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    How could any player that Elias has traded be part of the future core?
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    My younger brother is in the hospital with COVID and he was so thrilled , as we all are, with the no hitter yesterday. His son, a radio show broadcaster in Winston Salem, posted this selfie video and it got picked up. He and I are Os fans for all our lives. Please keep him in your prayers, he is doing a little better each day https://www.sbnation.com/mlb/2021/5/6/22422742/john-means-no-hitter-fan-hospital-covid
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    John Means one pitch better than HOFer Mike Mussina. https://www.nytimes.com/2001/09/03/sports/baseball-mussina-misses-yankees-4th-perfect-game-by-one-pitch.html One thing that I never expected is to see was Severino calling a no hit game. But he did. Means barely shook off Severino's calls all game. Sevy is getting a lot of grief for not catching a catchable wild pitch but no one will ever take away that he called a no hitter.
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    ..,was that John Means threw a first-pitch strike to 26 of 27 batters. Honestly, has that ever happened before in the history of baseball?
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    First of all, Valdez has been solid so far. Yes, small sample size and all that. But no closer converts 100% of save opportunities. I don't think Tanner Scott is ready to take over the closer spot, there's also not another really valid option at the moment. Valdez wasn't sharp tonite and it remains to be seen if he can close at a consistent clip. I don't see the harm in letting him keep getting save opportunities until he shows he's not the guy for the job. This year, anyway.
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    https://www.orioleshangout.com/2021/05/03/orioles-minor-league-depth-chart/ As of May 10th Orioles minor league depth chart AAA Norfolk Tides AA Bowie Baysox A+ Aberdeen A- Delmarva C Brett Cumberland C Adley Rutschman C Maverick Handley C Jordan Cannon 1B Tyler Nevin 1B J.C. Escarra 1B Andrew Daschbach 1B J.D. Mundy 2B Jahmai Jones 2B Terrin Vavra 2B Adam Hall 2B Darell Hernaiz 3B Rylan Bannon 3B Patrick Dorrian 3B Toby Welk 3B Jordan Westburg SS Richie Martin SS Cadyn Grenier SS Joey Ortiz SS Gunnar Henderson LF Stevie Wilkerson LF Zach Jarrett LF Johnny Rizer LF Dylan Harris CF Ryan McKenna CF Jaylen Ferguson CF Zach Watson CF Hudson Haskin RF Yusniel Diaz RF Robert Neustrom RF Kyle Stowers RF JC Encarnacion DH Chris Shaw DH Willy Yahn DH Shayne Fontana DH Trevor Kehe Bench Bench Bench Bench 3B Seth Mejias-Brean IF Malquin Canelo IF Andrew Martinez INF Anthony Servideo IF Mason McCoy IF Alexis Torres IF AJ Graffanino C Ramon Rodriguez C Taylor Davis C Chris Hudgins C Cody Roberts OF Doran Turchin C Austin Wynns C Christopher Burgess 1B Ryan Ripken Starting Pitching Starting Pitching Starting Pitching Starting Pitching SP Conner Greene SP DL Hall SP Grayson Rodriguez SP Zach Peek SP Josh Rogers SP Kyle Bradish SP Garrett Stallings SP Jake Lyons SP Spenser Watkins SP Kevin Smith SP Kyle Brnovich SP Brandon Young SP Keegan Akin SP Ofelky Peralta SP Drew Rom SP Shane Davis SP Bruce Zimmermann SP Brenan Hanifee SP Blaine Knight SP Noah Denoyer SP Alexander Wells SP SP SP Relief Pitching Relief Pitching Relief Pitching Relief Pitching RP Mickey Jannis RP David Lebron RP Kade Strowd SP Leonardo Rodriguez RP Tom Eshelman RP Cameron Bishop RP Morgan McSweeney SP Adam Stauffer RP Cody Carroll RP Cody Sedlock RP Ryan Wilson SP Griffin McLarty RP Dusten Knight RP Nick Vespi RP Easton Lucas RP Ignacio Feliz RP Isaac Mattson RP Diogenes Almengo RP Nick Roth RP Houston Roth RP Jay Flaa RP Gray Fenter RP Kevin Magee RP Thomas Girard RP Marcos Diplan RP Steven Klimek RP Connor Gillispie RP Kyle Martin RP Evan Phillips RP Reed Hayes RP Felix Bautista RP Xavier Moore RP Fernando Abad RP Tyler Joyner RP Ryan Conroy RP Shelton Perkins RP Konner Wade RP Luis Perez RP Garrett Farmer RP Jack Prizina RP Manny Barreda RP Tim Naughton RP Clayton McGinness RP Ryan Watson RP Claudio Custodio RP Tyler Erwin RP Jonathan Pendergast RP Ryan Conroy RP RP IL Dallas Litscher - RP RP Jensen Elliott IL Michael Baumann -SP IL Heston Kjerstad - OF IL Nick Ciuffo - C IL Eric Hanhold
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    Predictable. Home run and double? Stay under the bridge. Two strikeouts? Come out and scream that the sky is falling. LOL
