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  1. The top of the lineup has to work Glasnow a little better than 4 pitches after he just had such a long inning the inning before. Really poor job by Hays, Alberto and especially Santander after the first two went down so quickly.
  2. Agreed. My only thought is that Dwight Smith Jr. is being played right now in the off chance they can trade him for a shiny bucket of balls. I'd be surprised if he's ahead of Stewart on the "depth chart" though I agree with you that the chance of either being a major part of the future is not good.
  3. Adding Holoday allows the Orioles to get Sisco more at bats at DH to see if his bat plays at the major league level because his bats needs to be a real asset due to his defensive liabilities. Of course you can say the same thing about Severino a bit too. When the team has to cut down to 28, it will be interesting to see if they keep three catchers, especially since they still have a redundant outfielder in Dwight Smith Jr. and a reliever like Even Phillips still on the roster.
  4. I can understand this because there are so many wildcards right now. Honestly, this is the kind of situation where a team like the Orioles could over achieve. These games almost have a spring training flavor to them and with guys opting out or being quarantined for a few days or more, it's really an opportunity for a team with guys trying to prove they belong in the majors to flourish.
  5. I was surprised at the trade, not because I can't believe they traded Richard Bleier, but who they traded him to. The only thing I can think of is the Marlins offered up a list of guys and at least one of the guys was about what he could have expected to get for Bleier from a contender later in the season. It's pretty obvious that the Orioles want to give long looks to Tanner Scott this year as well, and I expect him to fulfill Bleier's role. Maybe this will give Keegan Akin a shot to get some major league innings this year as well, though I heard his velocity has been down in the Bowie camp and he has not been pitching well (take with a grain of salt though because some guys have a hard time getting amped up to play intersquad games). So I guess I look at this two ways. They got a return they were surprised to get from the Marlins and jumped on it or they are trying to open up innings for their younger pitchers in order to get a good look at them. Obviously having good older relievers helping the team win games is not good for the big picture (trying to get 1st or 2nd overall pick again), though it does make it a little more fun for us fans watching. As a fan I really enjoyed watching Bleier pitch when he was healthy and he will go down as a nice little story for the Orioles during some dark years.
  6. Tony-OH

    Mike Yastrzemski

    I never heard anyone in the organization suggesting he was anything more than a 4th/5th outfield guy. Not a whole lot of guys who make their major leagues debut at 28-years old and then outperform his minor league stats at the major league level.
  7. One game has never really meant anything to any team. How many times have we seen a team with a great comeback one night get destroyed the next and vice versa. I'm not saying a team that wins or loses a bunch of games in a row aren't affected with confidence or lack thereof, but I don't think a win last night was going to suddenly change the course of the season for this team. This team is going to struggle to win 20 games this season most likely and no one win or loss is going to change that.
  8. I'm not sure I buy that at all. This team doesn't have the talent to sustain "momentum" and in baseball, where you have another game every night, I don't really buy into momentum from win or loss.
  9. I think the point you may be missing is that this is a discussion about the ump and electronic strike zone implementation, not just pure complaining. The calls that guy missed last night potentially had an impact on the game. He missed big calls that changed the complexion of key at bats. Obviously Judge may get a different pitch at 2-2 then 3-1, particularly when Sulser was already having control problems. Obviously Judge might know that curve was coming and done the same thing, and Sulser doesn't get a pass for his absolutely terrible outing where he fell behind every single hitter he faced and or got hit hard. Hays was called out twice on pitches that were at his shins. I don't think the umpire was biased, I just think he was terrible. If/When the Orioles are good again at some point in the future, I think I'd rather have some kind of system that allows managers to challenge poor calls behind the plate just like they can on the bases, with the difference being they don't need to go to video proof, just to the electronic strike zone for the correct call.
  10. The more I watch the way the game is going and how bad the home plate umpires are now, I agree with this 100%. Why not give it a shot for maybe one game of a series or for one or two series per team? I used to be against it, but honestly, watching that knucklehead consistently miss pitches and be inconsistent within his own zone last night kinda was the last straw for me to be a convert. Either that or allow umpires back there but allow managers to challenge a couple of pitches a night with immediate computer response to whether it was a ball or strike. Honestly, base umpires are just for show now anyways since their calls can be challenged.
