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  1. With the size of the strike zone the ump was giving that seems like a miracle. At least 4 pitches in these ABs that were clear strikes.
  2. Look at that immaculate strike zone. You might have to click thru to see it.
  3. I think this is a reasonably likely explanation, and I also think that it's a possibility that you should plan for. Maybe instead of drafting 8 college seniors in the back end of the draft, they could have drafted 7 and 1 extra lottery ticket that they might be able to sign if some of their picks sign for less than expected.
  4. I honestly didn't realize Gray Rod was so heavily panned. I had to go back and read the draft thread. I really liked the pick. Thinking back, I thought the comparison to Hobgood wasn't all that great. I don't like to go by physical appearences, but GrayRod clearly had a better handle on how to build his body appropriately for baseball and he carried his weight much, much better. Also, Hobgood was a good 20-30 lbs heavier while being shorter.
  5. I like a lot of the players taken day 1 and 2 and I generally like taking college hitters. Day 3 is perplexing to me though. A few covid sophomores, but also a ton of college seniors with a lot of mileage on their arms and no leverage in contract negotiations. It seems like college players are still generally better bets to perform in the majors but I really don't like taking pitchers that are frequently overworked, and especially not seniors. And if we went underslot with our first round pick, who are our overslot players? Willems and Trimble? I don't see a whole lot else.
  6. You like these picks? I'm not a huge fan of college senior pitchers, and they just took 2 of them. I get that COVID and the wacky truncated draft last year had something to do with it, so I won't judge them too harshly for it, but that doesn't mean I have to like them.
  7. This is such a weird draft all around. I get that covid had something to do with it, but ehhhhhh.... I am not really a fan of drafting college senior pitchers.
  8. This is a solid post. I'm kind of the opposite of you for hitters to be honest. I prefer college bats. I prefer high school or juco arms. College coaches tend to overuse their pitchers.
  9. Does upside really matter if your overall grade on the college player is higher? And Norby may require a bit of overslot, since his mock draft position skyrocketed recently and he can still go back to school. Or worded a bit differently, how much upside would be necessary to pick a player that maybe you have ranked a bit lower?
  10. This is obviously not real criteria for a draft pick, but it would have been cool to have drafted Rocker and have the first (to my knowledge) MLB player of Indian descent in the majors.
  11. It's hard to have more granularity than that when predicting player performances 3+ years out. For what it's worth, pretty much only the top-3 picks of any given draft year are worthy of a 55 or 60 fresh out of the draft. They have to perform in pro ball to earn higher valuations. It's what makes the draft so unpredictable in comparison to other pro sports. There are a lot of misses.
  12. Reading between the lines I think he had Cowser a hair under Lawlar but not enough to justify the price difference. Elias has had some success with bucking the talking heads. In 2012 everyone assumed he would pick Mark Appel or Byron Buxton, and most mocks had Correa 3 or 4. He took Correa with 1.1 and it worked out quite well. Buxton would have been fine too but they dodged a bullet with Appel.
  13. Is Diaz a 4th outfielder type because he can't stay on the field? Kind of a big fall for a guy that was OPSing .900+ in AA as a 21 year old when we traded for him...
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