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  1. They definitely have the arms and once Givens is traded, which may not be too long from now, they are going to be key guys.
  2. That was bad fastball command Scott, but his slider was good.
  3. Roll the dice.. Yesterday was good Scott. Let's see what today brings.
  4. Not a lot of good options once Castro is done, assuming he can make it through the 9th.
  5. Agreed. I've always believed if the pitcher commits the error the runs should be earned.
  6. 4-4 and a battle of the bullpens does not fair well for the Orioles.
  7. And just like that, the bullpen blows a 3-run lead in the 8th again. Just not enough good arms out when you trade away Bleier and can't go to Givens and Sulser. without a strikeout pitch, Castro struggles with allowing inherited runners to score despite not pitching poorly.
  8. I'm not convinced yet. He struggles against good velocity because he doesn't have a quick bat. He does take some pitches and can have some good at bats, but I just need to see him handle good velocity a little more consistently.
  9. That was a nice changeup though.
  10. Phillips was much better in the second innings of hitting his spots and staying out of the middle of the plate. That was the first in a long time i can remember thinking that's a good bog league innings out of him.
  11. Too many change ups in the same location. The book on Sisco is hard up and in and offspeed low and away but he left that change up too much and Sisco made an adjustment.
  12. No doubt, as will the Orioles.
  13. LeBlanc is the definition of being a crafty lefty tonight. Really doing a great job of using all four quadrants of the strike zone while change speeds with five pitches. If he keeps pitching this way he could be worth something on the trade market at the trade deadline.
  14. He's good when all of his stuff is on like tonight. His change is his best pitch and as long as he can spot his well below average fastball and use his cutter effectively, he can have some success. His ability to get the curve over tonight his given him another look, but he has to watch the 3rd time through the order and not go to that pitch often because it's got below average major league movement and velocity.
  15. He's had some nice at bats, but has chased some and he's getting himself in a lot of bad counts. He also hasn't shown much power on balls he's getting too. I'm not worried since I think he's going to be a guy, but he's off to a slow start.
  16. Dwight Smith's single was 112 MPH and the hardest ball hit tonight by either team so far.
  17. Austin Hays is currently trying his best Cedric Mullins impression at the plate. He really needs to get it going.
  18. Pretty crazy coming from an Orioles catcher.
  19. Only if the bases were loaded when the pitcher came on.
  20. The highlights of this game so far have been LeBlanc's changeup and Relish's comeback in the hot dog race
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