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  1. There, now maybe Buck will start to play him instead of keeping him glued to the bench.
  2. Here's Urrutia, who should be playing everyday...
  3. In this series they are now 2-24. On the road trip they were 14-65. Hitting with RISP is a current problem for this team.
  4. Actually it's been true pretty much since July. It's HRs or nothing - no doubles, sac flys - just swinging for the fences.
  5. Machado, Davis and Jones. Now is the time to swing for the fences and these are the guys that can do it.
  6. That is an improvement. However you still need to execute.
  7. Nope. 1-16 is the worst performance period.
  8. This is the worst performance with RISP in a game this season for the Orioles so far.
  9. Unbelievable, no wait, it's believable. All they need is a fly ball to the OF and Wieters strikes out.
  10. Buck does realize he can PH somebody else and then put in Wieters right? It's not like he has a short bench. Heck Clevenger might be a better PHer at this point.
  11. Good lord scoring runs is like pulling teeth for this team unless they are hitting souvenir balls. Is a bloop single just too much to ask for, or just a fly to the deep OF?
  12. Ugh. Nick has to have an injury, right?
  13. Ventura got the memo that Valencia kills LHP right?
  14. The Orioles are going to need another solo HR from somebody seeing as that's the only way they score runs now.
  15. I'm more worried about somebody like Manny Machado than I am Adam Jones. It's like in July somebody told him to start trying to hit HRs instead of doubles or singles and his OBP dropped as a result. In August he did better, but now he's back to swinging for the fences again.
  16. Look I know it's the players who play and Duquette definitely needs to get the players that will work the count and get on base and that will be solid pitchers, but the instruction has to change as well. Rick Adair really hasn't made much of a difference unlike Rick Peterson. Buck also needs to scrap this "time to HP" garbage as I think it has done more harm than good. I also realize under Presley that the team has a lot of power and a good BA - but their OBP performance and seemingly every member of the team trying to hit a HR in a clutch situation is what is killing this team right now. And the situational hitting has been an issue two years in a row now and has sabotaged the club. Better to be safe than sorry and change both the players and coaching for a new sense of direction.
  17. Given their "strained relationship" perhaps Duquette added him as a bullpen arm but Showalter put him in as a SP to send a message.
  18. Buck may not need to go, but some of his coaches should probably be replaced - namely pitching and hitting if Dan Duquette wants to turn this into a team with solid pitching and an offense with the ability to work the counts and get on base.
  19. Good call. Fans are angry because of what this season should have been and the amount of missed opportunity there has been. Now there is luck in baseball, but the Orioles as an organization had control over their playoff destiny. This team could have very well been in 1st in the AL East had they actually had a productive offseason, and they could have easily had a WC spot locked up at the very least had their closer not been allowed to blow so many games, or if their offense was more consistent with RISP like it was in the first half all the while while having average-below average pitching. They've been stumbling along, and now you have a team like Tampa Bay that hasn't shut the door, so every game we lose when we are oh so close just becomes more frustrating.
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