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  1. Outstanding Greg. We will keep her and your family in our prayers.
  2. Well, they say no publicity can be bad publicity, but this sure might be close.
  3. So let me see. Some of you guys fell for a "bikini swimsuit model" who not only changed her picture to someone else (from the originals), had invited several of you to places like North Carolins and Salisbury despite the fact that she supposedly lived in Utah? A few of you might not want to visit the young girl who was chatting with you either before you end up on 20/20.
  4. It's really hard to say because every situation is different. I know Joe is getting a last look at a lot of these guys before making offers. I doubt he'll be able to sign them all, but I do think there's a good chance we sign two to three of them.
  5. I've never said how much the Orioles offered because I don't know the exact amount. Other people have said second round money, but not me. All I've said is that the Orioles want to sign Brady and they will make a good run at getting him signed. Like I've also said all along is that the kid needs to go with his heart and do what he wants to do. If that's go to college, good for him. If it's become a professional baseball player, good for all of us because from what I've heard he's got good stuff and is advanced for his age. To be fair, Brady could go to college and develop into a star and end up getting first round money, which is more than the orioles are going to offer now, but going to college takes on inhereant injury risks, especially with college programs that have been known to ride their starters pretty hard. If he's 18 or 19 years old and he's getting run out there for 100 plus pitches start, that's probably not going to be good for him long term. In the minors he will have professional coaches and development program designed for him to maximize his potential. Of course another avenue is for Brady to go to a community college, have a big year and get drafted higher, perhaps in the first round if he puts up a big season. He's got an interesting decision ahead. If I could give him some advice, I'd tell him to follow his heart and do what feels right. There is no wrong answer here and he's lucky to have such opportunities at a young age. Now the Orioles fan in me would love to see him sign and get into the system because he sounds like he could have a high ceiling when it's all said and done. however, if he doesn't take the money the Orioles do have other pitchers like Bundy, Landers, and Martin to look at as well. I doubt the Orioles have enough money to sign them all, but I know they would certainly like to get as many as possible under control.
  6. I tend to agree with this. My preference is to see Smith start the year at QB with Flacco as the backup and Boller as number three. I wouldn't have a huge problem seeing Flacco enter as the number three guy early on, but would hope he'd show enough to warrant the backup spot, kind of like Roethisberger did his rookie year.
  7. Tony-OH

    Luis Montanez

    I say this again, I think people may end up very surprised what this guy will do in the future. Of course I take it into consideration this is basically his third season in Double-A and he's 26 years old, but let's face it, the guy does enough for me to see him having at least a career as a 4th outfielder. He hits right-handers as well as left-handers, he hits to all fields, he has some pop, and he plays an good left field with an average left fielders arm. He doesn't strike out much and although he's doesn't walk a ton, he's not a free swingin hacker. I could see Montanez having a similar career as Jay Payton if given a chance.
  8. <p><p><p>On top of the Ba'ath party's conference center just East of the Bagdhad International airport. The palace behind me is called the "Perfume Palace" and it's where I worked out of while I was over in Iraq.</p></p></p>

