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  1. Not if Mr. two yards and fall keeps getting the ball.
  2. Lets hope McNair has another fourth quarter magic drive in him because hes indecisive and inaccurate so far again.
  3. Agreed. Mike Anderson would have been my choice!!!
  4. All the reasons to run the ball if you ask me. It was 3rd and inches, not 3rd and three.
  5. Although I agree McNair underthrew the Heap pass, I don't agree on our own 45 it's a great play call on 3rd and inches. WE have three big backs. If we can't get a few inches we don't deserve the first down.
  6. I agree on Moore. It's laughable that the Ravens once said they didn't need Burress when he was a free agent because Clarence Moore would be better. Uh, Mr. softee is not going to be better then Burress EVER!
  7. The Ravens ran over a 2-1 ratio of plays than the Broncos ran, that's what I mean by dominating. All I know is if you are going to throw a jumpball, you make sure your fourth string WR knows to knock it down if he can't catch it. Stupid turnover. The Ravens should be up 9-3 if they run on 3rd and inches and if McNair doesn't throw the interception. Basically we are tied thanks to dumb play calling by Fassell.
  8. One of the problems is that the Ravens always try to get cute on 3rd and short instead of shoving the ball down the oppenents throats. The Ravens lost out again then tgave up the big punt return. The Ravens have dominated but are tied 3-3.
  9. Thankfully we "nearly" won, instead of "nearly" lost.
  10. A few thoughts and questions: 1) Glad to see McNair finally show up in the last quarter and half of the game. He was scary inaccurate early on and the offense was well, a lot like a normal Ravens offense. His toughness, leadership, and ability to stay calm brought this team back. 2) I'll take a win no matter what, but man were we helped by a ridiculously stupid play call at the Browns goalline. How in the world do you pass in that situation? Not to take anything away from McAllister, who made a great play, but that play call was so stupid I could hear John scream all the way from Baltimore. 3) Dear defense, maybe someone should cover Winslow? In case you were wondering he was wearing #80 and kept catching the ball on 3rd down. 4) Derrick Mason was amazing today. He personally kept us in the game as McNair was trying to find his accuracy. 5) Is Gus Johnson from Cleveland? I mean, Tasker was ok, but Johnson literally sounded like we were watching the Browns home telecast? I think BALTbird had the best comment earlier in this thread about him. Funny stuff.... 6) As good as Bart Scott is on run defense and pass rush, he's not exactly a good cover linebacker. I still think he's exciting to watch though and is going to be very, very good in this league. 7) Is it just me, or is the only time I've heard Ngata's name is when he intercepted the batted ball? He may not be making any plays, but Ray Lewis and Kelly Gregg are reaping the rewards of him being in there. At least I think so! 8) We miss Chester Taylor on third down. Not having a a good third down pass catching back has taken away a valuable piece of that third down offense. 9) Have the Ravens faced more 3rd down and five than any team on the face of the earth? 10) Tasker was right about the Ravens late in their game winning drive. Why they are passing twice on 2nd and two and 3rd and two with two timeouts and 30 seconds left on the 35 yard line? I mean, it all worked out, but that late game play calling was only topped by the Browns ridiculous pass call earlier in the quarter.
  11. Sean Welsh of the Baltimore Examiner will have a good piece in tomorrow's paper. He's got a comment from Chris Gomez, the first player to recognize the protest publicly that I'm aware of.
  12. BTW, i just saw an usher behind home plate move two guys out of fourth row empty seats. These apparent "cheaters" actually had tickets for the tenth row in the same section. Just Wow!!!
  13. I take that estimate back, on the double play that ended the Tigers 8th, the crowd was clearly O's heavy. they were just quiet all day since the team is down 3-2.
  14. Tell you what, whatever remains of the 17,877 is about 75% Tigers fan. That's just pitiful.
  15. Demand drives ticket prices.
  16. Yep, they have filed out of the stadium. The place is crazy quiet now. No life....
  17. Trust me, you are not kidding. The guy who said that is a first class jerk, and no it wasn't my buddy from the Washington Post.
  18. A guy from the examiner who was in the stands counted the protesters at 885 as they walked by....
  19. That's for sure. They kept coming out and out. It certainly looked like it could have been 1000-1200 people, but that's just an estimate. They were certainly vocal....
  20. The press box is mixed. One wag just said the crowd was made up of, "98 percent male, 110 percent stupid." Others think it's fairly impressive. It really depends on who you overhear. John Eisenberg and Peter Schmuck our here but I haven't seen any national guys.
  21. Yeah, they were yelling "Free the birds", but it petered out after a few minutes. now it's an occasional yell.
  22. They are now walking in one line through the seating bowl yelling "Sell our Team".
  23. The vast majority that stayed left after Tatis flew out for the first out. Maybe 50 people remain scattered through the upper left field deck.
  24. Ok, they have started to chat "Sell our Team." it's 5;07.... It's 5:08 and they are heading out of the park while chanting "Sell our team" Meanwhile the O's threaten to tie the game with loaded bases and no outs... Some are staying in their seats.
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