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  1. "He's got a modest two game hitting streak"
  2. Lol, you gotta wait until spring training for those gems.
  3. Yeah, let me know what your fees and taxes are if you want. I'd like to compare since we both are in Howard County and both have FIOS.
  4. Just officially announcing the new announcing team: Arnold, Brown, Garceau, Hollander, Long, McDonald, Newman, Palmer
  5. Take a look. It was the difference between December and January. they had charged me for a box that I had returned so i went and compared my bills and I was like WTF? Plus MD raised their taxes $20 a month as well.
  6. They have a sweet deal because they push that charge onto all subscribers, even if the subscriber could care less about baseball or the Orioles. But then again, Verizon FIOS just changed our video franchise fee from $9.95 to $29.95 with no heads up and explanation, so cable companies continue to add charges onto your "rates" while their service becomes worse and worse.
  7. I like Scott, and I'm sure he was cheaper than Gary, but Gary was like having a national announcer call your games. Even with his quirks, his humor and his chemistry with Palmer was a good listen most of the time, even during hard to watch games.
  8. Right, that's what gets me, if all but the Orioles and I think the Dodgers have a way to make money streaming, why do the Orioles think they will lose money?
  9. When I've been in Florida, Texas and Colorado, I used my MLBTV subscription and watched the games on my phone. I wanted to use it in an around Md when I've been out and not near a TV, but I couldn't because of the Orioles decision to keep them blackout locally. I assume this is the first step in allowing us to at least stream the games in an around MD if you already have MASN through a cable subscription. After MD taxes and hidden Verizon fees jumped my bill $40 a month, I'm looking to cut the cord but can't until I have a sustainable ability to watch the Orioles games on my TV. I've heard that IPTV.com is an option, but haven't really looked into too much but I have a friend that swears by it and he lives in Tampa.
  10. Yikes, the comments under that post are brutal. Seems people are not surprisingly not happy with letting Thorne go.
  11. I'll wait to get excited until I see what it will cost and if they intend to stream all their games. All they need to do is drop the local blackouts and we could use the MLB app and get all games. If they want to use this for additional content like pre and post game show or maybe a weekly summary show that includes minor league video , interviews and information then great. I will remain skeptical until I see what it will include.
  12. There is an interesting article up about a new visualization tool in baseball savant around spin axis. https://www.mlb.com/news/new-statcast-tool-measures-pitch-spin-direction I'm still trying to take it all in, but they do mention Cesar Valdez's "dead fish" pitch that is unlike any other. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/leaderboard/spin-direction-pitches?year=2020&min=75&sort=8&sortDir=desc&pitch_type=ALL&throws=R&playerName=valdez, c&team=
  13. Forget what he looks like, just go by his statcast metrics: Percentile: 38th in sprint speed 36th in Outs above average 28th in OF jump Now he did come out average catch % added overall which means he's not awful out there, but his metrics tell us it's more than he's an awkward looking chubby guy out there with an inconsistent arm. In my mind he's a DH that you can play in the corners on occasion but it will be hit or miss whether he will do something to hurt you out there.
  14. I could see Stewart around there though I could also see his average stay lower. I agree on the floor because I'm a little concerned over the fact he didn't hit at all outside of that 9-game Barry Bonds-like streak. Stewart though is one of the guys I'm going to see what I got in 2021. There is a chance he's a .340 WOBA/.800 OPS guy and like you said, while he's cheap, there's value in that at DH.
  15. What would make any sane person think Shaw would produce as well as Nunez? Shaw couldn't hit water falling out of a boat against major league pitching while Nunez was on pace to hit 30+ homers for the second straight year at the major league level. Not to mention that Nunez is actually younger than Shaw. If Nunez is able to be brought back on a minor league contract, I think the Orioles would do so because at worse, he's some depth at AAA, but I think Nunez is going to get a major league contract somewhere.
  16. All of Stewart's value is in his bat and the question is, what is that value? When you look over the stats from last year, he really had a nine game stretch where he hit like Barry Bonds, but other than that was almost a complete zero besides walks at the plate (4-for-54 with 18 walks and 1 extra base hit). Overall his WOBA was above average (.347 vs .317) but his xWOBA is just a little above average (.326 vs .321) suggesting he was a little lucky but also because some of that WOBA is driven by his exceptional 17.9% walk rate. So as a DH who can go out into the corners and hopefully not let to many balls bounce of his face, he probably can stick out a major league career for awhile if he can keep his WOBA where it was at this year, but I think we'll need to see how streaky he is over a full season. Either way, he's going to need to hit because if Diaz is raking in AAA, he'll need to come up which will move Mountcastle to DH or spelling Mancini at 1B, and that takes Stewarts PAs away. As for McKenna, his value of course is in his defense, but his tools at the plate including some occasional eye opening oppo power, keeps people interested in case he puts it all together. McKenna his an opportunity to be a Craig Gentry type of player as a 4th outfielder but his defensive ability and speed makes him worth watching.
