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  1. Akin would be a good follow up to Eshelman. Hopefully Eshelman can give them five innings and Akin can give them two.
  2. I think common sense will prevail here. Bumping a thread that says a player was released to add in information about how he he doing after being required doesn't help get proper information out. Bumping a 4 year old prospect report to talk about the player now is not a good use of a bump. The threads you mentioned are not what we're concerned about. This is actually not a new policy but one we want to reiterate since we started to see this once again.
  3. Please do not bump old threads (from years ago or with misleading titles) with new information. Please create new threads with an appropriate title. Bumping old threads can be confusing and misleading and no one feels like trying to go through a bunch of pages of old conversation to get to the new information. It is not necessary to keep all conversation about a player in one long thread. It's more important to have good thread titles that specifically spell out the new information or conversation. Thank you for your cooperation.
  4. Mountcastle's arm is better than Smith, but it won't be an asset for him either.
  5. I've heard he's been looking pretty good down in the camp defensively and starting to hit offensively. I really don't know why he's not up here at this point.
  6. You won't get any arguments from me.
  7. But i kinda want to see if he can play 1B. I don't have an issue with Nunez playing 1B over him, but I'd like to see what Sisco looks there.
  8. I'm not a fan of these bumps of old threads either, but some people seem to like to to it.
  9. He is quite awful out there. I really don't understand why Mountcastle is not up here by now.
  10. I don't really care whether Severino or Sisco catches because neither are longterm options behind there. But i am interested to see if Sisco's bat will play with everyday PAs and I'd like to see him getting some of those at 1B.
  11. Urias is literally the only shortstop that was left in alternate camp. Makes you wonder about Iglesias' health.
  12. Embarrasingly bad and then the quick toss after that major screw up? They need a system that allows a manager to challenge a terrible call through the electronic strikezone. These umpires just can't keep up anymore.
  13. I agree here. Bordick's knowledge works much better with set up questions and he's been very good at giving some a good analysis and not just homerisms. Melanie Newman does an excellent job paired up with him as well. What I like about Newman is she really is a baseball "nerd" who really understands the game. Scott Garceau is one of the nicest guys you will meet, but he's still getting his feet under him a bit calling games and judging when to get excited over a flyball that eds up a flyout vs a 420 foot home run. McDonald has been a solid A- so far as a color guy. I've enjoyed his takes and he's not repetitive "right?" Exactly"" when responding to setups by Garceau. I haven't heard a ton of radio yet, but Arnold is very competent and I liked Brown from last year. Newman needs a little more excitement in her voice for good events and calls the Orioles Baltimore which makes her sound like a national broadcaster. But, she's pretty competent in describing the action though sometimes she's a little too matter of fact with calling something like a inning ending 6-4-3 double play. She's got a good voice though and as I said before, very good baseball knowledge. Overall though I agree, I have rarely wanted to turn off the broadcast or after game shows like before.
  14. This is what I love about statcast. Arguments over how good a guy is can be viewed through the metrics so lets; look at both Cole Sulser and Travis Lakins. First, let's look at movement of pitches and outcomes Sulser MPH vertmov %vs Avg hormov %vs Avg xBA XWOBA EV LA 4-seam 94.1 2.3 15% 2.9 39% .326 .497 93.1 19 changeup 86.2 -2.6 -9% 2.8 21% .058 .059 82.7 8 Slider 87.3 -4 -12% -0.9 -21% .200 .239 68.2 -9 (groundballs) Sulser's fastball has above average vertical and horizontal movement but he gets hit fairly hard which suggest his location is not very good. His changeup gets above avg horizontal movement but below average vert mov. Batters don't hit the pitch hard. The slider is below average in movement and little hard, but he gets groundballs off the pitch and they don't make good contact. Lakins 4-seam 92.8 -1.4 -9% -1.7 -26% .303 .285 90 6 cutter 89.9 -1.1 -5% 1.1 40% .324 .407 94.3 10 Curveball 80 3.4 7% 2.8 34% .453 .431 82.5 -4 change 86.6 2.4 8% 1.3 9% .203 .192 84 24 By movement Lakins curveball is his best pitch and the best EV, but he's made some mistakes with pitch and been hit. The 4-seamer is below average in movement and EV, but batters don't get much LA off the pitch and it's been fairly effective. Sulser looks to have the better pure stuff on movement but he needs to find a way to make less mistakes with his 4-seamer. Lakins may have more success on a long relief role but the fact that his best movement pitch is also the one he's made the most mistakes on this year makes him a little shaky. Overall, I don't think either is more than a middle reliever and probably not part of a winning future here. Note: xWOBA is quality of contact stat with .326 being major league average. Expected BA (xBA) MLB average is .247. 88.2 is average exit velocity.
