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  1. Just to be clear, I said Stockstill said that there were better pitching prospects in Double-A and that's why Reimold and Montanez were both still there. I never said anything about Jordan saying anything like this, especially since Jordan does not have any current as to where players are moved within the system.
  2. Even Jordan admits Hoes power ceiling is probably 15-20 homers a season but probable will settle into a 10-15 guy. If he can draw walks, and hit around .300, he's going to become a very valuable number two hitter or possibly even a lead off guy. I love the K:BB ratio in the GCL League. Most new professional players are very anxious and with the hot sun and long days, plate discipline is usually not a common occurrence. However Hoes is showing he has advanced plate discipline and for me, that's a great base to build upon as he matures as a player both physically and mentally. As for the power, who cares in the GCL League? The fences are usually far, the hitting backgrounds are not great, and in many fields wind can blow in so the last thing I worry about with 18-year old hitters in the GCL League is power numbers. Age, plate discipline, average then power is how I do statistical analysis in the GCL League.
  3. You got it. Tracy and Rob are our first couple to meet at OH, get married, and now will have a baby. They're the Hangout's first couple and the baby will be our first baby. That deserves some stuff...
  4. My wife and I will be there and we have a few things for the Hangout's first baby so we're glad you and Tracy are going to be there. We'll bring it to Edgar's. Scott and his wife and I believe his father will be there. John Domen will be there as well our Frederick reporter Adam Vencill. Perhaps Paul will stop by as well.
  5. Any reviews on this game yet? I'm kind of interested in getting this.
  6. I can say definitively that it doesn't exist, but I've never heard that every high school draft pick is guaranteed scholarship money. Perhaps they are allowed some off season tuition assistance or something, but it's not like they get a full ride anywhere, just for going pro out of high school.
  7. Hangout SATURDAY Night at the Yard!!! Tickets this year are $8 for: Hangout LF Upper Box seats, section 384. Tickets normally sell for $15 in this section. GET TICKETS by calling Dan Stahl with the Orioles at 410-547-6239. Suggestion: Although you can get tickets to Hangout nights up to the day of the game, Buy your tickets early in order to make sure you are as close to the main section of folks. If the upper box seats are sold out, ask for the Upper Reserve section 384 for $6 a ticket. Our staff tickets are in Rows AA and BB seats 15-24 We will pregame at Edgar's starting at 5 PM. Hope to see everyone there.... Let us know who's coming!!!
  8. I disagree. Journalism is changing thanks to the internet and people don't want columns anymore, they want quick snippets like blogs. As long as the facts are checked, and I know Roch checks his stuff, the blog format is the future and it's why you see guys like Connolly and others doing it now as well. Funny, Connolly spent time basically bashing me and this site in a radio interview after the Roberts issue and now he's blogging pretty much everyday the last time I checked. The best thing about internet is the masses get the opportunity to decide what they want to read.The public will decide who they believe and who they don't care about by the number of people who visit the site/blog. That's the best part of the internet. It used to be you only had a few people's opinions to go by and they set the mood for the entire city. I always wondered had the internet been around back when Rosenthal and the Sun was running Eddie Murray out of town, would that have turned out differently? Now, Joe fan can write eloquently on the Hangout's message board and be read by journalists, tv/radio personalities, scouts, players and front office people.
  9. Perhaps you and your should read my Matusz and 2008 draft update. Seriously though, I think Brady is going to have to walk away from a lot of money to go to Clemson. Like I said before, if he chooses that direction, we'll wish him luck, but it will not be because the O's did not make a significant offer. I know for a fact that the Orioles really like Brady's potential and of course it doesn't hurt that he pitches for Dean Albany this summer. This gave Joe Jordan opportunities to see him pitch and that's never a bad thing if you are draftee trying to get over slot money.
