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  1. I know it's easy for people to pile on you, but honestly, I'm not so sure what's wrong with this opinion? I think Markakis has All-star capability, but he's never going to be a 35-40 homer guy and realistically, he makes a better number two hitter than number three on a contending team. I would disagree with you on the GG thing although I think the whole GG thing is ridiculous since the year Ripken lost it despite making three errors all year at SS. Defensively, he's one of the best right-fielders in the game for me. Either way, no way the Marlins would take that trade. He's a Latin super star shortstop in Miami and they already can't sell tickets. Imagine if they got rid of the one marketable guy?
  2. Montanez has 38 games of experience in center field in the minors and does not have the range to play there effectively. Firoentino has 125 games in center field and although I wouldn't want him out there every day, I'd prefer to have him as the foruth outfielder over Monatnez if there was no Pie. I've never been a huge fan of Fio as a starter, but I have always thought he could wedge out a career as a 4th OF type.
  3. BTW, just to let you know, I do think your point about 40 pitches being too many for Ray as being a valid point. I just think that a pitcher needs to be able to give you two innings in that sitation and that's what Trembley was trying to do. Ray is not in the closer role and does not have the stuff (command) to be in the closer role any longer so he'll need to be able to stretch himself out. At Norfork, Ray went over an inning in 6 of his 8 appearances and two innings in two of his last four games so it's obvious the Orioles were trying to get him stretched out a bit. The idea is for him to be a two inning guy and if he can't get over 30 pitches and be effective, he's going to have a hard time being used in that role.
  4. I'm not a huge fan of all the hit and running, so on this point I agree, I would prefer to see Tremebley bring that down a notch, but perhaps he sees this as a way to jumpstart an offense that has seemed to be in a funk for six weeks now?
  5. Give the man some actual relievers and this point would all be moot. A middle reliever that can't give him two innings of work in a 6-0 game has no role in the big leagues.
  6. I sure do. In the past, Ray has been a one inning closer-type guy. There is no role for someone like that on this team since Sherrill is the closer and Johnson is the key setup guy. Everyone else needs to be able to go two innings or more. If it takes Ray over 40 pitches to get through two innings, that tells us more about his command than anything else. I would agree it appears 40 pitches is too much for Ray, but it also tells me that he doesn't really have a role on this team. The fact is the game was 6-0. Ray needs to give the team two innings in that situation.
  7. How'd that work out? I'm pretty certain that you are the only one yearning for the days of Flanny and Duquette. It's amazing how much your attitude about the organization changes depending on how much you get inside information. You have consistently been against MacPhail despite all the many things he's done to turn this organization around. Another poor season on the field two years before his stated goal to contend is not going to sway me.
  8. 2011, it's been the plan all along. If we get there and we're still a .450 team, I'll start to worry. Rome was not built in a day and this organization was in shambles when MacPhail took over. Unlike his predecessors, he's not shootin for mediocrity or .500 like others, he's building towards being a contender and I personally think we are well on the way. I see the outfield is set, our catcher set, and a rotation that will set itself when guys like Matusz, Tillman, and Arrieta show up. I see a bullpen that will have real pitchers in it like Hernandez and Berken who can pitch more than an ining without imploding and have the stuff to K batters. As for Trembley, he's won at several minor league levels but really, that's not the point. I think this lack of fundamentals is way over blown as other teams make similar mistakes but things are more magnified when it's your team and you are watching, especially when the team is losing. How many times has our aggressiveness on the base paths helped the team? This never really gets mentioned. As for not handling a pitching staff, I think this is an area where a lot of managers are questioned so I'm not surprised he gets questioned here as well. There are always going to be times that a manager will be questioned for his bullpen moves, and that's fine because it's part of the fans experience to second guess, but I hardly find him to be a terrible manager of his staff. Have I disagreed with his usage of guys like Walker in key situations and a few others, sure, but if he had a better bullpen he would certainly be a better manager. I'm not even sure what to say about leaving the 24th/25th men on the bench. I would think most people would disagree with you here because most people think if he does anything, he leaves guys on the bench too long. I've always been a big proponent of keeping everyone fresh so I'll disagree with you here. Besides, many times Trembley has kept the hot hitters in the lineups against bad match ups (Luke Scott comes to mind) that ended up working out when said hitter had a good game. Also, I can't see how communicating with his players is a bad thing.
  9. No, it's a 6-0 game and if Ray can't go two innings he has no role on this team. I just love you Trembley bashers. If he takes Ray out and the next reliever comes in an gets hit, you all start saying, "Why did Trembley take Ray out and waste another reliever in a 6-0 game?" There is no winning with you guys. There are times when it's obvious that a manager leaves himself open to criticism, but some of these are just getting ludicrous.
