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  1. Until they win the World Series and end the 30 year+ drought, the Orioles should always be critiqued if they can't get it done. They deserve it even more this year for the clear missed opportunity to return to the playoffs for the second straight year had they done anything meaningful to improve last offseason.
  2. The argument is silly only if keeping Machado will ensure a shot at the World Series for the Orioles. If you have proof that we will have a better shot at the World Series then we did in 2012, I'd like to see it. The bottom line, the Orioles could have used a hot Headley in the playoffs when everybody else, including Machado was swinging a wiffle bat with RISP, and the consequence of trading Machado for Headley would have resulted in a 3.1 fWAR season and still excellent defense at the hot corner. However as I've pointed out, the Orioles could have had Headley and kept Machado, so it doesn't matter really. But to call it "silly" is "homerism" as you ignore the fact that Headley was the 2nd best 3B man in 2012 with 7.2 fWAR and you automatically assume Machado will be a superstar over the next 6 years and the Orioles best shot at the World Series is yet to come when that may not be the case. Not to mention the Orioles would still have Headley next season, so it would be a World Series shot+ 2 years of Headley for 6 years of Machado assuming you don't extend Headley. Now if we want to end this, people need to stop bringing the Machado for Headley suggestion up as I will defend it every time and the people calling it ridiculous never offer any proof that the move wouldn't have worked out in the Orioles favor, while I can always show how Headley could have made a difference over Machado and will every time. 2012 was our best shot to win the World Series since 1997 and it will be until proven otherwise.
  3. Again you have to look at was 6 years of having Machado with possibly no World Series vs. having a shot at the World Series. People automatically assume that championships are won by having only talent, but opportunity is a huge part of it as well. The Orioles had that opportunity last season but failed to capitalize. Who knows if they'll ever have that chance again with Machado in an Orioles uniform?
  4. Fixed, as I lost part of the post as I tried to edit it.
  5. As for the second part of your post, dealing Bedard was a no brainer so it wasn't a bold move to trade him. Neither was acquiring the other players. While they were smart moves, they were hardly franchise altering like a Manny or Pedro was. Drafting Machado was also pretty much a no-brainer. MacPhail never made a statement move, because he felt that they weren't needed and would be too risky. And he held the franchise back because of it.
  6. Machado hit .273/.313/.430/.742 in Sept and October 2012. Chase Headley hit .330/.427/.652/1.079 in the same timeframe and their defense was pretty much identical. It's not a huge leap to say that Headley would have been a major upgrade over Machado at the time. Headley, now healthy is now hitting again in September with a 1.000+ OPS just like he did last season while Machado is hitting worse than he did last year at this time. Chase Headley also has a 11.3 UZR/150 rating at 3B this season good enough for 6th in MLB and his 3.1 fWAR ranking, 4th in MLB although not as good as Machado who is 5th with a 5.9 rating, is hardly grounds to call him "trash." If you take emotion and sentiment out of it, for an increased shot at the World Series, I would have gladly taken those numbers at 3B for the Orioles this season.
  7. I get to hold anybody accountable that I choose, and that includes the Orioles organization as that is the rights of the country we live in. Saying a fan doesn't have the right to hold the Orioles accountable, now that is wrong, and a reason why I started my site in the first place. I see now that I need to keep it open because of thoughts just like this...
  8. Chase Headley was far from trash in 2012. He was better than Machado and could have been a difference maker in the playoffs. I don't care about what he did this season, I would have made the move last season for a shot at the World Series. What happens if the Orioles never win a World Series with Machado and 2012 was their best shot for years? Would it have been worth keeping him then? At some point fans need to decide whether they want to just see a competitive team that's fun to watch, or they actually want to end the 30 year World Series drought. The latter is what I want to see, and if that makes me a troll or a bad fan for holding my team accountable to a higher standard than others, so be it.
  9. Manny Machado was a detriment in the playoffs. Had we traded him for Chase Headley, perhaps we would have had that key hit to get past Sabathia and the Yankees and maybe even advance to the World Series. Headley was having a career year. But come to find out, all it would have taken would have been Schoop and Arrieta and possibly Delmonico to get him and we could have kept Machado anyway. Duquette isn't a bad GM, far from it, however he apparently forgot about what happens when you keep the same team intact like he did with the 1996 Red Sox. He's made the Manny and Pedro moves before, so bold franchise altering moves are possible under his tenure, while that wasn't a possibility with MacPhail because he hated risks. Duquette's strength is finding guys off the scrap heap as well, while that was another weakness of MacPhail. However, with a team with the Orioles' resources, scrap heap players should not have to carry the team. Duquette can do better as he did with Boston from 1997 until he was fired. There's no Manny Ramirez to sign, but there are impact players that can help and it's his job to acquire them. I haven't soured on Duquette, but he needs to make the moves like I know he is capable of or this organization will continue to see a World Series drought.
