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    Surprised his shadow didn't have him on "Ignore."
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    In other words, an average team should get a 40+ WAR guy about once in 30 years, one other 30+ guy in that timeframe, and a 20+ every 6 or 7 years.
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    After a long, gloomy winter in which I have exuded realism about the Orioles’ near term future, spring training has arrived and I am growing more optimistic daily based on the incessantly positive remarks coming from Brandon Hyde, Doug Brocail and a litany of players. Lord it makes me happy! The hell with realism, there will be plenty of time for that later!
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    It would be easier to ignore various posters if other posters here put those same folks on ignore and didn't reply! Folks here are getting a front row seat to rebuilding an organization from the ground up with the latest in analytics and technology, quality hires to be competitive with international spend and new coaches across the organization. If the lesson is going to pass them by and they choose to miss the boat, let them miss the boat. If someone is going to pound the table with examples that DD's regime helped develop Chris Tillman (well done, good job prior regime), but ignore the article that has quotes from GrayRod on the improved technologies and how he was taught a change-up by the current regime or understand how John Means came to be a significantly better pitcher (not crediting current organization for that, but showing the impact of the technologies now being used to improve performance), then it is absolutely a waste of time to read and engage with that poster.
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    I’ll be curious to see how many relievers get “injured” before they face three batters once the matchups are no longer in their favor. I expect there might be a few more blisters or ankle sprains than normal.
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    I always take comments like that and put them in the category of "Spring trainingisms."
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    https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2020/02/sig-mejdal-on-more-technology-for-hitters-coming-in-2020.html Some other good stuff from Sig and Grayson Rodriguez in this article.
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    Fixed that for you! But in all fairness, Luke never condescended to anyone here, even when it was obvious that he knew much more than almost all of us about player evaluation (Tony and maybe a few posters excepted).
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    This is an excellent year to have three top 40 picks: “The prevailing industry opinion is that the 2020 draft is deep, and while I don’t think that’s true of the very top tier of players at this moment, I agree that the totality of the group is very strong. The tier of talent that often wears thin toward the back of the first round (typically the intersection of the 45 FV and 40+ FV tiers here at FanGraphs) is more robust than usual, and stretches well into the second round of this year’s draft. “ https://blogs.fangraphs.com/updating-the-2020-2021-and-2022-draft-rankings/
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    Might want to bookmark this thread for the next time we have someone suggest that Elias and his team have spent the last year-plus playing Xbox and smokin' doobies.
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    Could you imagine how insufferable it would be to be an O's fan without the Duquette/Showalter era? How many years of losing would it have been? I am extremely grateful for them.
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    Who peed in your cheerios? Most of the time teams do win a couple of years after having a quality farm system. The addition of young, cheap and high quality players is a major boost to a team's chances of winning - like when the Cubs won, when the Astros won (still field a high quality team even with the cheating), the Rays ability to consistently compete. The Os will not compete again until we have a very strong farm system.
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    Just watched Muscle Shoals (again). Every tIme I see that documentary I come away revisiting a different memory. The aging process is mitigated so very, very much by how many great songs I got to listen to when I was young and that particular window was fully open.
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    I'm sorry did Fiers say something when he was with the Astros that I missed? From what I read I thought he kept his head down, did his job and collected his ring. I'm pretty sure he waited until he was with a division rival before having a case of guilt.
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    It’s okay. If you want to hear about insensitive, the original draft of the Curb episode with Buckner had him dropping it.
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    Rick Dempsey is deeply saddened.
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    Another 100+ innings taken from the 2019 Mariners - whatever shall they do? This year's BP Annual has LeBlanc and Milone fall on the same page. LeBlanc comparables - C. Richard, J. Francis and MILONE Milone comparables - W. Miley, LEBLANC and J. Vargas Are we sure they aren't the same person? Milone is 2 years younger, and BABIP smiled on him over LeBlanc to the tune of .252 vs. 308 last year, thus Milone's 1.12 WHIP looked a lot nicer than LeBlanc's 1.45.
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    I think the economics of it has less to do with can we pay players, but more about do we need this many players. Just for a loose analogy, you're a company and you employ 300 janitors, but only need 150 to clean the building. Meanwhile the janitor union says to you "hey, $7.50/hr isn't a living wage, you need to pay us $15!" So you're looking around and you're paying twice as many people as you need half as much as they should earn. It's a no brainer; lay off 150 people and double salaries. Meanwhile, people are foaming at the mouth you didn't just double everyone's salary. But we don't need 300 janitors. Like, layoffs happen in every organization, and it's happening daily. Players get cut all the time from teams; why does it matter if every team cuts 150 players all at once? This is truly the opposite of "the death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic". We literally don't care if one guy gets fired but do it in en mass? We need protests.
