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  1. I think some people get too caught up with the numbers when they see a projection. Most people don't even know the true definition of each type of starter. To me, it's a lot easier and probably more accurate to say top of the rotation, middle of the rotation, back end of the rotation. A top of the rotation guy is a guy who can command at least three pitches, two of which should be plus, can be counted for at least seven innings in 80% of his starts, and preferably misses bats when he needs to. A middle of the rotation guy probably has three major league pitches with at least two being plus pitches and the ability to command his pitches. He should be able to get 6 or 7 innings in 80% of his starts. A back of the rotation guy could have a mixture of several things but doesn't stand out at any. He most likely will either get you five strong innings or will be an innings eater guy who's going to give up runs but will keep you in games. Sinker ballers are good back of the rotation guys.
  2. My thought is that right now, I see him in the bullpen in the end, but that he does have the arm and ability to miss bats to suggest he still could remain a starter. He's so young still that it's hard to judge him too harshly, but the two times I saw him this year his stuff did not overwhelm me. His velocity was way down 90-91 when I saw him and although his slider was decent at times, it wasn't consistent. He did however look like he was pitching better to location so that's a plus. I just think I'd rather have the 95-97 MPH power reliever then the guy I saw as a starter.
  3. I think it's time to drop the Boller stuff now, ok? Turn the page. Everyone of your Ravens's post go back to Boller. Maybe you might want to go back and use every post to talk about how you said Flacco wouldn't even make an NFL roster.
  4. Sure, both have seen their velocity decrease for whatever reasons so the hope is that they will get fully healthy and their velocity will return. Beato is a strange case because when I saw him at Aberdeen, he was sitting at 93-94 and touching 95-96. Now he's pitching in the 90-91 range from what I heard. It's hard for me to forget what he used to look like so I'll still hold out hope he can re-find it, perhaps in a relief role. Bascom will go the Hawaiian Winter League to get in some innings so hopefully he can re-find himself as well. I'm not sure we've ever seen the same guy the scouts saw before he was drafted.
  5. Perhaps to you it does, but people around baseball know you don't pull this kind of crap. The rosters were expanded in the major leagues, the Indians are not in the playoff hunt, and Haffner already had a good amount of at bats. There was no good reason not to send him back to the major league club besides the fact that the Indians were playing a petty little game in order to help one of their affiliates steal a series. No one is exaggerating anything in my opinion. Most of us have said the same thing since the beginning and it's not like the Orioles are filing a protest to the commissioner's office over this. They know like most people in baseball know this was a bush league thing to pull but there's nothing anyone can do about it except try to get the rules changed in the future to avoid these kinds of games. Lastly, are you really complaining about a thread still going on by adding another post?
  6. Well let's take a look at these guys. Loewen, Penn and Riley were curtailed by injuries. Cabrera had always been wild and although he had top of the rotation stuff when he came out of the minors, he certainly did not have top of the rotation control. Liz is similar to Cabrera but he actually has three pitches and I'm still not ready to give up on him as a starter. He just might need more time although his delivery suggests he'll end up in the bullpen. Olson, he's always been a back of the rotation guy at best with a much better chance of being solid left-handed "Arthur Rhodes-type" reliever. His absolute upside was a third starter so I'm not sure who believed he was a top of the rotation guy. One of the reasons I was for the Matusz pick was becasue the system did not have a number one guy. Matusz may still not be a number guy, but he's a good bet to be solid two, but he's got the best upside of any pitcher in the system. Arrieta (command issues), Tillman (velocity and some command issues), Spoone (injury concerns/command issues) all have top of the rotation stuff but none can be profiled as a number one because of too many underlying issues. Number one Ace pitchers are very, very hard to find and/or develop. However, a future rotation of Guthie, Matusz, Tillman, Arrieta, and Spoone/Patton would be pretty darn good one day. Unfortunately, the chances of all of those pitchers making it are slim. Thankfully, we have depth in guys like Hernandez, Bergesen, Berken, Albers, Erbe, and Britton. That's a lot of pitchers with starting possibility even if none profile right now as number one pitchers. BTW, I didn't even get to some of our new guys like Bobby Bundy, Oliver Drake and Rich Zagone and guys who had off years like Beato and Bascom. That's a lot of depth in my opinion.
  7. I've heard there are people in the organization not happy about this at all. Not much anyone can do about it, but everyone knows this was just a bush league thing to do.
