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  1. I'd like to see him get together with all the good pitchers from Delmarva last year. I think they're all heading to Bowie this year. Get AR in line with them and let them form as a unit. Bring the whole bunch to the show in a close time frame. Make the team good as opposed to "when the team is good."
  2. Quick bit about Caleb in Roch's column today. I just wanted to mention it because I always thought Caleb would be very good in the broadcast booth. Glad to hear he seems interested too.
  3. Exactly! He has a half year of professional baseball under his belt.
  4. Not because they're rebuilding. It because he's not ready for the bigs yet. I agree with those who think 2020 is out of the question. He'll be up in 21 sometime. He's also got to get to minor league camp to get to know all those guys too. He knows some of them, played 3 levels last year. He has some good young pitchers to learn down there.
  5. I was on my phone then. Wanted to get this in.
  6. The Black Sox scandal was investigated all during the 1920 season. Whatever board or panel ruled that all the players were not guilty. KML promptly banned all the players anyway after the 1920 season. There's a "pretty upset" commissioner. There's a precedent for Can_of_corn!
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