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  1. Just because I LOVE this clip!
  2. I can see why this got repped with the confused smilie. What a bizarre and quite frankly extremely negative take! It's like the guy, whoeverTF he is... is just LOOKING for something to rag on the O's for. Haters gonna hate.
  3. I think it is mostly the board but... everybody, when asked a question and they're thinking about it, everybody has a direction they stare off into space toward. Different for each individual, but it's just human nature.
  4. That's just from that video in the tweet. I'm sure he wasn't throwing full speed in the offseason.
  5. 89.6 mph 2213 spin rate. Is that a good spin rate? idk
  6. I'd be champing at the bit to get out of Texas! 8O and maybe no electric or water? Screw that noise! I'm going to Florida!
  7. I watch several car shows from Australia. Apparently they're REALLY locked down. I ordered a t-shirt from one of them, it shipped straight to Sydney airport and then just SAT there for almost two weeks.
  8. Tony, what do you think of Sceroler or Wells as the back half of an Opener/relief game?
  9. Yeah, it would be a big shame if they didn't bother at all.
  10. He could just drive his own Mercedes, or Bentley, or Ferrari, or Lambo, or whatever he drives.
  11. Don't matter. That site, as dicey as it is, it just gets around it somehow. They put up EVERY game of any kind all over the world. Soccer, Rugby, Darts, Billiards, Curling Chess, you name it. If it's a televised "game" they have it.
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