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  1. Stubbornness = inability to adapt. He did get fired in Arizona for being too hard on players, but that's because he wouldn't adapt to their mentality. He's done that in Baltimore, though perhaps a little too much... I almost wonder if Buck was more of a pain in the butt for players that they would execute better as they would fear his wrath...
  2. Plan B - Clevenger, find the offense elsewhere. Wieters' defense likely won't be GG caliber in a few years anyway. As for Machado, I leave him at 3B and go looking for a slick fielding SS. They are out there and won't be as expensive as Hardy anyway. The goal for this team needs to be to increase OBP this offseason and every offseason after. They can lose a bit of power and defense to do that.
  3. AJ Burnett if he doesn't retire would be a nice add. Colby Lewis and Tim Hudson are a couple of interesting names as well.
  4. Wieters and Hardy can both walk. They can both be replaced. Davis is the one that will take the big money.
  5. Not to mention if his defense declines, he's the type of hitter that would make a good DH, just like Damon was.
  6. Last I heard Choo was seeking around 5/75, though there is going to be a bunch of competition as the Mets and Cubs are already after him.
  7. The Orioles could still fit Choo in IMO. There's a bunch of contracts they could dump - Jim Johnson and Tommy Hunter in particular. Matt Wieters could be traded. Nick Markakis' contract could be partially eaten.
  8. Showalter's stubbornness and loyalty to his "guys" is what gets him fired at every stop. The guy knows how to change the mindset of a team, but it's that loyalty that seems to be the drawback. This contract extension will be interesting to watch especially if the Orioles regress even further this next season which is a trait of Showalter teams. I doubt Angelos would fire him though. If Duquette tries to replace any of his staff this offseason as that is something that happens with a lot of teams that have these kinds of issues the Orioles are having, it will be interesting to see what happens...
  9. Cameron Maybin is an interesting name to bring up. He was ranked the #8 prospect in 2009, and had a career OBP close to .400 in the minors, and went from having BB rates from 11-13% to as low as 7.5% with the Marlins. Manny Machado was ranked #12 in 2012 and had a 13.5% BB rate in A ball, a 8.5% BB rate in Frederick and a 10.5% BB rate in Bowie. With the Orioles that's now decreased to 4.5% in 2012 and now 3.9% in 2013. Granted his OBP in the minors of .344 was not as high as Maybin's so the dropoff isn't as large, but like Maybin he's abandoned the ability to get on base that he had.
  10. Choo would have an impact similar to Johnny Damon, a staple of the 2000s Red Sox that won the World Series. Hopefully Duquette goes after him.
  11. People wanted the RISP thread locked as well, and look what Roch and Melweski have been constantly talking about as well as several other Orioles fans. I can almost guarantee that Presley's situation is going to come up if the Orioles miss the playoffs because you can't have this much failure to execute in this crucial time and not discuss a coaching change. When Dan Duquette is saying he wants a team that gets on base, and your OBP of the team is 19th in MLB, that shows that there is a disconnect. The Orioles have players that can get on base, but they aren't because they are being too aggressive and that's a trait of Presley's teams.
  12. More evidence against Presley and his aggressive nature: http://baltimoresportsreport.com/jim-presley-orioles-new-hitting-coach-by-the-stats-9836.html
  13. It's not just one game. It's the whole second half. Roch and Steve Melewski have been posting this on Twitter and MASNSports.com daily and I don't see anybody jumping down their throat. The offense is not executing, bottom line. You can pull up stats over the whole season all day, but it is now, when the games matter the most that they are completely failing just like they failed in July. It just floors me that after all the Crowley talk that everybody is rushing to defend Jim Presley when he hasn't had one championship offense. And FYI the Kansas City Royals who just overtook us, fired their hitting coach and went on a tear afterwards... Sometimes changing instruction does help, and especially more often than not with the hitting coach.
  14. Exactly. Look at Manny Machado first half and second half. That's all you need to see. No adjustments whatsoever. No adjustments by amybody really other than hacking away.
  15. So here we are a month later and the offense sputters once again in a crucial stretch, and again the Orioles are struggling with RISP. Should Presley really be safe with this lack of performance? I understand we need better players but seeing future key players like Machado regress into hacking mode is pretty darn alarming. And this 18 inning debacle should be the last straw. This offense has way too much talent to have this much failure in execution.
  16. JTrea81

    vs. RAYS, 9/20

    For Pete's sake, the rest of the lineup is hitting like crap, wouldn't hurt would it?
  17. JTrea81

    vs. RAYS, 9/20

    Somebody tell Showalter that he has a bench and it's the 18th inning. This is when you use that bench...
  18. JTrea81

    vs. RAYS, 9/20

    Buck needs to do some PHing in this inning. Get some fresh bats out there.
  19. JTrea81

    vs. RAYS, 9/20

    Seriously, how hard is it not to swing at ball 4?
  20. JTrea81

    vs. RAYS, 9/20

    Don't forget LF. And they could use a new pitching and hitting coach. Not sure if Adair will come back and Presley shouldn't.
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