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    He already plays for the Orioles...
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    He might not wanna open himself up for this amount of criticism. Don't scare him off! What'd be cool is if they had a famous games sub-game where you could dive into famous moments in history as the manager and take over. Like, if you're in Game 6 of the 86 Series, you can pull Schiraldi. Or, you know, you can put Britton in instead of Ubaldo...
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    I guess people tend to remember the worst, but my enduring memory of Buck is of him standing on the dugout, arms folded, smiling as the 2012 Orioles rush the field after winning the wild card game over the Rangers. Their first postseason win in 15 years.
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    Give @cboemmeljr some love. He is with us full time now as well.
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    I mentioned somewhere that OOTP21 has a new 3D ballpark creator. One of my dreams has always been to accurately model Union Park, the home of the 1890s Orioles. There have been many issues with that, mainly that there are very, very few photographs of the inside of the park. The common one is linked here, from the big late-September 1898 pennant race deciding game with Boston. Luckily, a site called Deadballbaseball has a Sanborn fire insurance map of the area around the park, complete with stands and fences. From that and the photograph (you can just make out the LF foul pole, which helps anchor all the other measurements) I was able to use some calipers and drafting tools to determine the fence distances. Green Cathedrals listed the LF line as 300', RF as 350'. My little drawing matched that very closely. As far as I know, nobody ever has had complete dimensions of the place, at least not in 100+ years. But now we know: RF: 350' Angle just past RF: 390' Straightaway RC: 371' CF: 398' Bend in deep LC: 415' Z bend in straightaway LF: 387/395' Deepest part of the LF bleachers: 365' LF line: 300' Home to the backstop: 46' I know this is pretty obscure, but as someone who's studied the NL Orioles for many years this is a big thing. Now I just need to get the stadium generator to work in OOTP and I can have some games in a park that was torn down in 1904.
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    Unfortunately I do not have BA so if anyone can sum up/expand on these that would be great.
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    I remember going to Opening Day in 1973, Orioles vs. Brewers, an absolutely picture-perfect Friday afternoon. I lived in Philadelphia at the time. I took the train to Baltimore and headed up to Memorial Stadium from the train station. I can remember that a lot of the trees along 33rd St. were decorated with posters made by local elementary school kids, all on the theme of "Welcome home, Orioles." It was a day when everything went right for the Orioles. They jumped out to a 4-0 lead in the first inning and ended up winning, 10-0. Dave McNally pitched a complete-game shutout, allowing only three hits, with no walks and one strikeout. Don Baylor went 4-for-4 with three RBIs and was a single short of hitting for the cycle - he had two doubles, a triple, and a home run in the game. The attendance was 26,543. I remember hearing that the Orioles' management was thrilled with the turnout. They had been expecting about 15,000.
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    I guess one that comes to mind for me is the first game in Camden Yards where Rick Sutcliffe threw a shutout.
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    Wanting to play your sport and bring some level of normalcy back to the world is not being selfish.
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    There's always been rumors about Toronto. The hotel in the outfield makes it pretty easy.
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    Many people can stare at the Mona Lisa for hours. This is my version of the Mona Lisa.
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    Anyone with ideas on the 3 parks Cal was alluding too that pitchers hated to go into due to sign stealing? Great article, btw.
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    On his Baseball Reference page David Wells is listed at 6-3 187.
