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  1. The issue is if you give up on Sisco, then you have to DFA him but the 40-man roster is full. The only other choice would be to DFA Valaika who might make it through waivers and still be able to to be kept in the organization. With Martin doing so well in the alternate camp, the time may have passed for needing Valiaka, especially if the organization wants to give Urias this year to see what he can do. Personally, I'm a defense first guy at catcher unless the stick is special, and if Sisco is not going to hit, he's definitely not going to help the team. I'd rather the pitchers have a good guy to throw to even if I don't think Wynns or Ciuffo are anything more than back ups.
  2. I think those five as well as Mullins will rotate between the three outfield spots, 1B and DH. That's six guys for five spots so good playing time for everyone still. Hays will rotate between all three outfield spots spelling Stewart, Mullins and Santander. Mountcastle will split 1B and DH duties with Mancini with Stewart also seeing occasional time there. Mountcastle will get a long leash, but if he's still not hitting by the time the AAA season starts, he could be optioned.
  3. Good observations. The pen is fairly rested as well after a couple of games pitched.
  4. I never said both pitches were his fault. That comment was about the first one which was 100% on him. The scone one did take a weird bounce.
  5. Not sure I've ever actually seen that before. Terrible base running by Franco.
  6. Not overly surprised. They can still hold Kremer to 50-60 pitches and then go to the pen.
  7. No, the Taxi squad just allows teams to keep players close by in case of a COVID situation, but can be used to preplan a minor league move as well. A taxi squad player must be on the 40-man roster and to be actived to the 26-man roster, another player must be removed off the 26-mean roster by either optioning, DFAing, trading or being put on an injured list (COVID or otherwise).
  8. Martin is down at the alternate site and from what I heard, has been one of the most impressive players down there.
  9. Tony-OH


    Duquette bares most some of the responsibility from what I've heard as the player development folks wanted him off SS or 3B for awhile. I do think they were thinking first base though more than LF but with his overall decent athleticism, they should have thought LF first to get more value. But, its kinda like Ruiz. Why was he not sent to 2B after Franco was signed if they were thinking he was an option there? Ruiz has been ok at 2B, but his DP turns have been a bit slow because of his long arm action.
  10. I think they go with a bullpen game. Akin pitches today at the alternate camp and Lowther pitched yesterday. Heard Sulser and Mattson are on the taxi squad and could be activated to help the bullpen game out.
  11. Tony-OH


    It's more crazy that Mountcastle didn't spend his minor league seasons in LF for most of the last three years. He was never going to play on the left side of the infield. They would have had enough time to know whether or not Mountcastle could play LF effectively of not instead of watching him try at the major league level. The statcast numbers on his jumps, burst and feet/covered are awful, but he hasn't had a ton of chances overall. This year he's had more tough chances as it's highlighted his struggles unlike last year when he really didn't get a lot of tough chances.
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