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  1. That's got to be a balk.. How can he shimmy his front leg that as he brings his arms down for a set?
  2. Now that's the Wieters swing I've seen in the minors. Controlled and opposite field....
  3. I'm going to have to agree with you here. Strange how all of sudden the change was not longer called for.
  4. Poor call by Wieters there. Not sure why you call for a 1-2 fastball on that situation. i also don't like the fact that he's taking too long to show his target.
  5. Yes, I will have more on Tanaka as well. I like him though. Not overwhemling stuff, but good movement.
  6. I'll have more tomorrow but I liked what I saw tonight from Matusz for the most part. Basically he's fastball command away from being a very, very effective major league pitcher. His fastball sits 89-91 with some nice late life but he had trouble locating pretty much all night whcih tells you a lot about the quality and command of his offspeed stuff. He throws two curveballs, a slow 72-74 MPH one that has nice depth and a hard break and a 78-79 MPH one that's a real hammer. His change is a strikeout pitch and one of the best if not the best one I've seen from an Orioles minor league pitcher. Very nice debut...
  7. I'm sure that's how MacPhail evaluates his manager as well.
  8. Don't let myths and groupthink get in the way of the anti-Trembley guys or they'll have nothing to complain about.
  9. Well I certainly agree However, I don't think his actions are contridicting his words. Now, you can probably use "results speak louder than words" and it would be hard to argue, but I still don't think they are Dave's fault. BTW, how is bad fielding the fault of the manager?
  10. I can buy that his aggressiveness on the base paths, especially with calling for hit and runs can be debated at length, but I'm not concvinced that base running errors in in of themselves are his fault. Knowing Dave like I do, I would not doubt he has talks with players in private when they make continual and obvious mistakes on the bases.
  11. I hear you, but I don't agree that we stand pat because of the season we had last year either. We need to upgrade the wide receiver corp and if a guy like Marshall is really available, then the Ravens would be silly not to at least take a look into and see if it fits into the team's plans.
  12. That does not sound comfortable. Have you ever considered more fiber in your diet?
  13. Give me examples please of these lack of fundamentals. If you are talking base running, there's nothing Trembley really can do about that. The players he has are the players he has. The ones that make dump base running mistakes are the guys who have ALWAYS made dumb base running mistakes for the most part. Some guys have great base running instincts and some don't. There is very little a major league manager can do about this other than replace said runner late in games if the run could mean the difference in a game, and then he needs to have guys who can run on his bench. Are players overthrowing cut off men? Are infielders not lining up their cutoffs correctly? Are infielders not covering bases on steals? I hear you say the Orioles lack fundamentals yet I don't see anything that stands out as an undisciplined team when I watch them. They make mistakes, mental and physical like every other team, but I do not see a problem here. What am I missing?
  14. I'll have to check but I don't think they are doing this anymore.
  15. That really wasn't directed at you Hank. There's a mob mentality around here of late directed at Trembley and it's really sad in my opinion because it's misguided. Hell, some people are actually saying that Trembley needs to stress fundamentals like he's somehow doesn't stress them or doesn't address these errors. Trembley is not the kind of guy who is going to slam his players in the media but he doesn't make excuses for them either. The team had a bad game which followed up two pretty good games. This is not football yet a lot of people around here act as if it were. This is a 162 game marathon and people need to learn how to relax after the bad ones.
  16. You guys are too funny..... This organizations has been stable since MacPhail took over and there is no indications other than the wild speculations from a few posters around here that would suggest Trembley's job is in any type of jeopardy. By the way, Trembley does not like to lose. In fact, he hates it. If you wonder why his demeanor has not been great on the post game interviews it's because HE HATES TO LOSE and the Orioles have been doing a lot of it lately. It's a young team that will get better over the next few years. Snyder will be here and will help out the lineup. Arrieta, Matusz and Tillman will be in the rotation at some point next year and possibly even this year at some point. Wieters is going to hit and Markakis is going to get out of this slump. I think a few of you need to realize this is not a good team right now, but it will be in a year or two. We all knew this coming into the season but people are suddenly looking for someone to blame. I understand when teams lose the managers usually take the fall, but in this case, the organization is all about stability and although the wins and losses are not improving, the entire organization is heading in the right direction and Trembley is part of that.
  17. From what I heard, Stassi was looking for some pretty big money, but he was in consideration with that fourth pick. It appears the Orioles just thought he was asking for too much and didn't feel is was worth the gamble with a fourth round pick.
  18. I think all indications are that it will take some time to get Givens into the fold. Hopefully he will see the value of signing quickly and get that half season in like Avery and Hoes did, but I would not be surprised if he ends up signing later than sooner. Hopefully I'm wrong and if I'm the Orioles, I'm having Avery give him a call and tell him how much that half year helped him get to where he is right now. Givens is only three months younger than Avery and one month younger than Hoes. He needs to sign quickly and get going, espcially since his bat may need some time to develop.
  19. If the price is right, I'll take him in a heart beat. There's more than one version to these stories. Sounds like they have an explosive relationship. The girl tried to get money from him then got back together??? C'mon, this is a crazy situation. The guy obvious has some anger issues, but seriously, if we got rid of every guy in the NFL with anger issues there wouldn't be much left. What's the deal with Dad crying at the end? I bet if Marshall was some guy working in the grocery store old Dad would have been fighting mad the first time his daughter told him she was abused. Instead, he was the money train so they looked the other way until he was no longer in the picture and the they're fighting mad. Domestic violence is wrong, but it's not like this guy is Pacman Jones. Maybe a change in scenery will do him some good. Sorry guys, I'm usually on the side of staying away from the guys with character issues, and I'm certainly not saying Marshall doesn't bring some luggage, but perhaps having Ray Lewis around will give him some perspective and allow the Ravens to be the beneficiary of the immense talent Marshall brings to the field.
  20. Sorry, but a guy who collapses after being booed is "weak-hearted" or any other term you want to use. It takes heart to overcome adversity. Young showed he has very little. If he's suffering from depression or something else that can be treated, then I hope he gets help. But he never once said he was depressed and just blamed everyone else.
  21. Being weak-hearted has nothing to do with depression, and I certainly wasn't insinuating that. What I meant was how the guy just imploded when he started to do poorly and how he couldn't handle the boos. He never once said he was depressed, although I wouldn't doubt he struggles with it, but the way he couldn't be straight with the interviewing and how he tried to blame everyone else did not make me feel sorry for him at all.
  22. I knew you would keep me straight Stef!! Norfolk roster still has Hoey down as DL and I missed the Hennessey move since he never came off the DL. I'll get those updated though.
  23. The chart is updated as of June 15th with new prospect rankings (colors) for some players. Expect another major change as soon as Aberdeen/Buefield and the GCL O's start up. I have not moved Matusz up yet since he's officially on the Key's roster still despite the reports he's been promoted to Bowie.
  24. Did anyone else see the interview with Vince Young where he's basically lying through his teeth in order to save face but doing a very bad job of it? Can anyone imagine this guy in the huddle leading the team? Houston certainly is having the last laugh by skipping him and Bush with the first overall draft. I feel bad for the guy in a way because I think he's just a weak-hearted individual with some emotional problems, but man it just goes to show that physical talents are not everything. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=4259118
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