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  1. I still think it will get done because I have a hard time believing that Matusz will ever be worth more than now and he knows it. At this point he'll sign so late it won't matter whether he signs today or on the 15th at 11:59 because he's not going to pitch in the minors this year. It's unfortunately part of the business nowadays which is why you see so many top guys not signed yet.
  2. They are very disappointed and have felt misled by Matusz' "adviser" Marc Agarr. As much as the Orioles want Matusz into the organization, we are starting to hear things from Andy MacPhail that suggest the Orioles are willing to just take their 5th overall pick next year if Matusz's agent doesn't come down from his demands. It really is sad state where agents like this say once thing before the draft and then turn into something else once the player is selected. I know Joe Jordan was just out in California meeting with Agarr but the Orioles are getting the point that it's Matusz is going to have to decide to take a fair offer and come play pro ball or go back to college and watch his leverage disappear as a 22-year old next year where he'll most likely not command the bonus he's being offered now. If the Orioles don't sign Matusz they should take the money and sign Brady, Landers, Martin and Charles.
  3. This was the first event that we were jumping up and down and cheering for. Nothing like a little French smack talk to get you fired up. Jason Lezak was just amazing in that last leg. Unbelievable actually, especially considering that Frenchman he caught was consdiered the fastest 50M swimmer in thw world. Watching the looks on the French guys faces after the race was priceless.
  4. If you believe that's what I did then you missed the entire point of my previous thread. Had you worded your arguments, "I think the Orioles are handling Wieters too conservatively" and then made your points, we would had a nice give and take. Instead, you and Rob were the ones that said the Orioles were "screwing it up" or that the player development people have "done nothing for him." I have no problem with someone having an opinion that Wieters should be in the majors right now. I have a problem with people saying that the Orioles are stupid or "just like every other Orioles administration" because they are not doing what you advocate. I've made my points, you've made yours, let's move on.
  5. The big difference is you two are sitting here making ridiculous statements like player development hasn't done anything for Wieters or they have somehow screwed him up. I'm just showing that there was value in how he was handled. Do I think he would have been ruined by starting in Double-A? Absolutely not. But what I clearly reject in this idea that the Orioles have somehow screwed up while Wieters has become one of the top prospects in all of baseball and is ready to step into the major leagues at anytime. The entire job of player development is to get players ready to be successful in the major leagues. How you can look at Wieters and say they didn't do that is beyond me.
  6. This I agree with. Sitting Mora, Millar, or Scott once every three days to get Montanez some at bats is fine with me. I also think Montanez should get a start or two in center to see how he does. I think they need to see if he can fill Payton's shoes next year.
  7. I never said that. I said i could have built a case for Wieters to start the year in Double-A. What I find ridiculous is that somehow, the time spent in Frederick vs Bowie this year somehow was wasted. Who said this? BTW, you have yet to explain how getting the opportunity to work with two sets of pitchers and two different pitching coaches is not of value to him as he develops his game calling ability. You also continue to forget there is more to work on than just the bat when you are catching prospect. If he was an outfielder or first baseman I'd be 100 percent in your corner. It's fine that you want to give player development no credit at all, it's just an incredibly naive statement and something I thought you were well above personally. How about we give no credit to the scouting department since it was so obvious he was going to play this way. Then, let's give no credit to any of his coaches throughout his baseball career since it's so obvious he's just such a pure God of baseball that he's never had a need to learn anythign from anyone. In fact, let's just give God credit, he created him to be this man-child in need of no instruction. This is just getting absurd. So, by your assessment, player development should have started him in Triple-A because clearly he's too good for Double-A too? Heck, why not put blame on Trembley and MacPhail for not releasing Hernandez and putting him straight onto the major league team because clearly, he's in need of no instruction from the player development people. How? Why? He's dominating the pitching in Double-A as well. What is so crucial in getting him playing time in Bowie instead of Frederick for the first half of the season? What was he going to learn there that would better make him prepared for the big leagues? Could it be catching more pitchers, and working with two different pitching coaches might actually be better for his development as a catcher? Could it be possibly that putting him in a league like the Carolina League where he was most likely going to have success, a good place to start? Is it possible that getting off to a good start helped his confidence as a pro? No wonder you are good friends with Rob. Both of you actually believe that you know the one and only way players should be handled and anything outside of that is ridiculous or stupid. The funniest thing is this spring I thought Wieters should have started the year in Bowie as well. And I actually agree that the Orioles promote players far too conservatively at times, but the one thing I know for a fact is that there are several ways to look at this thing and no answer is wrong. Wieters has cemented himself as a one of the top prospects in all of baseball and it's only pure speculation that it still would have occurred had he been handled differently. Most likely Wieters is just one of those special once in a decade players that come into professional baseball. In that case, there really was no way to screw him up and he's going to have success regardless of whether he got an extra 200+ at bats in Single-A vs Double-A or whether he gets some at bats in September.
