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  1. Look at Danys Baez with the screaming liner in the book!!
  2. Freakin' Ayeee... nice play by Guzman there.
  3. Nice play by Cesar there.. Last year we didn't have one shortstop that could have made that play.
  4. Thanks, it's been part of the reason why I haven't been around here much of late. It's certainly not fun.... Great poster by the way. May have pitched my first tent to that one..
  5. We gotta get something off of Kip Wells. I mean, c'mon...Kip frickin' Wells....
  6. Hernandez was amazing though and that's WAAAYYYY more important.
  7. By the way, I like your tribute to Farrah. A real shame what she's going though. I just lost my mother to cancer so I can certainly feel what the family is going through.
  8. Markakis is .267/.329/.520/.849 in May which is good for normal human beings, but not Markakis.
  9. Baez looks like he's flying open...
  10. My son can't stand that kid. He's like, "I wanna punch that kid in the face." What can I say, he's a wrestler.
  11. Yeah, I agree, Nick is certainly struggling right now. It would be nice if Huff or someone else would get hot to make up for it.
  12. I have to say i like the way the Jewish girl says "twoooo" in that one commercial.
  13. These are the same fans that booed Johnson when the curveball slipped and went over Belliard's head.
  14. BTW, these MASN Nats commercials are annoying because they are exactly like the Orioles ones. It really dilutes the effectiveness when you realize the other team has the same commercials.
  15. I wouldn't pitch to Adam either with a left-hander and Markakis up. Nick needs a good at bat here.
  16. He's still due..ugghhhh! C'mon Adam, show him how a clutch hit is done...
  17. I told my 12-year old son about David's night and his comment was , "has has to come up." I couldn't agree more. It's time to see what David can do against big league batters.
  18. Bing, bing, bing!! We have a winner folks! Trembley does not have the team he wants and has not had the team he wanted since day one. However, besides this Eaton nonsense, I can understand the business decisions that have come into making out this roster. Trembley understands this as well, but he wants to win, and you can be certain he'd rather be writing Wieters into the lineup and Tillman/Hernandez/Arrieta and Patton into either the lineup or bullpen. He may want to add Berken to that liast as well.
  19. Tony-OH

    Nolan Reimold

    This very well may be the case. Left Field is regarded as being the easiest of the outfield positions and Reimold may just find he fits better there.
  20. Tony-OH

    Nolan Reimold

    I certainly think Reimold will have enough bat for a DH spot, but I don't want it to seem like I'm saying he can't play defense effectively. I think he'll end up an average or possible slightly above average defensive left fielder.
  21. Tony-OH

    Nolan Reimold

    I think Burrell could end up being a pretty decent comp but I think Reimold will strike out less and maybe hit for a little higher average. Burrell may also get the nod in power a bit, but that's more to do with the fact that Reimold gives up some power for average and less strikeouts with two strikes.
  22. Tony-OH

    Nolan Reimold

    I like Steve, but this comment is ridiculous and since we've had this discussion many times, I know he's trying to single me out here. That's fine, I stand by my assessments, but let's get a few things straight. First off, Steve is the Jim Hunter of the minor leagues. He's going to give you the cheery outlook on everything Orioles and he's also a talking head for David Stockstill and the player development folks. That's all well and good and he provides a lot of good information that the Orioles want to get out. Me on the other hand, I have to actually do analysis and scouting while also talking with many other scouts and coaches. I feel the fans deserve a complete picture on players and not just what the Orioles organization wants to get out. so for Steve to say I had little basis to question Reimold's defense is just irresponsible. I've seen Reimold get bad jumps and take bad routes and I've seen him make poor throws. I've seen him go into the right field corner and come up and not really know where to throw the ball with runners on base (instincts). I've also talked with multiple observers that saw similar things and told me other stories. Now, does this mean he can't improve these short comings? Absoultely not. Stockstill reported Reimold worked very hard in the AFL on his left field defense and that could very well be paying off. No one has ever questioned his athleticism so perhaps it's all coming together, but to suggest his short comings were not there is just plain ridiculous. I'll be the first one to congratulate Reimold or any other player who improves upon his shortcomings but only the most naive commentators would suggest a player in the minors did not have "short comings" they needed to improve.
  23. Tony-OH

    Nolan Reimold

    It's my job here at the site when evalutating players to be vocal about player's strengths and "short comings". I ranked Reimold the Orioles #7 overall prospect, so I think while pointing out things he needed to improve upon, I obviously felt he could become a solid major league player. I've only seen Reimold for a few games while he's been up so I can't say what the major differences are, but I will say is that players do improve with development and the Orioles have taken their time with his development. I just love the fact when a player does bad when he arrives it's because the organization rushed him, but when he does well he was held back. Maybe the Orioles took their time with Reimold for a reason and he's fulfilling his promise because of it? Maybe this truly is a case of very good player development. The longer Reimold stays up here and goes through the league a few times his holes may show up. Like with any players, the league will adjust to him and it will be his job to adjust back. Perhaps he's closed some holes in his swing and from what I've seen so far he does seem more balanced at the plate. These are good signs. But before we start throwing around "What happened" and "Why was everyone down on the guy?" Let's see how he reacts to his first slump and how he adjusts once the league adjusts to him. Also, I never really heard too many guys be totally down on Reimold. Scouts have differing opinions on him and that's probably because he's been a streaky guy over his career. If a guy catches him in a tailspin he's certainly going to get written up lower than a guy who saw him when he was red-hot. Let's hope Reimold reaches his ceiling and becomes an impact left fielder, but the worse case for me is that he becomes 420 at bat, .260/.340/.490 guy in the big leagues and that's not too bad.
  24. Maybe you should be FLosman because I always though of you as Floss man (dental floss) so I get the thong/butt floss thing Bob was going for. :laughlol:
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