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  1. And if there is one thing that unities us all, it's watching Chris Davis striking out looking!
  2. The one thing this board does very well is self moderate itself. We relie on our members to squash this talk by not joining in and by informing new members of the rules if they are unaware. Also, the report feature is a great way to get moderators attention. Appreciate the support and help.
  3. First off, I want to thank everyone for the conversation and their thoughts in the other post (except maybe a few that certainly decided to get personal). Part of the reason of making that post was to get the reaction of the community before I made a final decision. I read through each of the responses and tried to step back and take an honest look from each perspective. While we may never agree on the organization that MLB is choosing to celebrate, what I hope none of us will disagree with is that we as a country need to come together and not allow outside forces to divide us. I truly believe that the vast majority of people, both white and black, truly just want equality and justice for everyone. Rather than steering this back to politics, I'd like to focus on the way forward for the site and my involvement. The most common theme, even among the two sides is that they enjoy this forum, and I know how much it means to many people. In my conversation last night with Michael (weams), it became very clear that Orioles Hangout is that one place where we can just focus on sports, regardless of what MLB is doing. Michael and I and several other moderators like Paul and even Snutchy have spent a lot of times to keep this place as politically free as possible. We all have our own political views, and the fact that they don't always align probably helps keep this place focused on Orioles, sports and life talk without the division that our current political culture demands in any other places. With that said, I plan to keep this forum open and operating in our normal manner which will include a strict, no politics rule. This means no conversation on who kneeled, didn't kneel, tweets by MLB or the Orioles that would even vaguely discuss anything other than the on the field events or players. As for me, I will determine my involvement as I evaluate how the Orioles and MLB handle things going forward throughout this year. Thank you for all of your thoughts and opinions on this matter and I hope we as a country will find a way to come together during these troubled times. I hope each of us remember that it's ok to have a differing opinion, as long as everyone is free enough to be allowed to express those opinions. Just not your political opinions here.
  4. \ But that is exactly what MLB is trying to change. I wish it was that way. Supporting a group that has killed police officers and who's members specifically have made racist comments against white people is not about equality, but about bringing on a political climate that induces change to our American way of life. I'm 100% about bringing everyone together and equality. We have zero racist policies or laws in the country. We are the least racist country in the world but yet BLM is spreading a narrative that we are a systemically racist country and that has not be true since the 60s. So many heroes have fought t change this country and now a political movement is using social justice as a means to attack our very way of life and MLB is contributing to that by their support.
  5. The Hangout will always be a politics free area. The question now is whether the Hangout will continue. It is something I've discussed with Michael and will sleep on as I consider all of the reasons why I want to take the time and energy to continue to support a sport that wants to be political. I support people of every race, sex, religion and sexual orientation. I have tried to make a place where none of that mattes, but now we exist in world that demonizes those of us who just want to celebrate what brings us together. I have a son who is a police officer now and I have to decide whether I can support a sport that glorifies an organization that hates police officers. An organization that has members/supporters who have shot and killed police officers for no other reason that they were doing their job. I was going to make a decision but now have given pause. I will take some time to hear from trusted sources and then make the decision I can live with. At the end of the day, I have to look myself in the mirror and be able to like what I see and know I'm doing what's best. I am trying my hardest to take my political opinion out of this decision but when baseball is forcing this upon us, I have to decide whether I can come to some kind of decision that takes many peoples best interest in mind. I respect so many people on here, but in these times, as a leader of this community and site, I have to make the final decision. Do I continue to provide a politics free place where people can focus on baseball? Does that help? Or am I supporting a sport that hates my son and everything I stand for? Without getting more political, there is so much more to BLM than social justice, and the fact that major league baseball doesn't realize this has given me major pause. All my life I've been about being as fair as possible to everyone I've met. I've hired and led people of all races, religion and sexual orientations. I've prided myself that I've never treated anyone unfairly due to any of those reasons. Now baseball wants to shove politics down our throats. In the past baseball has helped integrate this country by rightfully integrated baseball with Jackie Robinson and although it was just the first of many things they needed to do to be truly inclusive, it was a huge step in this country. Like MLK, Jackie Robinson was a true hero who fought against true racism within this country. Their fights and struggles for equality make them absolute American heroes. We are all better off because of their struggles to help this country get past true racist policies. Now, we have people who have hijacked "social justice" for political causes and major league baseball has decide to support this and I'm struggling with this decision. I will always be the first person to support peaceful protesting but it's clear that these same forces have joined forces with groups like ANTIFA to bring their political ways to the fore front while using "social justice" as a mechanism to hide behind. MLB has now chosen a side. They have decided they will choose the anti-police, the anti law and order, and anti Capitalism side. As someone who has served under this flag in hostile countries, I can not idly stand by while MLB not only allows, but celebrates those who kneel during our national anthem, the song meant to bring us all together as Americans. Notice, I didn't put a color in front of that term. There should be no color to being an American. But we have forces in this country that hate that term and hate this country, and now MLB is celebrating this in the name of "social justice". I realize I have strayed into politics in this post. But I wanted you to know all of the things I'm struggling with as I decide the future of this site. I want you to know that any decision that I make will not be in anger or because it was emotional, but because I ultimately had to do what I feel is right. I will realize that no matter what I decide to do their will be a group of people who will not approve. I hope at least you will at least understand where I'm coming from and understand why I decided to make the decision. Regardless, thank you for all of you support over the years.
