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  1. If Wiggins is even a 2nd round pick there isn't a chance he improves his draft stock by staying. He raised his profile quite a bit in the last few weeks of the season, and he's old for a junior, which makes him ancient by NBA draft standards. They did grant seniors another year of eligibility, but I'm not sure if Morsell has anything left to show in the NCAA and at Maryland, given that AFAIK he's already finished his degree. Also I would legitimately worry about a lack of minutes to go around if he didn't graduate with 2 additions that are likely to be starters.
  2. I really don't think Ayala or Scott are going anywhere. Hart and Hamilton will have to fight for Morsell's minutes, but there's room for everyone. There's a lot of smoke around the rumor that Wiggins has already decided to go. If he gets drafted his stock won't be any higher than it is now. There is almost no benefit to sticking around for 4 years if you have the talent to get drafted. Even if he doesn't make it in the NBA he could play in Europe.
  3. I don't think the difference here is large enough to really make a huge difference. A delta of 2 k/9 would probably put the difference at around 30 chances for an entire season. Significant, but I don't think that's game changing.
  4. I kind of thought that 3b was underrated in terms of difficulty, especially after seeing some of the past 3B the Orioles have had kick the ball around there a few times. So I don't think it should be a huge surprise that he can transition. I imagine he's going to screw up some of the rotations on some defensive plays until he gets the hang of it, but if Schoop can play an average-ish 2B then I don't really see why Ruiz can't. Especially if he already has the arm for 3B.
  5. For what it's worth, if Alabama shot like they did vs UCLA we may have won. I recall like 7 made 3 balls that were either heavily contested or were shot from another zip code. That said, Turgeon has shown the ability to be a good in game coach, a good recruiter, and a good developer of talent. The problem is that he is never all three at once, and has never shown himself capable of putting it all together.
  6. I'm aware, but if I recall, the entire team was free to transfer without penalty and Williams convinced him to stay. Turgeon also didn't recruit Len but he convinced him not to decommit.
  7. I think that Gary was greatly underrated as a recruiter, especially early in his career. Yeah, he's no Calipari or Coach K or Roy Williams, but few people are. He still had Joe Smith, Stevie Franchise, and Walt Williams on his squads before he even hung his first Final Four banner.
  8. https://247sports.com/college/maryland/Article/Mark-Turgeon-Maryland-basketball-fired-buyout-leaving-new-job-163011072/ There's a lot of smoke here.
  9. What's your expectations for the Terps? 2 s16? 5? For what it's worth, I think that most Maryland fans have an inflated sense of self-worth when it comes to our place in the historical basketball pecking order. And I kind of am leaning toward wanting Turgeon gone now too.
  10. For what it's worth, if we beat Bama (who I think is an overseed at 2) then we face the winner of UCLA/Abilene Christian in the s16. So this team getting to the round of 8 (and thus getting the furthest in the NCAAT that Turgeon has ever gotten) is not really all that inconceivable. Granted beating Bama is no easy task, but we match up decently with them (they don't have a dominant big man to abuse us in the paint) and we have beaten teams ranked in the low teens or better already so it's not exactly an impossible ask. I honestly thought UConn at 7 was an underseed, especially if Bouknight was playing, but we dominated them, and i agree that this should have been a 15-20 point win if the refs didn't keep bailing out Bouknight.
  11. I think UConn is under-ranked at 7 and I'm not feeling great about this matchup. On the other hand, if we can get past them, I think Bama is beatable. That said, Bouknight is questionable so if he doesn't play or isn't 100% it opens things up a bit.
  12. 10 seed in Michigan's bracket. In the extremely unlikely event that both Maryland and Michigan make the elite 8, that game will be quality entertainment.
  13. I'm not going to get into a discussion of whether Davis is a good person, because I don’t know better and I think your feelings on the subject are clear, and I trust your judgment. However, I don't think it's on Davis to do the "right thing" and give back millions to a billionaire family. It takes 2 to tango here and the Orioles gave a contract to a high risk player that had a significant chance of blowing up in their faces. Maybe it was impossible to predict that it would be as bad as it has been, but the risk was there and well known. It's not up to Davis to bail the Orioles out.
  14. Can't blame them for dreaming.
  15. I mean, the Angeloses saved like 12 million by not releasing him. We're probably resigned to another season of watching Davis suck, if not for the likelihood (hope) that part of the 2021 season is cancelled and they won't be on the hook for the salary.
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