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    I have always heard that there are only 2 things for certain in life, Death and Taxes. I am adding another. MLB continuing to screw up the great game of Baseball.
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    Why so combative of late? You are good poster when you stick to baseball. Maybe don't take everything so personal. Personally, I think you took the original post wrong and read it like Frobby read it. Either way, please remember that attacking others is not allowed here at the Hangout.
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    His name jumped out at me immediately. Also Javier Vasquez. Great list, great post. Thanks!
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    Winter Warm Up was held at Camden Yards. The two meet and greets with a few players were both held downtown. One at a bar in Canton and the other at the B & O Museum.. Not sure why they had no downtown caravan event. Be at Rash Field or Ft. Mchenry, etc.
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    That's a damn nice post you made there, impressive. I remember road tripping to Hagerstown (when the Suns were AA team) to see Mussina pitch before he made it up to the big leagues. He was special. Sad that all of those prospects since have all fizzled but we shall see what is to come from this latest batch. Spring brings hope eternal! I do remember Radke fronting the Twins and being quite a dominant pitcher for several years.
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    Hunter Harvey needs a throwback 1977 Topps card.
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    Higgybaby and higgysbaby will be there March 8 thru March 14
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    Anything that makes it more complicated, I am against. Because I am old.
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    I would be more in favor of splitting the season up into two seasons (essentially wiping the slate clean halfway through the summer). Winners of each of the mini-seasons would meet in the end of season playoffs. If the same team won both mini-seasons, the runners up would be included. This would eliminate teams tanking in July when they eliminated from contention. It would also make the mid-season trades more interesting (and more strategic) and perhaps provide incentive for teams to not sell off star players mid-season. Teams that suffered major injuries or slow starts in the first half of the season would still have a chance for a playoff run in the second half.
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    I’m not sure how “fire Manfred!” chatter is encouraging for him.
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    As long as it is not J.R house, that house was not so nice when we had it.
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    NBA has 16 postseason teams and they’re the poster child league for tanking. Not sure how this helps.
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    I think it sounds kind of fun. But 7 playoff teams out of 15 is a lot.
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    I'm not sure I understand. #1 overall seed gets a bye, the other 6 teams play a best of 3 series to get down to 4. So that's probably DivWinner#2 vs WC#4, Div winner #3 vs WC#3, and WC#1 vs WC#2? But then the 3 remaining teams, not the #1, get to CHOOSE who they play next in a televised "draft"? What is that really? There's only 4 teams left. So the one with the best record gets to select who their next opponent is between the #1 overall with the bye, or one of the other two first round winners? That is bizarre. What purpose does it serve? Or am I not understanding it correctly.
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    If this is true, that means Elias remains the de facto Scouting Director which isn't all that surprising.
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    Behind the Mejdal and Rodriguez interviews, this is the third best thing from the article:
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    At this point, the real mistake might be spending another dime on this team. We're going to be a 100 loss team. Why pour anymore resources into it? I'm fine with the whole let's throw the guys that are MLB "ready" out there and it's sink or swim. Only Means emerged last year. Hopefully we see more than one pitcher step up this year.
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    I think we learned from our last run that it’s not about the high end talent, that’ll come with high draft picks, but the depth of the farm. The lack of international talent and trading away comp picks doomed our last run. The goal is too have a really deep talent pool that is always getting added too. Look at the Rays, it seems like every week they deal a “prospect” to fill a position of need at the MLB level, but still have a loaded farm. The goal isn’t to have a good 1-10. It’s to have a good 1-40/50.
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    May 27, 2012. Signs Adam Jones to 6 year extension.
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    Never saw this before. Canned Heat at Woodstock. Saturday night I think. part 1 part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri4xtBtdyOA
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    Flat brims only work if you're a scrawny teenager. If you're a middle aged white guy they look kinda silly.
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    This is on point. I guess people buy these spring training hats so MLB keeps redesigning them, but I honestly don't understand what's wrong with just wearing your regular cap. I know it's a money grab thing, but I guess as long people keep buying them they will keep making a new one each year. Perhaps this one, which I agree is quite awful, will begin the process of stopping this trend.
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    Or maybe it's that they hadn't really participated in any international sports in their entire history, wanted to change that, and decided to put a ton of resources (relative to their size) into one particular sport about a decade ago.
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    That's why there are "ground rules" for each of the different parks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground_rules
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    And you seemed like such a decent guy. 😉
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    Zimmerman seems to be one of those guys who you can almost like despite going to UVA. Ben Olsen, a handful of others. But if Mancini starts taking classes in Charlottesville I'm done with him.
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    The Orioles traded for Wade Miley. Should DD get credit for that? Also the Astros have been accused of telling their pitchers to put stuff on the baseballs to increase spin rate. A little pine tar here and a little pine tar there. And suddenly their pitching improves.
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