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    As this team limps to the finish line over these next few weeks, there's not much I'm really looking for. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see us get the #1 pick but I don't think we will. I'd like to see Austin Hays play well, Santander to continue to play well, Villar, Hanser, Nunez too...Means to finish strong in two or three more starts. But the Orioles play the Dodgers tonight on Fox in a nationally televised game. And we all know that Fox is not descending on Camden Yards for the Orioles. Tonight's broadcast will cover a baseball game but it will also be more about the narrative of the Dodgers and will this be the year that they can get over the hump and win the World Series? Sure, they might throw us a bone and mention Elias and how he was part of the Houston turnaround and I'm sure they'll mention Rutschman as a reason for future hope. But this broadcast tonight will be focused mainly on the Dodgers, make no mistake. Therefore, the one thing I'd REALLY like to see is the Orioles just absolutely beat the piss out of the Dodgers tonight. We've got Bundy going which means it could be a great performance or he might not make it out of the second inning. Rich Hill, a lefty, is going for the Dodgers so I'm sure Hanser will get two or three hits but I'm not sure about the rest. It stands to be a hard game. But there'd be nothing sweeter than to shut up the broadcast team on Fox tonight and have a laugher against the Dodgers.
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    Means is not a free agent until 2025. I would MUCH rather have a controlled MLB #2-3 +4 WAR starting pitcher plus the #2 or #3 pick than the #1 pick.
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    From an article when he was hired by the Rangers: This is an intriguing hire, as not only have the Rangers gone outside the organization for this hire, but they’ve gone a non-traditional route, as Blood had been the director for the USA Baseball U18 National Team. Blood was named to that position in January, 2016, after seven years of being an area scout for the St. Louis Cardinals — which means he worked for current g.m. of the Houston Astros, Jeff Luhnow, for a while. So he would have worked with Elias and Mejdal in StL.
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    No idea whether Blood was part of the thinking or implementation, but I know one recent Rangers innovation was their "de-load" program for high school pitcher draft picks. https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/rangers/2018/08/12/the-future-of-the-texas-rangers-depends-on-a-seemingly-illogical-approach-but-it-could-also-be-brilliantly-innovative/ Grayson Rodriguez has a "he's still pitching - can you believe it" reference in this article about it from August 2018. Obviously Grayson and Drew Rom pitched successfully this year without a redshirt year. Texas didn't get the results they were hoping for, with Daniels taking a mea culpa this summer. http://www.rangersrounding3rd.com/de-load-is-dea/
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    Because Mountcastle has more value if he can play left at a decent level.
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    I just wanted to post how much I enjoyed my first Bark at Oriole Park game last night with my Golden Retriever. The Orioles did a great job with this promotion from plenty of water, dog biscuits etc. Sure if they were selling more tickets there wouldn't be enough room for all the dogs but right now it is a great promotion. It is good to see and meet everyone else's pups. The range of sizes and breeds was vast. I hope they do more of these next season.
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    This is kind of a weird bump, but here’s a great article written last week about Radison. He’s an old friend of Elias and Sig’s, and basically agreed to be the hitting coach at Delmarva for three months as a favor to them after Matt Trate changed his mind about joining the O’s organization. Now that the season’s done, he’s retiring. Good stuff in the article about some of the methods the O’s are using to analyze swings and teach hitting. https://www.masnsports.com/orioles-buzz/2019/09/veteran-hitting-coach-radison-energizes-shorebirds---and-vice-versa.html
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    And you speak for all Orioles fans everywhere? Some of us are excited the organization finally has a plan. The execution of that plan will be hard to watch at times. I’m interested in the end result.
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    I would suspect that just about all the GM's in MLB don't have "full control".
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    Isn't that the definition of having emotional ties to a player?