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    Gametime: 3:40 pm EDT Matchup: John Means (L) vs Yusei Kikuchi (L) Weather: 65 degrees and sunny Lineups 1. Cedric Mullins (L) CF 2. Austin Hays (R) LF 3. Trey Mancini (R) DH 4. Pedro Severino (R) C 5. Maikel Franco (R) 3B 6. Ryan Mountcastle (R) 1B 7. Pat Valaika (R) 2B 8. DJ Stewart (L) RF 9. Ramon Urias (R) SS 1. Mitch Haniger (R) RF 2. Ty France (R) DH 3. Kyle Seager (L) 3B 4. Kyle Lewis (R) CF 5. Tom Murphy (R) C 6. Evan White (R) 1B 7. Dylan Moore (R) 2B 8. Sam Haggerty (S) LF 9. J.P. Crawford (L) SS Orioles Bench Freddy Galvis (S) Rio Ruiz (L) Chance Sisco (L) Orioles Bullpen (last used) Available Shawn Armstrong (0.1 IP, 12p Monday) Isaac Mattson (joined roster from alternate camp Monday, had been on taxi squad for entire road trip) Cole Sulser (1.0 IP, 8p Monday; 0.2 IP, 21p Saturday) Dillon Tate (1.2 IP, 24p Saturday) Cesar Valdez (1.0 IP, 10p Monday) Tyler Wells (2.0 IP, 29p Wednesday) May be available: Paul Fry* (0.2 IP, 11p last night; 1.1 IP, 18p Sunday) Travis Lakins (0.0 IP, 12p last night; 0.2 IP, 14p Sunday) Not available: Adam Plutko (1.2 IP, 30p yesterday; 1.0 IP, 20p Sunday) Tanner Scott* (1.0 IP, 7p last night; 0.2 IP, 4p Monday; 1.0 IP, 25p Saturday 1.0 IP) *Lefthanders indicated by asterisk
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    Not sure if this has been mentioned, the soft line drive to Mullins hit by Crawford in the 6th had the highest expected BA at .480. I didn’t doubt for a second that Mullins had that, he gets a good jump every time. Feels unique, seems like there’s a great defensive play for every no hitter, but there weren’t any that really stood out yesterday. Only ball hit over 95mph was a pop up.
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    Really annoying that the media is saying 10th franchise no hitter and counting St. Louis Browns.
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    Hit him! Bases drunker than @scOtt! Let's go Sisco!
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    https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2021/05/updating-flaa-and-baumann-orioles-and-mets-lineups.html Also, some positive news on Baumann.
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    No Mr Garceau, the pitcher spot isn't third. The whole point of the double switch was to move the pitcher spot. Urias is third this inning.
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    FWIW, they are bringing the only LH bat on their bench in to replace Almora. So the pinch hitter for the pitcher starti g the bottom of the inning has to be a righty, as is the second batter. So probably we stick with Plutko for 2 more batters
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    It's like golfers complaining how a course is mowed and set up.... IT PLAYS THE SAME ON BOTH SIDES! Deal with it. Change. Evolve. Don't change a 150 year old game because some stupid commish thinks HE can MAGICALLY make it better all of a sudden.
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    Glad Flaa finally got to make his ML debut, but, no, I doubt anyone will agonize over this loss.
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    I see a lot of potential in Lopez. Fortunate that the O's can afford to be patient with him.
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    The league batting average is lower than any year in the modern era so far this year, even 1968. There have been 4 or 5 no hitters and over a dozen no hitters into the 6th or 7 innings. There have been two games in the last 5 days in the majors that were 0-0 into extra innings.
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    Gametime: 7:05 PM Forecast: Cool. Scattered showers during the day, should mostly be gone by night. If one does pop up during the game it will be minimal. Promotions: -- 6:42 PM Pregame Ceremony honoring John Means No HItter -- Negro Leagues Night: all fans receive a Baltimore Elite Giants Cap. (I like the cap, but question the timing of giving away a red and blue cap with a B on the front on a night when we are playing the Red Sox) Roster Move: Zac Lowther recalled from Norfolk; Isaac Mattson optioned to Norfolk Matchup: Garret Richards (R) vs Zac Lowther (L) -- Lowther's first major league start Lineups 1. Michael Chavis (R) 2B 2. Alex Verdugo (L) CF 3. J.D. Martinez (R) DH 4. Xander Bogaerts (R) SS 5. Rafael Devers (L) 3B 6. Christian Vazquez (R) C 7. Marwin Gonzalez (S) LF 8. Hunter Renfroe (R) RF 9. Bobby Dalbec (R) 1B 1. Cedric Mullins (L) CF 2. Austin Hays (R) LF 3. Trey Mancini (R) 1B 4. DJ Stewart (L) RF 5. Ryan Mountcastle (R) DH 6. Freddy Galvis (S) SS 7. Maikel Franco (R) 3B 8. Chance Sisco (L) C 9. Rio Ruiz (L) 2B Orioles Bench Pedro Severino (R) Ramon Urias (R) Pat Valaika (R) Orioles Bullpen (last used) Available Shawn Armstrong (0.1 IP, 12p Monday) Paul Fry* (0.2 IP, 11p Tuesday) Travis Lakins (0.0 IP, 12p Tuesday) Adam Plutko (1.2 IP, 30p Tuesday) Tanner Scott* (1.0 IP, 7p Tuesday) Cesar Valdez (1.0 IP, 10p Monday) May be available: Dillon Tate (1.1 IP, 13p last night) Probably Not available: Cole Sulser (1.2 IP, 21p last night) Tyler Wells (1.1 IP, 16p last night) *Lefthanders indicated by asterisk
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    That has always been true, welcome to the party.
