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  1. Such a poorly written article. The NYY did not "overstep their means" when signing Dominquez, they simply did not acquire the slots in trade to also sign Diaz. Nice sign for the Rays though it is a bit strange that they spent so little of their slots on J2.
  2. If we don't deal Villar and Mancini, cut Davis and improve at SS, promote Mountcastle, then I could see a respectable improvement in our runs scored next year. I don't see it on the pitching side unless one of our pitchers shows a John Mean's like improvement or our FO conjures up a SP3 out of nothing. Harvey will help a lot in the bullpen IMO and maybe we can get another arm or two to join him - so I think the bp will be better unless we deal Givens.
  3. Interesting thread with two topics. I do think the Os are playing to win in September like they have every month this year. I would prefer to see Hays and Mountcastle promoted, but not a big deal that they are not up for these last four weeks. I think the Os fall into a basket of the bottom six or seven teams where there is a wide range of outcomes for next season. If we get Cobb back, find one more plus bullpen arm to go with Harvey and Givens, cut Davis for Mountcastle, improve at SS, I could see us with 10 more wins than this season. I could also see us trading Mancini, Villar, Bundy and Givens and scuffling through pitchers again next season such that we are five or more games worse.
  4. Great effort and contribution to the OH!
  5. Have to like this team holding it together down the stretch. Four 2019 college draft pick hitters have already been promoted to Delmarva which has really hurt the Aberdeen team. I guess there should be enough offense between Stowers, the returning Ferguson, Daschbach, Janvrin and a NY Penn League all-star like Fregia, but that team would killing it with Welk, Rizer and AR still there.
  6. I agree 100%. At the major league level, I think these individual performances have been excellent and there are several guys who should either bring back some quality in trade or can be a real solid piece on a future competitive team. Mancini, Means, Santander and Villar have been very good. To have John Means emerge as a solid 3 for this year is an unbelievably positive development. I have always thought that competitive starts with competent, solid players or better among a team's top 17 - the SPs, top 3 bp arms and the starting hitters. DD showed that depth can be a difference maker, but it starts with those 17 for me (besides a necessity for a good portion of those 17 to be pre-free agency). On Opening Day, I don't think I had confidence that anyone on our starting roster would be among those 17 around 2021 or 2022 - or tradeable for a prospect who could be. Right now, I think one would have to say that Mancini, Means and Santander could fill three of those 17 positions. Villar would if younger, but hopefully he has some trade value. We have to see how Alberto and Nunez produce going forward. I thought Ruiz would be better. I am a bit disappointed that Sisco hasn't been better. Mullins was a disappointment. Hays could have been up this year, but has lost the year to injury IMO - and same goes for Diaz. Biggest disappointment in this year has to be the front office dealing Yastremski. Lots to happen for the final chapter to be written there, but that could be a massive mistake by our front office.
  7. hoosiers

    Keegan Akin 2019

    Major league pitchers pitch in September - which probably makes up at least 2/3s of the difference in the pitches between Akin's current workload and that of a major league SP. I think Akin's workload last year and for most of this year is roughly (within about 10% and 200 pitches give or take) in line with a MLSP from April to August.
  8. hoosiers

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    I agree that a promotion to Norfolk could be justified. I would prefer he return to Bowie to show improved results for 200 at-bats and then go to AAA.
  9. hoosiers

    Prospect Mailbag

    Awesome stuff, Luke. Really awesome contribution to the OH - first rate.
  10. I think the article touched on all the important facets of the season: - we've been among the worst teams in baseball, but not embarrassing - save for the HRs Allowed record - farm system has leaped from 26th to 12th. - Mancini and Means have been very good major league developments The article did not mention two other storylines IMO: - the trading of Yastremski who is flourishing with the SF Giants and would be a comically poor development for a rebuilding team if he continues to produce. I get that our FO considered him outside of our top five OF prospects at the time of the trade, but …. wow ... - the development of Santander who could be a major piece of our long term puzzle Loved the Cashner best use as civil war extra.
  11. More important than perhaps the HR, one can barely see my son and I. Look at the last Shorebird in the dugout wearing the full grey hoodie. That's my bald head and black shirt and my son in his orange Os gear right next to me blocking a fuller view of that Shorebird.
  12. We will have to see how this impacts MASN and then, more importantly, the Orioles. For the Orioles, it represents additional rights fees $ supposedly for player spend and investments just like the Nats. However, the Os MASN owners may decide to take the $ back as profits to offset lower MASN profits and not invest it into the team. As a fan, however, it represents additional $ that the (Os) owners of MASN have short-changed our Orioles going back to 2012. If MASN has not set all or a portion of this aside, then I would imagine there would have to be a loan involved of some sort to pay off the Orioles and Nats. MASN owners who have been used to large profit checks may not be receiving such checks for a while as any loan might be paid down and most certainly as MASN profits take a hit.
  13. hoosiers

