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  1. Stop trying to be a victim and take the time to research things right. As i said, this is the big league of Orioles talk. Step it up or stop trying to at like your are so right when you don't know how to research and analyze the information at hand. We get more complaints over you then any other poster and more and more people have you on block. Maybe you need to look inward instead of playing victim when I call you out.
  2. Ok fine, I apologize that I said you were knowingly providing false information. Instead, it appears you are not aware enough to understand how this works and you take the lazy way out by providing misleading and incomplete data to support your agenda.
  3. We will wait with bated breath until this happens. Haven't seen it yet no matter how many times you've been proven wrong.
  4. Exactly, You can't claim the Astros are paying "mulitple" pitchers over $30 million a year when the monies they received to take on those contracts bring the prices they actually are paying significantly under those amounts. The facts don't match his agenda so he just keeps on throwing out untrue facts as facts.
  5. https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/houston-astros/payroll/ I'm done with you. You obviously don't even understand how this all works and I don't have the time to argue with a brick wall.
  6. According to Spotrac.com: Astros payroll in 2019: $168,304,925 Highest paid player: Justin Verlander: $29 million, acquired by trading from the farm system. Adjusted salary $20 million) Next highest paid player: Mickey Brantley $16 million (signed as free agent) Next highest pitcher: Garrit Cole : $13.5 million (acquired by trading from farm system) So besides being completely and utterly wrong, the question becomes, are you posting easily found information wrong on purpose, or are you just winging things that you feel fits your narrow agenda? If you are not even going to try, and if you continue to post obvious falsehoods (not opinions but information) then I will have to consider whether the Hangout is a place for you. This is the big leagues of Orioles talk. If you can't back up your opinions with facts/stats/information you will be lambasted and ostracized, particularity if we feel you are doing this on purpose. So before you post drivel like this with wrong facts and numbers, think twice, because this is your warning for posting false information.
  7. Well, to atomic's glee, Elias will be long gone if we are starting a new 14-year period. The new infrastructure, technology/analytics, and commitment to international scouting suggests if anything, this organization is finally being prepared properly for a sustained run of success.
  8. You are funny. Nobody likes to watch losing and there is little doubt that interest for the team will go down while this team rebuilds the first few years, but that's why the organization has to be committed to doing this rebuild the right way and not be concerned with short-sighted people like yourself right now. Your happiness is not what matters currently. Attendance doesn't matter that much either right now. Nothing should be adjusted off plan. If this team becomes a consistent contending team again in 3-4 years, do you think anyone will still be upset over these losing years? think anyone in Houston is like, "The hell with this team, they were the worse team in baseball five years ago?"
  9. Here's something to consider, Steve Wilkerson's FIP of 7.71 is better than: Dan Strailey (47.2 IP) Josh Rogers (14.1 IP) Mike Wright (13.1 IP) Alex Cobb (12.1 IP) Taylor Scott (7.2 IP) Luis Ortiz (3.1 IP) Sean Gilmartin (2.1 IP) Pedro Araujo (0.2 IP) That 101.2 IP (11 games worth) of pitching worse than a position player from actual professional pitchers. But some us want to string up the manager and pitching coaches because of the pitching performance?
  10. That's your opinion and your entitled to it, but I doubt anyone who is close to the situation would call the clubhouse dysfunctional. We get it, not everyone understands what's going on and they are still evaluating the onfield product like we're a contending team that just fell apart. This team is about evaluation and Hyde is doing the best he can under difficult circumstances. I get it, not everyone is going to like the manager or the way he goes about his business, and I also understand that Hyde's leadership and communication style will rub some people wrong, especially if they enjoy smooth talkers who throw out boring say nothing baseball cliches, versus a guy who tells it like he sees it. Me, I like the second guy!
  11. Elias has executed this year on plan. We get it, you don't like his plan or how he's going out and enacting it, but he's stayed true to his plan and I for one I'm fine with it. I knew what this season was about and the fact that we will most likely get the second overall pick (can't help the Tigers are so gosh darn awful) and bring another impact prospect into the system next year makes it worth it in the long run. I know you like or want to accept this, but everything Elias is doing is with 3-4 years down the road in mind. That mean awful baseball this year, probably bad baseball next year, but hopefully by 2021 we start to see the plan bear fruit in the wins department and by 2022, we hopefully will have at least a wildcard contender with a solid young core that suggests year's of contention.
  12. Huh? What? Are you being serious? Everyone knows the balls are juiced and home runs are up across baseball, so I can't even start to fathom where you are coming from with that first bolded statement unless you typed that wrong. As for your second quote, 671.2 IP out of 1345 IP were by pitchers who did not pitch more than 10 innings with the Orioles staff last year. That's a different staff. While I don't know what the pitching coaches have or haven't done this year, and they very well could get the ax since the staff was put together very late when most coaches already had jobs, your statements are just not true. As I've stated in other threads, on the active roster right now, what pitchers would be pitching on a contending team? Means, Bundy, and maybe Givens and Castro in 6th/7th inning roles. Harvey would but he's shut down. It's very hard to judge a pitching coach by the results when he doesn't have many upper division major league pitchers to work with.
  13. Which goes to show you that whether players are professionals or not, the human factor of playing out the string in an awful 100+ loss season is not an easy task to keep focus on. It's easy to blame the coaching staff (not saying you are or aren't) but look at this team. This is not a major league pitching staff. Outside of Bundy and Means, which other pitchers on the current active roster would a contending team want on it's pitching staff right now (and I might be stretching it for Bundy)? Harvey has been shut down so he's out, so who? Givens? Castro before last night had been pitching very well, but I wouldn't want him in high leverage situations. The rest of the team are DFA guys, never weres, and low-end prospects out of our system who all have the same command problems. I really don't know what people expect. Sure it's frustrating to watch the kinds of losses that happened last night, but I think we have to remember that we knew this team was going to be bad this year and it never gets better at the end of the year in these situations.
