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  1. Goodness gracious our pass defense is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E.
  2. Great. Maybe he just got his bell rung....
  3. Who's hurt? He looks really hurt by the way he was holding his arms up.. Hope he's ok.
  4. No kidding, I want to hear someone say, "The Ravens would give up 26 first half points to the Titans and oh by the way, Mughelli will run over a guy on a screen pass for a TD."
  5. Nice play by McNair and Mughelli. Was that his first NFL TD?
  6. Hopefully this is just a stinger. He was moving his legs after the hit so that's at least good.
  7. Absolutely. Not challenging that call set the tone for the game so far. It was like the players just went, "you don't challenge that, guess this game doesn't matter?"
  8. Did you see Reed not tackle the TE on the first drive? I'm hoping he's still injured because that was an embarrasing effort.
  9. McCallister is nowhere near a top corner anymore. Not only does he constantly get flagged for penalties, he gives so much cushion and is beat underneath it's become a joke watching him play. Well, I cleaned out and organized the garage yesterday but I still need to do my tools. Think I'll go and do that and top watching this mess.
  10. Mr. optimism, huh? Are you watching this game? The team is so flat and uninspired it's almost unimaginable they could mount a comeback.
  11. No way Billick pulls McNair unless he gets hurt. It's bad enough McNair is getting embarrassed by his former team, but getting pulled would be horrible for him.
  12. Billick needs to stop pacing around like "What's happening?" and get in the team's face. What a truly, and utterly disgraceful performance.
  13. This reminds me off the Detroit game last year. Truly an embarrassing game all around so far. By the way, I know you love McAllister, but he's truly the most undisciplined player in the league. Oh, an Samari Rolle is finished as a godd football player.
  14. This is going to be one of those games. The team is just flat, both offensively (minus the blown coverage TD pass) and especially defensively. Right now, the Ravens are just embarrassing themselves.
  15. I'd trade Liz for Johnson in a heart beat.
  16. McNair still be may be learning the offense, and that may be contributing to his struggles, but it doesn't account for the lack of zip and inaccuracy he's displayed this year. The whispers around the NFL before McNair came here was his arm had really disappeared. Well, I've seen nothing this you that doesn't prove the whispers right. I agree with you about McNair leadership and bringing him in when the alternative was another year with Boller as the unquestioned starter was the right move, no doubt. But he problem is we have a coach who has proven over the years that he does not adapt his players to the the situation at hand. It was like in 2001 when he stuck with Grbec even though the O-line was so bad that they had to have a mobile QB at the helm to do anything. Cunnigham had one last hurrah left and even if he didn't, there was no way the Ravens were going to go anywhere in the playoffs with the statue back there. Everyone knew this but stubborn Billick didn't adjust and the Ravens went one and done. This team can be a playoff team because the defense can be that good (I'm going to pretend Rolle's meltdown was an aberration and not the beginning of his decline), but the offense will have to do something or we'll get murdered by Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.
  17. The thing is, I was happy with 4-0, but there was no way I really thought this team was a real 4-0 team. Yes, we've lost to two good teams, but guess what, if you want to be in the Super Bowl, you have to beat good teams. I've seen enough of McNair to know he's finished as an everyday starting QB in the NFL. The arm is no longer there. Pure and simple. He has the leadership and guts you love, and he might be able to help manage a game and hope the defense just dominates, but he's through being any type of an answer at QB. As for Billick, everyone knows where I stand on him and nothing I've seen this year changes that mindset. I'm fairly happy with a 4-2 start but by the way we've played this year offensively, this team easily could be a 2-4 team and boy would fans be upset. Right now most of the fans that are upset are the ones that truly see the same inadequacies that have always befallen a Billick-led team. Poor offense, questionable play calling, sticking with guys when everyone can see they are finished, and poor clock management. These are the staples of a Billick team, and no "new" Billick is going to change that apparently. Also, Ozzie has to start taking the blame here as well. He drafted Boller and traded for McNair. He's also seen Drew Brees hit the free agency market and didn't even vaguely bite. I like Ozzie, but somewhere along the line he's got to start standing up and taking blame or else fire the coach that gets limited to no offensive production ever.
  18. If we don't give them that 15 seconds, I think they wouldn't have been able to knee down. Stupid clock management but then again, that's a staple of a Billick team.
  19. I agree. I don't see anything from this team that tells me it's anything but a crappy offensive Billick team.
  20. Oh well. Seems fitting for the stake to the heart to be a pass. Too bad it wasn't agaisnt Rolle, just to make it all right.
  21. They have toi stop them here!! Terrible clock management though.
  22. Tell you what, I hate to say this, Boller may be a better option then McNair right now. Boller is going to make mistakes, and he's going to be inaccurate at times, but he's moving the offense, something the Ravens have not done with McNoodleArm. The one thing I have liked about Boller today is that he's running much better then he ever has. Very decisive when he runs.
  23. Regardless of the fact Rolle should have some safety help on that play, there is no way he should be that far behind a receiver. I have now witnessed the worse cornerback performance I've ever seen in 30 years of watching football. Besides two completely lucky TD passes, we should be getting blown out. Pitiful performance today, but that's what happens when one team is a contender, and one is a pretender.
  24. Very true, but realistically this team could be 2-4 and it looks a lot more like a 2-4 team then a 4-2 team offensively.
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