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    Nolan Reimold

    Whether he plays LF or RF is no different when it comes to having instincts. Also, contrary to some people's opinions, players don't suddenly play a different game in the major leagues. Reimold is a very talented young man who has 421 minor legaue games of experience, not to mention college, high school, summer league and little league under his belt. during this minor league time he has shown a penchant for doing things like throwing to the wrong base or hesitating because he wasn't sure where to go with a throw. Perhaps he will gain some better instincts the more he plays, but it comes down to the fact that when he does things like this, it's not just "roookie nerves" or "needng time to adjust," but rather par for his career. Again, this does not make him a terrible outfielder and I certainly believe when it comes down to it he can be an average to slighly above-average defensive left fielder in the big leagues. He moves well when underway, he tracks balls pretty well to the left or right of him and has a strong arm that at times can be accurate. The only thing that frustrtates me a bit is when people chalk it up to the big leagues. Same with base running. Base runnig is no different in the big league s so unless the guy just started to play the day he made the big leagues, a rookie mistake on the base paths is really a big misnomer in my opinion.
  2. Tony-OH

    Nolan Reimold

    Yeah, I'm not sure how you came up with the conclusion that Scott made his comments on one play. That would suggest he's making a reactionary post and I think that's disrespectful to Scott. Scott has viewed for himself as well read my scouting reports on Reimold and these plays are not extremely out of the ordinary. Reimold has his strong points (hitting for power, ability have good at bats, decent speed, strong arm), but he has his lapses that fans and the team will just need to accept. Reimold is not a terrible fielder, just one that will have these mental lapses on the field occasionally.
  3. Glad to here you made it, but dissapointed you didn't say hello. I think we'll make this a new site rule, "If you are new to Hangout night, introduce yourself to SOMEONE." Honestly, only Silent James bites and that's only the opposing team's fans.
  4. I tell you what, after tonight, if you don't want to be part of that kind of energy you don't want to be an Orioles fan. What a fantastic night and I'm stoked about tomorrow night!! This is going to be the best Hangout ever!!! Wieters, Reimold, Jones, and Markakis in the lineup, Guthriw on the hill... and I'm betting 35 thousand plus to watch the O's win their 6th straight!!!
  5. Great outing by Bergesen. I know he wanted to finish but really I would have pulled him as soon as he gave up the hit to Polanco. Either way, let JJ get the double play here and then the last out and enjoy the 4th straight win!!!
  6. No one is warming in the pen. Bergesen is coming out for the ninth.
  7. You are good to go, thanks for the support.
  8. I'm sure it doesn't hurt. But it also doesn't hurt when you have your A-stuff.
  9. He's certainly on his A-game tonight.. Great control, great sink and hard late breaking slider... Give me a solid 7 and I'm happy, complete game shutout on Wieters debut? Too much to ask???
  10. Seriously, I haven't experienced anything like this in quite a while.
  11. You know what's nice?? The stadium is now a good 3/4 or more full and it's very, very Orange!! A true home field!!!
  13. Good job by Samuel on that one. Thomas has a hell of an arm. which now makes me wonder, What the hell was Mora thinking running on that guy?
  14. I think Jones may just a be step or two quicker than Mora.
  15. Great read by Roberts on that ball. He never hesitated and made it to third without a problem.
  16. His slider is outstanding. It's probably the best I've seen it with good hard, late break.
  17. Mora looks like he's running quick sand. I thought he was going to make that with no porblem until I saw how slow he was running. Any average runner makes that...
  18. Here we go folks... T-minus two batters until Wieters is up!!! So much for that Grand slam in his first at bat!
  19. Nice Slider by Bergesen... K'd up Inge...
  20. There's a real buzz in the crowd. I haven't felt this kind of excitement in a long time. the "O" was the loudest I've heard it in a long time and the stadium is only 1/2 fll so far.
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