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  1. Stay on subject guys. Regular draft talk can be talked in the other thread.
  2. (edited 9:45) Just got word the Orioles drafted him as a shortstop, not a pitcher.
  3. There went Davidson.... O's might be looking college hitter here if the value is there but don't be surprised with another arm.
  4. He has labrum issues. The Orioles will not draft him.
  5. Scheppers has labrum issues. The Orioles will not draft him.
  6. Scheppers has labrum issues, BTW. This is why he is falling and why the Orioles won't touch him.
  7. Did I miss something or is it suddenly ok to go off topic on OH??? Please stay on the subject.
  8. Great point about competition. Georgia is no Southern California when it comes to HS baseball talent.
  9. This is a great point. Obviously the Orioles had Hobgood rated as their number one high school arm because Wheeler went after Hobgood and he was considered an "easy" sign.
  10. Where do you see 92 MPH top out on our front page? By the way, we have several editors so obviously whoever put that out there got the information from another source. My information is a few hours old. Things move fast.
  11. What I know is that Jordan really, really likes this kid as well as his team of scouts. I was told Matzek was not considered the 1st or even 2nd best high school pitcher by the Orioles so no, he was not rated higher than Hobgood. I'll talk to Joe over the next few days and he's never lied or misled me before so when I do a wrapup of the top ten you'll get my official thoughts.
  12. So Joe Jordan is a liar? He just said this was a guy they were on all along. do you really think scouting departments read BA and go, "We better draft this guy because they said so?" Jordan is a straight shooter and if he said he liked the kid then he liked the kid.
  13. Good. I also just got this nugget about him, "He is not a reach, a stretch or a pre-draft deal. He's the real thing." Makeup off the charts and velocity really came on throughout the spring.
  14. He sat 92-93 all spring and ran it up to 94-95. Not sure what velocity you are looking for.
  15. Please, please give each new draft pick his own thread. I edited McLovin's thread to see the format I'd like to keep in the title although I'd prefer to stay away from negative nellie starting the threads.
  16. Dude, this is like your rant after they drafted Matusz last year. At least you are consistent. It's like the draft brings out your inner Trea:D
  17. Honestly, you know what I know from that report. I've never seen the guy and I don't start doing home work on guys until they are drafted.
  18. It's certainly a third pitch for him, but a scout mentioned to me that they believe he can improve it.
  19. You can feel that way, but I was told in this exact terms, "He is not a reach, he's the real deal."
  20. - Word is that Matzek is not considered the top 1 or 2 HS pitchers by the Orioles so don't look for him to be the #5 pick. - Getting vibes on Hobgood. Stuff is reportedly much better than any of the publications have listed. Hobgood has sat 92-95 all spring, and has been as high as 98 according to reports. CB is a currently already above major league average and is reportedly better than Wheelers. He shows a decent change as well. Has a great makeup and some of the guys who saw him said he looks like a young R. Clemens.
  21. I agree, and honestly I don't know, but unless it's head and shoulders difference and unless the TM has agreed to something reasonable with the Orioles, it'll be Wheeler over TM in my opinion.
  22. Absolutely. This is about big picture stuff. Is it better to save some money on possibly a little bit lower talent in order to draft a few signability guys later in the draft? I'd rather have the arms/players in number myself.
  23. You have to imagine Wheeler would go to Aberdeen if he signs immediately.
  24. That could be very true. The Orioles do not believe any of the guys who will be available at #5 are worth premium prices (read well above slot) and it appears Green is looking for premium bonus money.
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