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    I am currently working on my doctorate at George Mason, and my dissertation is on the Orioles and what they mean to Baltimore. In one version of the dissertation, I began by writing, "If I ever had a son, I would like to name him Brooks after Brooks Robinson." My wife (then-girlfriend) didn't like the line because she felt we would have no choice but to name our son, if we had one, after Brooks. She was not willing to commit to that. Then, we finally met him. Brooks was doing an autograph signing at the Dugout Zone in Ellicott City in November 2014. If I remember this correctly, there were certain tickets you could purchase. There were tickets that enabled you to get a picture and autograph, and tickets that just allowed you to get an autograph. My wife and I found out about the signing late; as a result, we could only get the tickets that only allowed for an autograph. After the group who received a picture and autograph finished, we got in line based on our number. We moved up closer to Brooks, and I recall a family that was 10-15 people in front of us having Brooks sign for them. Their son was in a wheelchair, and the mother asked, "Mr. Robinson, would you be willing to take a picture with our son?" The gentleman sitting next to Brooks said, "Unfortunately, the session for pictures has ended." Brooks then cheerfully said, "Sure, I will be happy to take a picture." He proceeded to get out of his chair, walk around the table, kneel down, and take a picture with the young man. Given Brooks's health issues at the time, the action was quite remarkable. The family was thrilled! The people that followed the family also asked for a picture and, while the person sitting next to Brooks said no, Brooks said yes. Everyone who wanted a picture got one; everyone who wanted messages included with their autograph got that, too. To paraphrase Roy Firestone, Brooks gave the people what they wanted, and he gave them more. When my wife and I reached the front of the line, I was shaking. The first thing that came out of my mouth was, "I waited my whole life to finally meet you!" Brooks smiled, noticed my shaking, and said, "I've been here this whole time. What took you so long?" We all laughed. He took a picture with me and my wife and signed our ticket stubs from Game 2 of the 2014 ALDS. I told him about my dissertation, and he seemed genuinely interested in it. When we finished, Brooks said, "I really appreciate you coming out to see me today. I wish you the best of luck in your studies." Brooks Robinson was everything everyone said about him and then some. My wife and I walked back to my car and, as we sat down, my wife turned and said, "We can name our son Brooks."
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    It's a virtual win, but it's always good to defeat the Yankees.
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    Despite an error by Mason Williams that allowed a runner to reach base, Cobb struck out two more keeping the Yankees off the board. The Orioles get the scoring started in bottom half of the inning when Rio Ruiz drew a leadoff walk. That brought up Austin Hays who had been hitless on the season, getting ahead in the count 2-0, Hay took a 73 MPH curveball and smashed it 435ft over the center field fence for a two-run homer. Tanaka settled down with no other damage but the Orioles had their first lead of the season at 2-0.
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    Orioles News Catcher Austin Wynns passed through waivers today and was assigned to Norfolk where he will share playing time with Bryan Holaday.
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    Considering your screen name, that’s undoubtedly a good thing!
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    thru facebook i found APBA go....you can play for free (with teams from last years WS) and buy teams to use for $3 each....i have 74 and 83 Os....i've got hours of fun for six bucks....
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    J.J. Cooper Baseball America The changes to the international amateur market are also somewhat up in the air. MLB has the flexibility to move the start of the signing period to any point from its current July 2 opening to as far back as Jan. 15, 2021. Similarly, MLB has flexibility to move the following signing period’s start date and end date as well. In the case of international signees, their bonus payment timetable remains as it has been in past years, without the set deferment dates as have been set for the MLB draft. Perhaps just as important, MLB teams will not be allowed to trade bonus pool allotments in either of the next two international signing periods. In past years, teams could acquire up to 50 percent on top of their pool allotment through trades with other teams. That could create headaches for some teams who were planning on exceeding their pool allotment and will likely reduce overall spending to some modest extent, since teams who decide not to spend all of their international bonus pool cannot trade that money to other teams. If the international signing period is pushed back, player signings will still be treated as if they occurred during the 2020 season, which will be important for Rule 5 eligibility and 40-man roster eligibility in future years.
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    I hope everyone stays safe. I sure will miss baseball. 😭
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    Yet no police charges, hard to say he broke in, as they were married, and I suspect he was paying the bills there. Also some of the allegations posted on FB have been removed. There are always 2 sides to these things. His side. Her side then the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.
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    "Sent abusive messages, stalked her, and stole items." Not a good look but does not seem to be anything physical being alleged.
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    This was an interesting inning because it look like Scott was going to just blow up, but then came up big with a K against Torres.
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    Yea you can also set your settings of difficulty, I think I am using default and was able to trade most of Cobb's salary and trade him for Miguel Andujar (who the game does not rate that highly). Then in the off season I traded Andjuar for Corey Seager lol
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    Yes, the AI will control what is offered by other teams. I have him and Cobb on the trading block.
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    I was that game as well. We walked up the day of the game and bought bleacher tickets. I'll never forget that T-Bat grand slam. Track, Wall, See You LATER!
