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  1. Honestly, with the collective bargaining agreement going to most likely affect service time, and with no apparent solution for any kind of minor league games at this point, it doesn't make a lot of sense to not start the season with Mountcastle or Akin or maybe even Kremer and Zimmerman on the major league team. At least they can get some development time in and maybe help them be ready to help the team earlier in the future when it might matter. Now if they do come up with some kind of minor league games down in Florida/Arizona then maybe it makes more sense for them stay down there, but I'm thinking this unique situation may actually help some of our closer prospects see big league time this year.
  2. Nice research Frobby, but I think you may have a typo in the first record. I agree with the sentiments. My sim and evaluation of the current talent on hand suggests this team will be absolutely awful, but the one wildcard in all all of this is the uniqueness of going to a camp and then starting games. I'm sure the Orioles will have intra squad games and such, but it will be interesting to see how teams get their player ready for the short burst of a season.
  3. It's a 60 game season, Cobb has much better chance of making it through the entire season now!
  4. Wonder how they will work partial years. Say if a player only plays 10 games, how does that count?
  5. Have they addressed service time for this season?
  6. Exactly. This uproar by some over the players getting back together is ridiculous in my mind. We have been doing this all over this country. At the end of the day, with all the precautions that I'm sure will be extensive, particularly with testing, I forsee little problems. The other thing people need to realize is that getting COVID is not a death sentence. I'm pretty sure my wife and I had it back in January-February when no one really knew what all of this was and testing was not available. Took me three weeks and her close to 5-6 weeks for our immune system to do what it was designed to do. Both our sons that live in our house never had any symptoms of sickness. At the end of the day, let's get baseball going in some form. Now if they could work out some kind of Florida/Arizona league seasons similar to spring training for minor leaguers so they can get in 60-90 games that would be perfect (they can play easily through October).
  7. Why did this take so long? Simple. Greed. While this article in the OP looks like it was written by someone in the players association, let's not believe for one second that the players don't hold equal responsibility. Say that, people have been flying all over on planes and have been fine, trust me, I live by an airport and watch the amount of Southwest flights that have begun to take off once again. They will be fine. As I said before, perhaps conduct temperature checks before each game, and if a player does have symptoms or a fever, he gets quarantined for 14 days. There have been many households where one or two people got it and the others did not, or they had no symptoms. Mine was one of them. But to baseball, it will be interesting to see if any players decide to sit out. Could be a great opportunity for fringe players to get some major league time in and maybe the Orioles will find a Nate McLouth for a bit? Maybe they will just start the year with Mountcastle playing everyday instead of worrying about service time that may or may not matter if a long term agreement is ever reached by the two sides down the road. Who knows? Either way, glad to see Manfred grow a set and just make a season. If the players want to file a grievance, let them. Honestly, with Manfred and Clark at the helms, we're on borrowed time until a major work stoppage occurs anyways. The amount of greed and lust for power these two men have show they should consider running for political office one day where they would fit right in with that crowd. I'm interested in watching baseball even if it's in the 60-game schedule, expanded playoff, and three division format. With 60 games, who knows what could happen. Might actually be fun to see games matter more.
  8. I'm sorry you feel that way. Not sure how you can take what I said as political. I have an opinion on COVID19 and how we as a country have dealt with it. I have not brought any political beliefs into that on here, but saying that I think the Owners will use this as a negotiating tactic is not political, it's my belief. Not every belief has to be tied to politics even if it seems like this thing has found a way to get political. Why would i not want to explain my views of the disease to someone who works a "COVID " wing. I know it can be awful and deadly. I also have talked with many, many friends who work in hospitals including ERs. I don't make my opinions based of my wants or desires, but rather on the facts that have personally investigated. You don't have to agree, and that's fine, but I having an opinion on how COVID can be used as a negotiating tactic is not political, in fact, it's the only real baseball talk to talk about right now.
