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  1. I haven't seen a game in Baltimore since 2003. Main reason, I live in Virginia now and the 14 years of losing. No clue about the ticket prices. Is it cheaper to go the window on game day and buy a ticket? Just looking for the cheapest ticket. Really excited to go back. Any recommendations to find live music nearby and nice/chill bar.
  2. I know someone will eventually ask:thumbsup1:...How hard was BMat throwing?
  3. Thats odd. I thought he spent the last couple summers working hard in Arizona for Performance training (along with several orioles)? Has this been an issue, is the off season training hurting him?
  4. blueguy

    Bundy hurls a gem

    Last year, Bundy was just barely hitting 90. How's his velocity this year? What type of pitches can he command right now and what is he developing? Lastly, any projection on his potential (2/3 starter)?
  5. Knowing what we know now on how the draft went down. Do you think it would have been a better idea to draft Grant Green? We would be alot closer to having an option at SS for next year? How deos he compare to Colon in terms of projectability at SS?
  6. Usually a big SciFi guy, I was really dissapointed with the film. The main character was hard to root for and I did not get the point of the film. There was no explaination or back story why the aliens ended up in district 9 and couldn't just leave/build their own town with their advance technology (20yrs to get enough fuel to get home, Really)?
  7. blueguy


    Thanks for providing details and insight on Britton. Glad to hear his 95K fastball is legit and top 100 prospect future (we hope).
  8. blueguy


    Just curious, what is Britton's velocity? I read on some threads its low 90's to 95MPH, what 's true and is it recent? Also, whats stopping him from being a top prospect? I noticed he's not throwing alot innings per start, but it seems like alot of the O's top pitchers are averaging 4.5 to 5 innings. Plus, I am worried about his poor walk rate.
  9. I think you are riding the coattails of Greg's old draft opinions (his off-season draft threads/draft site). If you looked over recent draft opinions from Law, Mayo, Churchill, Baseball America and threads from CrawDad/Stotle. Both Grant Green (doubts on his ability to stay at SS and bat) and Alex White (mechanics) are not strong consensus top 10 talent based on their 2009 season.
  10. Greg, Out of curiosity, what will the novel be about (baseball,personal life or other)? Good luck finishing the book!
  11. I hope i'm wrong, he's a great talent. For some reason, Gary never seems to land the big fish in recruiting. Steve Francis seems to be the last big time recruit that made us an instant final four contender (I know we only made the sweet 16 that year).
  12. I was wondering why Miclat is not at least at High-A? He's 22 and played 3 yrs at college. His teammates Hoes and Avery played high school last year? Why not push him, see if he's a real prospect?
  13. It seems like everyone is souring on Grant Green? Besides the slump and some early errors at SS, did holes in his game get exposed? Knowing AndyM's motto of drafting/developing pitchers first and buying bats later. If Green is available at 5, would the O's select him?
  14. Did he dominate by being a thrower or by being a complete pitcher (commanding/mixing pitches)? Hopefully, he wasn't just throwing heat and blowing away minor leaguers?
  15. blueguy

    Nolan Reimold

    With so many outfielders for the big league club? No 1B prospects in the minors and Huff's contract ending this year. Why not have him learn 1B for the Tides? If nothing else, it would be cheap solution for the bench next year. Someone who can hit hrs/run and play 3 outfield positions (CF in a pinch) and 1B/DH? Flexibility to trade Scott or Ty mid-season for a need (SS/3rd)?
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