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    Nice win by the Ravens even though it wasn't a big win on the scoreboard. Lots of positives to take out of this game starting with Lamar Jackson. Jackson wasn't as sharp passing wise as he was in his first game making a couple of overthrows of open receivers. But, he showed poise, didn't turn the ball over, and made smart runs when they were there. If I saw one thing that impressed me the most though was when Boykin didn't keep running on a route that ended up incomplete because he read the defense wrong. Jackson grabbed him before he ran off, talked to him about the play, then tapped him on the helmet like, Now go get'm next time. That my friends is on field leadership. Love it. After these first two games, I'm all in on Jackson and think he's a got a chance to be special if he can stay healthy. Hollywood Brown was a quiet a bit in the 1st half but was a huge factor in the 4th when the defense started to focus on the TEs. I don't know if he can stay healthy for an entire season as small as he is, but he's a tough matchup because of his speed. The TEs, particularly Mark Andrews look like they will be big all year. Andrews looks like the best TE this team has had some Pitta, maybe even Heap. Defensively they stuffed the running game and confused Murray on a lot of plays. The only negative was way too many wide open long passess which are usually blown coverages. The team misses Jimmy Smith more than I think they know. I'll take 2-0 every year so this is a great start for the season.
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    Because he was hired by the Orioles.
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    The effects of Radiation on people here keep getting curiouser and curiouser. Last week, I met two middle-aged artists visiting from Japan to exhibit in Seoul. They said they don't eat Japanese fish anymore because it might be caught on the Pacific side of Honshu, the Fukushima side.
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    That he's had a better year than Manny is at least a little funny.
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    I think the trade market for Villar is going to be limited. A playoff team looks at Villar's defense and base running, and they see him as a player who will run into the last out of a playoff series. Or make the errant throw or miss a ground ball that gets through for the go ahead run. Villar has value, but the question is would the return in a trade be enough to justify paying him $7M or $8M in 2020. And one more thing, Villar's OPS+ is 109. With offense up in MLB his stats don't look as good when they are normalized against league average and ballpark effects.
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    Well except for a catcher "fanning" on the catch, letting ball roll to backstop and looking for someone to cover home, that is.
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    I find chapter 8 to be superior. Strike them out and leave nothing to chance.
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    o In that particular game, Trumbo and Mancini reached safely 5 times in 8 Plate Appearances (1 Double, 3 Singles, and a Walk), and did not make any errors. On the other hand, Jonathan Schoop and Manny Machado went a combined 0-for-7 in 8 Plate Appearances, and they each made an error. That jumped out at me when I first looked at the box score. o
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    o "What about the fans ???" "Yeah, maybe I can teach one of them how to play 1st base, too." o
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    If we lose all 4 games... We could win the coveted first round draft pick...
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    o I like the words that he used (the late George Carlin asserted that language always gives you away.) He sounds like a guy who wants to do something similar to what Adam Jones and Nick Markakis did, guys who played through numerous bad seasons with their team until they got better ...... give "us" 3 years ...... "us" ...... that doesn't sound like a guy who is champing at the bit to get traded to a contender, but rather a guy who sees the Orioles as HIS team, for better or for worse. o
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    He did great work for us. We really appreciate it.
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    Hays and Williams > Mullins and Rickard
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    I love disjointedness. All those discordant ...chords. Sounds sorta out of key.
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    This is how Bundy feels like just happened:
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    o I'm going to give Bundy a pass on that play ........ it's kind of like somebody getting mugged, beaten up, slapped around some more, thrown down a staircase, and then somebody coming along and criticizing him for not being more vigilant in watching his kids. o
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    Poor Bundy. What a crappy team. Satander should have caught the blooper. Ruiz should have had the grounded. Severino should have caught the third strike. Pathetic.
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    Folks can always stop quoting. I temper my quotes on things I don't wish to amplify.
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    This alone earned you some rep from me!
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    I would shut him down. Just dumb to have him pitch through or after any kind of bicep discomfort at this point. Declare victory for this year in his development and work on strength, rehab as needed and offseason conditioning.