  17. I'd put Santander is center before Diaz, but they would play similarly out there. They would be adequate on most balls, but you lose the range that you would want because they don't have center fielder speed.
  18. And on top of it, clearly Davis is about Davis. Why would he do anything to help an organization that he won't retire from even though it's clear to everyone to he's an embarrassment on a major league field?
  19. Kjerstad had a number and the Orioles knew that number before they drafted him. There have been cases of players in the past changing their number after getting drafted, but it's pretty rare as that is part of the process and is pretty well defined now. This allows teams to do what the Orioles did this year with Kjerstad so they could get high ceiling high school kids in the 4th and 5th rounds. Team also do this during normal drafts by drafting senior signs or cheap $10k players in 5th-10th rounds so they can use the savings to get guys with high numbers in other draft positions within the first ten rounds.
  20. If Santander is traded and the package returned does not include at least one high ceiling guy, then I'll start to get real worried. Santander is still a guy who can be part of a willing future here in Baltimore so he's not a guy you move unless you think his return will give you even more value for the future.
  21. Because we've told 50 times why this has nothing to do with the Orioles being cheap. I did hear the Orioles had allotted extra bonus money to a player that was taken before they could pick so they ended up with Baumler who wasn't going to cost as much. It's not like Elias had a prospect he liked better than Baumler, but the player's number was 200k more so he went with Baumler to save a few hundred K. Yes, it's clear the Orioles are cutting the budget in ways we've never seen before, but they also just spent the most money they've ever spent in Latin America, so it appears that Elias is using his meager budget to build for the future, which means guys like Iglesias and Alberto had to go because of their price tags. Hopefully this is only because of shortened season last year with no fans in the stadiums and the most likely scenario of reduced fans in the stadiums this summer as well. Saying that, I don't think many people around Baltimore would be upset if the team was sold by the Angelos family.
  22. You do know they went with Kjerstad to be able to get two high ceiling high school kids in Mayo and Baumler, right? I don't think that has anything to do with them being cheap, but was how Elias wanted to get the most high ceiling guys in a five round draft.
  23. Only Thorne comes as a mild surprise but after hearing about his contract dispute with the team last year (something I did not remember hearing about last year), it really doesn't come as a surprise. I'm disappointed that they could find a role for Olson who I thought was pretty solid at times on the radio. Saying that, the writing was on the wall after the changes announced before last year. With all the new blood being added, and the reduced roles for Bordick, Dempsey, Davis, Hunter and Johnson, it really should not be a surprise that they were being transitioned out. A few thoughts on the departed and the people staying on: As others had noted, Bordick had become insufferable to listen to during broadcasts, particularly when he was teamed up with Hunter because it was homerfest. His catch phrases and baseballisms "steaks for RBIs" did not become endearing and made it hard to listen to him. The thing is, his baseball knowledge, which is very high, shown through as the analyst on the post game show where he was able to focus on the analysis and not have to fill time by describing the exact action we just saw (Personal pet peeve of mine because the analyst should be adding analysis to what we just saw, not describe what we are seeing). I personally enjoyed Thorne and it's sad to see him go. His pairing with Jim Palmer was a great telecast, even if he would annoy me at times by calling the wrong pitch types (something he was supposedly talked to about but kept doing). I'll miss Gary's voice, his intelligence, and his humor. As for the others, sometimes it's time to move on. Yes, they've been around a long time, but with the Orioles under Elias doing things in different ways here, perhaps some fresh voices are needed. As for the current crew, I'm interested in hearing about their roles for next year. I felt most of the new crew last year were pretty solid. I'm a big fan of Kevin Brown on TV, but his play by play on the radio needs some work and yes, he needs to work on his enthusiasm at times. Not Hunter level of course, but getting a Thorne level for excitement would be good. Saying that, Brown is really up on his statcast information and does a good job of adding those in at times and he has a great announcer voice. Garceau got better as the year went on and became pretty solid. He's a 1st class guy who knows the history of the Orioles and teaming him with McDonald and Palmer should be good. Arnold was the big "surprise" for me as he was once teamed with Brown a few times on the radio and I enjoyed that duo. Hollander was pretty good in his couple of appearances and Newman really knows her baseball and is up on analytics, but I find her play by play to be uninspiring and hard to follow at times on the radio. Announcers are one of those things that fans generally disagree on because everyone has their own tastes. Some like the homerisms and some like the more measured approach, but in the end, I think the Orioles broadcasts are heading in the right direction. Hopefully whenever Caleb Joseph retires they can bring him on as an analyst. He would probably be amazing in that role.
  24. I feel like we saw that from Ben last year as the broadcast was adding in some statcast metrics like EV, distance, arm strength from the outfield, base running speeds, etc.
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