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  1. Flacco is showing savvy that Boller NEVER showed.
  2. Nah, it was probably the right call. He never really had the ball put away.
  3. Suggs has been a monster or run support. He's really penetrating.
  4. I wouldn't go that far. Really, I think this offense looks much smoother with multiple receivers getting open. They also have not had false started, which every Billick team did multiple times a game. Williams ran a poor route on the one third down plate and Mason dropped a key pass. Flacco has been pretty impressive despite not putting up good numbers. He underthrew Mason on the bomb but really he's been pretty sharp. Now his receivers need to do their jobs.
  5. McGahee has not played at all and probably won't play much as long as Rice and McClain keep running well. Reed made a nice play and caused the McAllister interception by hitting the receiver just as he was about to make the catch. Ray and Scott have done well today as well.
  6. Yeah the score should be 21-3 right now. Heap has been horrible, and the Ravens receivers have dropped three passes. Flacco has looked pretty good so far and so has Rice. I really like the way Rice runs the ball. I really think he's going to end up a special back, but his hands aren't that good. Overall it's a decent start, but the Ravens have to get away from the dumb mistakes.
  7. Somebody needs to tell Flower (Heap) that the season has started. Maybe instead of sitting out through training camp with his hangnail issues and missing preseason games, he would have played a bit and not look like his first preseason game. The Ravens need to seriously look at drafting another TE next year. Flower is usually hurt, but now he's just ineffective.... OK, my Heap rant is over...
  8. Congratulations to the Bowie Baysox, the real Eastern League champions. This Hafner business is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen a major league organization pull. It's ridiculous to the point that this should encourage a rule change to make sure classless organizations like the Cleveland Indians can not pull stunts like this. When it gets to the championship series, it's about the players that got them there. I don't have a major problem with teams bringing players up from a lower affiliate, but to send a rehabbing major league superstar to effect the outcome of a championship series is just plain ridiculous. The Indians ought to be ashamed of themselves. At least the team knew they needed a ringer to beat the Baysox. I guess we can look at this as a compliment. The Indians knew their scrubs couldn't beat the Baysox so they had to send in a "rehabbing" major leaguer who hits two home runs in two games to win it. What a bunch of clowns.
  9. I gotta disagree here. We have the entire season for development. The playoffs is about winning fairly and bringing in major leaguers into a championship series is just wrong.
  10. They should make a point by bringing up Luis Lebron and have him hit Hafner with his wild 96 MPH fastball. Indians organization = Bush League
  11. I agree 100%. This was one of the most ridiculously petty things I've ever seen an organization do. You don't rehab a major leaguer in a minor league championship series. It's bush league.
  12. Don't turn this into politics please, thank you.
  13. Vanilla Cookie Crisp.... Best cereal ever made...
  14. I think this is the real key. The available options were not good. None are going to make a difference so why not take the cheapest option?
  15. First off, I completely disagree with that first statement. Actually, I'm not certain if I could disagree more. Secondly, no one is saying they won't hit a lick. Hell, I could take a good hitter from Single-A and put him in the majors and he'll hit a little. The key is whether the guy can be a productive major league hitter in the role available to him in the big leagues. Most of the guys that you see that are professional Triple-A guys are usually not good defensively. This limits them to DH realistically, maybe LF or 1B. Most teams already have pretty good options at 1B and LF but even if they don't there are usually guys available each year that can play those positions well and have a track record of hitting in the majors. Now an argument can be made that these 4-A guys would work cheap and perform as well or almost as well as these other options, but they may also struggle with the top end pitchers, something that probably has already been noted by scouts. Now I realize you have a distain for professional baseball scouts and personnel people, but in my opinion a lot of them have a lot of experience at seeing what works and what doesn't work in the major leagues. There's probably a pretty good reason why the guy is where he is and it's doubtful it's just because they are too stupid to give him a chance.
  16. I'm cetainly not suggesting that some scouts don't have biases, because they do. I asked one scout from an AL team what he thought of Montanez (this was in early July) and he said he though he was nothing more than an organizational guy. I asked him why he thought that and he replied, "He's like 27 or something right? He's an organizational guy." So basically without giving thought that Montanez, who is actually 26, could have been peaking, he just threw him away as an org guy. So these guys do exists, and I agree that guys should be given chances, but a good scout will try and see players vs pitching prospects in order to get a better read. Now don't get me wrong, I agree with Jon when it comes to giving some of these guys chances instead of paying $4 million for a guy who may barely do better than the replacement player, but where I differ is that Jon seems to believe the numbers MUST be believed and that personnel guys are just some idiots who just rely on the way things have always been done. Is there some of that at times, absolutely, but when the Jon Knotts of the world are getting into their 30s and still have not been given a full 500 at bats in a season it's because a whole lot of baseball people have determined he's missing something.
  17. I didn't want Flacco starting this year but with the way things have happened, and the way he looked last night, I think the Ravens have to go with him as the opening day starter unless Smith has a remarkable turn around. If Flacco is struggling badly and smith is ready by week 2 or 3 you turn it over to him, but I think you have to start the year with Flacco over a guy like Bramlett or even the "mystery" QB who I hope is NOT Simms unless he's here to be a backup only.
