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  1. An interesting thread once you get away from the bickering. I liked what I saw from Montanez in Bowie. He's balanced at the plate, hits the ball hard to all fields, and has pull power and gap power to right. Defensively, I don't see him killing a team in center field, but he hasn't played there much so it's a lot to ask a guy to play a position he hasn't played much in the major leagues. At 26-years old (he'll be 27 in December), and as a former number one pick (3rd overall), I wouldn't put it past him that he just might be a late bloomer. He's not just hitting mistake pitches and he makes adjustments during the game at the plate. I kept asking scout after scout about him and their opinions varied from "He's an organizational player" to "He might have a chance be a solid 4th outfielder." I kept watching Montanez closer and closer and I couldn't find a major flaw in his game. Now, will he be overmatched by big league pitchers? We won't know that until he faces that type of pitching. I'd like to see Montanez play 4-5 times a week and see what they have. As for Reimold, I do think he's ready to contribute with the bat, but I also think his average will end up being pretty low and he might not have the power everyone expects right away. Big league pitchers are going to go to a steady diet of off speed pitches against him and the concern is he'll press, and get himself into a slump if he doesn't hit right away. Defensively I would not put him in center field. Although he runs fairly good once he gets going, he struggles at times in the outfield with jumps and taking good routes and when he was moved away from his comfort zone in RF to LF, I was told he looked completely lost on the first hit right at him. Imagine that in the big leagues in center field where guys really drive the ball and the CF needs good instincts in order to read balls that slice, fade, and come right at them? Unless another injury occurs I'd probably like to see Reimold play out the year in Bowie and then get a September call up.
  2. Wow, that's crazy talk. It's much easier to slam Trembley for playing Payton then actually thinking that Lou just got off a long flight and it might not be fair to throw him into his first big league game jet lagged against a guy who's won double digit games for the last seven years. Now, if this is next week and Montanez is not getting playing time, I'll be with everyone, but please, this is bordering on ridiculous that people are actually making a big deal of this tonight.
  3. The Hangout has learned that Lou Montanez was pulled for tonight's game with Bowie and is heading to Anaheim for his first taste of big league ball. Although this is unconfirmed yet by the Orioles, it would seem that this could mean that Adam Jones could be heading to the disabled list. More when it becomes available.
  4. If you like Barry Peppers, rent The Snow Walker. He was very good in this film. BTW, my underrated actor would be Michael k. Williams. Mostly known as Omar Little on the Wire, whenever I've seen him in other shows or movies he's always excellent.
  5. You make some good points, but after 11 losing seasons (yes, I think we will end up with a losing season this year), dwindling attendance, and an owner who is not a spring chicken, I don't see the Orioles being willing to go into a complete rebuild that would most likely end up with three or more losing seasons on top of the of the 11 we're in now. We play in the American League East which is different than any division in baseball. To compete year in and year out, you need good scouting, a willingness to pay over slot in the amateur draft, increased spending and scouting in Latin America and in also a bigger presence in the international scouting scene. Thankfully the Orioles are starting to do some of these things, but at the same time, they need to up their payroll into the $110-$120 million range smartly. That means keeping the guys close to free agency that are part of their future (ie-Markakis, Guthrie, and probably Roberts) and then going out and getting the right pieces that make sense. Mark Teixeira might make sense if the Orioles can get him for around $20, but if he wants more or he wants 8-10 years, the Orioles have to be willing to look elsewhere. Unfortunately, the 2009 free agency crop is pretty weak in impact bat that are young enough to be effective over the next five to six years. Tex and Adam Dunn are the only two that I see, so hopefully the O's will get one of them. If not, you have to look towards 2010 when unfortunately, the crop is even weaker. What does this all mean? That I tend to agree with you that we need to work towards acquiring a young impact bat with some of our pitching because unless we can land Tex or Dunn this off season, there's not a lot of help going to available through free agency over the next two years.
  6. Agreed. All of those guys plus Reimold will need to be added to the 40-man this off season which is one of the reasons I don't mind seeing Wieters not brought up to the majors this year. The good news is we have a lot of guys who we can take off the roster: Payton, Castro, Cintron, Aquino, and Millar will come off due to free agency and Jeff Fiorentino, Eider Torres, Oscar Salazar, Adam Loewen, and Fredy Deza can all come off without concern of loss although I would try and resign Salazar to a minor league contract. That enough open spots to easily add Montanez, Reimold, Bergesen (who may be on the 40-man soon anyways), Hernandez, Spoone, Berken, Mickolio and possibly Erbe. Hopefully the Orioles will have either Tex or Dunn and a new shortstop on the roster as well.
  7. If he doesn't make the Orioles Hangout minor league Player of the night I'll fire the managing editor. Seriously though, he's having a hell of a year and is truly making scouts take another look at him. Like I said a few months back, I just couldn't find the holes in his game and I liked him. If the Orioles don't put him on the 40-man this offseason he'll certainly be on somebody elses this winter.