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    And if you really want some insight into the depths of my madness, I'm in the midst of a project to fix the ancient history of the Continental League. When I discovered OOTP in 2000 I imported the CBL, but due to obscure technical reasons I couldn't bring in all the history. When I go to the history tabs everything is complete from 2000-on, but pre-1999 is kind of a mess. I'm trying to import hundreds upon hundreds of old players so that they appear in team histories and leaderboards using text/spreadsheet imports/exports. It'll probably take many, many work-days to complete. All for a league that never really existed except in my head. Perfect for a lazy corona virus telework month.
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    According to BA, Nander De Sedas is a draft eligible sophomore for the 2020 draft. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/nander-de-sedas-joins-exceptionally-deep-group-of-2020-mlb-draft-eligible-sophomores/
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    Many seem to believe that baseball is not being played because of the Coronavirus. I think that is just a cover story. The real reason for the delay in beginning games is that the games can't go on without Trey Mancini. Its no coincidence that the games were called shortly after Trey's diagnoses. If we really want to know when the games will begin again just look into when Trey will be ready to play. That's the ticket.
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    Looks like probably he did, since he's batting fifth in the OD lineup.
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    Because heaven forbid Boras doesn't get paid his full commission. 🙄
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    For the most part, yes. At least if he was using them to spot in batters or pitchers because of their previous results against each other. But I think he was also using them to see more trends, like platoon splits and other larger data samples that would be useful to inform a hunch. Hanser Alberto is 6-for-13 with a 1.308 OPS against J.A. Happ. If you want to know the most likely outcomes of their future matchups you're best served by throwing out those 13 PAs and going with Alberto's .816 OPS against lefties and Happ's overall performances over his last 3-4 years.
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    Sitting stuck in my house for what seems to be something out of a twilight zone episode yet another long day (or Groundhog day), while reading this exchange between you and @spiritof66 was very enjoyable. I was picturing Pickles (where I have been elbow stabbed many a time as you two described the jammed bar) and the recounting of that awful game was still more enjoyable than no baseball at all! Well maybe...anyway, thanks to you both.
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    Hmmm, I would track NY for another week before I’d jump to that conclusion. There were 7102 reported cases at one point on Friday. When I checked Monday morning there were 16916. Now this morning there are 23230.
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    Don't apologize, it was worth saying twice!
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    Hi I'm scOtt. And I'm a chocoholic.
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    I know Mr. Ripken meant to temper peoples reaction to the cheating. But now I'm going to question every "clutch" hit I've ever seen.
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    May the stoners might be the only ones to survive this thing. They can collect their unemployment checks and stay home and watch TV and get pizza delivery.
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    I was at The Horse Box that night, wedged against the wall opposite the bar. I distinctly remember that lots of the O's fans on hand, including me, were howling in protest as soon as we saw Ubaldo coming into the game. It may not have happened that way, but that's the way I remember it. Whenever I think back to that game -- and I try not to -- I'm reminded of the time Bill Veeck, in his first season as owner of the Browns (the same year he signed Eddie Gaedel), presented Grandstand Managers Night. The fans seated in a designated section made up the Browns' lineup, in-game personnel, and strategy calls by holding up signs. Tough to do at an away game, but it might have helped against the Jays. (The Browns beat the A's, 5-3, on Grandstand Managers Night behind the pitching of Ned Garver and a big contribution from their reserve first baseman, who sported one of my all-time favorite MLB nicknames, Hank "Bow Wow" Arft. It was one of the Brownies' 52 wins that year.) https://www.mlb.com/cut4/in-1951-bill-veeck-let-the-fans-manage-the-st-louis-browns-on-grandstand-manager
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    I think Trey has until spring training 2021. No season this year.
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    Orioles also now collecting 100% of TV revenue in the 4th largest combined market, after refusing to pay the Nationals one dime of their TV rights this season. They also will have a bottom 5 payroll for the next 3 years at bare minimum, pocketing a cool quarter BILLION dollars for the Angelos coffers that they will then claim got lost or was spent on the "scouting department". So in a few years when we actually have a respectable team that is ready for significant pieces, they can cry poor again saying "but but we don't have any money we are just a lowly small market franchise" while the fans fall for it like the sheep they are. It's magic!
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    That is now. Wait a month. They will need able bodied people to keep the country going.
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