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  1. Jeez! Seve almost drops the final out!
  2. Oh well. Don't want to see him charging in and sliding.
  3. Means batting, so I guess he starts the 7th at least.
  4. NICE curve on Harper!!! To end his outing at 91 pitches?
  5. Just youboob videos. Fails, wins, stupid people. Plus a long series I'm watching a second time thru.
  6. Did the ump call Richie out of the baseline there?
  7. Not going to be here much tonight, just wanted to say... Hyde in his pre-game presser has a purple forehead! That is all.
  8. I was looking for that. They're pretty interchangeable... Either/Or.
  9. Searched a song, looked away for literally 2 minutes and NOW WE'RE DOWN FIVE!
  10. This is actually The Band of Gypsies, live at The Fillmore East NYE 12-31-69. Song is really called The Power Of Soul.
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