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  1. Other then hopefully seeing him play well because that would mean he's healthy, I don't think it will matter. Mateo will come into next season as either the everyday SS, 2B or super utility guy who plays just about everyday. I think the Orioles are going to give him every opportunity to show he can play everyday at the major league level.
  2. Maybe.. You never know! I've been known to use psychological operations in my options.
  3. It's that time of year once again where we give you an in-depth view of the Orioles system. This year, we will be adding in a risk rating based on level played at and injury history for each prospect. Risk Assessment Likelihood AAA AA A+ A- FCL/DSL Never injured 1 2 10 16 25 Minor injury 2 9 15 20 25 Multiple injuries
  4. Who is the Orioles 2021 #1 prospect?
  5. It was a great event that was really the most positive celebration of life I've ever been too. It started off with a video Roy Firestone sent in where he read his tribute to Michael and Denise. Then Denise filled us in on some great moments followed by Michael's family members. I was honored that Denise asked me to say a few words and I focused on how Michael made people better by just knowing him. I believe we had five Hangouters attend along with Adam Pohl from Bowie, and Dan Connolly from The Athletic. It was a great time and I loved hearing so many other great stories about Mich
  6. I watched more of Grenier this year than any year before. To me, he's the best defensive shortstop in the system. He's not flashy, doesn't have incredible range or a plus plus arm, but he's about as steady as they come at SS and he's a plus defender at 2B. Of course, the issue is the bat and the more I watched the more I saw his struggles against offspeed pitches. I don't know his EVs but he looks to hit fastballs pretty well overall, but really struggled against anything offspeed. Once the book got out on him in AA, he really, really struggled slashing .187/.320/.302/.622 over his
  7. You asked what is better, I told you what is better for me. I don't think there are very good ways to determine defense from stats in the minors outside of error totals. Range factor is a terrible metric that has way too many outside factors to put any credence into. Any list that shows Urias at the top of a stats supposedly showing "range" should be disqualified unless the list only includes Pat Valiaka and Rylan Bannon!
  8. I've never been a believer of the range factor stat, particularly in the minor leagues.
  9. Maybe Blood will feed something to his MASN guys.
  10. I doubt Vespi will be added since he struggled a bit in Norfolk and doesn't have that big fastball that team generally look for the in the Rule 5 draft. I look at him as a potential Paul Fry type but I also see that as a Kevin Smith role too.
  11. This is something that should have been done a long time ago. Glad to see MLB stepping up to provide a better quality of life for their minor league farmhands.
  12. Bringing De los Santos over with Basallo and Hernandez says something.
  13. I would be pleasantly surprised if Willem made Delmarva. I'm not sure why it took him so long to get started and why they shut him down so quickly, but his struggles in his limited playing time suggest he might be more of a long term project vs a fast mover. My guess he will be on one of the FCL teams next year.
  14. I would think he will be along with Hernandez despite Hernandez's relatively lackluster pro debut down there.
  15. Harvey said this about one of his injuries this year. "The spring training thing, I’m about positive it had to do with a weight room thing. We tried a new core exercise, and then two days later, I blew my oblique out. So, it happened to be something that worked the oblique and I think it all adds up together, going from how I’ve never done that exercise to two days later I have a Grade 3 oblique strain. So, I think it just all kind of goes together." Now don't get me wrong, Harvey could probably blow his elbow out opening a jar of peanut butter, but his comments were interesting none
  16. F cancer for sure. Many prayers for this young man to recover!
  17. Yep, I'm very clear what there roles are.
  18. I never said I agreed or disagreed with him, I'm saying anything that comes out of his mouth about a player is going to be roses, unicorns, and sunshine. Some people enjoy that kind of stuff.
  19. It would, and admittedly, I'm just going off what I see of late vs doing any kind of study. Obviously we have Orioles history of guys like Tito Landrum, Rick Dempsey and Delmond Yong coming up big in key situations in the World Series or playoffs and none of them were big stars. I don't know, but what I do know is that teams like the A's and Tampa, who have done great things to change how to compete with a smaller payroll, have also not broken through yet with a World Series victory.
  20. That was my favorite of his collection. Thanks for showing me that when I was there and for sharing this great pic with Michael between two of the best to wear an Orioles uniform.
  21. Unless both Rodriguez and Hall pan out to be #1 and #2 pitchers, the Orioles do not have the talent in the system to compete for a World Series pitching wise. There's a Huge drop off to the next level of pitching prospects and with the Elias reluctance to draft pitchers in the low rounds, they are going to have to trade or sign pitching Fee agents. The good news? The Orioles have a lot of room to add salary IF ownership is willing to spend. That's something we just don't know yet with the Angelos brothers.
  22. One, I think Blood is overly enthusiastic about all of his players he talks about. Two, when it comes to evaluating players, he's more of a mouthpiece than a true evaluator. I was told the Texas player development people and scouts threw a party when he was hired away by the Orioles. Take from that what you want. I'm not saying everything he says is wrong, and I honestly like Cowser as well, but if it makes you happy to hear the Pollyanna version of every player, then who am I to tell you not to enjoy his stuff? Me, I've always respected the guys who told things straight and who
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