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  1. What a pickup by Elias! This attitude is exactly what the team needs and speaks well of the coach and the players assembled by Elias. I can't imagine it is easy being in a rebuild and knowing odds are there will be a lot of losses, but guys have all sorts of reasons to play hard and play for each other. This is our team. I had a good run from 2012-16, but it's over now and it has been pretty much torn down to the studs. Love to see players make the most of the current situation and to have a great attitude while doing so.
  2. Nice to hear good feedback on Andrew Daschbach! My son and I watched three games in Staten Island and ended up sitting and talking w his father. Nice people.
  3. Getting a top 25 prospect for 3 awful starts of Tommy Milone is a nice return IMO. Maybe our FO really liked these guys .... not complaining, but would rather have a couple international prospects or "lottery tickets" as folks here like to say.
  4. It's what good message-boarding has been about for over 20 years. Good thing it is only Orioles fans who think they can sign the top free agents every off-season.
  5. I believe LRod was a league top 20 guy in 2019 and Nevin was reasonably ranked from where he came. Would prefer an LRod, Sanchez option to get a recent international guy at the back of the list.
  6. Agree with multiple prior posts. Have to assume there is an injury if the Os say there is one. Still, good for Kjerstad to finish his degree.
  7. I already did the math and posted this previously. Cobb had 52.1 IP in 2020 during the Os 60 game schedule. When Cobb's 2020 IP are pro-rated over 162 games, one gets 140.2. This projected pro-rated number is more than the 130 minimum IP over a full season in his contract that presumably would avoid the deferral of the 2020 $5.5M. We will have to see what happens and perhaps Cobb will want this $ deferred, but I would not assume the additional $5.5M is deferred for 2020. On a pro-rated basis, Cobb met the minimum to avoid the deferral. Now, I don't know if the pro-rated number is the way this would be calculated, but it would be the most logical way to do it to me.
  8. IMO, difficult to go against a major part of what has made Rays successful all season. If their analytics say it is time to change, then they make a change. Glad to see it was a great series between the two best teams in baseball IMO. The Rays are a small market success model - ruthlessly efficient in drafting and trading and still with a strong minor league system. The LAD are a model large market team with a huge depth of internally developed stars and still quite a young team - so much better put together than the NYY. I saw an early projection for next year with the Dodgers, Braves, Padres, Rays and White Sox in the top 5. Several of those teams are quite young and almost all of them should be good for the next three to five years at least. The Os were 26th on the list.
  9. I saw Stowers multiple games with Aberdeen in Brooklyn in 2019. He just glides across the OF in large strides (which makes it all the more impressive that Janvrin pushed Stowers to RF - which gave the Aberdeen pitchers two OFers who could track down everything that possibly could be tracked down). As I posted at the time, we sat with Mark Dashbach's father and had to cheer for our three Stanford guys with him. I hope what the Os saw with Stower's swing is fixable because there's a big hit risk here for a second rounder IMO. This pick has the downside of the OF equivalent of a Cadyn Grenier. It would be an enormous boost to our OFers at the bottom of the system if Stowers turns into the player the Os envisioned when drafted.
  10. A nice move by Elias to sign Iggy. If it pays off in an organization top 10 prospect, very well done!
  11. I agree with RZ about sticking with Ruiz. We don't have anyone better internally unless someone switches positions. If there is a clear upgrade available at 3B for the major league roster, I think we could pursue anyone that is cheap - cheap to acquire and cheap to pay. Ruiz was available as a cheap, failed prospect and if we could acquire another one and try it again, I would be fine with that.
  12. There is an excellent article published yesterday in the Athletic about the Chicago Cubs "laying off 100-plus employees". The article talks about how generous the Cubs ownership was four years ago during their championship run to fly employees and spouses or guests to/from Cleveland to witness their WS history, how the organization ordered 1,908 championship rings and pins for players, coaches, executives, ballpark staff, etc. Very recently, the Cubs laid off over 100 employees across pretty much the entire business operation as well as the baseball (scouting, player dev, international ops) operation. The article mentions the White Sox, Red Sox, NY Yankees, Cardinals, Phillies, Angels and SF Giants as among the teams that "enacted cost-cutting measures like layoffs, furloughs, salary reductions and buyout packages". The article says the "Cubs are claiming $140M in revenue losses this year and projecting $120M in lost revenue next year." I will say these clubs represent bigger markets and probably had bigger operations headcount and costs heading into the pandemic and, in the absence of local sold out stadiums, may be experiencing bigger losses than the Os. Teams are hurting financially all over the league.
  13. One gets the feeling our system is about two or three years away from having five to eight international guys in the top 30 - likely all from the names mentioned by Perez or our bigger $ signings coming up. Which one will be the first to crack our organizational top 10? All this will be a big boost to our system. This international build-out is taking place at a snail's pace (in terms of getting the prospects through the system), but we can take solace in the fact that the ownership commitment and front office competence internationally is in place and getting to work.
  14. Love having guys like Rom in the system. It is a relatively high upside for a relatively small investment IMO. Tony, do the Os think there is more velo there?
  15. Nice to hear the tidbits on Baumler from the Instructional League. I know folks are going to point out the nature of what is reported is overwhelmingly positive, and they are right, of course. Still, this last draft was performed with heavy analytics and without in person or in competition video for the spring 2020 season in college and HS baseball and without in-person workouts. IMO, the positive comments are an early vindication of our draft strategy and the two HS prospects we invested big $ in with the expectation that they were essentially second or third round talents. The early word from various quotes from Matt Blood is that Mayo and Baumler are who we thought/hoped they were or better.
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