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  1. As for the title of this thread, so is major league baseball apparently.
  2. I think we're all mixed up at this point. lol This is what happens when the Orioles throw us a bone at the last second. I agree with you that Lyles is basically Harvey. I would not surprise me if he puts up similar numbers as Harvey in 2021 though hopefully they won't keep running him out there as long with Rodriguez, Bradish, Baumann and potentially Rom or Brnovich not too far behind.
  3. Me? Where did I say that? I said it appears the Orioles are going off that since his expected stats and performance does not dictate a $7 million contract. Honestly, I'm just perplexed why he was signed for this much money. Was there a bidding war for this guy? I certainly think performance and expected stats mean a lot more than stuff when your 31 years old and a major league veteran.
  4. Wait, something from Manfred was a bunch of crap? Man, he seemed so in touch with everything before this so this comes as a HUUUGGGEEEE surprise!! lol
  5. No, it's better to just sit around, rag on anyone for a different opinion while just being happy that the Orioles spent money, even if the player doesn't fit. Make perfect sense. lol
  6. Last year was the first year he pitched over 142 innings in a season. All of metrics show him to be a well below average pitcher with a pitching style that may not fit Camden Yards. I don't think it's assured at all he bought 170 innings of decent starting pitching. This is a guy who pitched to a 7.02 ERA in 2020 and who allowed 50 home runs in his last 238 IP. I would not be surprised if he's puts up Matt Harvey type numbers pitching in Camden Yards and against the AL East. If you're happy with paying Matt Harvey performance for 7 million next year, ok.
  7. You are dug in. Enjoy your foxhole. I can't have a conversation with you on this kind of stuff if you are going to keep sitting your arguments on hypotheticals like if these guys improved I'd rather have that vs the 1st pick. That's not even in the conversation. That's like saying you'd rather have every rookie go off last year and the Orioles end up winning 70 games. Of course, we all would have preferred the rookies and young players to take big step forwards vs finishing in dead last. No one would possible argue that with you. The question is, would you rather have spent money on
  8. Means gave Holt some credit with his changeup, but other than that, who has Holt made better and why do you think he's some magic wand for pitchers? I don't dislike Holt as a coordinator, but I see very little that he has improved to make me think he's a difference maker for a 31 year old pitcher.
  9. First concern: He allowed 38 home runs last year and if he were pitching in Camden Yards it would have been 45. Expect a lot of souvenirs. Second concern: He'll pitch at 31 years old and was not wanted by the Rangers who were bad last year. Third Concern: This is the most expensive free agent Elias has signed and he's like the equivalent of Ubaldo, albeit less expensive and for one year vs four. Fourth Concern: The Oriole decision makers think this is the kind of guy that makes us better in the AL East. It appears they are focused on his good fastball and curveball spin rates
  10. Right, which I believe will start in 2022-23 offseason if things go well this season. The 1st wave of the top prospects should start arriving this year and next. That's when he should have a better idea of his depth and holes and make the appropriate moves which should include spending way more money.
  11. You are missing the point, I was talking about last year. I agree with you that I want to see improvement with the young players this year and want to see us win around 70 games.
  12. No, because I haven't seen a player that will be a difference maker at a position of need in 2024 and beyond.
  13. Sorry, but that's not smart. If the team is going to suck, might as well suck enough to get the best pick. At the end of the day, let's hope they are never in this situation again.
  14. Nah, I'm just telling it like I see it. I don't think I'm looking at things with orange colored glasses. With all the unknowns of the CBA this offseason, it makes little sense for a 110 loss team to be aggressive in free agency. Besides, no starting pitcher is signing here unless grossly overpaid.
  15. Let's say Elias did and the Orioles would have won 62 instead of 52. They still finish dead last, lose 100 games, and they get the #4 overall pick vs the #1. Are those ten wins worth getting the 4th over pick vs the #1 overall pick?
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