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    I agree that there is little-to-no value in "organizational filler." But, with regards to this particular season, I don't see how anyone could predict what the "probable market" might be. Nobody even knows if they'll finish the season, no less what the market might be when/if trading with teams in the hunt.
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    After he fell to the fifth pick and had to wait weeks.
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    To me, the 2018 Orioles were far more guilty of giving up. There is absolutely no way that roster should have lost 115 games. Even before they traded players, their winning percentage was pathetic. Teams with far less talent outperformed them. 2017 was a ridiculous end of the year, but the 2018 team was a total embarrassment.
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    It’s all Dungeness crab out here on the left coast. There is a culture built around it. Crab is a Christmas tradition. But it doesn’t taste nearly as good. A friend of mine, born and raised in LA, still randomly brings up the time...twenty years or so ago...that I took him to a Baltimore diner and he had a soft shell crab sandwich.
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    It will be interesting to see if the next good bullpen is 100% or 50% the best batch of spin efficiency automatons that can be curated over a few years. I feel like there is probably some synergy to having the variety for everyone, even the Brachs of the world (who to me was the "normal" one in the good Buck 'pens).
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    Just remember that English has no Académie Française. There is no official arbiter of what is right and what is wrong. My old English teachers are probably cursing me for saying this but there are no official objective standards in English and things evolve over time, although I try to follow the de facto rules as much as makes sense.
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    LOL, I was looking at the 1B list and wondering why Adam Dunn wasn’t there. Then I got to LF: “In all fairness, Adam Dunn could've made this list at several different positions, we just picked left field because that's where he had the most starts. He also was terrible at first base and in right field.”
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    Full schedule https://www.mlb.com/orioles/schedule/2020-07/list
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    Episode 2 with guest Tim Smith, a Chapel Hill songwriter- keyboardist who sometimes is the 4th Secret Monkey. His song is about the "Worlds Largest Ball of Twine", something he read in Roadside America in the 80s and he always remembered it. Also we have Pt. 3 of our interview with producer Don Dixon where he discuss Tommy Keene, being approached by Nirvana to produce "Nevermind" (he asked for too much money), and some other relevant music biz anecdotes. Secret Monkey Weekend play a song by Let's Active, ie "Every Word Means No". Next week, we have The Veldt as our music guests.
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    Interesting thanks.... The food wholesalers tell you where the product is coming from. I am from Maryland and have lived here most of my life. So I get what you are saying. My only complaint with places like G&M, Timbuktu, Pappis, Fratelli’s etc is that there is no where near enough Old Bay in the mixture for my liking. I don’t boil crabs, put Old Bay on popcorn or own a microwave. I like Old Bay on Wings, Fried Chicken, Shrimp, Shrimp Salad, Crabs, Crab Cakes, and I put it in my corn in the cob on the cob water.
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    There's also the layer of thawing the iceberg of good free agent's perception of the organization, inching towards Miguel Tejada: The Next Generation somewhere down the line.
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    I'm not suggesting a Torres-level return or even close. There's a wide gap between that and nothing of value.
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    How much did a September call-up help Schoop? He made the OD roster the next year and put up a mighty .598 OPS. Of course, his 4th year of Arb wouldn’t have mattered, the way things worked out. But I’d still say he would have had more trade value in July 2018 if teams had an extra year of potential control to play with. I don’t want to belabor the point. I’m sure with some thought I could come up with 25 examples of players who struggled the year after a September call-up but turned out to be good players, and 25 examples of guys who did really well after a September call-up. None of that is going to change anyone’s mind. At the end of the day, it’s unprovable whether a call-up would have benefited Mountcastle, and we won’t know for 6 years whether an extra year of control would have been important or not. At some point we just need to move on and stop obsessing with this point.
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    He's a great poster. I don't know if I'd vote for him for President...
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    I wonder if injury is a concern, as far as pitchers. With their whole routine out of wack, arm injuries could be a bigger issue this season.
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    Did Ozzie Newsome Draft as GM of the Ravens? We know it's at least 3 (Ray, Reed and Ogden), but how high will that number go? You will notice the poll starts at four (Yanda will get in). But how many more are there? (Humphries, Stanley, Jackson)? Certainly it's too early to tell for many but given he was GM for a little over 20 years, even reaching 7 (1 every 3 drafts) would be crazy levels of efficiency. Also worth considering? Ozzie brought in James Harrison as an UDFA, but Billick cut him. Does it count?
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    Sill no Zimmerman right? He was having a solid spring I get it with guys like Kremer but hard to believe they they are going to run Tommy Milone out there instead of giving guys him and Akin chances to earn rotation spots in shortened season
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    Teammate. They have symptoms, but didn't test positive. It's a precaution.