  10. The thing some people need to remember is that the Sun couldn't pay Frobby or a Jon Wilt the money they make in their real jobs. Sports is fun, but it certainly doesn't pay all that much unless you get to the elite level. So there's no reason to believe that there are not plenty of smarter, more talented guys on this message board and others than those who are paid to cover sports. That's not meant to degrade guys like Roch, who work very hard at what they do while providing us all with a lot of inside information we don't get anywhere else, it's just all part of the internet reality. In the past, reporters had all the information, the daily stats, the game notes, and of course the access. Now with the internet, people have numerous sites to get their information from so they can form pretty educated opinions on players and teams. Does that mean everyone is right? Of course not. Does it mean that reporters aren't privvy to inside information that they can't always print but use in other ways, of course not. It just means in this internet age, you can't just offhandedly say a guy on a message board is just a fan and doesn't have all the info. They might not have it all, but they certainly can get a good chunk of it nowadays. Considering the extremely intelligence people that make up our society, it would be foolish not to think that some could be a better sportswriter then some of the people that do it for a living. The good sports writers are learning fast and they're the ones that are engaging the public and using forums like ours here. It only takes a brief listen on the sports radio dials or the papers to see a lot of the same topics are being discussed there as they are here. And a lot of times, it's after the discussion started here first.
  11. There's a whole thread in the minors forum on his signing... http://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/showthread.php?t=66729
  12. I won't get into specifics but I have very good feeling the O's will sign Brady.
  13. According to Joe, MacPhail has been very supportive of what's he's trying to do in the draft. It's really coming down to whether Joe and his scouts think they're worth the money they are asking for.
  14. I talked with Joe Jordan about Adams and he thinks it's just a matter of him not keeping his feet moving while making the routine play. He saw him make two outstanding plays to while going left and right, but threw the ball away on a routine grounder when he threw the ball flat footed to first base. So basically, this doesn't seem to be anything mental, but more has to do with him struggling with the everyday play. According to Joe, he has a 65 arm which means he has the arm strength to play on the left side of the infield. I don't personally see him having the foot speed or quickness to play short, but he could probably play third base. That being said, I'd like to see Henson play second base so it might be a good idea to switch them over the last six weeks of the season to see how they do. That said, 40 errors is a serious issue and unless he really develops some power
  15. The night I saw him in Aberdeen he was consistently 92-95 MPH with hard late breaking curve and flashed a decent change up. He did not have a lot of effort in his delivery in my opinion but his command was not there with his breaking stuff and he seemed to lose focus at times on the mound after something did not go good. I was told he was still in the 91-93 range last year (I didn't see him) so I thought maybe he was taking something off in order to have better command. Now he's in the upper 80s and that's a bad trend, especially for a guy who probably needed the velocity to overcome some of the command issues. I'm certainly not throwing in the towel on the guy, but he's certainly dropped out of the top ten and Hernandez has most likely put himself into it if he can finish off the season well.
  16. He's right there after them along with Bergesen, Britton, Noel and Penn (even though he's no longer a rookie). Bascom may also be included in that next tier but Hernandez would be at the top of the next tier most likely.
  17. That video of his movies over the years was pretty sweet though.
  18. Quite simply because there's more to our rankings then going only by the stats. I'm quite happy with where we ranked Hernandez last year and I think he's still going to end up lower than a lot of people will think on this year's list. Do I think he's in the top ten, most likely. But he's not in the top tier pitching prospects like Tillman, Arrieta, Spoone (when healthy) and Matusz (when he signs). I think Hernandez will pitch in the major leagues, but I'm still not convinced it will be as a starter when it's all said and done. He needs to command his secondary offerings better and more consistently. What I like about him is his fastball misses bats, sorta like George Sherrill. I really think he'll be able to have success in the major leagues for an inning or two with his current stuff, especially if he can command his off speed offerings better. He's taken steps forward this year in some areas but has regressed in others. His strikeout rate has stayed the same but his walk rate his gone back up to where it was in Delmarva, and that's not a good sign especially for a fly ball pitcher. He'll move up to Norfolk next year and will be added to the 40-man roster this off season. There's nothing wrong with being excited about a player, but you I'm sure you know we take more than the stats into consideration when we make our rankings. BTW, as for Beato, his velocity really fell off this year and that's very worrisome, especially when coming off a sub par year last year. I wonder if he's been hiding something the last two years because the stuff I saw when he was in Aberdeen was pretty special. He's certainly taken a step back this year unfortunately and will certainly be below Hernandez on this year's list.
  19. I still would not have brought in Sherrill. Nice game overall though.
  20. Ok, this time i'm going to say Trembley had no reason to bring in Sherrill after Fahey's error. I think this was a mistake.
  21. Pleas check with CCBILL if you are having trouble accessing the plus material
  22. He is not signed and probably won't be. I just checked with Jordan today.
  23. Thanks for the support.. http://www.orioleshangout.com/joinNow.asp
  24. Here's the website I'm planning on going to see Brady and Martin pitch soon.
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