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  1. Ok so the writer says World Serirs, but where is the quote from Duquette? Why avoid putting that statement on record?
  2. So the players believe, but that's a given. But where is the statement to the fans so the team can be held to that goal?
  3. You say it's the goal, but this team isn't willing to publicly go there. Why not?
  4. Let me rephrase this one - I don't believe any opinion is without merit, as there are real emotions behind it. The person may be misinformed, but if that is how they interpret the evidence presented to them, that is their opinion and they are entitled to it. I may not agree with it, but I can respect that they are entitled to it.
  5. But playoffs should never be the goal, not when you've been there already. Logically the goal is to take the next step to the ALCS or the World Series. That is what they should have been shooting for this past offseason.
  6. I always look at things from other people's perspectives and try to understand where they are coming from. I don't believe any opinion is wrong. They can be challenged, but if it is the way somebody feels, then that is how they feel. And what is my agenda exactly other than to see this team win a World Series championship?
  7. I'm interpreting a quote. You can read for yourself and interpret your own message. I am presenting nothing as fact. If you don't think that interpretation is accurate, then challenge it. Let's have a discussion. What evidence is there to say that Buck Showalter thinks this team can win the World Series and should have won it this year with the talent assembled?
  8. What have I hijacked exactly? Heck I haven't posted in 80% of the threads here, just a few that I've chosen that are on a topic of interest of which I have stayed on topic. Honestly I think people just don't like me posting because they don't like the fact I hold the team to a higher standard and am pretty vocal about it. People say I'm like talking to a brick wall, but hardly anybody wants to look at the topic from my point of view. Those that do, we can have a good discussion and have had good discussions.
  9. And I don't intend on doing this. Speculation is not saying something is fact.
  10. If you don't think I'm upset, you obviously have no clue who I am or care to find out. Why would I intentionally post things knowing I'd get slammed for them and take personal attack after attack? That's like saying I do something wrong at work just so I get yelled at by my boss, and that is definitely not me. My goal is to express and inform. If others choose to follow, great because then we might actually have some influence. If not, I am at least being true to my thoughts and giving others opportunity to do the same, and at least somebody is expressing that thought.
  11. I used to believe that, this is true, however now, I get that Angelos will only allow a certain level of spending. However the resource allocation can always be changed, as can the instruction. Duquette could have changed coaches, jettisoned some higher price players, made trades etc. and still have stayed within his budget IMO, and the team would have been better for it. But he didn't and then tried to sell that the team now needed to only be "competitive" as the goal. As I've said, remarkably it worked, but only up until September when fans realized this team would not make the playoffs. Then fans' eyes opened and saw what we did not do last offseason. It took longer than I thought, but it did happen as I predicted. The company line is "competitive baseball" and until that changes, that's likely all this team will shoot for, hoping to get "lucky" and have things line up like they did in 2012. And we don't have to ask - as we control the ultimate future of the team. No fan interest = no Orioles. If the Orioles try to pull an offseason of "competitive baseball" as the goal again, I highly doubt fans are going to embrace that anytime soon. And if they do - then it's on them for not wanting more for their entertainment $.
  12. No, I just demand and expect more from my team. "Competitive" may be good enough for some, but not for me. This team went to the ALCS in 1996 and 1997 and they've yet to get back there and they haven't seen a World Series in 30 years and counting. Consistently having 82-89 win teams isn't going to get you there either. It may be competitive baseball, but you are still watching the playoffs from your couch. We as fans deserve more than that.
  13. More from Buck: Anybody still think he think he's not saying the team isn't ready to win a World Series? It's the same line over and over: "competitive baseball." What good is competitive baseball when you break your fans hearts over and over again. How does that lead to trust? Fans want a World Series title or at least a pennant, not just "competitive baseball." If now isn't the time to "graduate" with your core guys all in their prime, when is that exactly?
  14. The offseason. It was foolish thinking that returning just about the exact same 25 man roster would produce a playoff team that would go onto the ALCS or World Series while teams like Kansas City, Cleveland, Seattle and especially Boston all retooled or improved. There was nothing done to improve the OBP, nor the inconsistency and failure to hit with RISP for most of the season and the playoffs. Duquette gambled and he lost, just like he did with the 1996 Red Sox. He didn't learn his lesson then apparently, so hopefully he's learned it now and will put forth more of an effort to change this roster so that this team returns to the playoffs and is a World Series contender in 2014.