  8. Wow, just wow.....wait on it........... Wow..........just (shaking my head) wow. So, the Orioles have screwed up a first year professional CATCHER who has probably cemented himself as a top five, if not top prospect in all of baseball? Is this your real logic? OK, since your head doesn't seem to be working well and your judgment is getting clouded with your normal, "I'm smarter than everyone in the universe" attitude, let me see if I shrink your head a bit and give a few good reasons why the Orioles have gone this route. First off, the last I checked, there is a lot more to being a major league catcher than hitting the ball. Wieters did not even call his own pitches in college so he's learning to call games this year. He's learning where to set up, read hitters, and understand his pitchers strengths and weaknesses. By going to Frederick and then Bowie, he also got to work with two sets of pitchers and pitching coaches which can only help his experience as well. I don't anyone expected this type of offense from him, even his best supporters and probably not even Wieters himself. This is other-wordly production from a first year minor leaguer and although I could have easily built a case for him to start the year in Double-A, the Orioles thought it would be a good idea to get him off to a good start in Frederick. Did you ever think for a moment that maybe getting off to the good start in Frederick helped him gain confidence as a professional hitter and helped him get off to such a great start with Bowie? What if he had started in Bowie and hit a rough spot and his confidence was lost a little? We'll never know but since Wieters has become one of the top prospects in all of baseball, it's is totally and utterly ridiculous to make the comment the Orioles have screwed up with Wieters. As for moving up to Baltimore this year, I see no reason why he should. He's the top hitter in a pennant race in Double-A (probably the best prospect league). It doesn't make any sense to carry three catchers right now. If Hernandez would have been traded then I would have had no problem with Wieters being called up and starting every day, but he wasn't and as long as Hernandez is here there's no reason to bring up Wieters. As for September, really, why? What if Wieters comes up and doesn't do well and suddenly all the good he built up this season gets wiped out a bit. The confidence he built up all season, the same confidence he'll have coming into spring training next year when it's almost certain he's going to be the Orioles every day catcher next year, could get wiped away with a poor September. On top of it all, this is his first full professional season. He's never caught this much in his life so you know what, a rest might be in order, even for a big strong 22-year old. Let Wieters play out the year with Bowie, and then shut him down. If the Orioles want him to work on something specific they can send him out to the Arizona Fall League, but honestly, I'd be fine with them shutting him down until next spring. This year has been marvelous for Wieters, but the fact remains this is his first professional year, and there's nothing wrong with the way he's been handled.
  9. Yeah, I tend to agree with that assessment. Boller threw some nice passes but he went back to being Boller on the terrible throws and the fumble. He did show a little more pocket awareness though but he actually looks like he's short arming his throws even more then in the past. Neither Boller or Smith played well enough or poorly enough to get ahead or fall back in the competition but there's no doubt this is a two-man competition this year no matter what anyone says.