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    Riley had the luxury of repeating at AAA in 2020, he had 324 plate appearances there in 2018 with a .282/.346/.464/.810 line in 2019. Their overall numbers at AAA were similar, .878 OPS over 518 plate appearances for Riley, .871 over 513 plate appearances for Mountcastle, although nearly two thirds of Riley's at-bats took place when he was a year younger. I don't accept as a given that Riley would have continued to outperform Mountcastle if he had played at Gwinnett for 125 games. Over his final 191 plate appearances, Mountcastle's line was .341/.387/.595 while Riley batted .293/.366/626 in his 194 plate appearances at Gwinnett in 2020. Also, Mountcastle was learning two new positions he hadn't played before 2019 (LF and 1B) while Riley made 101 of his 112 AAA starts at his natural third base position.
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    Definitely possible. Not that you're saying this, but I doubt that was the only option and Elias was caught with his pants down. Considering how fast Mayo and Baumler reportedly agreed to terms (and the surprise on draft night that Baumler was signable), we have to think that the FO had discussions with those two in advance. Put another way, they were likely one of several potential scenarios that would play out with underslot savings at #2.
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    I have to love a pitcher who gets the physics.
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    Actually I have seen creamy slaw recipes that didn’t call for vinegar or lemon juice. But called for sour cream and ground mustard
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    Because he agreed to a lesser amount of money instead of going back to school.
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    I think McDonalds to G&M, is more like rec league to big league. Geeze, thats one of the silliest comments that I have heard on OH. But, oh well, everybody has an opinion. Actually, McDonald;s claims their beef is fresh and not frozen. They switched a couple of years ago.
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    It is all very hush-hush, but they have yet to practice and the team isn't commenting as to why. An undoubtedly unrelated fact is that the team is not commenting as to whether any individual player has or has not tested positive for the Coronavirus.
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    They didn't get Bitsko anyway. If they had convinced him to sign for the 700K saving and went over the allotment they might have snagged one of them. It certainly doesn't look like he would have refused to sign for slot.
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    Mayo, who resides in Coral Springs, signed for $1.775 million on Tuesday, July 7th at 3:00 p.m., which is over the slot value of $565,600 for the 103rd pick. -https://parklandtalk.com/mayo-inks-deal-with-baltimore-orioles-8412 Even back on June 16 at mlb.com, per Joe Trezza" "Though the Orioles have not confirmed the deal because it is pending a physical, Mayo acknowledged an agreement is in place. It is reportedly worth $1.775 million, according to MLB Network’s Jon Heyman, well above the $565,600 slot value for the 103th overall pick."
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    We got the 2nd hardest schedule behind just the Marlins so number 1 pick will be a battle.
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    you make more sense than I did, thanks. I personally do not believe this is round 2 expected in the fall, I think this spike is just people getting anzy and wanting to get back to normal, too soon, and a disregard for the role the mask plays is keeping us safe.
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    I think as more people are tested daily, is pushing the mortality rate down.
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    Imagine being the Dodgers... All that money and all those prospects for a year of Mookie Betts and some expensive years of David Price. Season gets delayed, shortened, and jeopordized by Covid, then Price opts out of playing. I mean, I don't feel bad for them, they've won their division like 7 years in a row, but they seem like the team that was most "all in" on this season.
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    Oh absolutely. To be clear, I wasn't denigrating the gesture, any amount of money would be generous. Was just trying to address that there's no way that's all the org was paying their minor leaguers in total.
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    I don’t think that’s possibly true. That’s 20 guys making $10k for the whole year. The math doesn’t work at all.
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    Never thought of computer viruses for Robo imps. I bet the Astros already have guys on this.
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    Too small a sample to make much of it.
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    It is amazing they still have this name and shows just how much native Americans are marginalized in this country. Any other group used as a racial slur for a team name would long be changed. And no one is talking about national holidays for native Americans either.
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    I think you're playing a little fast and loose with taxonomy. The family bovidae for example includes sheep, goats, musk oxen, a variety of antelopes and Elsie the cow. I advise you to not mistake a musk ox for Elsie as you stumble out bed on your way to do your morning milking. In something as dangerous as COVID-19 is proving to be, distinctions matter.
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    Cito still sucks China now sucks. That is all.
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    That's both a little funny and very sad. People cope with bad times...
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    Right now my Top 20 would be: Akin Baumann Diaz Encarnacion Erwin Gonzalez Adam Hall D.L. Hall Hays Hanifee Kline Kremer Lowther McKenna Mountcastle Ortiz Pop Grayson Rodriguez Tate Wells
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    I would have to add Frederick Keys LHP Tyler Erwin to the list, looking for him to move to Bowie in 2019. This is my latest piece on him for Baby Birdland: https://baltimoresportsnut.blogspot.com/2018/08/lhp-tyler-erwin-having-breakout-year.html
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    It was reported today that he was removed due to hamstring tightness, no other updates yet.
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