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    His “spin” rate isn’t very good...
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    Title could have ended after the first three words probably.
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    You don't need any looks. Just listen to milb radio and wait for the sound of the bat.
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    You can do both. I have faith in you.
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    Zimmerman seems to be one of those guys who you can almost like despite going to UVA. Ben Olsen, a handful of others. But if Mancini starts taking classes in Charlottesville I'm done with him.
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    The slight nuance separating the two things is that gambling on baseball has been explicitly called out as a banning offense since the 1800s, while the rules are totally and completely silent on losing today to win more tomorrow. Your position is that you should get the death penalty for murder because the law allows for that, but the death penalty should also apply to things that are currently legal but that you don't like.
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    Ok, I'll explain. You have 3 posts here, total. The only thread you posted in is this one. Gary Williams won a National Championship and had other deep runs in the tournament. Turgeon has not. Gary beat numerous Big 5 Conference teams in his career in the Tournament.. Turgeon has not. Gary got the most out of his talent. Turgeon does not. If you can't see the difference I don't know what to tell you.
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    The coaches panicked and totally abandoned the running game way too soon. Edwards should have gotten 20+ carries last night and the Ravens went away from everything they did right this year.
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    Fairly certain it is possible in this day and age to watch a movie without your wife around. But I could be mistaken!
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    Did not see that. Understood. But I think most teams are probably suspicious of other teams cheating. Players talk, of course. I'm players were suspicious of the Yankees too. After all, they're the Evil Empire I agree, doing nothing is terrible. If you're going to punish the ringleaders and the franchises, not punishing the players isn't a good look, either. Hard to prove who did what but there certainly seems to be players that without a doubt benefitted. Also hard to prove that Houston doesn't win the title in '17 without benefitting from this but I am inclined to agree with you. I'd like to see Cora get a lifetime ban because...well, I already hated him to begin with.
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    It's a joke and it's very called for. Lighten up, butter cup. Again, I believe that severance is something that's agreed upon. And the Mets punished Beltran by firing him.
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    Mountcastle Age 22 season - AAA .871 OPS Trey Mancini Age 22 season - A/A+ .735 OPS
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    These are independent contractor jobs. Pay will be determined by the amount of time/effort job entails. Word Press Expert/Developer - Position includes helping to freshen up the current site with content ideas. Invision Message board Expert - Position includes maintenance/upgrades and adding new ideas to the message board to make our interactive experience the best. Minor League Scouting analysts - Position entails watching Orioles minor League games either live or through video, making scouting contributions on the message board and occasional articles. Online Ad Sales Rep - Position entails increasing revenue of the site through local ad campaigns. If interested, either DM my or send e-mail with resume to publisher-oh[at]orioleshangout.com.
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    Wow, multiple Tweets including Rosenthal that Jim Crane has fired both Luhnow and Hinch. https://twitter.com/Ken_Rosenthal/status/1216813978988490752
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    Especially since Hyde, Cossins and now Fredi Gonzalez all have a catching background.
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    The main reason to give him more time in the minors is that he’s played only 83 games at 1B and 26 in LF. If his future is at one of those positions it might be good to give him more time to focus on that without simultaneously having to adjust his offense to major league pitching. I don’t believe he needs more AAA time to work on his hitting. He could use more patience, but could work on that at the major league level if it there were no defensive issues to address. Having said all that, I expect him to be in the majors relatively quickly in 2020.
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    Well Elias was talking about him getting reps at second and third.
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    This is the attitude that allows the cheating to continue. If you want it to stop, players have to pay. If it harms another team that's too bad. The integrity of the game is more important than anything else.
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    From new bullpen coach Darren Holmes: ”These guys are eager. We have maybe seven or eight guys here right now, we’ve got a couple more guys coming in, and these guys are incredibly engaged in the things that we’re giving them and the message that we’re sending them. They want to be good. I think just talking with the guys, they understand what happened last year, they understand that they need to make improvements for this year and that’s what we’re working with them on. “We’re identifying guys, identifying the things that they need to work on. We’re meeting with them one-on-one and having one-on-one conversations, and then we’re going out to the bullpen and we’re working on stuff. It’s real exciting. The cool thing about this is that there’s three of us who are working with these pitchers and all three of us are giving the same message. We’re saying the same things. That’s really huge in this baseball world because sometimes one coach can tell a guy something and then two weeks later another coach is telling the guy something different and you’re giving them mixed signals. “I think by us being united, it’s really going to help the psyche of these young guys.” https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/01/how-holmes-joined-orioles-coaching-staff.html You’re welcome.
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    Prayer and fasting?
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    I think we should proceed with Cobb as not expecting much from him. Anything positive we get, including being able to trade him, is a positive.
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    I was single for a while in 2010. 4 different women made me watch "He's just not that into you" with them and 1 made me watch "Eat Pray Love". And I even watched "Sex and the City 2" a couple of times. Let me tell you Sex and City 2 is not a good movie by anyone's viewpoint. If I could get through them a wife should be able to make it through a war movie here or there.