  15. He's going to need to be able to be consistent, which is something it appears he struggles with. He's worth as a reliever on this team considering the options.
  16. He got hot in Aberdeen and then got moved to Delmarva where he got 46 PAs. Would I have liked to have seen him hit a little better against that competition, sure, but he also was at the end of a long season that started for him in January/February. Like I said, I'll worry about Rutschman if I see him struggling over a full minor league season. He's got all the skill set to be an impct player at the major league level. 46 PAs in Delmarva is not going to have me concerned.
  17. They wear an Orioles uniform would be my guess. But you gotta love wildcards optimism.
  18. Huh? Are you basing this off his minor league numbers last year after coming off mono? Give me a whole minor league season where he doesn't hit and I'll worry. I don't think he was ever 100% last year.
  19. I think the difference in thinking here is you want everyone to " recognize the improvements" while many others don't feel we have enough data to make that assessment of real improvements vs a hot streak to start a season. Let's look at one of the guys you discussed: Rio Ruiz has some encouraging numbers between last year and this year. Stat 2019 2020 Dif xBA .233 .221 -.012 XSLG .362 .443 .081 xWOBA .297 .319 .022 Barrel% 2.8% 17.4% 14.6% 92nd percentile in MLB exitvel 88.4 91.7 3.3 MPH 85th percentile in MLB LA 11.3 15.6 4.3 K% 21.3% 28.2% 6.9% worse BB% 9.7% 12.8% 3.1% So it seems like Ruiz is hitting the ball with more authority, getting more launch angle, which is course has hurt his strikeout rate and expected batting average a bit. Right now his barrel and exit velocity is among the top in MLB. Pitchers are starting throw him a bit more offspeed this year to adjust so we will have to see how this goes as the season progresses. The improvement in exit velocity and barrels is impressive so he's actually one that I'm interested to follow and see if it levels out or if this is some kind of sustained improvement as he enters his peak years.
  20. Well I think we would all take it as Orioles fans with team that was expected to finish last, but I was more referring to actual contending teams.
  21. So looking at his stats he looks really unimpressive, but watching his stuff through some videos you can see the promise. I went over to baseball savant and looked at his statcast numbers and then watched random videos of his stuff. He's been used mainly as a starter and I think he might be better suited as a fastball/sinker and curveball guy out of the pen. His curveball can be a plus pitch at times (up to 84 MPH). The problem I see is it can roll up there at times closer to 80 MPH and it loses it's bite. https://sporty-clips.mlb.com/2b4f5c1c-bd75-4f76-8fd9-acff8cc8ef63.mp4 His sinker gets plus movement both vertically and horizontally at times but the pitch has been hit fairly effectively so I wonder if the Orioles will see if he can work on a true 4-seamer and see if he get more spin rate on the pitch. In 2019 he seemed to have more success in the upper part of the zone with his 4-seamer so it would make sense if they try to make him a 4-seamer/curveball guy out of the pen and see what it looks like. He needs to ditch the slider and change though. Neither are very good pitches.
  22. Plus, what team is really going to go all in on this season with the expanded playoffs and craziness. Is anyone going to be crowing about being the 2021 "World Champions?" Not that I think the Orioles had a lot of great trading chips anyways, but I don't foresee teams giving up many prospects for guys at this trading deadline. I do still think Givens could gets traded though. I just don't expect a lot in return.
  23. Or perhaps they aren't convinced that 14 games within a crazy season is enough to make a final assessment of whether the improvements are for real or not?
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