  6. I will be presenting a big announcement on the future of Orioles Hangout in light of the report on the politicizing of the sport this year.
  7. They are similar talent levels as well. Seanez had a great arm but never could stay healthy.
  8. Honestly, it probably makes more sense in this lost, shortened season to give Sisco more PAs and playing time since he's younger than Holoday and Holoday is nothing more than a stop gap back up catcher. I don't think Sisco is ever going to be an every day average big league catcher but I KNOW what Holoday is and it's not like the Orioles look like they are planning on using young pitchers who need guidance this year. If the Orioles were going with a young staff I'd want Holoday and Severino but looking at the most likely pitching staff, it really doesn't matter because there are so few of these guys who will be part of a winning Orioles team in the future.
  9. And when you mean "holding our breath" you mean vaguely watching Roch's blog to find out whether the backup catcher will be ready to go or another back up catcher will replace him.
  10. We said take the COVID talk to the COVID thread. Some advice though, you should not leave you house with your concerns and ridiculous response to them.
  11. I think Fry is an absolute lock for the opening day roster. I don't see Carroll making it over him and i don' think they will carry both Eshelman and Valdez even though they both can be be stretched out.
  12. Velocity was way down, but we've seen this before early in the year.
  13. I was not talking about people on this site. We have people who have said Gausman's fast ball was straight and it had extreme movement. Fastball movement was pretty subjective in the past, but now with baseball savant info, we now how definitive information on the movement of the pitches. No more subjective TV scouting needed.
  14. Yeah, hard to argue with this. Tough break for him but Velazquez gives the same defensive versatility plus the ability to play SS effectively, soemthing Wilkerson could not really do. Velazquez also brings more speed but I'll give Wilkerson the pitching edge.
  15. He gets by on pure guile and pitchability which is actually amazing to watch. His plus command and ability to change speeds helps him have success, but his lack of movement and velocity on all of his pitches makes him pitch with a very thin margin of error. Check out his baseball savant page and look at movement! Yikes. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/thomas-eshelman-664045?stats=statcast-r-pitching-mlb He's ok as a mopup guy or occasional starter because he can eats some innings but you have to be prepared for when his command isn't there because it's going to be a fireworks show.
  16. Mullins had some nice PAs against the Phillies including a nice one from the right side in which he was called out on strikes by a questionable 3-2 call. He's a guy that it would have been nice to see how he did in AAA this year to see if the "offseason reworked swing" plays. I like Mullins overall as he's a hard worker, a guy who can go get it in the outfield, some pop, and has game changing speed, but he needs PAs. I can see the Orioles giving him an opportunity this year because he's a good bench guy to have because of his speed and pop, but he'll need to show more with the bat.
  17. I don't think anyone should "count him out" because of yesterday's outing. While I agree with you that we are going to have a lot of cannon fodder in the bullpen this year, I just have my doubts that Hess will ever be able to have sustained success because of how straight his fastball is and the fact his command has never been consistently good. Hess will show you a plus slider at times and even his curveball and change can be solid at times,but he's never been consistent with anything. I like that that they are trying to make him a reliever but with all the data and information they have, they have to know his fastball needs work. Saying all that, I have zero issues with giving him some chances this year to see if maybe something they've worked on will improve that movement, but he'll still need to be able to command his stuff more consistently.
  18. Huh? Tillman never possessed a great horizontal movement fastball but he had about average movement and I don't recall anyone saying he had a straight fastball when he was pitching well. We only have four years of baseball savant info on Tillman (2015-2018). In 2015 and 2016 he had slightly above average movement and that fell off significantly in 2017 and 2018 until he was around Hess's area with -53% movement of an average MLB fastball.
  19. 1) Hays - CF 2) Ruiz - 3B 3) Santander - RF 4) Nunez -DH 5) Davis - 1B 6) Severino - C 7) Stewart - LF 8) Iglesius - SS 9) Alberto - 2B
  20. It's Girardi. I'm just surprised he wasn't playing matchups with his bullpen late in the game.
  21. I will not be surprised if we don't see more "tired arms" and injuries this year. They have never had this kind of layoff so they're in unchartered waters.
  22. Plus, Diaz is the kind of guy who needs to be motivated by the big stage. He just plays better with the bright lights on and can lose interest in the grind to get there at times. I would not be against seeing him get some PAs this year but I'd like to see the Orioles give a Stewart time first.
  23. Yeah, I could see the orioles maybe wait until game 10-14 to bring up Mountcastle, but who knows? It will be interesting to see how they handle Mountcastle.
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