  10. This was the biggest thing I took out of last night. Without a doubt the system looks a lot better. They negated the subpar O-line by going to screen patterns and of course they were not afraid to go down field despite Boller's and Smith's inconsistencies. Both Boller and Smith were up and down, and we won't mention Flacco because the only guy on the field who looked worse than him was the long-haired Patriots who did everything he could to ruin special teams for New England. There was not a lot of running room for Rice but he's was a little too impatient at times. Also, his hands look a little iffy if last night was any indication. Defensively the team looked very good and if nothing else, Nakamura and Zbikowski are going to be monsters on special teams. Zbikowski just blew a guy up on Figurs run back.
  11. You may want to check the front page. I just did a complete update on this stuff last week.
  12. Good job by Peter to get MacPhail's comments so quickly. That to me sounds like a salary dump.
  13. I hear you, and you may be right. The one thing MacPhail has proven is that he can get some value back for people we didn't think had value (Trachsel).
  14. Good point, especially based off what MacPhail did with the Trachsel deal last year in getting Renshaw.
  15. I was just looking over Zobrist's numbers, and man, this is one guy who certainly has not matched his minor league production in the majors. Either way, he looks like he's better than anyone else we have right now. i'd actually be pretty happy with Zobrist for Bradford.
  16. But, if you feel you can replace him cheaper, why not? Maybe we might get a "C" level prospects with an upside, but those of you looking for Brignac or Hellickson type of guys are going to be sad when the player shows up.
  17. It doesn't mean we know nothing about the players on the list, it just means it will give us more time to evaluate them more thoroughly. If this is the situation, the Orioles have probably sent a scout or two down to look at some players and then MacPhail will make a final selection. Again, this is just a possibility. The player could be a 40-man guy that still needs to be moved through waivers, but I would be willing to guess it the former.
  18. Because this was a waiver claim, a lot of time a list of players will be agreed to but they make it a player to be named later in order to give the new organization time to fully scout the players over the next few weeks before picking.
  19. I knew someone would catch me on that before I was able to edit. From what I understand, Bierd has gotten lefties out effectively in the minors so I'm hoping the poor numbers in the majors are due to a small sample size. With his changeup, he should have some success against lefties.
  20. I'd be surprised if anyone more than a Scott Moore-type prospect. This has salary dump written all over it. Now if someone would just claim Jamie Walker we'd be gold.
  21. We just cleared $3.5 million off our payroll for next year. With the additions of ground ball guys like Jim Johnson and Randor Bierd, who can both actually get left-handers out as well (although Bierd has struggled this year in the bigs with lefties), Bradford had become a little redundant. Besides, Bradford had become almost strictly a right-handed specialist and I'm not sure anyone wants him in a tight situation anymore since even right-handers have become to hit him a little more this year.
  22. Press Release: The Orioles today announced that RHP CHAD BRADFORD was assigned to the Tampa Bay Rays via a waiver claim for a player to be named later. Bradford, 33, was 3-3 with a 2.45 ERA (40.1IP, 11ER) in 47 relief appearances for the Orioles this season. He has appeared in 68 or more games in five of the past six seasons and he finished third among American League relievers with 78 appearances for the Orioles in 2007. Bradford signed a three-year contract with the Orioles as a free agent on November 30, 2006.
  23. <p><p><p>Crazybird,</p></p></p>

    <p><p><p> When I'm on WBAL, you can listen live at <a href="<a href="<a href="http://www.wbal.com" rel="external nofollow">http://www.wbal.com</a>" rel="external nofollow"><a href="http://www.wbal.com" rel="external nofollow">http://www.wbal.com</a></a>" rel="external nofollow">WBAL.com</a>. Sometimes they archive portions so you may want to check the site a bit in the sports/Steve Davis section.</p></p></p>

  24. Point there all you like, it doesn't explain why the oil companies are making record profits.
  25. I don't think it's political, but the language, even **** out is not for this board.
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