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  1. I voted #1. Like Luke and others said, it will take time to see the actual results. But this is right in line with everything Elias has done, the Cashner trade, Villar, this trade, all his other numerous waiver pickups. It all seems to be about filling the lower minors full of talent (or bodies.) See which cream rises to the top of the minors. Lottery tickets. And I trust Elias and crew's evaluations more than any GM regime that I can remember. Plus the biggest plus of this trade is that Dylan had 2 years of control left, so they got the good (or at least numerous) return. How many times have we all lamented over NOT trading a guy earlier when his value was much higher? It seems like we never pulled the trigger til too late and got little to show for it.
  2. I remember that play. I saw it after on replay and watched it 3 or 4 times. Seve didn't catch it and Dylan walked straight off the mound, straight toward Showalter? Never saw him but it's where he is in the dugout. Dylan walks straight toward him. Very strange play, especially Bundy, who's very good in the field. Very heads up.
  3. He was electric that day! 93-94 on the radar. Guy's in the box said it was several mph slow. Killer curve too. Got a lot of Ks on it.
  4. Video I shot of Bundy's Frederick debut. I've been a big fan of Dylan's for a long time.
  5. EXACTLY!!!! The fans who are poo-pooing this trade as tanking are wrong. The Marlins are putting lipstick on a pig with guys like Villar, and I mean nothing bad to Jonathan, but the Marlins are doing EXACTLY what we did for years after year after year! Elias is like the Hindu (Hindu?) picture of the elephant or the woman with 16 arms. He has his fingers in every department of the new Orioles franchise. Working FEVERISHLY to make all these department run and contribute to this franchise. By any means necessary. What the Marlins are doing is selling season tickets to a fanbase that will be unhappy at the end of next season. THAT is tanking!
  6. We could do worse. But I think ME will get someone more ML ready. Anonymous no-hit slick-glove SS. Probably some veteranosity as well. On the cheap of course. Richie can do a year at Norfolk.
  7. Well yeah! We all miss Adam! He probably misses Baltimore as well. He was ready to settle down and raise his kids here.
  8. To get thi thread back on track... Elias had his back against the wall with Villar. Everyone knew it. Rather than let him go FA the Marlins threw in a middling prospect. THEY have to pay his salary this (next) year. Elias has to sign a FA or two for 2020. A SS of course. More pitching. Either thru FA or trade, he has a couple spots on the ML roster that HAVE to be filled by opening day. That's salary to add. His budget, whether set by the team or by himself, he HAS a budget to work within. He just saved 10 million for that very purpose. The spots he has to fill from outside the org.
  9. "Clutching pearls." What a great phrase! Cheers Moose!
  10. The only "smart" member ever of the Marlins was Loria. He made out like a bandit! But that was only for his own means and ends. Building and then destroying that franchise. Then built it again from the ashes and won another championship. Then TORE IT ALL DOWN AGAIN. Is he the first to do that? The idea of tanking for a few years to build up a winning team? Can't be the first time in MLB history. And apparently won't be the last.
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