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  1. Let's be honest here, the only players on the 40-man roster that should concern Elias are ones that either will be part of a winning future in 2-3 years, or can bring in players by trade for players who may.

    Out of that list, the following players should be protected: (And I'm stretching it for some)

    Keegan Akin (maybe)
    Miguel Castro
    Alex Cobb (Trade potential)
    Mychal Givens (trade)
    Hunter Harvey
    Dean Kremer (maybe)
    John Means
    Tanner Scott (stretch)


    Ryan Mountcastle
    Renato Nunez (stretch)

    Austin Hays
    Trey Mancini (trade)
    Anthony Santander (maybe)

    So no, I don't see a 40-man crunch of concern by Elias.


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  2. 19 hours ago, MurphDogg said:

    So the class as a whole comes in $222,000 under slot.

    Per Spotrac, among the 19 teams who have signed all of their picks, the Orioles join the Mariners ($304,400), Braves ($131,000) and Pirates ($87,100) as the only teams to go more than $7,300 under slot.

    8 teams went more than $191,000 over slot. Led by the Tigers at $615,900 over.

    I know some will say the Orioles went cheap, but I think they had their eyes on a couple of guys that would have taken more to sign and then they got taken before their pick. 

    I haven't seen what the guys before Kjerstad signed for so it's hard for me to say what they could have had. Honestly, I like the idea of a left-handed power hitting right fielder and there was no better left-handed power (according to most draft experts) than Kjerstad. 

    I wanted Asa Lacy, but I did not do enough pre draft home work to really have a strong opinion one way or the other.

  3. On 6/16/2020 at 8:00 PM, ChuckS said:

    Mountcastle should be able to play left field adequately and is a better runner than Kjerstad.  I don’t see a whole lot more defensive value coming from Kjerstad. A 40 runner at age 21 is a plodder. 

    Kjerstad’s value will also be dependent on his bat. I haven’t seen a single scouting report that he provides any kind of defensive value. 


    I watched a lot of video of him this year and I didn't see a 40 plodder. I don't have times for him, but I think he's probably a 45-50 runner currently.

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  4. 2 hours ago, BohKnowsBmore said:

    It's more that I would have assumed HK would have negotiated some minimum + whatever was left over in the pool once everyone else was signed as part of his underslot agreement pre-draft.

    Servidio could be an overslot guy. He has ability to go back to school and some outlets were very high on him (including Fangraphs).

    I'm told there's an agreement with Servideo already and this is nothing more than getting everything straight. It will be interesting to see what he signs for though and if the Orioles leave money on the table. 

    If they do, it will be interesting to see what players they could have afforded with the left over money instead of Kjerstad.

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  5. 5 hours ago, scOtt said:

    You think there will be a Fall League?


    Also something that's been sneaking into my head... You think (or anyone think) we'll try to get some guys winter ball action just for some reps?


    edit: especially guys who don't make the 60-man. In theory they're going to get ZERO playing time this year.

    I heard it in discussion but the COVID situation could affect it one way or the other.

  6. 34 minutes ago, wildcard said:

    I am pretty sure Mullins and McKenna are also on the 40 though Orioles.com does not list them.  They were optioned in March.

    I don't think that all the 40 man roster has to be on the 60 man list.

    Yeah, I did too and that's what I used. 

    I found out that all 40-man players do not need to be on the 60-man lists.


  7. So it appears the following 40-man roster players are not on the initial list:

    Keegan Akin
    Dean Kremer
    Evan Phillips

    Ryan Mountcastle
    Ramon Urias

    Ryan McKenna
    Cedric Mullins

    (edited after more information was found): Not all 40-man players need to be on the 60-man list and it seems the Orioles are playing a waiting game with the "prospects" on the 40-man who were not going to make the original 25-man.

    Phillips and Kremer were hurt this spring so maybe that has something to do with them. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Aristotelian said:

    Our 44 can beat any other team's 60. Quite a statement by Elias. 

    They announced other players will be added. The Orioles may be waiting to see how MLB is going to handle the "taxi squad" and the what the Fall League will look like for minor leaguers.

    This is why guys like Mountcastle, Akin, Zimmerman, and Kremer are in limbo a bit. (though strangely, only Zimmerman is not on the 40-man)

    Another reason is that players can be easily added to the roster, but must be put on waivers if they are taken off so there's no reason to put all 60 on there until they know how everything is going to be handled.