  10. I know exactly what JTrea was complaing about. If Ray gets out of the inning without any harm done, he doesn't complain about the pitches at all. He's just looking for any reason to continue his broken record against Trembley. Everything is his fault and it's ridiculous.
  11. I wish it was as setback Rick. I root for Ray to do well, but he has not been good for a long time now for any extended period of time and he really doesn't have a role. He's never regained the 96-97 MPH heat he needed to be successful because he's never had great fastball command. His fastball still has decent movement, but he leaves it up and out over the plate all too often. Unless he can fnd better fastball command or regains the MPH he lost, I don't see him being an effective reliever in the major leagues.
  12. What is Ray's role supposed to be then if you can;t get two innings out of him? A one-inning mediocre reliever? It's a 6-0 game and he was getting Ray some work. It's not Trembley's fault Ray has little command of his fastball and it ends up in the middle of the plate all too often.
  13. Or, perhaps most Orioles fans see a guy who is part of the solution and who says and does the right things? Perhaps they see a guy who is completely on board with what MacPhail is doing and is doing what he can with the talent he has. Or, maybe it's because most people knew we were going to be a bad team this year and they are not holding the manager reponsible for a team playing like it's talent warrants. Or just maybe, most Orioles fans are not as synical as the loud minority of message board fans that have seemed to congregate here of late at the Hangout?
  14. Ok, this is just getting stupid now... time to move to another subject. Now it's just the same people beating the same horses. Let's move on.....
  15. You are funny. Yes, it's a great idea for Trembley to create a list of base running rules for the 37-year old Mora to follow. Leadership 101 right there. :rolleyestf: As for Mora, have you ever played the game of baseball higher than little league? Because if you have, you'll realize that baseball is a very instinctual game, especially base running. You'll also realize that things happen very quickly on the bases and runners have to make split decisions. Mora has a history of making a lot of poor decisions in these circumstances. It has nothing to do with blacking out or not being a smart guy, it has to do with base running instincts. Experience can sometimes help a player get better, but others are what they are. Mora is who he is and no one is going to suddenly make him a better runner. The only thing Trembley can do is sit him and personally, I'm in favor or that, but it's because he's become a below average offensive 3B and not because he's a poor base runner.
  16. How do you make a player have better instincts on the base paths when he's never shown them througout his entire career? I understand and agree with the premise that Mora is a terrible instinctual base runner, but I clearly don't understand how Trembley takes fault for this.
  17. Sorry, you lost me right after your idiotic first sentence. Either way, stay off the DT bandwagon my friend, he's better off without you.
  18. Huh? Mora's mistakes are usually instinctual plays that he makes in the heat of a moment. Not sure how Trembley can affect that other than not playing him and perosnally, I'm not against that since I think Mora is finished as a productive corner infielder.
  19. I actually buy that argument against DT. I don't agree with it in this case, but I understand the thought process that believes results speak louder than words.
  20. He's does it his entire career, but he's jst paying for it more now because he's lost so much of his speed. Old dogs don't suddenly learn new tricks because their manager calls them out on it.
  21. I have no idea whether Pie is liked in the clubhouse or not so I wouldn't know. I've seen Pie and Scott joke around in the dugout so if there was some sort playing time resentment, it certainly doesn't show in their public displays.
  22. I agree Rick, and if I thought Trembley was ignoring these mistakes or just sticking his head in the sand I'd be upset about it as well. There is more to this story than what people see on TV in the dugout and what they hear in the press conference. Maybe yesterday was DT making a stand publicy after trying to deal with things behind the scenes?
  23. Get real Rob. First off, I wasn't in the lockeroom last night ut you know I've been in there so that's a pretty ridiculous statement right off the bat. I've made no bones about the fact that I like Dave personally, but I don't defend every single thing he's done. I was critical of him when he would use Walker in key situations over the last two years and I've said things when I disagreed with some of his in game moves over the years so it's wrong to say I defend him all the time. I defend him when he needs to be defended and this whole reactionary crap after a bad game is just ludicrous and he needs to be defended. I realize you always have all the answers and know what everyone is thinking and why they do what they do and the fact they are always ABSURD when they don't do what you think they should do, BUT in this case it's absurd to call out Trembley for his comments of Pie. Just to let you and everyone else know, I've said all along there is more to the story with Pie and the fact the Cubs and the Orioles have both evaluated him and found him to be a 4th outfielder at best despite his tools. Maybe, just maybe DT just gave you all a little window into this.
  24. Are you in the lockeroom? Maybe he's sending a message and maybe, the rest of the lockeroom appreciates it? Just a thought.
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