  14. Nothing can really improve command other than the pitchers staying in their windup and focus. No analytic is going to help that. The analytics help them understand what pitches are more effective in certain counts and locations. As for Castro, since the All-star break and prior to last night's disaster, he had pitched to a 2.30 ERA and held batters to a .160/.279/.277/.556 slash line over his last 27.1 IP, one of his best runs as a major leaguer. This team has allowed a historic number of home runs because of a lack of major league talent, a homer friendly ball park, and juiced baseballs.
  15. Please enlighten us on how any manager can manage this particular pitching staff? We have no idea how Hyde handles a pitching staff until he is given an actual set of real major league pitchers, not cast offs, DFA candidates and never weres. Also, can you name the 10 games his poor decisions cost us games? I don't think you can because if you are pointing to pitching changes that went bad, that's on this league worse bullpen. Of course he will be back. He was dealt a bad hand and has handled it fantastically in my assessment. It's hard to lose like this, and while the team's fundamentals have been poor, that's again part of the evaluation process. Hyde, his staff and Elias need to evaluate guys who just have low baseball IQ and consistently can't do the things I'm sure they went over in the spring. I can't evaluate Hyde properly as an in game manager until I see him get the opportunity to manage a team with consistent major league talent.
  16. Its a good move. Let's hope there is no lingering issues next spring. I'm sure he will be monitored over the fall/winter because it would be a real bummer if he has the same issue next spring.
  17. That's certainly an understandable and defendable take on the situation. If I remember that inning correctly, he was almost out of the inning around 20 pitches but they kept fouling him off and his pitch count was getting up there before Hyde was able to get someone warming up. Then Harvey got out without allowing a run. I agree that it wasn't optimal, but I also think they need to have the kid's gloves taken off with him this year a bit. The Orioles need to see if he can pitch on back to back days and be extended to 30-40 pitches on occasion. Looking at his velocity in this next two appearances, it did not looked like it affected him, but I can't say that for sure. I'm probably more inclined to believe that the innings work load is starting to catch up to him a bit after such little use over the last few years. Harvey has been a great success story with his move to the pen and I think the team has found their closer of the future.
  18. Well thanks, but I'm just a fan when it comes to to football vs a scout. I'm not ready to jump off the Locksley train yet, but I do have some concerns after the way they lost and his lack of leadership and questionable in game decisions. Let's see if they recover against Penn State and watch how decisions are made in the future.
  19. Well, I mean other than the fact that Fry is lefthanded and Klimek is right handed and Fry throws about 90-91 while Klimek throws 93-96 and Fry has no plus pitch and Klimek has a plus curveball then yes, they are completely similar.
  20. I voted Mancini but I could have gone with Villar as well. I think Villar's lack of effort occasionally and base paths blunders is what shaded me towards Mancini for MVO. Saying that, if Villar did receive it I would not be upset as he clearly has the best WAR despite being forced to play out of position at SS a lot this year.
  21. Obviously we are all hyper sensitive to any kind of soreness with Harvey. I do think this thing is bothering him still an the team wants to be ultra careful with him. At 75.2 IP, he is at twice the amount of innings that he threw in 2018 so he may be near the limit that they wanted to get him this year as well. Honestly, I wouldn't be upset if they just came out and said they were going to shut him down this year. I have him penciled in as the closer next year and only an injury would get in the way of him having success in that role.
  22. One, it's against board rules to call people including players and coaches idiots, so consider this your warning. Secondly, you do know that Harvey was a starter at the beginning of the year and had 10 games with 40 or more pitches. After converting to a reliever, he had two minor league innings where he threw 33 pitches in an inning and one in an inning and a third. Harvey is almost 25-years old. While I don't think anyone, including Hyde preferred that he stayed out there that long in one inning, I don't think Hyde was reckless or an idiot for doing so. If he's incapable of throwing a 30 pitch inning when things aren't going great, what is he then? I think your dislike for Hyde is clouding your judgement here. While you are certainly entitled to your opinion of not liking Hyde, you are not entitled to call him an idiot while doing so here on the Hangout.
  23. Dean is a first class guy and I knew he would land on his feet in some role with another team.
  24. I don't think this was a case of players and coaches overlooking Temple or letting the big wins get to their head, this was a case of a QB who struggled under the first pressure he saw and awful play calling, particularly in the red zone. The fact that Temple tried to give them the game twice and the awful play calling kept trying to stuff it up the middle, when they have Piggy, McFarland and Leake. Are you telling me that anyone here thinks if they had spread out the defense, put Piggy in shotgun with McFarland and Leake that they don't think they could get a yard with a option play? My biggest concern is that the game calling is always going to be this unimaginative and awful in the red zone when the line is going to be dominated. Good coordinators understand their weakness and strengths and play to their strengths in personnel and don't try the cookie cutter old school approach. I'm also concerns that Jackson will continue to struggle when he pressured. He's not very mobile back there and once he was under pressure his decision making and accuracy dropped off significantly. That's a yellow flag for me. This game was a giant let down because they had an opportunity to go under a Nationally televised game ranked against Penn State but instead, looked like the same old Terp football program that shrinks as soon as it as a chance to shine. I also have concerns that Locksley did not over rule the play calls and also went for that awful two-point conversion. Had they gone for field goal and made it, the Terps could have gone ahead with a field goal instead of being stuffed twice on the goal line in the 4th QTR. It was one game, and people can improve and learn, but what I saw was a coaching staff and quarterback that appeared to be over their heads in their first real test of adversity. Now if they can come out and play a good close game against Penn State it might heal some things, but only a win would erase this debacle.
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