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  1. Of course. I agree that Lamar wouldn't have done nearly as well without his Ravens supporting cast. But keep in mind that other teams had good offensive lines, but didn't have QBs produce as well as Lamar. The Eagles and Colts, for example (1, 3 rated by PFF.) Secondly, even if you believe Darnold is actually a good QB with a terrible cast (a take I find absurd, but we'll roll with it anyway) the fact that the Jets can't surround him with an OL capable of protecting him bodes very negatively for his ability to remain durable for the next 10 years. Orlovsky's take is absolutely ridiculous on multiple fronts. I'm willing to go a step further and say that the Ravens organization, team-building philosophy, and coaching deserve a substantial (maybe as much as 50%) credit for turning Lamar into Lamar, and that he doesn't get all the credit. But that's exactly why you bet on the better organization to produce a better QB, even if Darnold has more raw talent.
  2. Maybe they'll turn the entire season into a participation prize and declare all conference champions co-national champions 😅😃😆
  3. As if the cancellation of classes isnt...
  4. It is official. Super duper bummer.
  5. Okay. Our side of the bracket is Penn State, Michigan State, and Ohio State. So the Terps get a chance to prove you wrong at least. By the way, Wisconsin is only a 1 seed because of a last second win over Minnesota at home, and a miracle win over us at home. So that argument cuts pretty much for every team.
  6. I mean, if you're not happy after we played well for a full 40 minutes vs a top-25 team and beat them by double digits then I really don't know what to tell you.
  7. What is that chop thing that the Rutgers crowd does? Is it supposed to be a knight sword swing?
  8. Ayala hit a 3 finally. We get it down to 6 at the half.
  9. Fair enough. It'll probably be enough for me to think that he won't OPS .550 again. But my bar's pretty high given that it's spring stats, he's been so bad for so long, and, as you said, the only thing that correlates even a little bit is SLG.
  10. Honestly if he slugs .600 in the spring I still won't be all that impressed. If he slugs .800 in the spring I'll feel a bit of hope.
  11. Just so we're clear, there's a lot of space between "entertain the possibility" and "convince."
  12. I posted this before, but I'm willing to entertain the possibility that he's recovered some of his past magic if he mashes for the entire spring. At least with Davis, spring performance seems to have correlated reasonably well with full-season performance. I'm not going to discount his past 2 years entirely, but if he ends Spring with a 1.000 OPS I'd at least be cautiously optimistic that he might be north of .800 for the regular season.
  13. Did he say something about his hip? That would affect his pull rate, for sure.
  14. I mean, I don't blame them. It was many years before WAR or any of it's predecessors existed, much less became mainstream. You make decisions based on the available data, of which there was a lot less back then.
  15. 78-66. It's Michigan State, and it's kind of hard to stop a team that can't miss a 3 when you can't hit them yourself. Other than Cowan playing kind of questionable at times, I didn't think we played that badly other than the fact that we couldn't hit open looks. We also needed to pick up boards better. I counted 3 triples off offensive rebounds that weren't really defendable because we were trying to scramble for the loose ball. And then there's the 60 footer by Winston to end the first half... Pretty generously called game for Maryland by the refs. I still think they call too many touch fouls and not enough contact fouls in the paint, but it is what it is.
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