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  1. It was meant to be condescending. That's what you deserve after your note that made it sound like we would have been complaining if Sherrill threw another pitch with the same result despite the fact that we explained EXACTLY why we thought it was a terrible call. You want to disagree that's fine, but don't sit here and act like I'm upset because you disagree. I was condescending because you tried to make it look like we were being reactionary, and that's not the case. Dempsey just said the same thing VATech and I said. Say what you want about Dempsey but he knows a little bit about calling games.
  2. No, they would not and this is an idiotic statement!!! If you can't comprehend the reasoning as to why Hernandez should not have called three straight sliders in the same spot then i can't help you. Frankly, I'm surprised at this unintelligent post from you. You act if guys like myself an VAtech are some reactionary fans who have no clue how this game is played.
  3. I hear ya, but this is not on Trembley. It made sense to get him back on the horse if he's your closer. He had already used Johnson for a inning and a third and no one else in that pen should be anywhere near a lead in the ninth. Let's face it, Sherrill was pitching well until his dingbat catcher called three straight sliders in the same place. Little League catchers know better than that.
  4. No offense, but if you are going to disagree with me, perhaps you should be freakin' paying close attention. Sometimes I think you just try to follow me around and disagree for the sake of disagreeing. in this caase, you just make yourself looking foolish by saying you didn't have a problem with pitch selection (thus disagreeing with my main point), the go about saying you weren't really paying attention and then ask if Ramon gave a location? Goodness gracious, buy a clue before you post. :eektf::eektf:
  5. Ever notice Jeremy Guthrie with Ramon?
  6. You won't get a blast from me. If Loewen is ineffective, they might want to consider using Sherrill against the tough lefties again or in the Jamie Walker role. Johnson can close for me right now, but the problem is replacing Johnson as the main setup guy. Maybe Sherrill can take that role but right now, I don't want him facing a tough right-hander.
  7. I agree with the fact that ultimately, Sherrill does bare the responsibility. But, if you notice, he doesn't shake off his catchers much. Hernandez set up his pitcher to fail.
  8. I agree that Sherrill gets part of the blame, but Hernandez can't possibly think a third straight slider in the exact same spot is a good idea. Not only is it not a good idea anytime, but especially after Sherrill just gave up a home run the previous day on the same pitch in the same location. A catcher's job is to understand the flow of the game, the hitter, the pitcher, and the situation. A could find about thousand high school catchers who are smarter than to call that pitch in that location. If Sherrill misses on a low inside slider to a right-handed batter he's got a good chance of doing exactly what he just did. Was it a bad pitch by Sherrill, sure. Is Sherrill pretty darn stupid for not shaking him off, absolutely, but Hernandez just cemented his reputation as a poor pitch caller.
  9. Utterly idiotic pitch selection and placement by Ramon Hernandez. As soon as I saw him go down and in I was like, "No way!" Sherrill throws two sliders down and in and had guys swinging through high fastballs all day. Olivio is a pull hitter. A Single-A moron catcher knows to call the fastball away after the first two pitches. Yes, George Sherrill shares the blame for not being smart enough to shake off a ridiculous pitch selection. But I repeat, this is the exact reason why a lot of pitchers don't like being caught by Ramon. His stupid pitch selections are part of his legacy and this one just blew the second straight game.
  10. Another things that David Stockstill has told me is that the market over there has really changed because of the money involved. The guys who now house and feed these young plyaers and act as their "agents" are now providing them good nutrition and good instruction, so they are now no longer the complete wildcards. He believes the players now are easier to gauge as to their ceilings because of the better conditions from whcih they now comes from. Either way, he does not see the Orioles getting into the bidding wars for the top guys because he's yet to see a guy worth the money he was going to get or at least not worth the amount of risk. The recent upgrades to their Dominican facility along with Felipe Alou Jr. taking over as the administrator down there should help the Orioles with the mid-range guys who don't command the huge bucks but who have a decent upside. One of the first guys is Garabez Rosa with the the GCL O's. He's off to a nice start and hopefully will be the beginning of new pipeline of talent from the Dominican for the O's.
  11. They generally know what the players are looking for so Joe and his scouts will evaluate them during their summer league seasons and determine whether they make an offer or not.