  11. It sucks because right now, Hays is the only guy to be excited about and he's struggled so far (though he was screwed twice on calls tonight). If we suck but we know these are guys taking their lumps who will be part of a brighter future it doesn't feel so bad. Watching 30-year old career minor leaguers get smashed in the top of the 9th is not fun for anyone. If that was Hunter Harvey or even someone like Dean Kremer, at least you say they can learn from this and move on. But when you are running guys out there who look like they were about to pee their pants by facing the Yankees lineup it's not fun. When Sulser walked the first batter in four pitches I know he was going to blow the game. It's hard to pitch when you are the guy trying to hold that lead in the 9th with no one behind you. Look at Givens. He's a much better 7th and 8th inning guy then a 9th inning closer. Brad Brach, same thing. Lot of guys are like that which is why i don't really agree with people who say you just use your best reliever in a high leverage situation whether that's the 7th or 8th inning vs the 9th. Not everyone can handle the pressure, and although this was just one outing, as a 30-year old career minor leaguer, it's not surprising that the moment, even without fans in the stands, was too much for him against the Yankees. Major league pitchers don't get behind every hitter they face unless they are too tense for the situation.
  12. It really is disgusting and embarrassing to allow another team to beat you 18 straight times. Honestly, I completely understand how bad this team is, but come on, i could put together a team full of minor leaguers and they'll find a way to win a couple. It's like the entire team just tenses up, like they know it's just a matter of time before they will be beat. I know how bad this team is, I really do, but it's just going to be a long 60 games watching what amounts to an expansion team-level talented team, and that might be stretching it.
  13. Why? It's fair to say this team will be horrid this year and most likely next. That will be three years of being the worse team in baseball under Elias. I'm not saying what he's doing is wrong, I'm just saying it's fair to ask how long will it take to have a decent team when Elias is willing to trade away anyone tradeable who gets even a little bit expensive in order to tank.
  14. It will be interesting to see how long Elias is allowed to put out absolutely horrid teams during this rebuild? By trading Bundy and Villar, he told the fans he's completely tanking this season and after losing Mancini, this team may be the worse team in Baltimore's history as a franchise. With this being an abbreviated season, will we have to deal with another horrid AAAA season next year too? Things to ponder.
  15. Did you need this moment to realize this? Look at this roster. It's ridiculously bad.
  16. Let's be honest here, when Cole Sulser is your best option to close out a game against the Yankees after you used up Bleier and Givens when down a run, you're not going to win a lot of games. Guess you could have argued that Hyde could have swapped Givens and Sulser.
  17. This has disaster written all over it,...
  18. Man that was a bad call by Garceau on that homer by Severino. Super guy, but he's trying to refind his way as a play by play guy.
  19. “He's starting to throw, and he's starting to play catch, so I think that he’s progressing nicely,” I wonder how many times that has been said about Harvey since he was drafted? I feel bad for the young man because he has a ton of talent, but his body is making it hard for him to stay on a competitive mound.
  20. I would not be surprised to see this. I said before the season started, and this is from someone who does not think Sisco is ever going to be a MLB average regular catcher, that I think Sisco should get a heavy workload this year in order to give him a final evaluation.
  21. The Yankees are starting a lefty.
  22. As bad as Sisco, and let's not candy coat it, he's bad defensively, Severino is not the defensive whiz some reported while he was in the minors. While he has a good arm and calls a decent game, he's a not good framer and even before his atrocious game yesterday, he was not good blocker. Not sure if his mind was elsewhere yesterday, but that was one of the worse games I've seen from a major league catcher.
  23. Literally bringing in Carroll is the equivalent to raising the white flag.
  24. I have now watched 12 innings of Orioles baseball this year and they have been outscored 18-3 (i didn't watch the two wins). I'd say maybe it's me, but I'm not blaming myself for the AAAA pitchers Elias is running out there to start this 60 game season.
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