcastle played in. For all those reasons, I think Mountcastle will hit for a higher average than Trumbo. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be a better overall hitter or player. I’m hoping he will be, but if he has Trumbo’s career, that’s far from a terrible outcome.
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    I liked Rene Gonzalez...he was friends with my brother and we got good seats...lol.
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    I don’t think so. He’s helped in the past with BA’s Orioles top 30 lists but not the league wide lists.
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    I could easily be wrong on this but it seemed like he was spending a higher percentage of time in the outfield toward the end of the season.
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    No, just we can actually see it and have something to talk about. If he spent a few weeks planning/orchestrating the K-Motion partnership we wouldn't know too much (I mean maybe now that it's announced). If he spent the month of August evaluating 40 guys for the _____ position and picks one, we'll never know anything other than the guy he picked to be ______. But removals from the 40 man, MiL deals, Rule V pickups are easy to see, follow and evaluate.
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    Impossible to get below $50 million with Davis and Cobb on the team. $55 million might be a good target.
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    I remember Lonborg, McLain and Lolich all pitching on 2 days’ rest in the ‘67 and ‘68 World Series. Lonborg - complete game on Oct. 9 and 6 innings on Oct. 12. McLain - 2.2 innings on Oct. 6 and complete game on Oct. 9. Lolich - complete games on Oct. 7 and 10.
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    Yep, McNally gave up 2 runs and only pitched 2.1 innings in game 1. Drabowsky came in and pitched the rest of the game and allowed 1 hit with 11 Strikeouts. McNally came back and pitched a shutout in game 4 to clinch the Series. The 4 pitchers were Dave McNally, Moe Drabowsky, Wally Bunker, Jim Palmer.
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    I love the media, 3:30 a.m. and they "THINK" the guy might be intoxicated. You think????? SMH
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    Trading arb-eligible players before the non-tender deadline may also be a priority for Elias in November. I expect look to reduce payroll and add more young talent to the pipeline.
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    Is there a chapter about the time when he beat Tech in Blacksburg?
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    I'm quite encouraged simply by the fact that this didn't become another one of so many "Who cares if 3/4 of the league is doing that, we're not doing it" things that have happened in the past. The more often we join these kinds of trends, the less often we get left far behind when one of these innovations clicks and changes an entire paradigm.
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    14.99 seasons. Never forget the game that they were the Natinals.
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    Not unless the NL adopted the DH. Not a fan of watching an automatic out every 9 batters while the 8th batter gets pitched around with two outs. Other than that, I like the idea of changing divisions yearly based on records. I also feel like they need to go back to a balanced schedule for fairness due to the wild cards.
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    There's some truth there, but the Orioles really disbanded after 1902. In mid-season John McGraw left the team and took most of the players with him. Wilbert Robinson was left with a pieced-together squad of donated players to finish out the schedule. It's probably a little more accurate to say the 1903 Yanks were like an expansion team, more than a continuation of the Orioles. A few years ago Baseball Reference stopped including the 1901-02 Orioles in the Yanks' history.
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    Imagine how much quicker it would have been if not for the O's siphoning off all those MASN dollars. Angelos for the win!
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    He's a bum. We want to spend money on real hitters. And it's on Bluray.
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    I don't understand why they kept playing with me. I was insufferable. Earl was my hero, so I'd often stand on first base and argue until the other kid(s) acknowledged that, yes, I actually was safe. I owe all of Elmbrook Drive an apology for my behavior.
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    Guys, when it's slow, we let more stuff stay in the Orioles section. Ex-Orioles news is fine to talk about here during this time of the year. Not much else to discuss until we start putting out the prospect list stuff.
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    I've been hoping for Lord Mountcastle since they drafted him.
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    And if you're going to judge a trade shouldn't the baseline be "what was the consensus of the deal at the time, given what we knew then?" For these deals it was that the O's were trading a few months of a couple guys, they'll be lucky to get any kind of real value in return. If someone like Diaz has 2-3 good MLB seasons that's more than I would have expected for three months of anybody.
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    If by future changing you mean a player equal in value to Manny, well, no. But, Manny had a future value to the Orioles equal to Zero. So any player from those trades that provides any useful Major League service time is a plus. So, for me, if Diaz is an every day outfielder, he is a future changing asset. If Kremer is a piece of the rotation, he is a future changing asset. If Tate is a useful bullpen arm, he is a future changing asset (although to a lesser degree than if he made it as a starter). But they're all still "ifs." So, again for me, other than Villar, it's a bunch of we'll sees.
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    Playing in San Diego will do that to a hitter. It was the third-worst ballpark in the majors for hits. By OPS+, he had a better offensive season than 2013 and about equal with 2014 and 2017.
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    Perfect Game out with its top college players for the 2020 draft - their top 3 is Austin Martin, Torkelson and Hancock. Only the top10 are viewable, rest behind the paywall: https://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=17591
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    I think the biggest mover (up) is Baumann unless they decide Rom moves above Lowther, which I doubt. I'm guessing Rom will be rated higher than Baumann, but am not sure and, if so, don't think it'll be more than a few spots unless they really love Rom. Just reading the posts here, I think Luke really loves Baumann and Rom. Encouraging for both, for sure.
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