  8. If I had any, you'd have them. I think a lot of these guys are going to go down to the wire now though.
  9. I thought Ed Rogers was an 19-year old kid who made it to AA and played reasonably well and was going to be the Orioles shortstop of the future. Too bad he was already 22.
  10. That's what I hear, but his arm strength will need to return because I heard it wasn't this good still this summer. If he can be a high OBP guy, steal some bases and play a good solid major league shortstop, he's a got a chance to be an every day major league shortstop.
  11. Who assured you of what? I've never heard any Orioles official ever give a time table as to when Matusz would be signed. Link?
  12. Take a look at Roberts junior year stats and then Miclat's. Even though Miclat was coming off of a shoulder surgery, they are no where close in the power department.
  13. Here's the thing with Bergesen, he has to be perfect with his stuff to succeed in the major leagues because none of his pitches grade out above average. Now the good thing is his command is definitely above average almost near the plus-plus range on the scouting scale. He gets good sink and run with his fastball but he gets a little too enamored with it because he's getting Double-A hitters out with it. My concern is unless he can spot his slider and change up for strikes on the corners as well, major league hitters will be able to hit that sinking fastball. Will they ground out, certainly, but they are going to hit him and hit him hard when he doesn't hit his spots. Look at Daniel Cabrera. The movement on Cabrera's fastball is down right nasty most of the time and he still gets hit and hit hard when he doesn't hit his spots. Now the good thing is his velocity keeps improving and he's sitting at 90-92 with an occasional 93 and that helps him to keep batters honest. His slider has improved although it's still below average but he'll need to use his change ups more effectively, especially against lefties. He's having great success right now and I think when it's all said and done he's going to have a nice long career in the major leagues due to his great control and moving fastball. Whether he can stay as a back of the rotation starter remains to be seen and that will depend on the command and quality of his off speed offerings and his ability to stay out of the middle of the plate. I think Bergesen will show he's ready for the major leagues when he's comfortable enough to throw his off speed pitches in any count and at any time and still have success.
  14. Complete and utter over reaction by the umpire. No warning, no nothing. Ridiculous!!!
  15. Cindy, with all due respect, do not repeat your question. If people want to respond, they will. If they don't, either it did get lost in the chatter or maybe people just don't know the answer or maybe they don't want to respond. Please give up the begging and give us a bit of a break, ok? You have every right to post all you like, but don't hijack the thread by asking people TWICE to answer you question. If you must know, Roch is a very frequent reader of the board. Now back to the Old Fan argument with all the rest of you!!
  16. This is simple. Crow is screwwing things up for Matusz and the Orioles. Matusz will sign with the Orioles but he's not going to sign and then see Washington cave in and meet Crow's demands. Unfortunately, all it takes is one or more idiot agents to screw all the rest of the deals up. I just wish that baseball would go into a hard slotting system for at least the 1st 15 picks of the 1st round. Unfortunately this is what it is, but the Orioles will sign Matusz. Unfortunately, the situation is costing Matusz some valuable professional innings and could delay his progression to the Orioles by at least a half year unless he's lights out with a Wieters-like progression.
  17. Let's hope "she" doesn't have him at the bottom of a hole in "her" house. "It puts the lotion in the skin." :laughlol:
  18. I'm not paying you to hunt that down either.
  19. IHeartMASN IHeartMASN IHeartMASN IHeartMASN :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::clap3::clap3:
  20. All I can say if a user is actually upset over all of this they may have been more involved with bikini than most. It's extremely dissapointing to actually see someone get upset over this to the point my moderators had to take action. Whether you got caught up with "her" or whether you knew bikini was not real from the beginning, or somewhere in between, it doesn't really matter. Her original photos were of a real person and it's understandable if a youg woman shows interest in you to show it back. Now, when she suddenly becomes "too interested" in you sight unseen, that's when I suspect the red flags should go up. When you find out she's PMing half the guys on the board, red flags, red flashing lights, and sirens should go off. When she changes her photos to some bikini model who wasn't the same as the person before, Chris Hansen should be e-mailing you telling you to stay away. Seriously though, I don't think anyone thinks less of you no matter where you fall on the spectrum. Now to get all bent out of shape because of all of this is immature and ridiculous.
  21. Tony-OH

    Single A Brawl

    The pitcher who threw the ball was Julio Castillo and he sent a fan to the hospital. He was rightfully arrested and charged with one count of felonious assault. He is in the Montgomery County Jail and has a court appearance Friday. If I were the Cubs, I'd immediately release this idiot. Besides the fact that only a coward throws baseball or bats in a brawl, but he earlier threw at a guys head. It's apparent that this idiot can not control his emotions and there's no place in baseball for this kind of individual. After he's convicted, he should serve his time and then be deported.
  22. Hey, we don't know it was an old man. It could have been a young marine. :laughlol:
  23. Trust me, Bobmc won't be exclusive to that group....
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