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  1. Interesting, i never knew that.
  2. Cowser had a great start to his professional career. The OBP (.476), wRC+ (158) and WOBA (.435) were all very impressive at Delmarva. Next year I'd like to see him tap into his power a bit more, but nothing to be unhappy about right now. Besides, is anyone going to be upset if he can be a .380-.400 OBP guy at the major league level even if he ends up only hitting 8-15 homers a year?
  3. Tony-OH

    Coby Mayo

    Besides physically being in AA vs Low-A, how is he ahead of Mayo? You can really only judge players by similar age, level, and experience when comparing. Mayo has outperformed Henderson at the same level despite being five months younger and has shown better plate discipline. While Henderson may have the ability to stay at SS, he's probably heading to 3B. Mayo, may be heading to RF one day but for now I'd keep playing him at 3B. I have Mayo slightly ahead of Henderson due to Henderson's WHIFF rate trending in the wrong direction has he moves up and Henderson's errors at both SS and
  4. Tony-OH

    Coby Mayo

    I think Mayo has a chance to be better than Mountcastle, perhaps significantly better with his plate discipline. I saw a good hitter in Mountcastle with some special plate coverage, but Mayo just looks different.
  5. Basically they are just bringing up guys they can jettison at will. with the offseason up in the air because of the CBA, they don't want to add anyone to the 40-man that they may actually want to keep. If for some reason the players strike or are locked out, those not on the 40-man can still play in the minors.
  6. When Eshleman and his 7.80 AAA ERA gets called up, your statement has become the absolute truth of the situation. This is the year that if you are an org guy at AAA and can maybe provide some length, you got your best chance of pitching in the big leagues. The Orioles have brought up several pitchers that have no business in the major leagues but like you said, it's all about eating innings and not destroying pitchers who may have some actual major league future ahead of them.
  7. Tony-OH

    Coby Mayo

    I don't have the metrics but that swing is really, really fast. His hip rotation is a thing of beauty.
  8. The final numbers obviously aren't very good, but the finish to the season showed he made some adjustments. Always good to see guys finish strong.
  9. Young is very interesting for me. I need to scout his last few starts, but from what I seen earlier this year, he has a legit four pitch mix and a playable fastball. He's a guy who was screwed over by the short draft and probably should have gone back into the 2021 draft for financial reasons, but he's been the best overall free agent signee though Mundy's injury really put a damper on his year. I like Peek a bit. The curve can be a real nice offering and when the change is on, he's brings enough to think it could play as a backend guy. I need to watch more of his starts down the st
  10. Some people can't help themselves to play the "buuutttttttttttttt" game. Talking about the differences in the stadiums and age difference is certainly poo-pooing the accomplishment. Of course, they conveniently left out how the game has changed with specialized pitching and velocity bumps. The young man set the record. Hopefully AR or Mayo will break it as well.
  11. Its still early but there are some promising hitters drafted for sure. I wish the pitching was deeper though.
  12. If Mayo was a first round pick he'd be easy on top 100 lists. Remember, these guy don't watch all these guys, they can't. They look at drafted status, bonus, and then stats. Take all these top 100 lists with a huge grain of salt.
  13. Why are you and Frobby poo pooing Mountcastle's accomplishment? Did I miss where anyone claimed Mountcastle was better than Ripken or that his accomplishment was better than when Ripken made the record? He broke it, congrats to him. How this turned into people poo pooing the young man's accomplishment is beyond me.
  14. Interestingly, none were true 1st round (first 30 picks) who have outplayed the Orioles actual 1st rd pick of that draft. Mountcastle (36th overall pick - $1.3 mil vs DJ Stewart 25th - $2.06 mil) - 2015 draft Hays (3rd round - $665,800K vs Cody Sedlock 27th - $2.097 mil) - 2016 draft Mancini (8th round - $151,900K vs Hunter Harvey 22nd - $1.947 mil) - 2013 draft Mullins (13th round - $100K vs DJ Stewart 25th - $2.06 mil) - 2015 draft Jordan's later picks tended to outperform his top picks.
  15. Hence why I said "Food for thought" instead of, "Here's proof." There is little doubt Wieters' minor league numbers did not translate to the major league level for whatever reason. We can only hope Rutschman's do.
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