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  1. I won't be in the thread (again) tonight. I'll have the game on but the sound turned clear down. Watching youboob. Go O's! :halfheartedfistpump:
  2. I don't think Elias is trading any youngsters. This isn't Duq and PA. It's Mike and the Bros. I think ( I THINK....) they have a plan and are sticking to it.
  3. Best seats in the house! Waitresses to fetch you food and beer. You get the height/sight advantage of the Upper Deck but you down closer to the field. You get to walk around the Club Level concourse and see all the cool stuff they have in there. My favorite seats at OPACY!
  4. Tell us what you really think! 😛
  5. Like Mouncastle. Not AS fast as Reimold. But surprisingly fast.
  6. Nolan was fast af too. Like surprisingly fast.
  7. Of course! Thank you. You've expanded my vocab. It's just... WORK! work, work, work!
  8. That's a HELUVA nice play by the 1Bman for the 2nd out! HELL of a nice play!
  9. OFFNY tuned me into this one. Cito SUX! "Clarence"... 😛
  10. True, I never looked at it that way. But ME cleared up 2 spots on the 40 heading into the Rule V draft, took Wells and Sceroler to fill it. If he was ok then to risk Pop or Fenter to be lost, then that was his decision. And now, I guess it his (And Sig and his department's) decision whether he really wants to keep Sceroler. (Wells is a lock.)
  11. Because the Magic 8-Ball picture reminded me of it. And because I don't mind tangenting threads..... M.C. Escher! One of my favorite artists!
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