  18. There's a ton of evidence that these players exists. The minor leagues stats are filled with guys who can hit a certain level of pitching and have usually failed above that. That's a surprising statement from you Jon. You are correct in the fact that the main difference between the major league and minor leagues is the consistency of the player, but there's also a huge talent difference as well when you look at the entire roster. As for your last statement, perhaps they could hit reasonably well in the majors, but perhaps they don't have a position? Look at guys who dominate Triple-A pitching wise and come up to the majors and get bashed around. You know why? Because there is a significant difference in the levels. I know it's easy to plug a few numbers into a computers and get a MLE and swear that baseball people must just be dumb idiots who don't know any better because clearly Jon Knott would be an effective hitter in the majors, but it doesn't work that way. The reality is, a lot of AAAA hitters feast on guys that are not good enough to pitch in the major leagues and no numbers are going to give you the definitive answer. One of the reason you send scouts or get reports form the minor league staffs is that they see the batters hit against all types of pitching and they can see when a guy is over matched by a major league caliber pitcher. I've seen it many times myself. A hitter has good numbers and then you realize he went 0-for-3 against the prospect who started the game then went 2-for-2 with a home run and double off the minor league fodder relief pitchers and end up with a nice 2-for-5 game. People read the stat lines and they say wow, the guys a .400 hitter with an OPS over 1.000, why in the world is he still in Double-A? Well, the reason is he was overmatched by the prospect and that's the type of pitching he's going to see in the major leagues. The reason I liked Montanez when some other scouts were still calling him an organizational guy was that I saw him hit some prospects and saw that he was balanced at the plate, didn't chase sliders away, lined pitches to right-center and hammered line drive home runs to left and left-center. I saw him make adjustments to pitches at bat to at bat and I saw him play a solid left field. His numbers obviously backed that up that he was doing it consistently when I wasn't there, and that's really what they do. The numbers are an important tool to use, but MLEs on whole, especially at the lower levels are not worth the bytes they take up in my opinion.
  19. Honestly, I believe it will serve a higher purpose and I thank you for sharing this with us despite the fact that it's got to be heart-wrenching for you. I'm blessed with three great kids, and they may all get an extra hug from me today for no apparent reason.
  20. Although I tend to agree with most of your comps at the end of your post, and it may just be semantics, but I'm not sure how neither Reimold or Montanez would not be considered prospects. Are they top 100-type prospects, most likely not, but I'll bet both have a decent major league career. This would make them both prospects since being a prospect means a player who has the skills to play in the major leagues.
  21. That's true, but the good ones don't miss many hittable pitches in hitter's counts. One of Reimold's biggest things that holds him back is his inability to consistently take advantage of the hitter's counts that his own plate discipline helps put him him in. I really think that's why he doesn't hit for a higher average. That's not to say there's not things to like about Reimold at the plate because things like plate discipline and power are two of his strengths. However, I tend to believe he waits a little too long in hitter's counts instead of looking for a pitch in a certain area and just taking it if it's not what he expected. The hope is with experience he'll become that guy who knows when to be selective and when to be aggressive. As for him vs Montanez, I think Reimold has the higher ceiling, no doubt, but Montanez might have the better chance of reaching his ceiling which is probably a Jay Payton in his prime kind of guy.
  22. I have an honest question for you. Do you feel it's ok to use the N-word? That's the real key to all of this. Just like it took time for the N-word to get out of a lot of people's vocabulary, I think it's going to take time for retard to get out of people's common vocabulary. I know for a fact that it comes up in my head quite often when I see someone doing something stupid and I have to porposly use another term. I'm not a huge politically correct kind of guy, really, I just think this term need to be removed from people's vocabulary when they are referring to someone doing something stupid. Obviously it hits home for me more than others, and I can appreciate that fact, but I honestly think we become better when we can remove those types of stigmas surrounding people with mental disabilities. My wife and I have been fighting for my son since he was three years old to make sure he was in his regular schools, with the proper special education materials and teachers. We've always challenged him and our selves to make sure we don't let him just be forgotten by system that's designed by nature to forget those who need additional help. As my son transitions from school into the working world, we have to fight a system that right now wants to immediately put him into janitorial services despite the fact that he has many skills that he can do. Why, because it's easy to just tell them to clean something up. Why, because afterall, they are just retards right? See how offensive that looks in that context? The sooner we get that term out of everyday vocabulary perhaps it will change the way people think about about people with mental disabilities and this in turn will allow them to live a much more fuller and richer life. I don't worry about my son because I know his mother and I will always look after his best interest. But I do have concerns over the many that don't have the same backing. If people can do their part, even if it's taking the time to think up a new word when describing a stupid act, I think it will eventually go a long way.
  23. Coming into this season I'd agree, but what Montanez has done this year is pretty amazing and his pedigree is actually better than Reimold's. Now I agree that over time players will prove what kind of player they've become regardless of their draft status, but when a 3rd overall pick puts it all together, you have to take notice. The added power this year is what really stands out and that's what's changed his prospect status. Defensively, he's a better outfielder than Reimold although Reimold has the better arm. However, the key thing is that Montanez just seems to hit the ball hard more consistently than Reimold. Reimold has the power, no doubt, but he still manages to miss a lot of hittable pitches in hitter's counts. In my opinion, they are very close, especially when the intangibles are taken into consideration.
  24. I'd actually be very surprised if that happens. Reimold is having a nice year but he has a few too many holes in his game to be considered a high profile prospect anymore. I think Reimold will have nice major league career, but I still don't see an impact guy when I see him. Honestly, if the team gets Dunn or Tex this off season I think he becomes trade bait for a SS.
  25. How's the computer version compared to the Xbox 360 version? The one thing I'm not thrilled with is the end of the game. Basically, they are like, "You won" and mix in a little bit of stats with the developer credits. I wish I was able to look around at my cities or continue going until I took over everything. In the computer version, what's the end like?
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