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  1. These balls are all cranked. Maybe I won't take my phone out to dinner to make it more pleasant...
  2. Mullins' was, STRAIGHT at the CFer. Didn't see Iggy's.
  3. Not a good sign! 1-2 to the first batter... HR to the BIG LF...
  4. Man it's Jim freaking Palmer! You put him down as a "celebrity" and call it blather?
  5. Jeez. I run to the bathroom quick and Lopez is thru the 1st already?
  6. Came late, reading down thru the thread... You beat me to it Patrick! 😛
  7. I tried to find a pic of her younger but couldn't... I know she we a babe.
  8. This f-ing team...... NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have no problem with older women! But she's.... not good looking. IMO
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