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  1. I'm ok with this deal. It's nothing. middle infield depth with a little pop and probably cheap. What's different in 2022 from 2021? Besides the CBA expiring, absolutely nothing. Last season we were hoping to make some organizational progress, and we didn't. Every minor league starter we brought up sucked. Period. If Elias thinks the time is not right yet, then I trust him. Does everyone want us to go off half-cocked and spend a half a BILLION dollars like the Rangers?
  2. I don't think he'll get what he wants or needs for either Means or Mullins. Besides, why trade Mullins? He's a very good young player, cheap and controllable for 3(?) more years. Return better be phenomenal. I'd like to have Means, as anchor in the rotation. But he's just what every GM wants, decent SP. He might actually bring that big return that Elias needs. (4 young SP with high spin rates...)
  3. #1 or #2 in the 2 major lists.
  4. They opened their checkbooks for a sh!itload of computers and cameras and analytics gear, ton of new staff in the analytics department, new academy in the D.R., big money (for them...) for IFAs. All that's not the same scale as big money for FAs, but why do all that if you're not going to follow up?
  5. Not sure who that is. Coby Mayo?
  6. Is that a done deal or contingent on the new CBA? Would make a huge difference.
  7. If you are the Orioles do you really want Santander? 😛 Rather trade/dump DJ Stewart but...
  8. Gotta listen. Much as I love having him, he's NOT a 5 WAR player, he's not a 30 HR guy. He's a very great CFer but we have others. Sell HIGH!
  9. And also thanks to Too Tall and a LOT of others like him! Only 37 posts but he joined in 2005! Thanks and best wishes to all the dedicated lurkers on this site.
  10. Happy Turkey Day all! I'm thankful for #1 My family. All that needs to be said about that. I'm thankful to still have a job despite my stupidity... And 8 stitches. For the too good for us mere mortals pork and sauerkraut I had last night (and the rest later today.) Just... unbelievable. For the 4,000 song files I have saved that I have been listening to for hours on random shuffle. MAN I have some eclectic tastes! Few minutes ago I went from Hank Williams - Your Cheatin' Heart to Iggy - I Wanna be your Dog. 😛 Seriously, music is my escape, my SANITY, My Life. Thankful
  11. And basically that's what Elias always wants, pitching, pitching, pitching, pitching.
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