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  1. Seriously, you felt a need to make a post on this? Yeah, it's on the dirt. I was rushing. Good lord..... Did you need clarification or just felt a need to call me out?
  2. An infield arm and outfield arm can be two different things. Infield arms take quick release while the outfield throwing motion typically allows the outfield to wind up a bit. It's how Mountcastle's arm becomes playable in left field after being awful on the grass.
  3. As my scouting report eluded, few think he can stick on the grass as an everyday player due to his defensive shortcoming, particularly the arm. If he can play center field affectively, his value goes up because the bat has the potential to play well.
  4. Lets look at both Santander and Nunez offensively at 26 years old Season WOBA WOBACON Barrel % Hard Hit % Exit Velo XBA XSLG XWOBA XWOBACON Renato Nunez .341 .453 12.1 36.4 86.3 .228 .433 .301 .388 Anthony Santander .358 .404 10.2 36.7 88.6 .286 .510 .338 .378 MLB AVG .317 .370 6.4 34.9 88.3 .250 .414 .321 .376 They are not significantly different though Santander is ahead in the most important OBA and especially XWOBA categories. The key here is defensively value and cost. Santander is a switch hitting plus defensive RFer while Nunez is a DH. If Nunez played any position effectively, he'd be offered arbitration. Santander's issues have been staying healthy and he doesn't walk much, but then again, he doesn't strike out all that much either. Overall, Santander is a more valuable player than Nunez and this is coming from a guy who think Nunez is worth more than obviously the rest of baseball does.
  5. Tony-OH

    Nunez DFA

    Actually he's the perfect guy for the Japanese Leagues. He might hit 80 home runs in Korea!
  6. Tony-OH

    Nunez DFA

    At the end of the day, you guys are right. The market dictates the value and the market decided he was not worth what he was going to get in arbitration. Whether his previous production and age suggests he SHOULD be worth that, the market decided it was not.
  7. Tony-OH

    Nunez DFA

    I'm not going to lie, but that is up there for one of the greatest lines in Hangout history.
  8. Shaw would not crack our top 30.
  9. With the injury histories of Hays, Santander and relative inexperience with mixed results of Mullins and Stewart, I'm not sure we can say that. No Nunez did clear waivers and no one traded for him so perhaps there is something else going on here with him, but the guy has been a pretty productive bat and is just going to be 27 years old next year. Either way, I get what you are saying about Shaw and I agree, I think Elias will end up DFAing him and trying to keep him in the system.
  10. I'm not excited that the team is making moves because guys are cheap, especially when the other option is around $2 million, which should be chump change for major league organizations. I'm just not sure I get this particular set of skills. Now perhaps Elias is going to DFA him and try to sneak him into the minor league system as depth. I guess there are worse guys to do this with, but I really would like to think this is a transition year where the Orioles are starting to bring up guys that will be contributors to a winning future and not place holders.
  11. So if I understand this correctly, the Orioles DFA'd a guy who hits 30 homers a year for a guy who is six months older and has never hit in the major leagues? One scout told me he's Chris Davis-light. Big time raw power, long swing, slow (15.4 percentile spring speed in 2019) and has shown to be a below average defensive 1B and corner outfielder. The only thing in his favor is he hits left-handed, has an option and cheap. I can't figure this one out.
  12. I do think 3B is one of the harder positions to find a good player unless you develop or trade for one because they rarely are found on the DFA or Rule 5 markets. Thankfully, with Gunnar Henderson, Jordan Westburg and Coby Mayo to a lesser extent in the Organization, there are two-three potential impact players who could end up there. In the meantime, I think they will probably end up giving a guy like Bannon an opportunity at some time next year if they don't find a better alternative to Ruiz this offseason or at the end of next spring through DFAs. Ruiz is a guy that Elias had ties to from his Houston scouting days, and if Ruiz was more athletic and could play other infield positions and outfield he could have value as a utility guy, but he doesn't hit consistently enough to be a good everyday guy at the major league level.
  13. No, it was Peter Angelos' fault that he listened to Buck Showalter who wanted Davis back. Angelos then got played badly by Scott Boros, who should have been cited for elder abuse after getting Angelos to agree to this ridiculous contract, when there was no team even close to the inflated number of years that Davis got. Davis' contract was the final awful act of Peter Angelos' ownership and showed the dysfunction of how this organization was run. This organization can never fully turn that page until Davis is out of the organization.
  14. Tony-OH

    Nunez DFA

    Let's look at the comparisons using some key stats and metrics between Nunez and Stewart. Both players will play most of next season at 27 but Nunez is actually five months younger than Stewart. Stewart bats left-handed and Nunez bats right-handed. Stewart is a below average defensive corner outfielder, Nunez is a below average defensive corner infielder. Both probably should spend most of their time at DH. Name WOBA XWOBA Barrel% Hard hit% EV K% B% wRC+ Stewart .347 .326 19.2 46.2 91.4 33.9 17.9 123 Nunez .347 .301 12.1 36.4 86.3 29.6 7.9 119 MLB AVG .317 .321 6.4 34.9 88.3 21.8 8.3 100 Now it's worth noting that Nunez has a better track record of success at the major league level and had almost twice as many PAs than Stewart and Stewart hit all of his home runs over a nine game stretch where he slashed .394/.444./1.061/1.505 over 36 PAs. Stewart 2020 streaks: First 10 games over 28 PAs: .000/.386/.000/.385 Next 9 games over 36 PAs: .394/.444./1.061/1.505 (all 7 home runs) Last 12 games over 48 PAs: .103/.271/.128/.399 So at the end of the day, Stewart outperformed Nunez in most metrics, but almost all of that damage came over 36 PAs. Given the track record and the fact that it's doubtful Nunez would make over 2 Million next year, I think he was worth keeping on the roster, especially considering the injury history of several players that would take PAs away from him.
  15. Tony-OH

    Nunez DFA

    I will say it seems strange that Nunez doesn't have some trade value vs a DFA. His avg exit velocity really fell off last year but his WOBA has increased every year he's been with the Orioles to his career best .341 (MLB avg of .317) though his xWOBA fell to .301 (.321 MLB average) suggesting he was a little lucky last year. His defensive value really fell off to the point that he's a DH, which of course puts a lot of pressure on his bat. With Mancini returning, and Stewart needing everyday at bats and an outfield that is getting crowded in a good way (Mountcastle, Stewart, Hays, Santander and Mullins and Diaz at some point perhaps), he's in a bit of a roster crunch. I'd like to think a guy who was on pace to hit 30+ home runs at 26 years old with a good solid barrel percentage (80 MLB percentile) would have more value, but with offensive numbers continuing to rise, my guess is if you bring no defensive value your bat needs to be special, and Nunez is a streaky hitter who can be special at times, but eventually ends up slightly better than average offensively. Do I think money is involved in this decision? Yeah, I think it would be naïve to say that his arbitration number wasn't a factor. Was it the only factor, no because as I pointed out, there's going to be a crunch for PAs next year between 1B, DH and corner outfield. As for Davis, it's quite clear that with COVID still lingering, the question on whether a full season will happen next year looms big on whether to finally cut bait on him. It's clear that Davis has no intention of doing the right thing and retiring, so he will continue to embarrass himself and any remaining legacy so he can cash some big checks in the future that he hasn't earned. It's certainly his right to do so. Also, with the CBA coming up, maybe the Orioles think they will save money from his albatross contract if the players strike? It's clear he's only still on the roster because the Orioles are exploring all ways to try and get out of paying him. Nunez was a decent stick, but his defensive woes really cut onto his value and at the end of the day, it seems Elias has decided he rather give those DH at bats to others.
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