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  1. We plan on having some name tags for everyone so people can write their usernames and real names. Pregame starts at 5 PM. Just head up to the third floor and enjoy. We'll give out two tickets to future game for whoever brings the most people besides themselves. Just find me before 6PM.
  2. Tony-OH

    DCab DFA'd

    I'm not sure he's that guys anymore. His velocity his down and his stuff is just not that good. I think he's just an unathletic guy who's body is starting to stiffen up with age and his abilities are suffering for it.
  3. Absolutely.. Didn't mean to skip them since all will be in this picture in the next few years. It's a great problem to have, isn't it?
  4. Tony-OH

    DCab DFA'd

    Besides Manny Acta, who I like, there is nothing to like about how the Nationals are run as an organization. Grant it, I like Cabrera personally so I think that last comment was totally unneccesary, but after watching Cabrera pitch last season, it was obvious that there was something wrong because the velocity was gone and he was tough to watch. His release is not a surprise, but someone will probably pick him up and give him a chance.
  5. This is right on IMHO. Both Bergesen and Berken will most likely settle into solid relievers on a good club (hopefully the Orioles) but could add value as back of the rotation kind of guys if needed. Bergesen's stuff won't allow him to go deep into games too often and Berken's track record suggests he tires by the 5th/6th inning. The best part with these guys is the fact that they are showing they can get big league hitter out and that they can part of the future here or part of a package for 3B/SS of the future kind of guy we still probably need. Like a few people have said, when these guys are your late teens/early 20s prospects things are looking up. What would our pitching staff look like if Bergesen and Berken were in that bullpen with Tillman, Arrieta and Matusz in the rotation along with Guthrie? Maybe one of them stays on as the 5th starter or maybe Zach Britton continues to come on fast and finds himself in that rotation as well? The Orioles have very deep depth in pitching prospects right now and Bergesen and Berken are just the tip of the pitching iceberg.
  6. Absolutely, in fact we encourage people to bring "non-Hangout" people because maybe they will become Hangouters one day. Either way, everyone is invited.
  7. Down the third base line in section 358 rows AA,BB, CC and DD. No more concerns over not getting tickets with other Hangouters because these sections will be for Hangouters only. Tickets this year are $10: Tickets normally sell for $18 in this section. GET TICKETS by calling the Dan Stahl with the Orioles at: 410-547-6239
  8. Anyone out there? Only seven coming to this from the board? Really? A beautiful late May Saturday evening with great discounts on food, beverages and tickets and not much support? Should we stop these events? I'm not upset, but just wondering, why so little support? Is it us? The O's? The venue?
  9. Tony-OH

    Pedro Florimon

    Florimon has been added to the prospect tracker. He's officially back on the scene.
  10. I'll disagree. One of the reasons the Orioles liked Ray as a closer is because of his confidence and personality. Getting hammered in the big leagues is doing nothing for him and I don't buy the argument of working with Kranitz is worth watching him get torched. Let him find himself in AAA and then when he's back he can contribute. I still think he can be part of a major league bullpen one day. Just not now...
  11. And this really has been his problem all year. He'll flash some of his old self with good movement on the fastball, but he just misses way too much in the middle of the plate and he can't afford that at 93 MPH. Add in the fact that he seems scared to throw his splitter (probably because of the elbow), and he doesn't look like he's ready to be in the big leagues.
  12. I'm not against bringing up Perez, but Castillo has been pitching well against lefties and is in AAA while Perez has been dominating AA. Perez also only pitched in back to back games once this year and that's been his MO that he cannot pitch in successive days. Guess I'd like to see him work as a LOOGY in Norfolk first before putting him in that role in the big leagues.
  13. I'm going to disagree with you about Ray not looking bad. You've been in his corner all year, and that's commendable, but Ray has not looked good just about all year. The movement is not what it was and his location continues to be poor. He's basically throwing the ball right down the middle of the plate and has been all year. The numbers don't lie, he's terrible right now. He needs to find himself down in the minors.
  14. If it's me, I'm sending ray to the minors and releasing Walker. I'm bringing up Patton (I'd prefer to bring up Hernandez but he can't pitch Tuesday) to start Tuesday and bringing up Castillo to be the LOOGY.
  15. Not a big surprise that Ray and Walker could not protect a one-run lead. Niether have any reason to be on a major league roster. walker is done and Ray needs to be in the minors until he regain his location and movement.
  16. And that my friends should be the end of Jamie Walker...
  17. Bergesen pitched pretty well overall but made a bad pitch to Adam Dunn for a two-run homer. he did however pick up his first major league hit and showed a better swing than Brandon Fahey. Markakis had two-run triple that almost went out and Josh Willingham made one of the worse defensive misplays I've seen from a major league outfielder since Ken Gerhart.
  18. I believe at this point it's Mr. Jones....
  19. Remember though, that's what we said about him from last year. David has cut down on his walks and from what I've heard, he's impressed a lot of people with his stuff this year. Now I would need to see him personally to tell you the difference, but the stats he's putting up in AAA suggest he could have some success in the big leagues. I think he's earned the chance to start in the big leagues and if that doesn't work out then they can try him in the pen.
  20. Hellsss yeah.. I love me some adam Jones....
  21. I've only had five beers, but i would have taken that bet... Finally Brian gets a clutch hit, now Adam needs to bring them home....
  22. Have you been hanging out with 1970??
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