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  1. For 4/44 and the possibility of an extra prospect in 2018 that seems like reasonable production.
  2. I'm saying hello to last week here, but it's a lot easier to say bye to Cruz at 34 than it is to say bye to Markakis, a lifetime Oriole, at 30. We could have signed him to another 4 year deal and he wouldn't have really been in the danger zone in terms of dropoff, especially given his batted ball profile and his likely contract. As it turned out, he produced ok for 3 seasons, and better than ok for 1 season, in the subsequent 4 years. Compared to our actual outfield production that definitely would have been a major upgrade. (for the record I never thought keeping Cruz was a good idea, and the idea of signing him in hindsight only looks good because he was on our team, and because the apparent alternative is Chris Davis. IMO the only way you can justify it is if you are pretty confident that 1: he was juicing, and 2: juicing turns back the clock a few years.)
  3. I mean, I really don't know who would see this team making the tournament in the preseason. If anything, I'm super impressed with how well Turgeon has gotten this offense to work with a collection of role players. I don't even think we're that bad at shooting the ball. Ayala is doing better, Wiggins is doing better, Hamilton is a legit threat outside, Scott has his moments. We just can't play defense against teams with a skilled/athletic/skilled and athletic big man because we don't have the talent in the block.
  4. Marial has looked worse against less-talented players than Dickinson. Unless he's improved his timing there's nothing I've seen out of him in the past that leads me to think that the Terps would be better off playing him. Michigan just played really well and had a bit more talent on their roster than we did. I don't think we can really run with top tier teams if they're firing on all cylinders and Michigan was.
  5. You know, I feel like the 2020 team has the best grasp of the offense of any team that I can remember in the Turgeon era. It's really unfortunate that Turgeon gets the team to play like this the year he doesn't really have the top-end talent on the team to compete. The season's young but I think the team has been more fun to watch than in recent years, despite having better talent and better results in years past.
  6. You were excited for the Glenn Davis trade? I remember my dad being pretty excited, but I was fairly nonplussed. I was like, "Why did we trade for a first baseman when we have the Moose?" I felt like his production was better than his actual stats when I was younger. When I got older (and stats got better) and saw that Milligan's stat lines had aged quite well in the age of modern analysis, I felt vindicated in this belief. To answer your question, the Orioles would have sucked by 2019 if Chris Davis wasn't signed, and the Orioles would have traded him if he were signed and productive. Maybe we wouldn't lose 120 games, but we'd still suck. So while the signing is still a disaster and is likely hampering our recovery efforts, it wasn't quite the unmitigated disaster that the Glenn Davis trade was, where we lost 3 productive players, including 2 perennial all-stars and 1 borderline hall of famer, with the primes of their careers coming up, for a player that broke his jaw in a bar fight.
  7. I can't imagine that the O's would just let him leave to finish his degree without having an understanding a long time ago that he was going to get a chance to do this during the offseason. Maybe it was written into his contract?
  8. What behavior was unacceptable 20 years ago? Bat flipping? Brawls? Bunting to break up a no-hitter, against the shift?
  9. I prefer an age cutoff over following arcane "rookie" rules. Maybe a mix of the two would be ideal? How does this sound: Anyone under 25 and hasn't won the award before is eligible. For people 25+, current rules apply with the exception that players coming from KBO/NPB/other international top level leagues aren't eligible.
  10. Not really that sure if that affected his top speed significantly. I'd feel differently about a torn ACL or a history of hamstring injuries.
  11. While most guys on the top of the speed list are a hair faster in their mid-20s, their top speed doesn't seem to drastically decrease in the early 30s. Sterling Marte posted the second best average sprint speed of his career at age 31, and he is still able to post >30 fps this year at age 32. I am increasingly feeling like baseball performance degradation with age has more to do with the grind and the risk of injury, rather than an actual loss of skill. I suspect that a player like Barry Bonds could still hit Major League pitching at age 56, assuming his vision is still good. The problem is that he can't do it every day, and he certainly can't do it without risking injury at a much higher rate than a younger person. I've noticed similar things in in football, watching players like Darryl Green outrunning everyone at age 40. I think that's why golfers can play into their 40s - aside from being a lower impact sport, you can take weeks off without really hurting your competitive standing, so if you're not feeling great, you take a week off, play a round, hit a few range balls, rehab any nagging injuries, and go back to hitting the ball 400 yards next week.
  12. It's probably made a difference. I'd put that difference at around 10% of the reason, and 90% would be unexpected prospect development + some good luck. No one expected the 2012 Orioles to be any good either, and I don't think anyone thought Duquette brought in any kind of revolutionary scouting/development program in, even though he had a track record of doing those things. Sometimes you just get lucky. The Orioles have gotten lucky less than most, it feels like, so I guess things balance out.
  13. Logically I agree. My "legit hope" was more wishful thinking.
  14. Can you rehab lack of skill? BTW, did anyone have legit hope that Davis might have a comeback this year after mashing in ST version 1? I allowed myself to be fooled despite the fact that my eyes from last season told me he completely lost his bat speed.
  15. so i didn't even know you made a music reference, and i responded with a music reference of my own?
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