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  1. Nice find. A really well drafted article.
  2. If Baumann is healthy, I think we see both of them by the second half of the season.
  3. They wouldn't hurt. I remember when I heard about Pop's lack of velocity in 2019 spring training and then at Bowie despite the good numbers, the velo was down. Then of course, boom, pop went the elbow.
  4. I agree with both points here, but I hope such "live" BP session is a step forward and it honestly sounds like he's about where he would be if he's totally healthy. The biggest indication where he's at will be once spring training games start. If he's not in official games or is not stretching out in intrasquad games then it's time to have some concern about this season. From what I heard about last year's alternate camp was that he was head and shoulders above everyone there, including the three pitchers (Akin, Kremer, and Zimmermann) that ended up getting starts. If he had not gotten hurt I'm pretty certain he would have made his major league debut, especially instead of Zimmermann who had really not had a full camp due to COVID-related issues.
  5. Prospect pop up thermometer! lol That would be awesome though!
  6. Is this the first "Looks good coming out of his hand" comment by Hyde? lol
  7. Sceroler supposedly has the better overall stuff than Tyler Wells hence why he was selected with the fifth overall selection in the draft. Saying that, both are wild cards because they didn't pitch last year so who knows really?
  8. I do believe the second half rotation has a chance to be really fun to watch. A Means, Kremer, Akin, Baumann and Lowther rotation might be fun to watch and see how they fare against big leaguers over an extended period of time. Wonder of the Orioles ever had four rookies in a the rotation at one time before? The 1989 rotation had three rookies, but that's probably the record.
  9. They very well could. I think it's all going to depend on how they look and what the Orioles decide is their upside. I don't think they get kept unless the Orioles view them as viable starting pitchers in the future because neither have the big fastballs to fit into the high velocity, high leverage relievers in the modern bullpen.
  10. Mattson is a reliever and I was discussing the rotation.
  11. http://www.orioleshangout.com/2021/02/21/means-leads-a-starting-staff-with-lots-of-questions/
  12. With the potential work stoppage next season due to the collectives bargaining agreement, I just don't see the Angelos brothers letting Elias release Davis. They probably saw the money they saved last year as evidence why its financially smart to keep him on the roster. The only other thing is for him to magically step in the "Ubaldo puddle" that would enable them to DL him for most or all of the season.
  13. Remember, Hall doesn't start until a month late as well. Either way, I don't see a way Hall pitches in the big leagues this year even if he's lights out. Elias doesn't start clocks until he has too and even if he is lights out at Bowie (a big IF), that just means he'll get his taste of AAA.
  14. Besides a nuclear bomb going off at the Sarasota complex during spring training, what other scenario would see Rodriguez of Hall reach Baltimore this year? Ok, maybe it's 0.1% chance so I guess technically you could be right if you go by Fangraph odds. Personally I think the Orioles have a 0.0% chance of winning the Word Series, but I'd say their chances of making the playoffs in the expanded format is not 0%.. It might be 1%, but it's not 0%. There's 0% chance I will pitch for the Orioles though.
  15. I agree. There are so many guys that are ahead of them in development and Elias has shown no willingness to start control clocks any earlier than he has to with high ceiling players. Add in that everyone's innings are going to be monitored very closely after limited innings last year, and I don't see any scenario where either of these guys debut in Baltimore this season. Just prospect wise, Baumann, Lowther, Wells, Zimmermann and Smith are all ahead of them in development and that's not even counting the myriad of guys Elias has brought in for AAA depth that will get chances before them.
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