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  1. Does it matter being around midfield? Are corner seats okay? All the college games I've been to we've been seated midfield, but obviously when the game's on the opposite side of the field you might need binoculars. Price difference is pretty big for midfield vs corner.
  2. Its like high 30s for high corner seats. I thought that was reasonable.
  3. I'm debating whether to buy tix to the Rams/Ravens game this weekend. I live in LA (obviously) and so the Ravens come to town about twice a decade. That said. I'd probably buy the nosebleeds, as I can't really stomach the idea of paying $500 for a pair of decent seats. What do you think about buying tickets to watch live? I've only seen college games at the stadium (a couple UMD games and one USC game.) Never NFL games.
  4. I think the Haynesworth incident is worse, because Rudolph instigated the fight by grabbing Garrett’s helmet. Haynesworth just stepped on him unprovoked, and caused much more serious injury to Gurode. still inexcusable. I thought that 5 games, the same as Haynesworth got, would have been about right. Instead it’s 6+, but the league is clamping down on these kinds of things so it makes sense and it’s in the ballpark.
  5. Trying something to resolve the issue of game length certainly has inherent value. You miss all the shots you don’t take. But the elephant in the room is ad time between innings. Cut ad time by another 20 seconds per half inning. That’s 6 minutes right there.
  6. I like that baseball is trying something here - though I think I would let managers sort out who they bring up, but limit the number of pitchers allowed on the roster.
  7. Is it only 2 minutes? If you're reducing the average number of mid-inning pitching changes per game by 3, that will shave around 10-12 minutes from the game. (assuming 3-4 minutes in between changes) That's about 1/3 of difference in average game time from the good ol' days to now. You could save a few more minutes by reducing the commercial breaks to 1:45 instead of 2:05. That would save another 5-6 minutes. On the topic of 8pm game starts. the NFL has no problem starting games at 8 or 8:30, for games that regularly take 3 and a half hours.
  8. In fairness when you score 2 defensive touchdowns and score a TD on every offensive drive in like 3 minutes or less, it’s really hard for the defense to get off the field.
  9. We've had a few players in the past few years that walked a fair amount. Nick walked 99 times in 2004. Brian Roberts and Chris Davis both had multiple seasons with more than 80 walks. I believe that being a good hitter and having having at minimum, gap doubles power, is a prerequisite for walking a lot, and we haven't had a lot of good hitters.
  10. Weren't all his fumbles on either botched handoffs or botched snaps? That's what I remember.
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