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    Given that he has no options, and has pitched well in the minors and in the past in the majors, and has a decent fastball, I think Armstrong isn't going anywhere soon. But he has already been "demoted" to lower leverage bullpen innings. I think they will keep working with Lopez for now. We've already seen some up and down between the majors and minors with the likes of Zimmerman, Akin, and Lowther and I think that will continue all year. So, honestly, I don't expect to see many heads rolling anytime soon.
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    They want to keep payroll down and delay starting as many service time clocks as they can. You need cheap arms to eat innings to do that. Holt and company aren't Rumpelstiltskin, they are not capable of weaving straw into gold. Frankly they have more important things to be working on.
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    As of this moment, they are exactly two consecutive wins from being a winning team.
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    Letting him walk is why the Cardinals are a very good organization year in and year out and have been to the playoffs six times since letting him go after they won the World Series in 2011. Meanwhile the Angels spent $240 million for Pujols to slash .256/.311/.447/.758 (108 OPS+), 12.8 WAR going to the playoffs once and never winning a game with Pujols on the team. Basically the Angels made the ultimate mistake of paying a guy for who he was, not who he was going to be when they signed the 32-year old Pujols to that 10-year contract. The Angels are a perfect example of a team with a lot of money to spend who can't put it all together around the best player in the game Mike Trout.
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    When's your tee time? Is the little one hitting wiffle balls yet? Have come within one of shooting my now senior age (77) each of the last few years - can't finish! Still carry for nine but I'm eroding! Mazel Tov!
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    First look at the free agent signee. Tall (6-6), lanky right-hander with four-pitch mix. Announcer said the fastball was 93. Showed the ability throw all four pitches for strikes. Hard to see the movement on the pitches from the home plate camera view, but he got a decent amount of swing and miss. Definitely worth keeping any eye on.
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    Another boom-boom for Gunnar tonight.
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    He also hit the snot out of the ball in the alt site games against the Nats.
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    Nope. PG is 27 up, 27 down.
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    My wife was doing her Zoom telecommuting work and I had to drag her to the screen porch to watch the last two innings with me. I think she sat down right after Mancini hit the 3 run homer. She was really into it. It kind of made me nervous!
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    I wouldn’t be surprised we change it up and give Means an extra day rest now because of going 9 innings.
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    I predicted it a few days ago, when I saw Means was scheduled to pitch. I don't think I mentioned it to anyone, though.😉
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    It’s one of those curious stat games. It’s not a perfect game, and yet he faced only 27 batters. I think that’s happened only once before
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    I thought it might take two months of minor league season to start becoming a trendy "IT" team - maybe it is just two days!
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    This umpire is easily the worst I've seen this year. I mean this an all time shit performance.
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    4.58 in AL last year. This year in AL it’s 4.34. NL was in 4.71 2020 this year 4.37. Obviously had DH last year. NL based on last 2 years is a better run scoring environment.
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    Valaika looks like he just took a DeLorean here from 1987,
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    Watch the receiving.
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    It was very hard to get information as even some of my contacts seemed leery on giving up much info, especially anything about injuries or who wasn't pitching. I'm guessing this comes from above. I got the same thing as some of the Orioles press about Ortiz gaining some weight and really hitting the ball with authority. I saw on some video posted on Twitter that Zach Peek was hitting 94 MPH this spring and supposedly pitching 92-94. Felix Bautista was hitting 100 MPH. Heard Conner Greene started slow but has thrown the ball much better of late and that Fernando Abad and Eric Hanhold both could help the team this year in some roles if needed. I'm just glad the season is getting started so we can see for ourselves finally.
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    So I was all ready to wave the flag tomorrow of Trevor Rogers being a high school pitcher from the 2017 draft just like D.L. Hall, and the Marlins not exactly maximizing MLB wins yet, but nonetheless giving him a cup of coffee last fall and having maybe a promising rotation regular now. But going to the dates of birth, Rogers was an OLD prep for the 2017 draft. 11.13.1997 DOB would have made him >19.5 as a high school by June 2017. Hall is almost a full year younger, and I guess DOB beats HS diploma in rock/paper/scissors.
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    And if this doesn't have to do with Balmer I don't know what does. [video=youtube;sjzZh6-h9fM] Jimi's take. Be ready for the O! It comes right after some feedback and dive bombers and explosions and stuff.
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