  9. I will have some extra tickets at Edgars. Either way, you can buy tickets at the box office the day of as well as far as i know.
  10. Smith definitely showed me enough last year that he should get every opportunity to be the starter at the beginning of the year. I've always liked what I saw from Smith and and although he's obviously not the long term solution with Flacco here now, he certainly can be a decent place holder. I just don't want to see Flacco thrown into the fire right away and end up like Boller.
  11. The one thing I will give you is the consistency of your opinion. Tou probably thought the Orioles were contenders this year and it's Trembley's fault a team that was supposed to be historically bad has actually been in most games this year. In case you didn't notice between your rants, even in games in which the Orioles lose they are always a play or two away from winning despite the fact if you go talent by talent with the other team the orioles are not eve close. Every time I've been in the lockeroom I've seen most of the team eating at the table in the middle talking with each other. In year's past maybe one or two would be there with everyone else scattered or have their backs to each other. This team has stuck together and played above their heads for most of the year, and Trembley deserves a huge amount of credit for that. I keep hearing the few of you talk about his bullpen mismanagement, but his closer was in the All-Star game and he's the one who saw that Johnson deserved to be a much bigger role quickly and moved him into the main setup guy from mop up guy. He's adjusted roles by effectiveness or thereof for the most part and it's hard to blame him for Walker's lack of effectiveness and then injury. It's not his fault he has three starters that may give him five innings so of course his bullpen is going to be overwork. However, he's done a good job of getting guys like Cormier into the right situations and has used F Cabrera well before throwing him into the fire. I just don't get or know what you Trembley bashers are expecting from him? The team plays hard every night, they've been competitive all year despite having a lack of talent, and he's adjusted lineups and the bullpen due to effectiveness or lack thereof. I saw one poster blame him for not playing Luke Scott everyday, yet he was doing that when Scott was hit. Scott is extremely streaky and I've seen Trembley adjust his playing time accordingly. Trembley is the first manager we've had here since Davey Johnson that I have full confidence that he's thinking ahead in games. He doesn't get caught with the wrong guy in the wrong situation unless he's stuck by the lack of talent on his roster.
  12. No offense, but you really ought to pay a little more attention on how professional baseball teams are run. MacPhail has the ultimate responsibility to put players on the roster. He promotes and demotes players although I'm sure Trembley has a big say. I hate the idea of a 13-man pitching staff until I realize this rotation has three guys that you are lucky to get five innings out of. Blaming Trembley for the lack of promotion of Bergesen is pretty funny though.
  13. Right on the mark for the most part. I don't know about moving Mora to SS, but he is what he is and contractually he's going nowhere. That's not Trembley's fault.
  14. Sorry bigbird. I'm not buying that the management is upset with Trembley. Trembley has used the bullpen as well as anyone given his lack of starting pitching. Back up your suggestion that these things are not being addressed. Because unlike you, I was in the lockerroom last night and talked with both Trembley and Shelby and both have been trying to work on things. I'm not going to get into specifics, but Trembley knows there are still some knuckleheads on this team when it comes to playing the game right and unfortunately, it's the hand he's dealt. Do you really think anyone can get players like Mora and Hernandez to be smart players? Trembley is part of the solution and although he's not perfect, there's absolutely no reason to think he's in trouble. Please make sure to differentiate between what you are hearing and your opinion, because this comment sounds a lot more like opinion than organizational thoughts.
  15. Sorry, but I disagree. Trembley has addressed these issues and he does it through personally talking to players as well as working through his coaches like John Shelby, who's in charge of base running. The coaches can not go out there and make runners use common sense on the base paths. Mora by himself has always been this kind of player. He's never been a good base runner and takes way too many chances on the base paths in poor situation. Some of the mistakes on the base paths this year have been because of over aggressiveness and a lot of that comes from the fact that the team is not exactly an offensive juggernaut and even when they are scoring they know with their current starting rotation that they better score a lot. For the most part, the team seems very sound fundamentally in the field and the only blemish has been the terrible base running, which to me has more to do with the players than the coaching staff. Seriously, if you don''t know how to run the bases by the time you reach the majors, no coaching is going to get through now.
  16. I have a very hard time believing that. That would go against everything I've heard and there is absolutely no possible reason on earth to not sign Trembley up long term. If Trembley was not brought back I'd be shocked, outraged, and would need to hear a pretty darn good reason from MacPhail as to why. Actually, I can't even fathom that unless there are some underlying issues that we're not aware of.
  17. Anyone want to guess that Mrs Billy Smith doesn't frequent the Hangout message boards?
  18. Nothing new on Matusz. Joe is very confident it will get done but things need to run it's course. I certainly wish he would sign soon though because it would be really good for him to get a few innings under his belt this year. As slow as the Orioles are to promote, I'd hate to see him have to start and stay in Frederick for a good part of next year like Arrieta.
  19. Here's the latest. Beal threw a bullpen session for the Orioles a few days ago and the Orioles hope to have something done with him shortly. Joe is heading out to see Landers pitch here shortly and although has has not seen Charles, they are still interested in getting something done with him. Look for things to start to shake out in the next two weeks or so with a lot of these guys.
  20. Don't forget our Rivals days... good times... http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://orioles.rivals.com
  21. I have to admit this is pretty cool. I haven't read some of this stuff since, well, since 2001. It's pretty cool how they archived some of this stuff, especially the old message board talk.
  22. That line is pretty darn funny if you ask me.
  23. Excellent, excellent point.... It's rarely a cookie cutter approach. The Orioles on average promote cautiously, especially in season since David has taken over. He prefers full season stops and only promotes prospects when they are no longer getting value out of the league they are playing in (example Wieters). There are certainly more AAAA starting pitchers in the International League and more prospects in the Eastern League. Adding that to the fact that Norfolk is not good on the confidence of any power hitter, it makes sense for me to see guys like Reimold and Montanez stay at Bowie.
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