  9. Who tweets about politics on the OH twitter account? I know i don't and I control that.
  10. Hey, it's the new norm right? That's what people like you want us to believe right? So how about these older coaches take the year off or retire to their safe, cozy houses where they can wear their masks all day if they want? Apparently people over 60 will never be able to work again if this is the new norm anyways, right? It is up to the fragile to quarantine themselves if they feel like it, not for the world to stop for them. I'm betting very few will actually skip the season even if they are being paid do so. As for the players, players go on the DL all the time. Have 30 man rosters and another 30 down in Florida ready to go. If a player needs to be quarantined for 14 days, he goes on the 15-day DL and it's next man up. Pretty simple solution.
  11. Feel free to believe what you want. At least for now, this is a free country.
  12. You are too smart to go off case numbers when testing is now widely available. As the positive cases go up, you will suddenly notice the death and hospital rates plummet because this thing affects people differently, just like a flu. Many more people had this thing then has ever been reported which means the death and hospitalization rates were way over blown as people were hellbent on making this more serious than it was. Regardless, no one will convince me this is anything more than a negotiating tactic. I will also say I believe it's your God given right to be a fearful/careful as you want. For people scared, or want to wear masks everywhere, or want to hunker down, please do so. I'm not going to get into politics here, but clearly most of the people so scare over COVID suddenly lost their concern for a couple of weeks.
  13. I'm not going to get into this because I know some of you are going to go off whatever data that tells you to be frightened, but cases are not the issues. Deaths and major hospitalizations are the key. The testing numbers are going to increase because of the massive increases in availability of testing now. Many of us probably already had it and it passed like any typical FLU without ever being tested. But I'm not getting pulled back into this argument. At the end of the day, baseball is not suddenly worried over COVID19. This is more negotiating tactics.
  14. It's definitely their, "We'll shut things down and say it for your own good" ploy. There are still people out there that will buy this.
  15. Are you living in March of this year or June, where we have much more information about COVID's death rates and even serious complication rates which are actually infinitesimal? Have you not seen all of the protests, gatherings and the opening up of just about every state around this country with no new major spikes in deaths or hospitalizations? I got your concerns in March, but there is so much more information out now. You may want to pull yourself away from your typical sources of information if you still believe COVID is a major concern because they are slanted. As for baseball, any "closings" are for the owners to try and use this as another negotiating ploy with the players. This is the "we'll shut it down and say it's COVID" tactic.
  16. Puhleeessseee. Anyone that thinks they are closing down over a player with COVID SYMPTOMS and that's a new concern once again is fooling themselves. Good Lord it's amazing how quickly people will believe anything told them (not saying you per se).
  17. Lol, this has nothing to do with anyone being concerned over safety. This is all the owners going to try and use this as the reason the season will be cancelled and not because of the greed of the players and owners.
  18. Huh, did I get you mixed up on Mountcastle with someone else? I thought you were the guy that's not excited over Mountcastle. If not, my apologies.
  19. CoC just doesn't think Mountcastle's bat will play due to his K-BB ratio. I believe his ability to hit for average and to hit balls hard just out of the zone will offset his aggressive approach, but he may struggle at first and the Orioles may have to be willing to live with an adjustment phase.
  20. His arm action would be absolutely awful at turning double plays.
  21. We need to be very, very careful here. How about we lock this until there seems to be some kind of actual information about the Ravens signing him.
  22. I think you will see there are going to be less and less people wiling to pay those prices while risking their safety by going into these cities. Perhaps TV viewership will improve and offset that loss.
