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  1. No joy in Mudville tonight.
  2. What's DET doing tonight?
  3. He's lucky he didn't break something in his shoulder.
  4. Well... ya got me there.
  5. Roch too: A recent check of baserunning WARs - and yes, such a thing exists - found Villar tied with the Mariners’ Mallex Smith for best in the majors at 0.9. He’s stolen 35 bases and is 19-for-21 since July 2.
  6. Even the statheads say if you're 75% or better (or whatever it is now...) it's worth it. Villar is up in the 80's.
  7. Davis looking. How about that?
  8. It's constant pressure on the pitcher. Even if he goes too far several times. Helps more than it hurts imo.
  9. Gotta break some eggs to make an omelette.
  10. 30-20 is hard to ignore.
  11. CD helps a little this game.
  12. We may have found some usable bullpen parts this year.
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