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  1. I have thought Iglesias could be a prime trade target. It could come this offseason or perhaps we (and an acquiring team) would want to see him off to a good start offensively - even 775 OPS should generate a quality return. Depending on how Iggy is doing would impact the prospect I want back. Top 15ish sounds about right, but maybe more if Iggy does well in April and May ahead of a deal. Iggy should have won the MVP. Crazy to lineup Mountcastle's stats with Santander's and give it to Santander. Anyone voting for Alberto, Nunez or Severino in their top 3 should be disqualified from ever watching baseball again.
  2. I think the focus on the non-player expenses by other posters is correct. We don't know if the Forbes number is a bottoms up approach based on headcount in on front office, scouting department, etc or if it is based on a general metric or something in between. I am pretty sure we had higher non-player expenses in 2019 over 2018 in the following relatively obvious areas - expansion of analytic department including Sig, hiring of Perez for international scouting, higher spend in the 2019 US draft ($8M alone for AR), higher spend internationally. I do not know if DD/Buck cost more or less than Elias/Hyde. Regarding the additional costs related to new equipment, I would assume a large portion of those items would count as capital expenditures and would be capitalized on the balance sheet and expensed through depreciation. The Forbes number for profits is before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. So, it seems possible even likely that even a ground-up analysis of our non-player expenses would not include that equipment - as calculated by Forbes. Regarding the overall Forbes numbers, I would assume it is directionally correct and that our ownership is making quality profits during this period of where the major league team is not competitive.
  3. It is funny - IMO, looking purely at summary offensive stats like OPS and OPS+, it seems like Iglesias has outperformed both Santander and Mountcastle. Congrats Mike Elias on such an effective signing! We have a shortstop with a strong defensive reputation with an OPS+ over 150. This should be your answer right here IMO, but there appears to be too much sentiment for Santander which I expect to carry the day. Only Roch the Rockhead (or Meathead) is capable of writing an article that mentions Alberto and his OPS under 725 as a MVO candidate. The guy always plays angles that remind why he is a weak reporter.
  4. IMO, the biggest takeway is that Elias, even after dealing away multiple good, pre-FA relievers, has a cheap, mostly young bp with some potential high quality options entering next season. That is exactly where we should be at this point in the rebuild process. I think he will stick almost exclusively with what we have in-house entering next season. I could see signing one veteran guy or more likely an injury comeback candidate, but that's about it.
  5. These projections seems light. Most likely case is that none of these guys put together a 1.5 WAR year? I think we have seen really good things from Mountcastle and if he improves just another smidge or two with plate discipline then he might become a 3, 4. 5 on a contending team. Same for Means. Not sure what was wrong earlier in the year, but he has been masterful these past few games.
  6. I think there should be a little more enthusiasm for these "lottery tickets". I am going to go out on a limb and say these guys have already passed the sniff test with some organized playing time post-signing. Same with the guys acquired for Cashner. By the time we add it all up with the additional PTBNL, we might have added 8-10 international guys added this year plus the Cashner guys. In most years, I believe an organization signs about 25-35 international guys. So, these trades have netted us perhaps a quarter to a third of a class and every one of these guys has avoided the "really not very good, probably shouldn't have signed the guy" designation that might be appropriate for a portion of a signing class. Sure, there is strength in numbers with possibly acquiring a large number of these guys, and the odds of each one individually making a major league impact is low, but I think these are higher quality international prospects than are being given credit for here.
  7. I personally think Paxton is over-rated. The Os rarely win these kind of highest bidder situations - someone is always willing to put up more $ or take more risk than us. Paxton could be 33 before he pitches again in the majors. Doesn't feel like the type of risk the Os should take.
  8. We are still a long ways from sorting the OFers out, but we have real talent - multiple players worthy of everyday opportunities.
  9. Once has to expect that 40 man issues were taken into consideration in our recent trades. Perhaps the emergence of someone like Valaika could make the decisions around our 40 man more complicated, but I don't expect we will lose anyone of real consequence.
  10. Not sure what dog you have in this thing, but I don't understand the need "to be fair". The poster accused the board of wanting "instant satisfaction" regarding the production of Mullins and Stewart and I think it is quite obvious that both had (multiple) chances to win every day roles in prior years and failed. I am glad to see these two guys make good adjustments that may have improved their long term profiles, but let's not pretend they didn't have real prior opportunities.
  11. It's funny how some people think I want instant satisfaction from Mullins and Stewart when both have been getting major league at-bats since 2018.
  12. I hope this is posted in our locker room somewhere. Apparently only the NYY have injured players. This could be a statement series! Go Birds! https://www.mlb.com/news/orioles-series-a-big-test-for-yankees
  13. IMO, the Os were hoping to get through this season (or most of it) with Davis on the roster. The Os have benefited from the reduced compensation on Davis while also have an expanded roster to partially negate his impact on the team - though things could have been more forced if Mancini was productive and healthy. At this point, if we keep this close, I think Davis should be cut to put a more productive player on the roster during a playoff run. Have to laugh with us being right there with the NYY given how Davis has been retained, Mancini lost to injury before the season, Santander and Hays lost to injury during season, and Bleier, Castro, Givens and Milone traded.
  14. LET'S GO! This is getting exciting. Means would be a great piece of the puzzle to have back in place. Mountcastle has provided a big jolt. Stewart is coming on. Mullins looks better. Not sure how many long term answers we really have on this team, but who cares? We are competing every night. I've seen some metrics on Kremer's start with not a good strike % and only 8 swinging strikes. The velo was impressive. If he can tick up the strike % a bit and lower the BBs, he may just be a major league starting pitcher.
  15. I'd let PV play the 400 AB super-sub all over the diamond for as long as he produces in the role. He is a better version of Ryan Flaherty this year and that has some good value - even on a contending team. This pickup looks like a very strong move by ME. Have to see how PV produces next year.
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