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  1. Damn...I LOVE LAMAR JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frickin' beast!
  2. Mark Andrews is having an awful day! A game after being a total knucklehead now he he's dropped two passes, three if you count the low one. Can't win these games if you're going to be awful.
  3. Well, he's 50-50 on tackling so far.
  4. And that is why Bynes was sitting at home a few weeks ago. He get QB spy and gets out run for the first down.
  5. Ravens should feel good about being tied when the Seahawks basically dominated the game. Peters pick-6 was huge. Still don't think they pull this out, but if someone said wed be tied at the half I'd take it.
  6. Wow, welcome to Baltimore Mr. Peters!!!!!
  7. This game is looking a lot like I thought it would look. Everytime we actually defend a pass it looks like we're pretty close pass Interference each time.
  8. Let's just say Judon does not set the edge well.
  9. Why is Averett playing corner in the first QTR against one of the Seahawks best receivers? Why is Averett even playing? He has a 42.9 PFF grade. that is awful
  10. Both are pretty dated, but Frederick has seemed to have made some upgrades while Bowie, despite being a AA team looks like it's straight from 1999.
  11. Gotta know your weight class. Listed at 6-2, 200, he was much heavier later in his career. Trust me, if this man came charging at me like he did to Martinez, I'd have to think long and hard about how manly I wanted to look in that beat down I would take! BTW, he definitely is in my Hall of Fame for menacing facial hair! In case you thought he was really 200 pounds!
  12. Sounds like Aberdeen would need to move up to a full-season team. Since Bowie doesn't seem to be interested in upgrading that old out o date Prince George's county Stadium, it could make some sense to move them to AA and contract Bowie.
  13. Never saw that. I will say, if George Scott came running after me like that I'd be hauling ass like Martinez did as well.
  14. I could see this game going either way, but I gotta think the Seahawks will pull this out at home. The Ravens don't tend to play well on the West Coast traditionally under Harbaugh, but I just see our defense having some struggles with Wilson.
  15. Agreed. And on top if it all, he's in a contract year which means doubt he's not going to play hard this year. Sound like someone looking for something to say negative about a guy. This is a no lose trade for the Ravens and although I'm still concerned over the pass rush, this improves the defense overall. When Smith comes back, Peters can play nickle which might suit him better anyways.
  16. Yep, it's pretty clear what they are doing now. They're all in for this year which is a little weird, because I honestly don't think they are that great, but I guess this is the end of their run so might as well go for it!
  17. If that is true, then I would throw that test away, because I've watched a lot of football over my 49 years on this earth and I can tell you, Jackson is a smart football player. How "smart" he is outside of that, I don't know or care, but I do know he's a smart player and by all reports a hard worker and good leader. I'll take those three attributes any day in my QB.
  18. I took two years off after what happened in London so it has nothing to do with Jackson/Flacco. Regardless, Jackson is the first guy I love to watch play on the Ravens since Ray Rice, though maybe I could add in Steve Smith.
  19. No arguments from me here. Paying two first rounders for a guy who could be a rental is a steep price to pay unless you think he's the difference in winning a Super Bowl.
  20. Makes a lot more sense now. Looks like the Ravens won out here because they got a really good corner in Peters without giving up much at all while the Rams gave up two 1st round picks for Ramsey (That's shocking if you ask me). This is a little concerning though about Peters, "Ramsey should be a major upgrade on Peters, whose inconsistency had grown exhausting. It's one thing to get overmatched by a superior receiver; it's another to stop running against Mike Evans in man coverage." -- ESPN article on Ramsey trade. If Peters stops Averett from seeing the field that's a win-win for the Ravens.
  21. When Lamar was drafted, I had a lot of the same concerns. I was not a believer in a QB that you actually run plays for in the run game (due to injury) and wasn't sure Lamar could be a good enough passer to keep teams honest. But, after watching him through six games this year, here's where I'm at with Jackson. 1. Jackson seems very intelligent and is very savvy to the game around him. He's not a first read is covered so take off scramble QB like I've seen in the past. When he does scramble, he rarely takes hard hits though last week I wasn't too thrilled with him getting bent backwards once and he did take an unnecessary hit to get an extra yard or two on one play. 2. From all indications Jackson is a great leader and hard worker, two things Joe Flacco was not exactly known for. 3. Jackson is a world class athlete and looks like that looks that includes flexibility and quick twitch ability to avoid injury. 4. While he's not going to be Brady with his accuracy, he has shown enough ability to throw down the seams to keep defenses pretty honest. He also does a pretty good job of protecting the ball and not making low percentage dangerous throws for the most part (outside of the Browns game). 5. His intelligence allows him to learn each week and you don't see him making the same mistake twice. Last week he did not dance in the pocket and end up with a sack. Once he felt the pressure he moved away from it. 6. The fact that he's carrying the ball 10+ times a game does him make him more of injury risk, but that's just a matter of the fact that the more times any player touches a ball the more chances they have of getting hurt. If I saw recklessness (Like with Andrews) I'd have more concerns. 7. End of the day, I just enjoy watching him play. He does things that others can not and he's the kind of guy I'd pay to watch play because we never know what he's capable of doing week in and week out. I know I'm 1000 times happier watching him play then watching regular season Joe (3 and out) Flacco play.
  22. Why would they want Suggs back when they know the second half of the year Suggs is a lot worse than the first half?
  23. I looked him up and I'm trying to figure out why the Rams would do this? This seems like a great trade for the Ravens. Guess the Rams don't see themselves going anywhere this year and see more in Young than the Ravens have so far. If Peters plays well, gotta think they try to lock him up long term to replace Mr. Glass.
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