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  1. Mountcastle will start the year playing LF in Norfolk where he will most likely play a couple of weeks there. This will be because of service time and they can't just taxi him and start him exactly when they would get the extra year because they would give the union cause for a grievance. I don't know the exact date, but at some point you will see Mountcastle in an Orioles uniform in April and unless he pulls a Mullins over 4-6 weeks, he's going to be up here for good in 2020. I think they are going to give him every opportunity to show he can play LF effectively where he showed to be serviceable last year in AAA and where he has the most value. By May the Orioles everyday outfield will be: LF: Mountcastle CF: Hays RF: Santader 4th OF/DH will be Stewart with Wilkerson or Mason Williams taking the 5th outfielder/back up CF job. One thing of note, Santander can back up Hays in CF with Mancini, Stewart or Mountcastle moving to right.
  2. On top of it, Jackson is pretty smart about not taking big hits. He's only had 1-2 this year that made me wince and honestly, that was per game with Flacco in the pocket.
  3. Remember when the Ravens were going right down the field on runs? Yeah, me too. Maybe somebody should remind the OC. Another punt! This team need a new coaching staff. This team is undisciplined and has all the skills to be a running beast but wants to throw the ball around because Roman apparently think s they have to despite the fact that the Bengals haven't stopped the run all day.
  4. Gotta agree, though that was after the first three games I think. These next gen stats are about as accurate as the "analytics" that tells Harbaugh to go for 2 down by 4.
  5. Outside of the first two drives by the Ravens, they have really played a poor game overall. Outside of the one FG by Tucker, the special teams have been awful, Harbaugh lost another challenge for no reason, and Andrews may have made one of the dumbest, most undisciplined plays that cost the Ravens points, and allowed the Bengals to get the ball back and score three points. In other words, a typical Harbaugh football team. Up 17-10 at to the Bengals says a lot more about the discipline and true talent on this team. This team will be lucky to finish 8-8 when it goes into the grind of the schedule.
  6. What I wrote on July 25th about him after watching him live.. Rodriguez is a funky delivery fastball-slider guy who can throw strikes with both pitches. His fastball sits a pretty solid 92-94 though he touched 95. there's a little life in the end but he does a good job or using around the edges of the zone. His slider gets more downward action though there is some break as well. He likes to use it low in the zone and gets a lot of swings over the pitch from New York Penn League batters. His slider is typically in the 82-84 range though he flashed an 87 MPH wipe out slider that was a plus pitch once. His change is firm and straight and he doesn't have any feel for the pitch. He's a pretty good athlete for his size and is unafraid to shake off his catcher and call his catcher out to talk if he wants to talk over something despite his limited English. Is he a guy for me? I'll say he's interesting enough to keep a watch on but he definitely has a reliever profile for me. If he can sit 95-96 as a reliever and that slider can bump to the 85-87 range, he suddenly gets a potential late inning reliever. He'll be in consideration for the top 30 no doubt. Right now I think he's in the 20-30 range but can rise or fall still over the last month.
  7. I don't even know if Andy has a role anymore in the decision so this entire conversation could be for naught.
  8. I honestly thought this was all common knowledge and I'm pretty sure I've written about his. Wasn't this in my MacPhail piece before he left? I can't remember honestly. I know what I was told but don't remember all of the details at this point. I remember hearing MacPhail did not want Buck because he knew Buck was all about gaining control. Once Buck came in and had success, in my opinion, MacPhail saw that he was going to lose influence since Buck had become an Angelos favorite. MacPhail then left the organization.
  9. Why in the world at this point, knowing the things I've written and been told, that you would think I'm just speculating or giving an "opinion on this?"
  10. "Soto is a left-handed hitter with advanced feel for hitting and projection for power," said Nationals director of Latin American operations, Johnny DiPuglia. "He profiles as a corner outfielder with a solid arm and good instincts." Nationals signed Soto for $1.5 million as a 16-year old. This is the kind of impact players we have to find in Latin America if we are to compete consistently one day. We have to hope Perez will hit some gold like DiPuglia did with Soto. Soto is the real deal. He's a generational talent that was signed for 2nd round money.
  11. That's how I read that title and that's a good thing. There needs to be one guy in charge of the pitching coaches and coordinators at the major and minor league levels. Everyone needs to be rowing the same way and not poking holes in the boat!
  12. I just want the Rays playing somewhere in a nice stadium. Now I have to root against them because I can't stand even watching games on TV when they play in the Trop. They've done the best job of any team in competing with a low payroll. I'm impressed with their abilities and if Elias and company prove to as cunning the Orioles will have a great chance to be competitive year in and year out. So far I like what I'm seeing and hearing from Elias on how he's completely rebuilding how this franchise will acquire, develop and assess talent. The next step, which is probably 2-3 years away, will be to see how he plans to keep a competitive team on the field that can compete year in and year out.
  13. Andy didn't want to hire Buck in the first place. I doubt he'll be calling him in Philadelphia.
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