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  1. I was waiting to see how long it was going to take for someone to post this. Seems like a fun character to follow.
  2. Please welcome Eric to the site folks. Eric is a former WBAL sports producer who has also worked for the Sporting News. He'll be giving us lots of information this spring from the major and minor league camps and then will give us our first looks at many of the new GCL players this year. We're glad to have Eric join our team.
  3. BA hasn't been on the edge of prospect analysis for a long time now. I wouldn't be concerned with Mountcastle or Hays not being on the list.
  4. It's a real long shot, but but it's better then him ever seeing the big leagues as a batter.
  5. I think he came over for a couple of games when they needed some players, but he wasn't on an official invite. If it were me, I'd put him on the mound and see if he can be converted to a pitcher. He has a pretty special arm.
  6. Can't tell if serious or this was some kind of slipped in joke to see if we were paying attention. I could see McCoy getting an invite but they very well may just bring him over when needed. I think Wells may get an invite as well.
  7. I always thought the person who can get Willis Otanez to write a book about his baseball life would have a best seller. Can you only imagine the stories this guy has with as many places that he's played? He may have one of the most fascinating baseball careers of all time.
  8. At worse, this is an interesting story to follow this spring. He's pitched very well in a hitter friendly league so why not? He'll be 35-years old on opening day so I imagine he either makes the team or is let go. Hey, I'll be rooting for the guy!
  9. Yeah, they played well overall. It's just so strange how they play so differently on the road.
  10. Wiggens with that one awesome athletic play a game! Always impressive!
  11. sdmarkakis, you've already been banned for being an ass. Now this account can go as well.
  12. Look Bruce, you are soft. You've always been soft. You are the kind of person that hates anything that isn't rosy and you complain worse than a teenager. You are the kind of guy that blocks people that you don't agree with your always rosy outlook on everything. I still remember when you left the site because certain posters just ruined things for you. You know why they ruin it for you? Because you are soft. Sometimes you gotta pull up your big boy pants and realize people will have a different opinion then you and you know what, that's ok. Maybe this whole internet thing isn't good for you and your fragile psyche? I'm very consistent on my feelings of Turgeon and yes, I thought it was a good job by the Purdue coach to called a timeout to break momentum, something Turgeon doesn't do very often during games and usually when he does it's about six points too late. Now that might hurt your feelings, but that's the way I see it. I could really care less if it hurts your feelings or not but I won't get trolled on my own board. So either buck up and move on.
  13. They are off to very nice start no doubt. It really is weird how home teams have been so good and road teams have been so poor this year in conference. Nice to see the Terps playing well on both sides of the court so far.
  14. I know its hard for you, but not every comment is there for you to cry over. It's really possible for you to just scroll on through when the truth hurts you personally.
  15. I watched the beginning on ESPN News.
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