  10. I would refuse to buy season tickets until the Orioles show they are serious about winning the World Series. If they don't do anything, fans also shouldn't go to FanFest. 18,000 people showed up last year for a team that did absolutely nothing other than to basically just celebrate 2012. Last offseason was such a colossal failure that the Orioles need to be reminded that the fans will not accept that lack of effort again in every way possible because what we are seeing now is the direct result. It's more agonizing to see this "competitive" team snatch defeat from the jaws of victory time and time again, when they could have pretty much locked up a playoff spot. Fans need to remember that when invoices for season tickets come in, and especially whenever they get a chance to interact with Dan Duquette or Buck Showalter. "Competitive" is not good enough.
  11. Actually with the lack of moves this offseason and the improvement of other teams around the Orioles, 85 wins is pretty much where they should be at. Davis and Machado exploding in the first half made up for the poor performance of the starting pitching and the lack of offense from Markakis and Wieters to name a few. I am hopeful more fans will demand more this offseason than they did last offseason because the Ravens SB run distracted everybody about how little this team actually did. "World Series championship" had better be a verbal goal from everybody from the front office down and then that goal needs to be backed up with actions from the Warehouse.
  12. You joke, but there is a possibility this is exactly what happens...The Orioles are using him too much and wearing him out. If a team were to get him adequate rest and have him focus on his hitting more instead of his behind the plate work, who knows, but it won't happen in an Orioles uniform...
  13. True, but he's no longer using his patient approach that made him successful in the minors.
  14. Henry Blanco (42)John Buck (33) Ramon Hernandez (38) Brian McCann (30) Jose Molina (38) Dioner Navarro (30) Wil Nieves (36) Miguel Olivo (35) Ronny Paulino (33) Brayan Pena (32) A.J. Pierzynski (37) Humberto Quintero (34) Carlos Ruiz (35) Jarrod Saltalamacchia (29) Kelly Shoppach (34) Geovany Soto (31) Kurt Suzuki (30) - $8.5MM club option with a $650K buyout Yorvit Torrealba (35)
  15. Clevenger has a career .373 OBP in the minor leagues and put up a .401 OBP in the minors this year. I want that in the Orioles lineup instead of a sub .300 OBP catcher. Wieters has been worth 2.0 fWAR this year with 13 other catchers being better than that. I'm sure Clevenger would be adequate compared to any replacement level catcher we would sign to replace Wieters, and that's my point. The money needs to be spent on the OF, DH, 2B and SP. So yes you would downgrade at C a bit but you would upgrade elsewhere.
  16. Improving our OBP, plate approach - especially hitting with RISP and adding some quality starting pitching while re-tooling the bullpen are certainly my goals for this team this offseason.
  17. Well Joseph is one option but there are plenty of others out there.
  18. He'll never get it with Showalter who is going to use and abuse him. Trading Wieters would also force Showalter to play somebody else and actually treat a catcher like they should be played.
  19. Wieters is ranked 14th in fWAR this season of catchers with 300+ PAs. He's not one of the best catchers in the game anymore, however since people still think like that obviously, this would be the offseason to sell him before that reputation wears off.
  20. I like Salty, but he'll get a big deal from somebody that they will regret in a few years. The Orioles can get by with a platoon of Clevenger and Joseph IMO.
  21. What if trading Headley gave the Orioles a World Series victory in 2012? Sure it looks bad now, but 2012 was a different scenario and Headley could still rebound.
  22. Wieters' only major asset right now is his arm. Sure he hits for power, but he's terrible against RHP in BA and OBP. He won't be worth the money he gets in arbitration, yet his reputation is still good enough so he could probably net a good arm. The Braves won't want to spend on a C like McCann in his 30's and Wieters went to GT and his father played in the Braves system, so he's got ties to the area and organization. The Braves certainly have a plethora of arms that the Orioles could use.
  23. Forget that, trade Wieters and start Clevenger and use Joseph as a backup. Wieters to the Braves for pitching makes a ton of sense.
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