  8. His lack of velocity and some command issues at times is why most people don't see him as a number one. If he was sitting at 95-96 MPH it would be a different story, but there's nothing wrong with who he is. He's a guy with two possibly three plus pitches and his curveball can be plus-plus at times. There's nothing wrong with being projected as a solid number three with an upside of a number two. Tillman can pitch, and he shows a lot of poise for a 20-year old out there. As long as the Orioles take their time, he's going to be just fine.
  9. Nice wrap up Frobby. Currently, Angle profiles a 4th outfielder and Tripp is an organizational guy. Although Tripp has some good tools, he has too many holes in his swing and if you think A-ball pitchers carved him up, Double-A pitchers will have their way with him. The concern on Angle is whether he can handle the good fastball, especially the inside fastball. His plate discipline improved greatly in the second half and he became the hitter the Orioles had hoped he would be this year I that string second half. From everything I've heard, Angle is outstanding in center and will profile there. I'd probably say that Angle has a 25% chance of starting in the major leagues but probably a 50% chance of carving out a career as a fourth outfielder due to his CF skills and OBP.
  10. Because Cleveland is a jacked up, bush league, petty organization? Just a guess..
  11. One of the things I love about Flacco is that he sounded like the same guy after his first preseason game disaster and yesterday. Just very cool, calm and collected, like nothing phases him. Also, the quotes by guys like Mason and Clayton "He's no rookie" speaks volumes about how he goes about his business. He's going to have tough days, just like any QB, but the thing that impresses me is that he just seems to belong out there. The players sense it, and I have to say I was extremely surprised by his pocket presence and ability to go through his progressions already. A very, very encouraing start for the rookie.
  12. Great job Greg. After talking about this with you at the game last month, it really sounded interesting. If I had two seconds to rub together I'd love to read it, but I know I would never get to it in the near future. either way, keep us in the loop and good to you.
  13. Then the screen goes blank and we get no closure.... Ughh, don't get me started on that again.
  14. Honestly, I didn't even remember you were the one in the RShack thing. I call them as I see them and when I'm taking an opinion and you obviously go out of your way to say the same opinion is a whiny sore loser, you get the neg rep. Plenty of people have disagreed with my statement without being disrespectful and that's fine. You on the other hand don't seem to get that part.
  15. Hafner hit a grand slam in a 6-1 win and a two-run homer in a 3-1 win. Yes, I would say Hafner was a big part of the Aeros beating the Baysox. It was an incredibly bush league thing for the Indians organization to do and although it's obvious thatn no one particular player beats another whole team, the sentiment is till the same. He should not have been playing in those games and the Aeros did not earn those win. They rode the back of a major league superstar pure and simple. As for hitting Hafner or not, well, let's just say it would not make me upset to see him drilled in the ribs just to let the Indians organziation know what they did was crap. No offense to the guy because he was told to go play there, but even he can't feel too good about the situation. It was like me second year in High school when I was already playing on the Varsity, but still could play in my 13-15 pony league team. I dominated that pony league and it just never felt right because I knew I was too good to play with rec ball kids. Either way, it's over and in the big scheme of things it doesn't matter too much. The key is that Tillman, Bergesen, Hernandez, and Berken all had good years on the mound and Reimold stayed healthy and was productive.
  16. No it's not and it's incredibly disrespectful to say that. I agree with Frobby that the hitters didn't do much, but it doesn't excuse the Indians for being bush league. Buy a clue before you start calling me a whiny sore loser....
  17. He looked like the old Jamal Lewis... Tell you what, between Rice, MCClain, Magahee, and Neal, this team is going to be able to rush the ball. The O-line was fantastic today and Flacco looked incredibly poised.... Great game...
  18. No kidding, he destroyed that LB.... The line has been fantastic today....
  19. They're stacking the box now, time for play action...
  20. Yikes, this does not look good..... Now Ivey his hurt and we're thin at DB today.
  21. The momentum has swung the other way my friends.... Fumble followed by a terrible three and out with two penalties.... Let's go defense...
  22. This is absolutely the worse thing we could be doing.. Penalties, and injury... ugghhh!
  23. Now we need a nice sustained drive. Bad fumble of course, but we can still nail this down with a FG.
  24. Yikes, I'll have to see that again, but Flower did use his body well in order to shield the defender from that ball.
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