    If a player makes the 30-man roster, they accrue major league service time like any other year, but apparently there may be something about if you hold back a player for seven games it won't count as a season, which could mean we see Mountcastle and maybe some others shortly after the rosters get down to 28 players two weeks in the season. Still not 100 percent sure on this but it's what I'm hearing. 


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  9. 4 minutes ago, Number5 said:

    When they traded for Trumbo, I thought that meant they were letting Davis go.  Davis/Boras just were demanding too much.  I still think that was probably DD's plan.  I was surprised when Boras got directly with Angelos and we ended up signing Davis, too.  I wasn't really angry about it, as I had no idea Davis would fall off a cliff like he did, but I was surprised.  

    I'm pretty sure that was the plan as well. Angelos, at the urging of Showalter from what I heard, directly made that signing without much input from Duquette.

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  10. 26 minutes ago, Frobby said:

    I’m as big a Markakis fan as anyone on this board, but I understand why they felt 4/$44 mm was too big a risk for a guy about to have surgery for a herniated disc. As it turns out, Nick recovered well and (per Fangraphs) produced $45.9 mm in value for his $44 mm.     Basically, a break even deal.   I would have liked to have his steady presence in the lineup those four years.    But, hindsight is 20/20.   

    Although not as big a fan of Markakis as your were (I thought his defense was hurting the team), I felt the same way. I was not favor of resigning him to a 4yr contract at $11mil/yr. In retrospect, considering the disaster RF has been since, probably was not the right call, but one based on the information at hand I would have made again as well.

    Heck, I remember thinking that Travis Snider might outperform Markakis for a fraction of his price. I was certainly wrong about that one.

  11. 29 minutes ago, interloper said:

    I mean, I could just say the opposite for you, right? I know we both think we're right here, so I guess there's no point. I'll just say, I work at Hopkins and I get a daily, comprehensive look at the science and the data re: COVID. And there are plenty of conservative scientists there, by the way. Science knows no politics. So many people have died in this country because we were slow to act and because misinformation/science denial was disseminated to the public from extremely influential people, many of them in the media. 

    Like you say, we'll just have to disagree. I mean no disrespect, truly, and I'll move along and refrain from further posts that could be construed as political. (I'm not sure how the pandemic got to be so political, but I can't say I'm surprised either.)

    Where we do agree is that corporate liability is playing a huge role in MLB. That, and we agree on the ambivalence. :)

    There you go, common ground! :D

    Enjoy your day.

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  12. On 6/23/2020 at 5:24 PM, Hallas said:

    You ever think about setting up a patreon page?  It's pretty low effort on your end and lets people donate some money without making you deal with the ins and outs of payment processing.

    I've considered it, but for now, we are making enough to cover our expenses and I'm not worried about making money for myself off this endeavor anymore.

    I appreciate the thoughts and support.

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  13. 10 hours ago, SteveA said:

    Guess we're going to find out who the better manager is -- Hyde or Pente!

    Haha. I'll vote for Hyde myself. 

    Honestly, with all the trades I made I basically had a 40% different team then he will have. It ended up being rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, but I like the future of the players I brought in and knew this year would be a disaster.

  14. 1 hour ago, NCRaven said:

    Healthy adults in their 20’s and 30’s are at very low risk.  Most that test positive are asymptomatic.  Those that have symptoms are usually mild cases.  If you’re over 65, with a serious health concern, and living in a nursing home, you’re probably not a professional baseball player.

    I agree, there would be no danger in opening up camps in Florida and Arizona for the minor leaguers and they could play well into Fall and get in close to 90 games.

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  15. 35 minutes ago, Philip said:

    Regarding news reports, I completely agree with Tony that politics Best left off the site. However, the plain fact is that politics is playing a huge role in treating this pandemic and it is almost impossible to talk about one without in some way mentioning the other.

    Having said that, I would like to defend both @Tony-OH and @Camden_yardbird. The situation is so fluid and there is so much information, much of it contradictory, from legitimate sources, That it is not unreasonable for both people to be correct.

    Whatever this isn’t about how many beds are being used or not being used it is about the upward trend of cases, which was exacerbated by the protests, and which is unpredictable and literally unstoppable, at this point, except by doing the very thing that Baseball renders impossible.

    The fact that people can't help but get political on this stuff is why I want to limit the conversation about it. I know some people don't think that politics and sports need to be separate, that's their right, but it WILL ALWAYS be separate here at the Hangout.

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