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  1. My bad. I'm sure you have a collection of craft beer growlers for game day.
  2. This isn't really a hill to die on, dude. Frobby likes what he likes. He's free to watch the games in the comfort of his own home, sipping on a glass of his favorite wine that he poured for himself. You're free to go to tailgates with paint on your face and barbeque yourself Michelin-Star worthy ribs while downing 6 beers.
  3. I took a look at that Mike Evans touchdown. Peters played him tight up to about 15 yards, and then just let him run by, and by the time he realized there was no one over the top to cover him, it was too late. It was a definite blunder by Peters, but I believe it was because he got the play wrong and played underneath because he was expecting safety help. To throw more salt on that wound, the defensive playcall in that situation was pretty atrocious in my opinion. LA played cover-0 and stacked 8 in the box on 2nd and 5, and seemed to be selling out against the run. The LBs are standing there in running lanes instead of rushing the QB. As a result Winston had waaaaay too much time to make that pass. There's no reason for LA to be lined up in this way in an intermediate-yardage situation in the middle of the field.
  4. A bit of a tangent, but I get the sense that GMs are over-prioritizing youth to the extent that some 28-30 year olds with some quality mileage left can be had for a bit of a bargain, especially in the trade market.
  5. Sure, but do we blame Thrift for Brea in particular?
  6. Do we blame Thrift for the post-9/11 crackdown on age fraud among Dominicans? Because the baseball world thought that Brea was 21. I'm not opposed to answering "yes" to that question, especially if we can find evidence that there were rumors of possible age-fraud in his case or in others.
  7. I'm of the opinion that the Redskins being dysfunctional are what led to RG3 flaming out. He as a QB first, runner second, and he put up fantastic numbers as a rookie. But the Redskins decision to protect him with 5 pieces of cardboard masquerading as offensive linemen (including during a PRESEASON GAME! WHO LETS THEIR STAR QB TAKE THAT MANY HITS DURING THE PRESEASON??) are what led to his injuries and subsequent ineffectiveness. It's a travesty that he largely got blackballed for a bunch of BS reasons after what the 'Skins did to him. That franchise needs a new owner more than the Orioles.
  8. That's interesting. If our pass rush is average, then that would put most of the blame on the secondary. This probably closer reflects what I'm seeing. I think that, in defense of the pass rush, the problems with the secondary make it hard to load up on sacks, but if they were a truly elite unit it wouldn't matter because the pressure even from a 4 man rush would be overwhelming. Lets see how the Seahawks do against us.
  9. I don't know how the Ravens manage to turn a 500-yard offense day into an ugly win, but they somehow managed. I'll take it. Still thankful that the rest of the division is filled with trash cans this season.
  10. I thought that was kind of questionable on McPhee. He seemed like he was falling over.
  11. Wins are fairly expensive. 8 million/FA win this year. It's hard to imagine a world where a non-injured Villar isn't worth at least 6 WAR over the next 3 years. Given that, he's a pretty safe bet to provide a lot of surplus value at 3/30 even assuming no increase in cost/win.
  12. On the topic of the Andrews PI, Harbaugh said in the post-game that he couldn't challenge it because the change-in-possession was already under review and that PI would be included in that review.
  13. That looked like a knuckleball in the air. Great kick!
  14. Are we blaming Jackson for the interception where Andrews was wrapped up 5 yards before the ball got there? Or the ball that bounced off Boyle's helmet? Those were pretty good passes IMO. While I think Harbaugh should have challenged that PI no-call, the success rate of PI challenges has been really terrible this year even on obvious PI, so I can sort of understand the logic behind not throwing the red flag.
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