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  1. https://www.mlb.com/video/hays-great-dive-in-9th
  2. Late to this thread but here's mine. Santander I don't expect any more than he gave us this year before he got hurt. But that's ok. A whole healthy year, that's a solid MLer. Hays... health is the biggest question. Total wrench in the gears. In a full year I would expect BIG things from him. He's not going to hit 30 HRs, but he might hit 30+ doubles and steal 30 bases. Play a stellar CF. I like Austin a lot! For a CFer he's what you want, a take charge guy. If there's a Bermuda Triangle pop up, and he can get to it, he will scream out and call everyone off. I noticed that from his first few games up. Not intimidated when he hit the bigs.
  3. The shorter the season the less far we are behind?
  4. scOtt

    Nunez DFA

    I have resigned myself to the fact that CD will finish out his contract here in Baltimore. That is a definite restriction that Elias is working under. From on high (the Bros.) It is the only restriction I can see but a restriction nonetheless. Is what it is.
  5. scOtt

    Nunez DFA

    6 or 7 guys for 5 spots. I suspect somebody HAS to be traded, or thrown into a different trade. Even on a rebuilding club the math just doesn't work.
  6. 😛 I was reading down thru the thread before I searched for that song. Beat me to it Bob. I'm only about 5 months older than Jamie [no middle name] Moyer.
  7. And HIS favorites!
  8. I agree with you on the Bros. At least give them a chance for a while. Just hiring Elias (and his new-fangled stats thing) and opening up the International market(s) are already big pluses in their favor. About the owner watching every night from his suite... I think you'd DEFINITELY get that from Epstein. 😛
  9. Melewski also made the point that we got two top-9 prospects from the Manny Machado trade (Kremer and Diaz.) Pretty good return with hopefully more to come.
  10. Fair enough. He'll get plenty of votes next year! 🙃
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