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  1. The Orioles have agreed to terms with Brian Matusz. Look for the official announcement soon!!!!
  2. It's impossible to know who the exact 50,000,000 fan will be so you can bet it won't be a guy wearing a Nomar jersey or some 20-something girl wearing her pink Bo-sox hat.
  3. Absolutely. If Matusz is a good as he's supposed to be, I have no problem giving him a major league contract because I would expect him in the rotation no later than mid-2010. That could have been mid-2009 had he signed early enough, but he still could see some big league time by 2009 if he pitches well enough.
  4. He's not trying to push my buttons, he's just very immature and ignorant on this subject. The whole point is that once these words become socially unacceptable, they will begin to leave most people's vocabulary.
  5. Martin is definitely not going to sign since he wants $700K and the orioles don't think he's worth the risk due to some command concerns. Landers is probably not going to happen either, but things are still up in the air the last I checked with Brady. I'll know more later today.
  6. Then only thing I've heard is that Martin and most likely Landers are definite no go's. They want more money then the Orioles think they are worth with Martin reportedly looking for $700K which was more than the Orioles gave to Bundy. I'll find out more about Brady today, but I'm sure the Matusz situation has made that a secondary issue.
  7. You might want to stay out the big boy thread. You are only burying yourself with stupidity.
  8. Very interesting Frobby, great post.
  9. Yeah, you have to wonder about Agar. It's so important for a young player to get the right adviser who understands the delicate balance between using leverage to get the best deal for his client while still maintaining a professional relationship with the teams. Playing bait and switch games and having your young client make press statements sure does make things seem a bit like amateur hour. Hopefully Matusz signs and people can put this stuff behind, but it certainly does leave a bad tastes in fans mouth right off the bat. I know some people are going to point towards Wieters and the fact he wasn't signed to the last minute, but everyone knew it was a process with him because his agent is Scott Boras and Boras floated the $10 million tag up front.
  10. Here's the thing though, If Mausz was upfront with his reportedly $5 million demands and the Orioles took him and then balked, it would be on them. But when a kid/agent tells the teams the neighborhood of where he will sign and then changes that once he's drafted, at some point the teams have to make a stand. I've heard some interesting things about this negotiations that I can't share right now but needless to say, as much as I would love to have Matusz in the system, this agent of his is something else. If the Orioles offer in the neighborhood of $3-$4 million and the guy doesn't sign, then more power to him trying to get that much in next year's draft as a 22-year old. At least guys like Posey and Smoak were upfront with their high demands...
  11. I didn't misunderstand him at all but perhaps I didn't explain myself well with the 50s southerner comparision. When I've gone back to my old neighborhood, I have a few friends that will drop the N-word occasionally when describing a black guy or use sand-N-word to describe the Pakistani guy who runs the 7-11. Now these same guys have black friends or work with black people and have no problems with them and will be the first person to tell you they harbor no ill-will towards black people or that they think of themselves as racists. It's just that they don't think before the talk and it's something that just comes out becomes it has been part of their vernacular since they were probably small, most likely because they heard their parents use the word. I didn't grow up in a household that used that word and I've been in the military for 20 years were I've worked, lived, and played in a racially mixed and diverse group of people, so to me, the word doesn't even come into my head if I'm describing a black person. In fact, I'm usually shocked when I hear the term because I hear so rarely due to the fact that it's become so socially unacceptable to use the word. This is what needs to happen with using the word retard or retarded when describing a dumb or idiotic action or person. The sooner it becomes socially unacceptable the sooner people like orayale will figure it out. Again, I'm not into boycotting things over stuff like this, but I do think it's a smart way to stir up some controversy and to get people to think twice about using the word itself. That's really the main goal in all of this.
