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  1. I wish that were the case but it's not always true. More and more young guys are going to these performance centers now, but they are pricey. Also, it sounds like he is really working on the defense which shows that he understand what he needs to improve upon.
  2. I don't know if I would go that far yet, but I give him a lot of credit because he was getting them the right looks, the defense was strong, and let's hear it for Cowan who kept rolling that ball out to mid court to save time.
  3. Their ability to hit last second three is something I've never seen this consistently. Obviously Melo had his share, but damn, just huge.
  4. Haha, no doubt. I'm happy to eat my words. I'll always take a win over being right!
  5. Yeah, they still have a tough last three games but damn, that was such a crazy comeback. Since I'm tough on him, I have to give Turgeon credit. He changed multiple things up in that second half. Fantastic win.
  6. You definitely did. Props to you for calling it.
  7. Haha, I'm taking that reverse jinx as well! That's why I refused to come back on here as they were coming back.
  8. Holy mother of God!!!!! One of the best comebacks I've ever seen. Once they started coming back I stayed off not to jinx this! Morsell! Unbelievable.
  9. Well they clearly are playing on all cylinders tonight. If they played like this every night they would not be .500.
  10. And then a Rutgers team at Rutgers and they are playing well.
  11. Rightly so. He's an overrated recruiter and poor in game coach and he doesn't game plane very well. He has no instincts on how to break the other team's momentum and his teams are typically poor road teams. What do you think this team looks like next year with Stix and Cowan gone? They are going to be pretty bad though they will have a decent record since Turgeon always packs his out of conference games with creme puffs.
  12. That's what it looked like to me on the replay.
  13. He's always on the floor which is why he's no longer getting fouls, even on questionable plays. He's need to man up, act like a senior, get up and run back down court and let Turgeon battle with the refs. I get the feeling that although he can hit some really big shots late in games, he's a bit of an adversity mental midget.
  14. At some point he has to realize everytime there is a little contact on a drive it's not going to be a foul. For a senior, he sure hasn't acted like a senior of late.
  15. Pretty much an embarrassment of a performance, but not unexpected. Watch the Terps won't win the Big-10 tourney and will be out before the Sweet 16 once again. It is what it is and it is what it will always be as long as Turgeon is coach. Same story, Poor on the road, long stretches of having no idea what they are doing, no depth and players that lose their cool because they can't control their emotions. This is just a Turgeon team that caught a few programs like Michigan State in a down year.
  16. This game has not been called fair no doubt. Ridiculous the amount of tic tac fouls called against the Terps.
  17. It is what it is. I was talking to some guys at work and they say the same things. None of us feel good about this team despite their record this year. Seen way too many times his teams wilt down the stretch because he overplays his starters because he never had any defense. Oh, and these Big 10 refs should be investigated for bias to the home teams.
  18. Minnesota is playing really well, but Maryland is playing awful. Yeah, yeah, tough to win on the road, but games like this is why you can not get excited about this team. This team really is so streaky from 3-points and they can't even hit layups tonight. Just a typical on the road game by the Terps. Turgeon is not a good enough coach to limit the damage when key players go out like Stix (foul trouble) and his offense is basically tossing up three and hope someone gets hot.
  19. Notice how Petino called a timeout after three turnovers in a minute in a half? Turgeon waits until the other team goes on a 15-2 run before he calls timeouts.
  20. Can't start any better than Minnesota has. Sometimes a team is just red hot to start off a game. I mean, that team is never Maryland, but it does happen.
  21. Minnesota has been perfect from the field and the Big-10 refs are doing their best to screw over Maryland once again. No wonder it's so tough to win on the road.
  22. So you have two guys who are equal coming into camp for a job, you don't think performance matter at all? Now we're not talking a guy who has a job already, we're talking about guys who are trying to be that 6th, 7th, 8th spot in the bullpen on this team? If Evan Phillips (just using him as a name) is walking everyone and getting shelled, it doesn't matter if a guy like Tate (again just pulling a similar player when it comes to major league success, time and options) is lights out? I gotta disagree there. I think you are being way too black and white on this and saying nothing matters on the field, and that's true for guys competing for jobs. Now, at the end of spring Phillips has a 10.00 ERA but had thrown the ball really well the last week of then yes, his overall stats may not matter, but I do believe guys who are close can win spots with great springs. Look at Means last spring. Means won that spot by how he threw last spring. Had he come in and got bombed in spring, he wasn't starting the year in Baltimore.
  23. I don't think you can take anything out of these first appearances unless velocity or stuff is way down. Some guys just taken longer to get ready.
  24. Agreed, that is my only goal for Hays' spring. Eddie Murray was always a poor spring training and sometimes April player, so I have zero concerns about anything with Mancini. Mancini is going to hit. It's in his DNA.
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