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  1. I think it's time for you guy to take this to DMs or just ignore each other.
  2. Players are given a health ratings and yes, guys that tend to be hurt more often have a better chance of getting hurt and needing to go on the DL. As a manager, you have to manage your bullpen appropriately as well as you risk injuring a pitcher if you pitch him when he fatigued. I typically won't pitch a reliever under 80% readiness and rarely under 90%.
  3. My plan was to put him in the 60-day DL (which I did) and then re-evaluate with any news we're hearing at that time about Mancini in real life.
  4. I set the Orioles lineups and make all the in game pinch hitting and bullpen moves. The AI sets the lineups and makes the moves for the opponent.
  5. There is little doubt the lineup without Mancini and Villar is very, very weak. Especially when you consider the replacements for them were Iglesias and basically Williams/Velaika.
  6. Yeah, the pitching has been surprisingly good so far though I doubt it lasts. The hitting has been putrid. It will get better but I don't think it's going to be a strength this year.
  7. https://www.orioleshangout.com/2020/04/02/cobb-solid-again-as-orioles-beat-cardinals-3-1-sim/ Sim News: Orioles claimed right-hander reliever Wilmer Font before the game.
  8. Here's a great article by the Hardball times on Jackson's year with the Orioles including their attempts to resign him. https://tht.fangraphs.com/unenchanted-interlude-reggie-jacksons-lost-season-in-baltimore/
  9. Well here's a Jackson quote about playing for Earl. "Reggie Jackson only played one season for Weaver but said: “I loved the little Weave. If you made a mental mistake, you saw him waiting for you on the top step of the dugout when you came back in. He’d just say one word, ‘Why?’ And you better have an answer. On his team, if you didn’t ‘think the game,’ you had a problem. He was right in your face.”
  10. Lack of options? Trust me, I don't wanna play him but I don't have a ton of options. In game one he was the only lefty in the lineup with Sisco, Smith Jr. Williams and Ruiz on the bench. I could have started Smith Jr. instead of him (DHing him while moving Nunez to 1B), but just decided to give him the opportunity early in the season plays Davis is a better defender at 1B than Nunez. In the second game against the righty, Davis actually got his first hit of the year but again, not a ton of 1B options. When Mountcastle comes up, Davis is going to see a lot less time.
  11. TRAITOR!!!!! I can remember Snyder owning the Orioles, no doubt. Funny you mention that Rotisserie book. I bought that too and created leagues based off their categories for years. It wasn't until about 1989 that I ran a league in my unit that I changed some of the categories to make it more "realistic." By 1993, I had developed a league that included waivers, contracts (After the draft, you had to sign a guy to a 1, 2 or 3 year contract that went up 10% each year and were guaranteed against your salary cap) and included stats like SB-CS, SV-BS and I believe we used EBHs as a category to help those guys who did more than hit homers and collect RBIs.
  12. No, I'm going to search the waiver wire and put guys like Givens, Cobb and Bleier on the trading block and hoping to get decent offers. I've already executed a waiver claim on a pitcher and will announce that today before tonights game.
  13. I'm trying to be as realistic as possible so I put him on the 60 day DL when he was listed as out for 4-weeks by the sim. I'm hoping real baseball will be back or preparing to get back by that time and we'll have some news on him, but I'm guessing he was going to miss all of this year or at least a good portion.
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