  12. Agreed. Just to be clear to everyone, I'm not suggesting boycotting anything. I was just bringing to attention the fact that so many people use the word without thinking and in my opinion, should stop. Trust me, despite having a son and working with mentally disabled, I'm not going to say it hasn't slipped it here in there from me as well, but I immediately stop myself and make a conscious effort to avoid using the word at all when describing some idiotic or stupid action. It doesn't make you a bad person if you've used it, it only makes you immature and ignorant or you see nothing wrong with saying it.
  13. This sounds like a 1950s southerner except remove retard and put in the N-word. Sorry, but you are very ignorant and immature in this matter.
  14. Huh? No one is upset about him sending out to multiple sources. What is this reaction you speak about? Seriously, I don't get it.
  15. Thanks and really, that's all I ask is for people to try and be aware. I'm not really into the whole boycott thing, but I would like to see people try and be more self-aware. Thanks.
  16. I just received this release from the Special Olympics and I wanted to pass it along. As some of you know, my oldest son Michael is mentally disabled and we are involved pretty heavily in the Anne Arundel County Special Olympic programs. I have been lucky enough to coach these athletes in softball, floor hockey, and basketball and let me tell you, once you coach or are involved in special olympics, you tend to get pretty upset when people talk down or make fun of these athletes. Although mental retardation is only one of the many disabilities that Special Olympics athletes may have, it's the one where even in this day of added verbal responsibility towards race, religion, and sex, where people still find fit to use the word "retard" when dealing with something foolish. All of us have probably used it at one time or another, but I'm asking you to take a look at the follow release and if you feel like it, to take action. Thanks, Tony ***************** WORDS MATTER Be a Fan of Dignity - Ban the R-Word August 2008 Dear Mike : On August 13, "Tropic Thunder," a DreamWorks production starring Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black and several other Hollywood actors, will open in movie theaters nationwide. "Tropic Thunder" has been marketed as a satire about Hollywood actors and the movie industry in general. It is intended to be an adult comedy - with crass jokes and scenes to make moviegoers laugh. However, we here at Special Olympics are not laughing. Whatever the intent, the result of this film is the humiliating and demeaning depiction of a man with an intellectual disability. "Simple Jack", as he is known, is referred to as "retard" repeatedly. The filmmakers have used every negative and hurtful stereotype possible in creating this character, and then told us that it's okay to laugh at him because the joke is really on the actors themselves. Here is just one small example of the dialogue included in Tropic Thunder: * Ben Stiller's Character: "There were times when I was doing Jack when I actually felt retarded. Like really retarded." * Robert Downey Jr's Character: "Oh yeah. Damn." * Stiller: "In a weird way, I had to sort of just free myself up to be believe that it was okay to be dumb or stupid." * Downey: "To be a moron." What is perhaps most troubling about this film is the blatant disregard for those with intellectual disabilities. No one bothered to give the disability community a voice during the creation of this film, even though they took great pains to sidestep around other potentially harmful stereotypes during production. Because we were not given a voice then, we are using our voice now and asking you to boycott this offensive and demeaning film. We are asking you to change the conversation and stop using the word "retard". We are asking you to spread the word about both so that our fellow citizens with intellectual disabilities can be treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Be a fan of dignity and Ban the R-Word! Visit www.r-word.org and pledge to stop using this hurtful language. Patricia Fegan, Ph.D. President & CEO - Special Olympics MD
  17. Seriously? I just wasted my time trying to explain to you how this works and this is your response? I think I'll move on because there's nothing more to be had here...
  18. What is your problem here? Are you just playing devil's advocate or do you have some other motivation? You seem to have taken some type of stance that we have gone after Matusz or something. I'm not sure what you are looking for here really. We can keep playing the "what if game" or the "maybe he meant...." game all day long but it's really not going to change anything. There's a right way and wrong way to do things. He's young and inexperienced so it's not a big deal that he choose to personalize the e-mails, but in reality, you don't do that unless you are giving an exclusive. It's really that simple. Can you imagine Andy MacPahil writing me an e-mail and then reading the exact same e-mail somewhere else? No, Why, because it's not done that way. I've gotten e-mails from plenty of people in the business from front office people, to managers, to coaches, agents, scouts and players, and I've never gotten one that addressed me personally and then put a statement that everyone in the media also got. Again, I'm not upset at Matusz, nor should anyone else be, but it's not the way things are done and he'll learn that.
