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  1. The only way the Jets keep this close is by dumb ass tackling like Chuck Carr just did. AWFUL. Who in the hell tries to tackle at the shoulder pads. You know who? A sissy afraid of contact.
  2. Despite the awful D up to that point, that was a held of a throw and catch for the TD. Humphries couldn't really have better coverage.
  3. The D was pretty bad on that drive. Earl Thomas was pretty awful on the that long play, but apparently the Ravens don't understand how to defend when a QB scrabbles because that was a ridiculous time eating drive that just let up.
  4. He actually grades higher than Skura, but yeah, his shotgun snaps need to improve.
  5. Right down the field. Didn't like that one big hit Lamar took, but a great drive!
  6. Also, Gary coached in a different era when the ACC conference was at a whole other level.
  7. Indifferent really. Garcia has a nice arm, but wasn't a prospect for me.
  8. I am not surprised that the Orioles did not lose anyone in the Rule 5 major league portion of the draft.
  9. This is exactly why I was snickering when I saw several media folks say that Sedlock was a lock to be protected. Everyone can have an opinion, but Mountcastle was a lock, Sedlock should have never have been considered a lock. Either they got bad information or they don't evaluate/analyze well.
  10. Bruce, I realize we just aren't going to agree when it comes to Turgeon. The thing is, I'm not getting upset at you for liking him. I do think if a Maryland basketball coach can't put together a squad to beat Penn State that he should not be coach. Do I think he should be fired right now, of course not, but I've been very consistent in wanting Turgeon let go for years and I've seen nothing to change my mind. I think you also know I've always been tough on coaches and managers and believe they all get a run and then sometimes their message gets stale or they can't get their team over a hump. You point to his in season record, but you and I both know that is fluffed up by the cupcakes he always has on his schedule in November and December. Gary always liked to have a few meaningful games early on to test his squad. We all know Turgeon's record against Top 25 teams and of course his inability to get any of his teams past the sweet 16. We all seen the same things from his teams, turnover fests, lack of development of players, under achieving. Saying all that, I'm not rooting for him to fail. I'd rather be wrong and have the Terps do well then be able to say, "See, I told you so" when this team can't get past the sweet 16 this year as well.
  11. Matt Canada's offense was much better!
  12. Well I can agree with you that the players must execute, but when you see team after team, with different personnel, have the same turnover problems at some point you have to say Turgeon's offense is part of the problem, or he doesn't recruit good enough ball handlers. While I would love to say Turgeon would be gone if this team fails to live up to it's lofty expectations, I don't think the administration wants to eat any money and they just gave him that dumb extension not that long ago.
  13. Turgeon's team never do. This is why they have such an awful record in the tourney and have never made it past the sweet 16. They have an artificial good record under Turgeon because he fills his schedule with cupcakes before he's forced to play league games, and that's when it all goes downhill usually. One of the factors is that Turgeon wears down his starters and they are usually worn out by Late February/March. Williams was a master at finding niche bench players that not only gave his starters rest but they also did somethign well whether that was rebounding, three point shooting of defense.
  14. I am too young to know Lefty as a strategist. I enjoyed watching his teams and Len Bias was one of my childhood sports heroes, but I couldn't tell you anything about how he coached. Gary Williams is really the coach that I started understanding his strengths. Williams was a HoFer in how he could get the most out of his talent. He also was a great in game coach who knew when to call timeouts and when to take players out after stupid plays. One of my biggest pet peeves against Turgeon is he doesn't hold players accountable very often in games. I keep hearing some people act like Turgeon is this irreplaceable coach, but let's be honest here, you hear the say things year after year from commentators and analysts about his teams. At the end of the day, I'm just tired of watching undisciplined, ugly basketball and that is a staple of Turgeon teams. Reminds me of Brian Billick's Ravens teams. They were mostly successful, but man did they win ugly on offense. I was ready for him to be replaced as well.
  15. Well we agree that the administration sucks. It was good to hear on Ken Weiman's show tonight that he was basically saying the same things I've been saying, and he's been an admitted Turgeon apologist. As he said, this team is not young anymore and it can't be used as an excuse. All of the top teams are young now because that's the way college basketball is now.
  16. Let's hope they can pull him even before then. But, if they can pull him at all it's a good thing, even if he says he's a 100%.
