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  1. You are right. That's Joseph's birthday (cut and paste error). We'll get that corrected. Thanks.
  2. I was going to put something together but I'm pretty busy today. Basically, Tillman looked filthy at times last night, better than I've seen him all year. He sat most of the night at 90-92 while touching 93-94 when he wanted it. His curveball was outstanding, a true plus, plus pitch at times but he goes through stretches where he loses command of the pitch although yesterday, the ump missed a few that should have been strikes. Scouts around me loved him. The best part is I saw him throw seven change-ups and all were for strikes including a strike out. Next year I'd like to see him get a spring training invite, but would prefer to see him start the year at Norfolk. His fastball command was pretty good but could still be a little better. At 21-years old next year, if he does well in Triple-A, I could see him in the Orioles rotation by June or July with his current stuff. I have a feeling if he stays healthy, the Mariners will be kicking themselves for a long time for letting Tillman go.
  3. Thanks for saving me some typing.
  4. Great post as usual Frobby. I think there's certainly something to him wearing down as the season progresses. I still think he's hurting though now. No way he should be throwing in the low 90's unless something is wrong or very, very tired.
  5. I'd take Shaun Hill in a second. He would be good backup until Flacco was ready. He's a better option than Boller.
  6. I certainly understand where you are coming from. I once was working with a young man, probably 25 years old, who was new at his job and didn't really seem to like it, but othe than that, he laughed and joked around with all of us. I then went on Christmas break only to come back and find out he killed himself. I was thinking, a week before I was just talking to him about all the opportunities that lied ahead in his life and even if he didn't love his current job, there were many other jobs he could do. For weeks I wondered whether I missed something. Was he crying out for help? Despite all the training I've had over the years in the military, I've always wondered in the back of mind did I miss something. Eventually I came to the conclusion that these things happen sometimes and there's not much that any of us can do about it. I'm sure with it being a family member it's that much worse, and I can begin to realize the grief that his parents are going through as well as your own pain. I know I couldn't fathom having to bury one of my children and I feel for anyone who loses someone so close to them at such an early age. Hang in there and if there's anything we can do for, just let us know.
  7. I'm really sorry to hear about this. My heart and prayers goes out to you and your family.
  8. Tony-OH

    Chris Waters

    I agree with this to a point. I don't think Waters has a future in a rotation, but he has a record of success against lefties in the minors so perhaps he could become a Jamie Walker?
  9. Tony-OH

