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  1. Need to see the change more before I can make that call. His slider is better than Alex Wells.
  2. Baumann looked very good yesterday, commanding all four pitches for te most part. Only got one velocity reading from the announcers at 94, but he got a fair amount of swing and miss and limited hard contact which was mostly oppo related.
  3. The more I watch of Grenier this year the more I like him. Defensively, he's the most consistent SS in the system with plenty of arm to stay there. In his last 15 games he's absolutely killing it at the plate slashing .466/.523/.759/1.282 in 65 PAs with 3 HR, 6 2B, and a triple. Now clearly he's not going to keep hitting like this, but if he can prove over this season his bat is legitimate, he quickly will shoot up the prospect rankings because he's a legitimate major league defensive SS.
  4. I wanted to give Adley a little more time after my initial looks early in the year when he was struggling to get to the inside fastball. Right now, he's locked in lining balls all over the field. Even his outs have been pretty loud of late. Watching Rutschman show his oppo power, he certainly has better than 50 game power so I'd rate his power about 60. He has a great eye at the plate and frequently gets behind in counts still because he takes close pitches that may or may not be strikes, but he's very good at looking for a pitch to drive. He'll roll over on pitches occasionally, and he's
  5. This is why you have to love prospect scouting. Bishop has been absolutely on fire in June at Bowie striking out 24 batters while allowing no runs on seven hits and just two walks over 14 innings. Bishop is not going to wow anyone with velocity, but he's a four pitch guy who gets lots of swing and miss on his slider and curveball, and can work the fastball up in the zone for some despite the pedestrian 90-92 velocity. I'd like to see the change a bit more, but he's not giving a up a lot of hard contact right now and when he commands his pitches, he's proving to be tough to hit.
  6. Haven't seen enough of his Jones' of late to make a call there, but he's hitting the ball well since his return. Very small sample size, but really like Turchin's approach at the plate. his home run yesterday was on a slider and was a bomb to left center. It's almost like the team used him as an org guy by jumping him to AA with no High-A after very little playing time in Delmarva this year, but he's showing that he's somebody to keep an eye on so far.
  7. Yes, we've discussed a few times the fact that Ortiz has gotten bigger since 2019. He's hitting the ball pretty well, especially considering the quick promotions from Low-A to AA.
  8. You can certainly build a case for Ortiz over Servideo, and he very well jump him this year, but look at how Ortiz hit in his professional debut in New York Penn League action vs Servideo in the Sally League? i like the plate discipline for Servideo but he need to start hitting the ball with more authority as the season goes on to stay where he is on the list.
  9. Keegan Akin graduated from the list after going over the rookie innings limit at the major league level. Cameron Bishop enters and makes a big jump. Showing four pitches and dominating AA right now.
  10. Well someone might think he's a prospect, but I just think he looks like a AAA or an up/down guy. Don't forget, you can always go over to the minors forum and look at the current Prospect Power rankings to see if I consider a guy a prospect or worth keeping an eye on this year.
  11. It is amazing how people can judge a pitcher on inconsistent work that they've seen on TV a few times and call him organizational filler and such. People can have any opinion they want, but it's embarrassing that they think this is the stuff we've seen in the minors where he's had so much success. I haven't liked wheat I've seen from Lowther either, but as I said, if some people actually to the time to read what I wrote instead of just showing their ignorance, it would be better to wait to judge his stuff when he's on a normal schedule rather than when he's thrown 16 innings since April.
  12. Mattson and Flaa are org guys for me so I don't really seem them the same as Lowther. They are the kind of guys you use to eat innings here and there and then can DFA if needed.
  13. Just heard it's not too serious.
  14. I love being there but I can’t spend too much time typing

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