  12. Unbelievable. The umpire misses strike three the pitch before and then Sherrill throws a flat slider to that little punk who basically poses after he hits the walkoff like he's Barry Freakin' Bonds. He's lucky he's in the National League because if we faced him again the next pitch should be in his freakin' ear. What a little punk.... I think this is the last game I watch on Sundays. This team is cursed on Sundays.
  13. To see two grown adults having a childish fight in the middle of game thread is very disappointing. I'll just dock both of your rep points and suggest you both refrain from this kind of stuff in the future. Take it offline or to PMs next time.
  14. Show me the post where someone has passed judgment on Jones?
  15. I don't think I said that, but if I did, I meant Brady. Beal is not on Dean's team this year.
  16. Kevin Brady the Orioles 44th round pick this year tossed four shutout innings allowing just one hit and one walk while striking out nine last night for the Youse's Maryland Orioles in college summer league action. In attendance for the game was scouting director Joe Jordan so you have to imagine he's helped himself out. Brady was consistently 90-92 MPH last night. He has struck out 18 in nine innings of work and is yet to allow an earned run in a college league despite being a recent high school graduate. Also, Naval Academy pitcher and O's 43rd round pick Oliver Drake also threw last night allowing two runs on five hits and a walk over four innings. Drake also was 90-92 last night. The team is managed by Orioles area scout Dean Albany and according to him, the Orioles are interested in signing both pitchers. Drake has a major decision to make since this is the only time he can leave the academy without having to pay back anything or without a commitment. Drake has to decide if his future is in professional baseball or the Navy.
  17. I'd be shocked if he doesn't hit well there. He's probably going to strike out a little bit more often, but I see him putting up a .850 OPS or better.
  18. Outstanding post. I too believe he will figure this out. From all reports he's hard worker who will put in the time to get better, but I don't think he'll ever be a high OBP guy.
  19. I looked at those stats and saw pretty good plate discipline even at a young age. I'll admit, I share some concerns with Roy about Adam Jones because of his poor plate discipline, but the Tori Hunter comp is still a pretty good one in my opinion. The comparison to Nick Markakis, although convenient, really don't hold much weight because Markakis had always had much better plate discipline through the minors. Now Jones put up much better minor league numbers (power and average) than Hunter, but Jones also played in some of the best hitter's league around in the California, Texas, and Pacific Coast Leagues. Now, saying all that, I'm not upset where he's at right now because this is the kind of the player I expected this year. He's hit better in June, and I think the power will come when he gets stronger. He's got the bat speed and he's had some real nice at bats this year that give hope that his pitch recognition will improve with experience. Oh, and by the way, just because someone has concerns about a player does not mean they've given up on them or think they are a bust. I'd have zero concerns if his plate discipline was better but his 96-17 K-BB ratio in 437 big league plate appearances is worthy of some concern as was his 442-154 minor league K-BB ratio. I still believe Jones is going to be the center fielder of the future here, but he'll need to improve his plate discipline if he's going to become a star.
  20. David says he's pitching where he needs to be at right now. Says the back is not too bad and something he needs to pitch through. I also asked specifically about Mattaliano and he said they are getting him a good foundation to build upon.
  21. Yep. I talked with David Stockstill tonight. Wieters is the only move here at the break besides some injury spot start stuff. He'll be in Bowie tomorrow night.
  22. Belly-bucking= Broke back mountain.. Not that there's anything wrong with that!!
  23. That was a bad at bat by Cintron. Very, very poor hitting for a guy who's in the lineup for his bat, not his defense.
  24. Wieters will not be in the majors as anything other than a starter. The Orioles would probably go with Heinz or Davis backing up Quiroz until Wieters is ready to play everyday if Hernandez is moved.
  25. Everyone is allowed their opinion, but I would hope there's a little bit of difference between a fan's opinion and my opinion. Trust me when I say my opinion is not a lonely one from a scouting standpoint. It's shared by many folks who do this for a living. Saying that, no one ever questioned whether or not Reimold is having fun out there or even that he shows a lack of effort. I've never seen him not give an effort. That's not an issue at all from my standpoint.
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