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    The beast is done. https://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/12/11/lukes-2019-rule-5-draft-preference-list/
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    MLB is seeing a fairly dramatic exodus of guys dumping the current broken system for better times in Japan and Korea. Honestly, if you're Jones, why WOULDN'T you just say "to hell with waiting until March to get a minor league offer". Go hit some dongs off some sub-par pitchers, play the hero for another couple years, eat some interesting food for your instagram, and witness fans in the stands who actually care and pay attention to the game and cheer. There's literally only one downside if you're Jones and that's moving your family.
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    I was expecting the 29 plane crashes theory..
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    Bradish Peek (highest ceiling, but we don’t know how he’ll handle a pro workload) Brnovich Mattson Lucas Peek and Bradish, same tier for me, definite top 30, probably around high teens to mid 20s. Brnovich and Mattson, maybe 26-30 range, maybe off the 30. Lucas, somewhere in the group that just missed, similar to Hammer who I mentioned in the Beyond the 30.
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    Today is a halfway point, of sorts. 73 days ago the Orioles ended their 2019 season in Boston, with the last out recorded by an Oriole pitcher for the season coming on Stevie Wilkerson's incredible catch in RF. 73 days from today they take the field at Atlanta's new spring training ballpark in North Port for the first exhibition game of the new decade.
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    Good question, the main reason to pick Alemais rather than Hechevarria is you have nothing to lose and Alemais will cost 655K (100K Rule 5 fee + league min) and is controllable for 6 years if he works out while Hechevarria might get similar to the 3M he got last year and if he's good, he's either more expensive or gone. That said Alemais isn't at the top of my list or particularly close, I just think he's worth thinking about and I haven't heard him mentioned anywhere else. For the Holt question, it could either be guys that fit the same profile that I mentioned earlier. So vertical spin angle, hop on the fastball, high 3/4 arm slot, above average spin. Or it could be guys that have some fixable pitch arsenal things, like a guy whose curveball and slider are too similar, or whose curveball doesn't mirror fastball spin, or who unintentionally cuts his fastball. Guys that fit the profile include Joe Barlow, Trevor Megill, Brandon Bailey, Hever Bueno, Jordan Sheffield, Bryan Baker, Wladimir Pinto, Scott Engler, Kevin McCanna in a rough order of preference. Some of these guys aren't legit options, I'm just pulling all the guys I have notes on fitting that profile. Guys that have some correctable flaws include (this is a limited list because I don't have time to extensively study video on every player) in no particular order Luke Bachar (more seperation of breaking balls), Daniel Alvarez (fastball spin angle), Cam Hill (spin efficiency of the fastball), Eric Marinez (release consistency), Andrew Lee (cuts his fastball), Kurt Hoekstra (cuts his fastball).
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    I was pretty happy that my reports (from brief video study) on the drafted players matched up pretty well with Fangraphs heavily sourced reports.
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    So picture a baseball that has bullet spin, and just goes straight in the direction it’s thrown, not affected by gravity. If you compare that pitch with a pitch that has perfect backspin, at a 12 o’clock angle, it will arrive directly above the first pitch, the amount of rise will be dependent on the rate which it spins. The more spin the more rise. Now in real life, all pitches are affected by gravity so instead of rise, it just falls less. Also most 4S fastballs don’t have perfect backspin, they usually spin at a 12:30 to 2:30 o’clock angle for RHP if you are watching from behind the mound. Which imparts both rise and armside movement.
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    Why is it notable that Elias has to check with ownership before taking on a poor contract with a prospect attached?
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    Let's not forget, Richie Martin did slash .296/.333/.408/.741 over his last 107 PAs last year. Grant it, it was mostly against left-handers, but he did make some nice adjustments.
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    I don't care. I only really care how the staff looks in 2021 and after. Who the Orioles have on the mound for 2020 is inconsequential when it comes to considering pitchers who aren't being looked at as possible pieces of the future. Quad A types, Rule 5ers, retreads, I'm not interested.
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    Wandisson Charles is 6'6" with a loose, quick arm and has a fastball that sits 99-101mph. His offspeed stuff isn't consistent yet, but both the slider and the changeup will flash. He's got the most athletic actions of any of the available 100mph types. Command is below average, but I think strikethrowing will improve. He was 22 for the entire 2019 season and had a 2.89 ERA and 13.4 K/9. Hever Bueno has dealt with injuries and missed all of 2018 with TJS, so this was his first healthy pro season and he sat 96-99 t100 with a nasty curveball. Control/command not back yet, but improved as the year went on. Buddy Reed's value is defense and baserunning, I think it's unlikely that the bat turns into much, but if it does, there is raw power, so it's kind of a lottery ticket. Cody Thomas is a bet on bat speed and athleticism, he was a two sport athlete so he could be a late bloomer. It's like poor man's Cody Bellinger if the bat control can tick up a little bit. Steven Fuentes, hard to tell how it will translate, a RHP who only sits 90-94 isn't exciting, but he gets good sink and locates well. The slider probably needs to tick up for a backend rotation role. WIth Megill, there isn't a ton of velocity or a dominant out pitch, so you are looking at middle relief I'm not sure what the Orioles are looking for, when my rankings come out, they aren't rankings of best guys for the Orioles, just best overall.