    Chris Waters

    I don't agree. Being in a pennant race is a very good experience and if their arms are still feeling good (they've both logged a lot of innings), the Orioles could always just bring them up after wards for a few starts (I don't think they will do this.) Either way, taking them out of a pennant race, something they've been a big part of all year, for a couple extra major league starts that they may or may not be ready for is not a good idea in my opinion.
  10. Me too. I could have won the game many many turns ago by just bulding a United Nations but I'm going for the A-bomb.
  11. Man, that stinks. Flacco might end up starting the opening due to attrition. Miller192 or Hank, have you guys heard of interest in QBs outside of the organization?
  12. So here's what we get from this, Harbaugh knows Boller stinks and doesn't like Smith's cockiness. He has to know that flacco isn't ready either so I bet he swallos some of his pride and goes with Smith. I wouldn't be surprised to see Boller cut and someone who knows Camerons system like Lemon or Culpepper picked up as a backup. This was part of the reason why they should have released Boller this offseason and brought in a vet. Just stay away from Simms though, he stinks. Then again, anyone available rigt now probably stinks as well. Maybe we can talk Dilfer out of retirement.
  13. Trust me, even after realizing I had hard time just saving the game and going to bed. I'm one turn away from getting some fighters which I can't wait for. I'm about to tear into Ghandi and his Indian warriors and then onto Napolean and those French wussies.
  14. I don't know who else is playing this game but I'm pretty addicted. In fact, I'm so addicated I actually lost trakc of time last night and didn't realize it until it was a half hour after i normally go to bed. although this game is a kind of Civ lite, I love it and if I had the time, I'd consider buying the computer version. I'm just afriad if I did I'd never do anything else.
  15. Martin wanted $700K which was more than what we gave Bundy $600K. I guess he thinks he's going to go to junior college, put up a big year and get drafted in the 1st round. He supposedly has the potential to do it, but he's also a risky pick due to some command issues. Richard Stahl anyone?
  16. I hate to break it to you, but athletes play all the time when they are not 100 percent. Pitchers do it, hitters do it, football players, basketball players and hockey players do it all the time. Pitching or hitting through pain to help your team out is something players have done throughout baseball since baseball was invented. Now, if he was some uber prospect who's trying to pitch through elbow or shoulder problems with the team out of contention, that's stupid. Obviously it depends on the pain level, but I sure hate to break up your rant with some facts.
  17. Going back through the draft thread during the first day of the draft, I thought it was kind of interesting the comments made after the Orioles took Brian Matusz with their first selection. I guess we'll see who's right in the next 2-5 years. Positive: nemO821 - "Cant be disapointed with picking a great pitcher." BaltimoreTerp - "Sounds like a good pick.*Yelling into the avalanche*" birds90 - "I like him. I think he'll help out a lot." Ruzious - "'ll take it as good news - figuring they must have a couple of big hitters they're confident in getting. And Matusz adds a big-time lefty that's not going to take 4-5 years in the minors. Excellente!!!" Stotle - "Matches my pick. Good job by the Orioles grabbing a first-rate talent." Shawn555 - "Why are people bashing this pick?? I have more trust in Jordan than any of you complainers, he is the safest best selection on the board at this point. You can never have enough pitching. A great pick." Mackus - "I can understand preferring Smoak, I did myself, but anybody saying that Matusz was a terrible pick is simply being ignorant. He's a tremendous pick." NJOriolesFan - "Come on guys. It is a great pick. This is what the Orioles of yesteryear was always built on great pitching. Just keep adding great pitching because some of them will be Mike Mussina, some will be Chris Smith, some will be Ben McDonald and some will be Adam Loewen. You have to like this kid, even if you wanted Smoak. A legitimate lefty, potential All-Star with excellent command. What's not to like?" Tony-OH - "It's hard to argue with a pick that comes with most scouts believing this lefty was not only the best pitcher in the draft, he's fairly close to being major league ready, and may be a top of the rotation guy despite an average major league fastball. As good as the Orioles pitching prospects are, none have the amount of plus pitches and command that Matusz reportedly possesses. If he ends up anchoring an Orioles rotation for years to come no one will care who the Orioles passed over." Neutral/leaning negative: Yardbirds13 - "Well damn. He better be a stud." orangedive - "I guess that means we're really going after Teixiera in the off-season. Can't say I'm thrilled about this, but we'll see. I had Crow ranked ahead of Matusz and wanted Smoak, but those guys are the experts." Hank Scorpio - "Not shocking, slightly disappointed... not because I dislike Matusz, though." Negative: Mikzpens - "Guys, Matuzz's next pitch could be the end of his rotator cuff. Look how many we've lost already this year. No way you use the 4th friggin' pick on a pitcher! Totaly stupid! The next Chris Smith is one pitch away." ChaosLex - TyCobb - "Damnit! We missed a gem in Smoak." Bmo24Ph - "terrible pick. they better offer the house to texiera" JJLin29 - "He doesn't even sound like a good pitcher, much less pitch like one." mdterps4life25 - "Im a little bummed....I dont care if this dude is the second coming of Sandy Koufax, we need positional talent. I was really hoping for smoak to fall to us." three run homer - "I don't like this pick. I don't think either Matusz or Smoak are superstars in the making; I think Smoak will be somewhere on the Wally Joyner-Todd Helton spectrum of good fielding 1B with high OBP and 25-HR power, while Matusz if all goes well will be a good 2-3 starter. But Smoak is more likely to reach his ceiling simply because he is a hitter, and the O's need hitting more than they need pitching, all else equal. A wasted opportunity...the only silver lining is that hopefully it's a signal that we're going to break the bank for Texeira." Wayne25 - "COULD NOT AGREEE MORE, THIS WILL GO DOWN AS ONE OF THE WORST PICKS THE O'S HAVE MADE. NOT BECAUSE OF THE FACT THAT MATUSZ WON'T WIN SOME GAMES, BUT BECAUSE OF WHO WE DID NOT SELECT: SMOAK"
  18. Of course, but the real question is why? Is he hurt? Is his mechanics out of whack? Are they out of whack because he's hurt? When a pitcher is asked if he's hurt and he says he doesn't have an answer to that, that's pretty telling. I know it's easy for people to call Cabrera lazy or to think he doesn't care, but that's far from the truth. Cabrera has always been a hard worker who has tried to improve. He takes extra fielding practice and works on things constantly in order to get better. His main problem as Vatech pointed out is his lack of athleticism and his 6-foot-9 frame. That's not a good combination and as he gets older it will only get worse unfortunately. I've know Daniel since he was in Bluefield and he gets a bad rap on things like his work ethic and desire because a lot of fans to hear much from him. Here's what I do know though, if he's suddenly a 89-91 MPH pitcher something is wrong. He has no chance of being a successful pitcher without the 93-95 MPH moving/sinking fastball because he'll never be a great command guy. Here's one thing though for the Cabrera bashers, maybe he's going out there despite not being 100 percent because he feels an obligation to go out there with the Orioles in their current pitching mess? Maybe he's giving them all he has even though it's not 100 percent? Now obviously if he's going out there with Sunday's stuff he's not helping anyone out, but at least people should give him credit for trying to help out instead of shutting himself down at the slightest twinge like a former top Orioles pitcher. I agree with everyone that Cabrera is not even a 4th/5th starter with his current stuff. The key thing now is for the Orioles to find out why.
  19. Just to set the record straight, if Cabrera is going to suddenly be a 90-91 MPH pitcher, he's not going to be a major league pitcher. I'm not sure where the velocity is but this is more then taking a few MPH off. I honestly think some thing has to be wrong with him.
  20. My guess is his foot speed/quickness is probably not there. I haven't seen him so I don't know for sure, but since the Orioles are not trying him there it would tell me they don't see that as a long term possibility.
  21. This pitching staff is very, very thin on talent right now. The bullpen is just embarrasing right now and the fact that our starter has to be announced on the day of the games tells us a lot. Hope everyone is ready for a very poor September....
  22. I have to agree with Palmer here, that was a pretty tough spot for the rookie as well. This is where Sherril's injury hurts so much. I'm sure JJ would have started the 8th if Sherrill was in the bullpen to close.
  23. I just don't get why you start the inning off with Walker. I can not believe they don't see that his "stuff" is pretty terrible. Castillo should have been in to start the inning with two of the next three batters being lefty.
  24. Personally, I would have went with Castillo to start off the inning instead of Walker. Walker doesn't belong anywhere near a close game with his "stuff".
  25. Dave Trembley will need to explain why Walker is in a 4-3 game in the 8th against the heart of the order?
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