  17. Great job as always. Now I gotta get my read on tonight...
  18. Thanks, but I already said I wasn't closing up the message board no matter what. I know too many people enjoy it and honestly, so do I still.
  19. Well no, I don't have any confidence in Maryland leadership. They have chased the almighty dollar and destroyed our football and wrestling team's ability to compete and have lessened the fun of Maryland basketball by moving to the Big-10. Saying that, I don't really buy the whole, "Things could be worse" for keeping a coach. Sure, there are worse coaches I'm sure than Turgeon, but how many times do we need to see team underperform before we just have to admit that he's not going to get better? I was listening to 105.7 today and Bob Haynie was interviewing Walt Williams and they were bringing up a lot of the same things I've been talking about here without talking directly about Turgeon. Williams made a point that the Terps don't adjust when their 3-point shooting isn't working. He also put some blame on the players (which is fair) saying that Stix must improve his post up game (understatement as its been awful), Cowan was making some mistakes with the ball the "senior should not make" and hat Wiggens is struggling now that defenses are keying on him at times. Turgeon is a smart guy when it comes to building a schedule though. He always makes sure the team will start off hot and get some press before the reality kicks in once they start playing Big-10 teams who are always tougher and better coached. It is what it is at this point. I'll still root for them to win but I'm not going out of my way to watch them since they are annoying to watch with their undisciplined play, poor starts, and under achieving ways. And I'm saying that with them sitting at 10-1 and 4th ranked in the AP poll (which clearly they will drop). Who knows, maybe Wiggens and Ayala will remember how to shoot, Stix will get tougher and suddenly figure out how to shoot inside, and maybe Turgeon will use more than 6 players in a game primarily.
  20. And I was 100% right about everything I said, so thanks for the history lesson. Williams was done as a coach because he didn't have the energy or desire to recruit the way he needed to to compete. I never once complained about Williams as an in game coach. Everyone knew Williams was a HoF coach, but everyone also has a time when it's time to step aside. I had no idea who Turgeon was when he was hired so of course I'm going to take some time to evaluate him. It didn't take long to see his awful offensive "plan" and how poor of an in game coach he is during games. I also have major issues with how he prepares for an opponent. Adjustments during games are slow and usually well after they should have been done. With the talent in the DMV area, yes, I think Maryland should be a ranked school every year, should always make the tourney, and should have a few runs into the final 4 every so often. they should also be able to win a Conference championship once in awhile. If that is too high of expectations, than guilty. Maryland basketball should never be beaten by Penn State basketball. To continue to lose to them year after year is a joke. But Turgeon has fans like you who have such low expectations and are always looking for excuses. More power to ya. You take things too personally, and always have. It's why you picked you ball up and left this place for a long time and why you let anyone with a differing opinion get you upset. I couldn't care less if you have differing opinion, that's what makes the world go around, but I also don't get my panties in a wad when someone does. I either try to convince them with facts and stats, or I just finally realize that they've made their minds up and I leave them be. This is why you have to block people and why you get so upset with posters. You just don't seem to have the ability to take a deep breath and realize this is just sports, and some people aren't going to like the players/coaches/whoever that you do. Stop and smell the roses once in awhile. I think Turgeon is a terrible coach and you do not. Why let it be more than that?
  21. You can try, but some people are so unrealistic in their viewpoints on Turgeon and don't like the facts. The facts are exactly what you posted, but some people have such low standards for Terps basketball they believe that's just fine. "Wait till next year" when the next set of recruits come in. Bwahahaha. This team has under performed all season outside of 1 or 2 games, yet because Turgeon sets up such a cupcake schedule their are fans that are fooled into thinking they are better than they are. When facts are delivered they put their fingers in their ears and claim we're the ones that are just throwing a fit. I'm not even mad, I'm just disappointed in myself, because coming into the season I was trying to ignore Turgeon's track record and hope this was the year the talent would overcome him, but the more I watch, the more I'm not sure that the talent is here to do so.
  22. Sure, the players were awful, but I believe a lot of the turnovers are because Turgeon's offense makes players drive to the basket often or push the ball quickly when the steal the ball. There's never any let's slow things down for a second because it might not be the smartest thing to run as fast as you can on a fast break all the time. Turnovers have been a constant on Turgeon's teams. Either is can't recruit the kind of ball handlers he needs to make his "offense" run effectively or his offense is just a high turnover affair.
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