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    That was the exit velocity on Jason Garcia's pitches too...
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    It’ll be on the Front page of the site when you wake up in the morning.
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    This is my (not so) secret fantasy for the Elias regime. Identifying characteristics in players that are under-valued in the marketplace, applying a combo of technology and / or advanced coaching techniques that players can rapidly and permanently integrate for sustained success. This, and drafting awesome baseball names, like "Dan Hammer"
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    I'll get to the other questions when I get a chance. I appreciate good questions, I have done so much research that it's good to get some of that info out.
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    I think he probably gets a shot. Potential role depends on who they can bring in on cheap MLB or MiLB deals.
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    Fangraphs: “Michael Rucker, RHP (from CHC) We’ve been on Rucker for a little while because his deceptive delivery (he hides the ball well) helped enable an otherwise fringy fastball to play. Rucker pitched his way into the Double-A rotation in 2018 but was put back in the bullpen last year and his velocity jumped. He’s now 92-95, touching 97, and his curveball and changeup are both average, while the curve flashes above.” https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-2019-rule-5-draft-scouting-reports/
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    If you’re going to pick someone in rookie ball, it better be someone who hits the ball harder than Aaron Judge! (Oh wait, he does)
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    If I was capable of the emotion I'd feel sympathy for those poor lost souls.
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    Thought I might sneak that by you! Let's stick to sports and talk about the hockey stick 🙂
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    You are correct, I expect even less out of posters after reading his post.
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    It's not entirely clear if he tested positive or was otherwise implicated. He was suspended 50 games for violating the joint drug policy. But no, he hasn't tested positive since his one-time lapse in judgment. I'm sure he learned his lesson and had an age 39 peak just based on hard work driven by a sense of honor and redemption.
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    Okay, 3 NBA players and the Terps won what with them? Tons of talent, no results. Huerter in particular made the NBA at their Combine. Looked like a totally different player.
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    So the Angels trading Cozart and 2019 first round pick Will Willson to the Giants isn't enough evidence for you?
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    Fair enough but this article on the Cozart trade just seemed to be going out of his way to find an issue that didn't exist. Nothing suggest Elias valued the prospect or wanted to pursue the trade the Giants made. Elias strikes me as someone who is very truthful with his comments, maybe even more so than he should. But his comment was not worthy of an article questioning whether he had authority to make a deal, in my opinion. I'm new here. Tell me if I'm wrong. And I have every confidence that you will.
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    I believe John Angelos announced that Elias had total autonomy. I think it’s safe to assume that he has a budget. Outside of that the first statement would be a lie.
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    Fair and I pretty much agree with that. I appreciate the details, I think it's important and sometimes lacking when spouting opinions on the internet. I certainly didn't get those details from "you still don't get it", which only served to get me in a defensive posture. Turns out, we agree with what you were actually saying. I think my main point when mentioning Manny and Britton was just that maybe we could have signed up some young players while they were affordable. The money instead went to unfortunate FA signings and Trumbo. But yeah, coming in, Elias would almost certainly have traded those guys anyway. The problems with the organization were apparent even if they managed another couple of winning seasons.
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    They just showed the replay on another play and Cowen was blatantly raked across the arm causing him to throw up an airball from 6 feet out. Dakich is like, good grief, how do you miss that? This game is being called EXTREMELY uneven.
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    He shot me down. I wanted it. I could taste it. He shot me down.
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    My apologies, I work daily typing the word Cisco, and its hard to catch myself.
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    Hey I mean I've defended the guy on here. I like him. But I like poking fun at him more. In the same way he and beat reporters poke fun at each other. He's a sensitive dude for a guy looking like he can pound you into the pavement, and I've always found that funny. But look, when you follow a guy like Roch like we've all done for over a decade, you get to know his quirks. One of which is he complains about the Winter Meetings, and I like to think he knows that's a schtick he does, since he does it every year. It's tradition!
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    Trading Villar and Bundy didn't move the needle at all. They were destined for last place with or without them.
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    Park Factors 2019: HR Coors Field- 1.266 OPACY- 1.262 I'm going with 0.
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    Poor Strasburg. Most years he'd be the once in a decade pitcher.
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    Maybe they meant Jackie Jensen.....he had a cumulative 27.9 WAR....oh, he would be 92....so probably not...lol.
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    They didn't. It's just another reason to bitch, complain and second guess.
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    This is the right number of year in my opinion. He is invaluable to this team. Training another FB alone in these schemes would take 2 years. Not to mention his benefit on defense. National media (NFL network did a piece on him) has already started to pick up his story. He is a great example and ambassador for that Ravens (frankly now football as a whole) mantra of "Next man up." His efforts go a long way in creating the culture you want on your football team.
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    That's not my point....my point is they don't sock away money to be used later. Our payroll was 80-100 million light in 2019. You will never see that money spent later. They may spend but they won't overspend by the money they are saving.
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    This move probably means nothing in the long run, but I think it sucks in the short run. Even great movies have scenes that could have been better.
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