  19. The only problem with that is he didn't address the e-mail like it was going to multiple outlets. He addressed the e-mail Mr Pente, which to me meant it was for me and the Hangout. Now, had he stated, Dear members of the media, it would have been pretty obvious this was a statement for multiple outlets and would have been treated as such. I've been doing this for a little while now so i know the difference between press release statements and personally addressed e-mails. Either way, the kid is new at all of this and perhaps he was just trying to be respectful (which he was) and didn't realize his note would come off looking like an exclusive when it was addressed personally instead of what he was going for which was mass media. Like I said, he's a young kid in all of this "game" and really, it's not a big deal one way or the other. Whether his agent crafted the words or Matusz did it on his own, realistically, it's not going to matter much in the negotiations with the Orioles. The Orioles are not going to feel any more pressure from the fans in the last three days of this thing then they are already under to get this done. To me, really this is about Matusz showing some goodwill towards the fans and I don't see anything wrong with that. If it was designed to be an agent-inspired PR stunt, then I would question the methods of Agar because honestly, I don't see any of this affecting the negotiations one way or the other.
  20. I doubt that unless Agar's idea of what's fair is way above last year's slot money. I have no idea of the actual dollar amount the Orioles have offered since I don't talk money with Joe during negotiations and MacPhail does not negotiate through the media. However, I do know that Joe has gone from completely understanding of the "process" to increasing "concerned" about how these negotiations have gone forward. The one thing we've heard from MacPhail about all of this is that the Orioles are willing to take a deferred pick next year if things can't get done which sounds to me that they are willing to walk away of they can't get Matusz signed to a "fair" contract. It's easy to say just pay the guy, but the Wieters numbers last year are probably already effecting this year's negotiations and the team can't be held hostage every year while agents try to get $5-6$ million bonuses for amateur players that have never played the game professionally yet because the Orioles suddenly have a history of caving at the last second. Sometimes a line has to be drawn in the sand. Hopefully this won't happen and Matusz will be signed and everyone can move on.
  21. I doubt it because if he did and he didn't give us credit, it would be plagiarism and I'm sure Jeff would not do that. Unless Brian tells me something different, I'll assume he sent it to multiple media outlets including the Sun.
  22. Very interesting that he sent the same e-mail to Zriebec. He did address the e-mail to me personally so I didn't take it as a PR stunt. Obviously the wording was very careful and I figured his agent was probably behind some of it, but either way, I find it interesting that he would address an e-mail personally then send the exact message to other outlets. While we appreciate the fact that he wants to "reach out" to the fans, he'll need to work on the part of PR that differentiates between something personally addressed and a "press release" statement.
  23. Funny stuff indeed. I still think Bonds deserves number one, even if Cobb did beat up the guy with no hands.
  24. But you can't just spend spend spend. If the orioles thought Martin was worth $700k, I'm pretty sure they would give it to him. They don't. It's bad business and a slippery slope to get into the mode of "overpay" everyone.
  25. it really comes down to value for the money. The Orioles can not afford to just waste money on high profile guys so they need to be smart. Jarrett Martin will not be signed because he wants $700,000 which is more than Bundy and even though the Orioles like him, they don't think he's worth that money, especially with the concerns about his command. All I was saying is if you think Landers is worth $400K and he wants $600k (I'm making these numbers up on Landers because I don't know) and the Orioles don't sign Matusz, use that money to give Landers the extra money. I signing Landers, Brady and Martin better than signing Matusz, especially if he doesn't come down from his current demands? I just think it's an interesting question to ask and I don't have the answer for it.
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