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  1. The interesting thing will be to see if he's correct over the next 3-5 years. I find it all fascinating.
  2. Well clearly Elias agree with you. Villar's value could go up with need by a contender and if he continues to play like he did last year. Villar is in his walk year so he has every reason to be in the best shape of his career and at 29-years old and with his skill set, it's doubtful he is going to have a huge regression.
  3. Potentially. I don't really know, but would be much happier with the Villar trade if we knew the money was needed for some kind of investment in the future.
  4. It seems to me that Elias has three goals this offseason. Cut payroll (hopefully to be reinvested into the infrastructure of the organization), lose as many games as possible at the big league level next year (For better draft pick), and maximize any return for current players that he doesn't think will be part of a winning future here. Even the relatively cheap resigning of Richards Bleier gives them a fairly low cost player who might bring back a player if a need arises from a contender if he can show he's fully healthy and pitching like he did pre-surgery. If his thoughts are solely on the "strategic vision" of the future, then all of his moves makes sense, even the Villar move. The only problem I have with the Villar move under this scenario is could he have maximized Villar's value even more if Villar played well and a need arose from a contender during spring training or at the trading deadline. If that had happened, the chances are Elias could have netted a much better return than what he got now, though it appeared he wasn't willing to take that financial risk on to see if that scenario played out.
  5. Don't troll. This brings nothing to the board. You've made this point so making a whole other post just to say this again is literally the definition of trolling which is not allowed on our site.
  6. This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Please do not let other thread discussions seep into other ones. Besides, I think it's very clear what everyone thinks about the Villar trade, no one is going to change their minds at this point. Once the Villar trade happened, it made sense to trade Bundy and the return brought in a quantity of arms that have some potential, particularly with Peek if all the reports are right. Givens is probably next and Mancini won't be far behind though "Far behind could be next year offseason."
  7. Riiiiiight, because everyone loves hitting the 495 beltway or maneuvering through Montgomery county between 5 and 7 during the week.
  8. Dan was an awful communicator, no doubt. I'm 100% happy Elias is now running the show, but I'm not going to just bash everything about Duquette because he made some good moves and kept this team competitive for most of his tenor here. He worked under very difficult circumstances with Buck and Brady having direct access to Peter Angelos and with no clear cut "chain of command." Only Machado was a strong trading chip and the return he got was pretty decent. Either way, Elias is in charge now and he's trading from a different place for the most part. Elias doesn't have a great trading chip though Bundy probably was his best outside of Mancini, who may or may not be on the block. I don't think Givens will bring a ton back.
  9. Only if they present the same FV does the player's advancement in the minors determine his higher ranking.
  10. Sounds like Elias built the deal and presented it to the Angels and they accepted vs having the Angles give him a list and he choose from there. I like that they are targeting certain players. Time will tell if their system is working and these guys pan out.
  11. Yet seven of the players he got in those trades are in our current Top 30 and only Britton and O'day, who were resigned, remain with the teams we traded them for. Without those trades, the Orioles farm system is not as strong.
  12. Just to be clear here, I said it "looks like" Elias went for quantity, not that I have any insights into his thinking for his deal.
  13. Considering I'm typically speed reading and typing during the day at work when I have a chance to check it, be lucky I get anything right. If these are my worst mistakes, then I'm doing ok.
  14. Ended my career. Never could overcome the broken injury.
  15. Damn, taking arrows from all over!
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