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  1. He was a special young man that could teach all of us a thing or two on how to handle adversity. His love of the Orioles and Ravens gave him lots of reasons to look forward to life even when things seemed to always be going against him healthwise. He fought so bravely and any who were lucky enough to be around him were touched in some way. If I can take any solace in this it's that he is no longer in pain. RIP Mo. You will never be forgotten!
  2. It's just to get him some workouts and intrasquad innings in front of staff.
  3. This guy couldn't break the opening day roster when it was at 30. He's 31. My only surprise is that anyone wanted him.
  4. Tons of lost weight and velocity is down 5 MPH. There is certainly something going on here that the Orioles should probably steer well clear of. I won't be presumptive to know the cause, but those signs together don't bode well for him.
  5. Meisinger was worth -0.1 WAR with the Orioles in 2018 and never has pitched int he majors since. Ruiz has been worth -0.2 WAR with the Orioles so not sure we can say this has worked out even though losing Meisinger was no loss. He had a nice return from the minors last year and is off to a good start through three games. The jury is still out though on Ruiz.
  6. Good Lord. They are tested, temperature checked, and basically quarantined with each other. I realize some of you people think looking at someone else without a mask will give you the invisible black death, but these players are adults making adults decisions. This is the kind of stuff that makes this season and this country so sad now. Maybe you guys can call the mask police. Try this number 867-5309.... In the meantime, let the adults be adults and you watch on your recliner wearing your mask. Sorry to be so blunt, but this thread is embarrassing and it;s not focusing on baseball. With that in mind, I'd ask you to keep the COVID talk in the COVID thread and keep it out of the Orioles talk where we are supposed to be focused on the field activity.
  7. Well good to see Orioles baseball back. This should be a fun year. Fun if you enjoy watching a AAAA team play at the major league level each night.
  8. Not really a good pitch even thought the location was ok. It rolled up there which is why the hitter was able to wait back and go down and barrel the ball.
  9. Say what you want about OOTP simulation, but Milone, Lakins and Carroll were awful in the sim as well.
  10. You are right sir, my mistake.
  11. Yeah. Obviously the story is still out on Zach Pop, but Carroll and Tate are guys with good arms but little consistent command.
  12. He looked healthy. He looked like he's always looked. A guy with a good arm, throws straight, can't command anything, seem to struggle on a big stage.
  13. Yep, that was as solid average throw from left.
  14. Just like what we saw when he came over two years ago. He looks like he grips the ball too hard and is too pumped up at the big league level. He's just a thrower.
  15. Nothing like a 97-98mph straight fastball with no command.
  16. Not really shocking. Milone has a nice changeup, but his other stuff is so poor that it was just matter of time before the other shoe dropped. this is not major league baseball stuff.
  17. No doubt Severino has to block that ball. Changes the whole complexion of the inning.
  18. I'm actually surprised when he gets outs.
  19. Tommy Milone becoming Tommy Milone.
  20. That was such a balk move, but that hasn't been called on a lefty in years.
  21. Only one of the pitchers tonight has a no hitter thru 2-innings and it's not the guy throwing 100.
  22. Tommy Milone's girls are awesome!
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