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    This is the fewest amount of games I've watched on TV, or attended in person in almost twenty years. My cable provider dumped MASN in July and I didn't bother to switch to FIOS. In fact, I cancelled cable all together. I've only attended two road games, and two spring training games this season. The only game I'm attending in person in Baltimore this year is the last game of the season. Sitting through the 14 year losing streak and watching most of that was it for me. I'm not doing it again. I'll tune back in when they start trying to win again.
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    If you can win 50 games without interrupting “the plan” or 70 games without interrupting “the plan” it’s a no brainer that 70 games is better. Atomic and I, and many another fan, Care about winning as many games as possible. We agree that we shouldn’t interfere with “the plan” but what does interfering with the plan mean? Interfering with the plan means spending dumb money on dumb free agents, or trading Davies for Parra, or Tarpley/Brault for Snider. To mention a few examples, Pedro Alvarez was a dumb free-agent signing. So was Mark Trumbo, Because neither was necessary, and the money spent on either could’ve been spent better elsewhere. Cashner was on the bubble. A prudent GM would not have signed him, but that signing was defensible, although it would not be now, I don’t think. On the other hand, Straily and Karns were very good signings, Because they were extremely low cost. They both failed, but they were both definitely good decisions. Mike will investigate more signings like Straily and Karns, And I am positive he’s going to avoid any signings like Trumbo, Which was an expensive signing of a limited player who was unnecessary, and any dumb trades. Elias isn’t going to interfere with his plan, but it is ridiculous to think that he would deliberately avoid winning games for the sake of a draft pick. And he can do that easily and inexpensively without interfering with “the plan” and we should hope that he does, because 70 wins is better than 50.
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    How many games I watch start to finish are next to none, but I do check in on a few games a week.
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    I watch as many games as possible. I usually get up at 0200, so I'm not able to watch the full game. I do check MLB once I'm up to see how they faired... usually one of the first things I do.
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    I've diverted some of my baseball to MiLB playoff games of late. Bowie, of course, and the Amarillo Sod Puppies, who are playing for the Texas League crown in their inaugural season, and Round Rock, who have made it to the PCL finals.
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    Yesterday I checked and their road record stood at something like the 639th-worst of all time. It's only about 5th-worst in modern Oriole history. They already have five or six more road wins than in '88 or '18. I think they're already better than the 2009 O's on the road.
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    Interested in understanding your definition of a tanking team?
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    ty all...went with section 248
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    Diaz had the second run dead out at the plate and Perez took his eye off the ball, missed the catch. Baumann struggling with control. Will be done after 4.
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    https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2019/09/in-pursuit-of-championship-bowie-has-to-go-through-mlb-pitchers.html The Yankees are stacking the Thunder with major league pitchers on rehab assignments. Jordan Montgomery starting tonight, with Betances and Tarpley in relief. Luis Severino tomorrow. Sabathia and Stanton possibly joining later. At least the rehabbing pitchers have to use the major league balls.
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    All completely fair opinions. I don't even disagree on one. I think Davis will be gone after 2019. And of course there is room on the 40 and he will be on the 40 soon enough. But Davis and Trumbo are both here and again, I could see them not wanting to have him sit while they share time. I don't think sitting at home would be better and personally I'd rather him be up. I was just pushing back that the only reason he isn't' is service time. I think there are other factors behind the call and while I had hoped he would be I am fine if they think it best not to do so.
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    The cap space will be great. They need to spend it wisely. Wouldnt mind trying to get Xavien Howard off miami this year as the heir to Jimmy Smith. Thry have some room and draft capital to make a trade.
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    You can in a season where you continually use Gentry and Andreoli.
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    Yaz in the minors at the same ages was much better than Ripken and solidly better than Palmeiro.
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    I would laugh, but honestly your stubborn refusal to understand what is going on is ridiculous. Comparing the situation of Duquette to Elias show how little you honestly understand. I would go on more, but it honestly is not worth the effort. You have literally become a caricature of yourself with this post. Congrats if that was what you were going for.
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    I'm know as various things in various places but it has only been the one name here.
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