    Gray Fenter

    And maybe that is why Fenter has been left in Low A. Maybe he has some more velo and can touch 95-96 in relief with a good curveball. Presumably, we won't have a Rule V pick, but maybe we leave a bunch of guys exposed and lose one and try to pick up a better one. Luke and Tony can talk more about the stuff - Tony has made comments recently. As I posted above, I don't think a team would be crazy to take a guy who might hit 95 in relief with a good curveball.
  14. So, Adley Rutschman and Toby Welk can run (or simply get promoted), but they can't hide from my son and I. We caught up with them and the Delmarva Shorebirds in Lakewood, NJ - about an hour south from us on the Garden State Parkway. It was our first time at Lakewood - home of the Phillie's affiliate the Blue Claws. AR came out for warmups and signed and took pictures for about 30 people. He was very pleasant. My son usually takes phone pictures with pitchers who are charting (and often gets them to sign the picture using an Instagram app). When looking through his past pictures, there was a player we didn't recognize, but last night before the game my son saw Matthew Hammonds - now in a full beard - and realized that is who was in the picture. I saw my son talking to Hammonds about it ("Hey, that was in Staten Island") before the game from about 30 feet away and Hammonds had a full smile talking about it with my son and then took another picture with him. I think the players enjoy these interactions as much as my son does. We chatted a bit with Nick Vespi before the game saying we had seen him piggy-back with Baumann against Staten Island and he corrected us that the game was two years ago. My son was eager to see if Adam Hall remembered him from last year when Hall gave him a signed broken bat. Hall was not accessible before or after the game so my son wanted to wait by the team bus. Hall came out in a group with AR and Grayson Rodriguez and signed for my son. When my son asked Hall if he remembered giving my son the broken bat, Hall slowly smiled and said, "Yeah, I think I do." The players went past us toward the bus and then Hall doubled back to the locker room like he forgot something and, sure enough, emerged with another broken bat which he handed to my son saying like - let's make that two broken bats in two years." I have posted it here before, but these guys couldn't be nicer. When I was speaking with Kevin Magee in Staten Island last week, he said the Os under Duquette had a pre-draft questionnaire that asked for non-family contacts and the organization followed up with calls to them. Magee said that the Aberdeen team got along really well and that he thought the organization really made an attempt to draft good kids. BTW, with three broken bats, I think my son has started what may be the largest collection of Orioles minor league broken bats around. Regarding the game, Fenter made the Blue Claws hitters look silly - especially with his curveball. He touched 94, gave up no hits and by my count two hard hit balls - one well foul and the other at Rizer in RF. Hammonds was almost as effective - also generating goofy swings with his curveball, but the stadium gun had him consistently at 85, 86 and no higher. After watching so many Ironbirds games over the years, with mostly newly drafted hitters facing better off-speed pitches than they had seen before, I am no longer surprised to see that mismatch at that level. I was not expecting to see that last night with hitters a level higher, but I did with the Blue Claws hitters who were flailing wildly or simply watching without swinging at the off-speed pitches of Fenter and Hammonds - they had no chance. Those two also have a style contrast between the 6 foot RHP Fenter and the 6'4" LHP Hammonds. The Shorebirds could put together a decent basketball team given the number of 6'4" and 6'5" guys like Hammonds, AR, GrayRod, and multiple other guys - some not in uniform. We have some hitters from the 2019 draft that will be interesting to follow from here - mostly referring to Rizer and Welk. Rizer had multiple well struck line drives. Welk did not appear over-matched at all. Hall drew a six pitch walk without a swing to start the game and was later HBP. In between, he struck out and had an infield hit to third that he beat out and a clean single to CF. Rutschman followed Hall's leadoff walk by hitting into a tailor made DP. His HR was well hit and just kept going - but didn't clear the RF wall by much. AR fouled off a lot of pitches - not much swing and miss for him at this level. Fontana's bunt for a hit and an RBI in the fourth was very well executed. The fourth inning rally was started by C Cody Roberts who did well to foul off an off-speed pitch and a good FB with two strikes before delivering a clean line drive to the OF. Toby Welk appeared to be talking to some good buds in the stands before the game for some time. He had just been called up, but was already familiar (assuming he had been told by the coaches) that last night's umpiring crew had tossed eight Shorebirds during the season. For the first time in my life at a game, a woman was umpiring behind home plate. I thought she did just fine. Only one Shorebird had a ball-strike issue from a check swing (which I thought the ump got right), but was not tossed. The play by play at milb.com has Rizer being thrown out at home on Welk's single to LF in the seventh. Rizer drew the throw, but it was cut off and he was out scrambling back to third. He was scrambling back because Coach Moore made a very late decision to not send Rizer home. After Rizer was called out, you could see Moore say "my bad" when helping Rizer up. Not a good decision and Moore was clearly upset with himself. Nevertheless, the game was never in doubt after the fourth as our pitching dominated.
  15. Nice to see that Lowther and Wells could fill out the bottom of our rotation cheaply (and perhaps with some upside) and a good bullpen piece in Baumann. Add those guys to Means and you are pretty solid and cheap at 3, 4, 5 while waiting for Hall and Grayson while Harvey and Baumann could be two strong arms at the back of the bullpen. I would sign up for that.
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