  23. I think they believe fans are lemmings, and some are. They believe they will always be there and they can keep putting more and more of the financial burden on them while the players and owners make more and more money. MLB make a ton of money off advertising. Those advertising costs drive up prices of products and services that we all pay for in one way or another. Heck, there are people who still think baseball is immensely popular, despite the facts: "The weather was significantly better for baseball in 2019 than it was in 2018, but Major League Baseball still had a decline in attendance, to its lowest levels since 2003. Major League Baseball’s 2019 total attendance was 68,493,093. This is down 1,132,151 (1.6%) from 2018, and is the lowest total since 2003. It was the 4th straight year with a decline, the 6th decrease in the last 7 years, and the 9th drop in attendance in the last 12 seasons. Total MLB attendance had topped 73 million for 13 years in a row (2004- 2016). From 2010, until 2018, the yearly changes were small. Attendance fell 4.2% in 2018, 0.7% in 2017, 0.8% in 2016, rose less than 0.1% in 2015, fell 0.4% in 2014 and 1.1% in 2013, rose 2.0% in 2012 and 0.5% in 2011, and fell 0.4% in 2010, 6.6% in 2009, and 1.2% in 2008. It was up 4.6% in 2007, and up 1.5% in 2006." http://numbertamer.com/files/2019_MLB_Attendance_Analysis.pdf "According to a 2017 study in Sports Business Journal, the average baseball television viewer is 57 years old — seven years older than the average pro football fan and 15 years older than the average pro basketball fan. And the figure for the baseball fan has been climbing steadily, while the age of the National Basketball Association watcher has barely changed. Now let’s look at the rising generation. Only about 24 percent of baseball fans are under age 35, compared with 45 percent of basketball fans. Participation in Little League baseball is plummeting. Boosters like to cite figures showing that overall, young people are playing more baseball than in the past. But those figures, which also include softball, encompass many different ways of playing, including informally. It was always the tight organization and crisp coaching of the formal leagues that were thought to measure genuine commitment of the sort that leads to lifelong fanship." https://www.japantimes.co.jp/opinion/2019/11/04/commentary/world-commentary/u-s-baseball-fans-old-white/#.XupwhGhKi70 Baseball has problems and this greed, during a time when they could be viewed as a unifying force but instead are choosing to fight over the bigger piece of the pie, could be their undoing.
  24. I know for me, as much as I really missed sports in the beginning, I'm starting to look at a future without being a strong sports fan. That probably doesn't mean I would not still watch some sports, but I can see that my interest level in them will wane because of all of this, particularly if these sports league become hell bent in mixing politics into their coverage. I made the Hangout a politics free zone for a reason, and that was so we could focus on the sport at hand and not worried about what the other poster's opinions are politically. As was stated eloquently in another thread, sports is entertainment and supposed to be a place where we suspend our reality outside of the stadium or TV broadcast in order to enjoy some competition. It's a place where we "dislike" someone because they're a Yankees fan, not because of their political affiliation. If baseball or any league decide politics is now a big part of their message, I will be done with that league because I have more than enough places to discuss and be concerned with politics. I've put a lot of miles on my Harley, spent a lot of time around the pool and playing games with friends and family, have a new set of golf clubs, and I'm thinking about getting a boat. My time will be filled up just fine. I've been able to ignore the greed that makes one beer cost $10, or $8 hot dogs, or $5 dipping dots for the kids, or ticket prices to "prime games" that cost well over $50 for any kind of decent seat to one game out of 162. I've been able to look past the fact there are pitchers making $30 million to make 32 starts, a player who signed a 13-year contract for $330 million, and a guy who's slashed .172/.256/.308/.564 while collecting $46 million dollars and will collect more in deferments down the line. I've looked past it all and tried to focus on the game I always loved. Now, I have to realize, I'm 50 years old. We have political forces attacking us and everything we love in this country and perhaps it's time to just take in some self reflection. We have a limited time in our lives on this earth, and I've spent a ton of it sitting and watching baseball of every kind. That pure love of the sport has led me to play it, coach it, scout it, talk about it, and write about it with and for many people over the years. I love baseball, but MLB players and owners don't care about me or you. Like in politics, we are nothing but pawns. The folks who willingly pay our taxes that are used to build stadiums that make owners more rich. The folks who pay ridiculous amounts of cable fees, some of which goes into regional sports channel charges that are past on to every customer regardless of whether they watch the games or not. The folks who pay the high ticket, drinks and food costs. The folks that will pay $65 for a $25 sweat shirt because it has the logo of a our favorite team on it. I'm certainly guilty of it. I've done all of the above. I guess the more I really think about it. I've become ambivalent to whether MLB returns this year because I'm tired of being a uncared for pawn in their game. So if you read this, and you don't think I'm serious about selling or closing down the Hangout if baseball doesn't come back in some kind of meaningful way this year, I'm not sure what to tell you. This is about as honest as I can get with how I feel right now.
  25. Do you think they care? I mean honestly, the last people in the world either of these two care about are the fans. They are about getting as much of the pie for their constituents so they can keep getting paid their exorbitant salaries and keep their power and influence.
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