  15. See I don't think they are meaningless. Quite frankly when you've got a manager that is worn down and at the end of the season, that is when the filter comes off and you get unexpected insight into the organization if you know what to look for. What seems like rambling may have just confirmed the following: -Buck does not believe this team can win the World Series just yet. -Buck Showalter and Dan Duquette are both shaping the roster and go to Angelos together with suggestions, not just Duquette. -Peter Angelos still has a big say in baseball operations, so much so that a lot of moves aren't even taken to him for approval because the baseball ops guys know he'll say no. -There are moves that Angelos has nixed suggested by Showalter/Duquette that would have helped the team. Now we might have inferred these things, but never was it said until now how the relationship between the baseball ops under Duquette and Angelos was, nor how involved Showalter was in actual baseball operations. And it's all because Buck let his guard down a bit after being shell-shocked in Tampa.
  16. No premium talent per say, but OBP and ability with RISP along with playoff experience should be what we are looking for.
  17. To which "absurdities" would you be referring to? I'll admit that I've let my passion get the best of me and came up with what I thought was rational theories to process why the Orioles were operating like they were based on the only evidence I had. However, that was then. I don't recall anything I've said on my return that others wouldn't agree with. My arguments no longer seem like they are in left field , and if they are there a lot of other people out there with me. And a lot of my "absurdities" insterestingly enough, when posted again by others, are no longer absurd. RISP being the biggest example. There's a lot of thoughts that get shot down here because of the mentality of some that are generally accepted elsewhere, with again RISP and Presley's future with the organization the examples there. A lot of viewpoints are missed out on because they simply get crushed without much debate. I can take the critiquing but some can't, however I am also willing to admit I am wrong, something I have worked on during my self exile. I now have a whole different outlook on a blueprint to a winning organization that the 2008 JTrea would have dismissed. And I'm sure that will change over time as well. So am I confident in what I am saying now? In the moment, yes. Could I be wrong? Sure, but it's all about the moment and being right isn't as important to me as expressing how I feel based on the situation and evidence available to me.
  18. Yeah, that was the thought I'll admit. Turns out its still Angelos at the end of the day so I was wrong about that. Hope they can come up with some major improvements to the roster without him saying no.
  19. The way I took it was that Buck feels this team is going to take up to three more years to be championship caliber. As for the Angelos part, while it's good to hear that they at least know what he'll say no to, it's not good hat they still can't do things they want to do because he'll say no. Buck says he's right just about all the time, but it makes you wonder what Angelos said no to from Buck and/or Duquette, where he wasn't right.
  20. The bolded were the most interesting quotes: http://www.masnsports.com/school_of_roch/2013/09/tidbits-for-a-tuesday.html
  21. Going to have to treat this one like Roberts and just assume Machado is going to be gone for at least half the season if not all of it. Ryan Flaherty has played 3B some, so he can be an option, but looking at that injury I wouldn't expect Machado to play SS for awhile if ever again so there will have to be some adjustment there as well with the future of JJ Hardy. Damn shame for Manny and the Orioles it had to happen now, but at least you can have an offseason to plan around it for 2014 and beyond.
  22. Considering what Melky looks like after PED use, no thank you to Cruz.
  23. Boston fans are probably going to hate the Victorino contract next season, but this season it helps gets them to the playoffs as Choo would. Choo probably has 3 more good years left and his OBP will play at DH quite nicely for the last two years. As for McLouth, playing everyday has overexposed him once again as he's hit .237/.307/.396/.697 in the second half and has been part of the problem with the offense, so I don't want any part of him coming back. The Orioles need to upgrade.
  24. You get Choo for the increase in OBP. Pence isn't enough of an upgrade in that dept. Pence may be more of a complete player, but the Orioles need the OBP that Choo provides.
  25. My statement was more that regression is a trait of Showalter teams. The Yankees did regress in his final season there after the huge success in the strike shortened 1994 season, though they were still plenty competitive, just not enough to pass the Sox. He has the one peak year and then that's it. Baltimore may have already had its peak year. But as you point out, Buck hasn't managed long enough to find out to have a trend past year #3.
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