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    Not a lot of room for doubt anymore
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    He does say the right thing with great regularity.
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    Apparently not his niece. Someone posing as his niece.
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    From what I can tell, it just means Villar was slightly better than Martin but both were among the worse at SS. If you read through how they come up with the numbers, each play gets a percentage up to 100. I also like looking at success rate added. In my mind, if you are -5% success added, that means you would get to 95 balls out of 100 that the average fielder at your position would convert to an out.
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    People don’t seem to realize that dropping back to pass over 70 times and having it off 9 times isn’t even close to balanced no matter how you try to twist it. Counting passing plays where Lamar takes off and runs is still a pass play. They became incredibly predictable.
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    Reddit is ok. All depends on the subreddit. Just avoid anything political, gaming or anything related to social issues and you'll be fine. Twitter is the place where mutants and opinions go to die.
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    Do you think it is a good idea to base development decisions of a player based on projection of another player who is a level behind and older?
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    You don't think certain players hit balls that have a distinct sound off the bat?
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    The Nationals knew what to expect during the World Series. There can hardly be a more vivid illustration of the hardship that cheating, or the belief that a foe is cheating, places on every opponent than the 2019 World Series. Two months ago, in the wake of the Nationals’ victory in seven games over the Astros, with all four wins in Houston, my colleague Barry Svrluga wrote a riveting story about the extreme lengths to which Washington went to prevent exactly the kind of sign-stealing Houston has now been convicted of. Every Nats pitcher was given five sets of signs to indicate his pitches. For example, one finger for a fastball, two for a curve, three for a change-up and so forth. But the Nats went further. Each of their 12 pitchers got five different set of signs. Perhaps in “Sign Set 1” a single finger would mean a slider to Max Scherzer, but the same one finger might mean a change-up to Stephen Strasburg. How on earth could a pitcher keep so many sets of signals straight in his mind, especially under World Series pressure? Each Nats pitcher had his own five personal sign sets pasted under the bill of his hat. And both pitcher and catcher had to coordinate which set they were using. On every pitch. No one knows exactly what the Astros did in exactly what games of exactly which seasons, including 2019. But here’s what we do know: The Nats used their six days off between clinching the pennant and starting the World Series to institute a system worthy of “Hidden Figures.” It’s nice to have a smart, veteran team. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/mlb/cheating-ruins-everything-about-sports-the-astros-got-what-they-deserved/2020/01/13/ebea7380-3654-11ea-bf30-ad313e4ec754_story.html?utm_campaign=wp_sports&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
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    One executive banned for life, one suspended for a year, thirteen players signings were nullified and became free agents, loss of a third round pick, inability to sign any player for more than $10K during the 2019-20 period, and 50 percent reduction in pool for the 20-21 period.
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    You do? I don't. Not the Dodgers or Yankees. The thing is when you don't set actual guidelines you can have a sliding scale.
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    Zero of the players on the current roster have anything to do with Mountcastle.
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    Dont forget the big Chris Davis comeback.
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    As a super 2 Hader has a chance to be so expensive as an arb 4 that he gets non-tendered even if he stays the best RP in the game.
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    Updated the roster projection to reflect ODP as of 1/10/20. See opening post Projected 2020 Opening Day Payroll (ODP) is at $62.5M. Last year's ODP was $82.12M. Reminder -- my rule for the ODP for the 26 Man Roster -- only players on the 40 Man Roster. The 40 Man is now full. Davis accounts for 36.8% of the current ODP, Cobb 22.4%.
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    Doesn't that describe hundreds or even thousands of glove-first players throughout baseball history? That's Mike Bordick or Rich Dauer. Jerry Adair or Cesar Izturis. It's Corey Patterson or Billy Gardner. Anyway, he's not that bad of a hitter for a shortstop. Since he got established in 2013 there are 111 players who've played 350+ games at short. He's 75th of the 111 in OPS+. JJ Hardy had a 82 OPS+ the last five years of his career, Iglesias has an 86. Ryan Flaherty has a career mark of 72.
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    I kind of like the 2021 option - it lays up for the class of 2022, and next year Oakland Semien is a likely opening as well as perhaps Cleveland if they sell Lindor as poor clubs that still aspire to competitiveness and might have more demand then. I'd guess the Angels will have the cash to retain Andrelton if they really want.
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    Lines, lines, lines. This team cant function without continued investment in their lines. This includes linebackers who rush the passer. Middle linebacker. Clark is good but I dont see a long term defensive leader. Ideally in the middle of the defense. WR honestly isnt a huge priority for me. I am happy with the skill position players for the next few years. That said, Decosta has previously stated that the ravens need to take more bites a that apple so I expect he prioritizes a skill position pick in the top 3 rounds for the foreseeable future.
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