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  1. Players. How in God's name the manager takes the blame for boneheaded plays is beyond me. The problem here is that there is a loud minority of people who want to blame everything on Trembley. He can't win. Player A makes a bone-headed play and he doesn't say anything in the press conference, then he's not showing fire and leadership. Then he says something and now he's "losing it" by calling a player out. One thing that Dave has always stressed to me is that he's looking for the right kind of players. When I said to him earlier this year, "Looks like you are starting to get your kind of players," he basically responded something to the effect of, "I'm starting too, but there's more on the way." I'm tired of holding this argument and honestly, if his bashers want to bash away they can, but it's just comical how Trembley is damned if he does or damn if he doesn't with these people.
  2. Guess what, vets do get certain privaleges over rookies. Always have and always will with just about every manager. I realize some of you live in a vacuum world, but in the real world, people who have earned a certain amount respect with seniority do get treated a bit differently. It's just like this board, those who who have been around here a while certainly can get away with a little more than newbies. Why, because they've earned our respect by being a longtime poster which meant they know how to handle themselves around here. Same goes for vets. If you think Trembley is going to treat his vets and rookies exactly the same then you don't live in the real world. Saying all this, Trembley didn't rip anyone. He said it was unacceptable play. You also have no idea what Trembley has told players individually behind close doors. Pie to his credit took it like a man and manned up to his mistakes. I'm sure Trembley respects that. This is a classic example of making a mountain out of a molehill.
  3. My nomination for the most ridiculous anti-Tremblet rant of the year!! I really can't disagree with you more and you are lucky I really don't feel like taking more than 25 rep points for calling Trembley a coward.
  4. Please don't use the characterize the entire board by the ridiculous Trembley bashers. They are a loud minority who will take anything he does or says and try to find fault. It's ridiculous and I certainly don't want the Hangout to be associated with this kind of lemming lynch mob mentality.
  5. Did I just read this right? It's easy to become lazy when you are part-time player? Tell you what, if a player becomes lazy in his opportunities then he ha no reason to be in the major leagues. Personally I don't think Pie's mistakes have anything to do with being lazy or from his lack of playing time.
  6. Just a plain ridiculous assertion. Trembley can not win with some of you and honestly, it's pretty sad if you only knew how well he prepares for games and handles off field situations.
  7. When Foye gets hot, he can be quite a scorer but he was a pretty slow starter last year. Anyone know if Zero is going to be back 100% by the start of next year? Or at least 100% of whatever's left after the year off and bad knees?
  8. There is no scouting director in baseball outside of possibly the Yankees that doesn't have a budget to work from.
  9. This is a classic situation of a kid who SHOULD go to college. He might as well rehab while he's getting a first class education. Grant it he will most likely have better medical and rehab supervision during his recovery, but this kid should go to college. If he recovers and throws like he he did or better, he'll be worth a pretty penny in three years anyways.
  10. Without a doubt there's a changed philosophy this year. Perhaps it has to do more with guys really doing well againstt here competition, but there's a mark change in mid-season promotions this year compared to the recent past since Stockstill took over.
  11. Agreed, that was certainly a strike to Nick. No matter, Huff pulls it out...
  12. Let's gpo Aubrey, pick up Nick....
  13. Pretty bad at bat by Nick there.... Totally unprepared....
  14. Not a good swing by Nick there.. We need a damn single of flyball and he swings from his heels?
  15. K-rod is just wild. He can't get anything over... Nick should get him right here...2-0
  16. If we don't win this game with Markakis up and no outs and loaded bases the I'll lose all hope!!
  17. 3-2 here, he;s got to come with the fastball after blowing that Change up.
  18. Stay wild F-Rod, stay wild.. His FB command is off tonight....
  19. Vrap.. When did F-rod get a changeup? That should be illegal...
  20. C'mon, Adam..base hit or at least a fly ball...
  21. Hells yeah!!! Some Pie speed there!!!! That was pretty darn close!!!! Looked like he was out, but I'll take it...
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