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  1. I've said this before but I dont think Turgeon inherited a significantly better situation than Gary, and certainly Turgeon has had to deal with a lot of fallout from administration ineptness and ancillary fallout from the football program having its head stuck inside its rear end. Gary tended to beat expectations, but his expectations were generally lower because of the caliber players he recruited.
  2. Wait, I thought Turgeon is doing great as far as recruiting goes. It's the results with said recruits that's the point of contention.
  3. I don't really think that being geographically close to talent has any benefit to attracting said talent to your school. Sure, it's logistically easier to plan recruiting trips, but the recruits don't give you any leg up when making their decisions. it's 100% program funding, support from school admin/leadership, and coach.
  4. I actually think this loss isn't one you should judge the team on. We got hosed this game by a lot of things, and it took a miracle inbounds play on their part followed by a super un-clutch defensive performance by Morsell to lose us the game. But if you had this opinion because of the Penn State, Seton Hall, and Iowa games (especially the Iowa game, holy crap that was a poopshow) I wouldn't blame you in the least bit. I certainly wouldn't expect you to change that opinion after this game. My only other comment here is that everyone in the B1G is losing on the road, so at least we're in good company.
  5. Has the inbounds passer always been considered live before he steps back inbounds? I've never quite seen a play like that before and honestly, assuming it was called correctly, I'm not a fan of that rule. I don't feel like the inbounds player should be considered in play until he is inside the court.
  6. 180 yards rushing? We were also 3 scores down and our leading RB wasn't 100%...
  7. I understand why you would blame the playcalling, and at first, I would have agreed with you. But the Ravens did everything that got them to the postseason, with only minor modifications, specifically around giving the ball to Ingram. They ran for 185, they passed for 345, and they controlled the clock. But when you turn the ball over 3 times, it's really hard to win unless you get some takeaways yourself. Lamar had 3 turnovers. One of them was on a fumble, one of them was a bad decision, one of them was bad luck on a tip. Oh, and they allowed almost 200 yards rushing to Henry. I would probably argue that Roman's playcalling put the team in a position to win. It was 3 turnovers and 4 failed 4th down conversions that did us in.
  8. He was the first player that came to mind on this topic, lol.
  9. Baseball has, in the past, largely turned a blind eye to in-game cheating with respect to hall of fame admission. I don't think this affects his HOF resume much, if at all. Though it's possible that in the twitter, righteous-fury, cancel culture of the 2010s, he does see a negative effect. A bit of thread derailment, but I feel like this is inconsistent with baseball's view on PEDs.
  10. That's not a hammer, that's a meteor. Holy hell. I honestly didn't think it was worth this amount of punishment.
  11. what in the world. 71-42. How does that offense score 42 points?
  12. They started fast. They decided to play like crap for the last 10 minutes of the first half this time.
  13. I wonder if the increased distance/time zone change as a result of being in the Big-10 versus the ACC has anything to do with the Terps sucking on the road every year.
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