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  1. scOtt

    Space Cadet

    Never played that but it sounds fun. That's why I love Civ. When you have 12 building projects going on at once plus you're contemplating a quick war with Japan or Germany. Brain exercise. 😛
  2. scOtt

    Space Cadet

    First song is "Drake's Equation". All but PROVES life cannot possibly be only on this one insignificant meaningless little planet.
  3. REALLY???? You bumped the Nelson f-ing Cruz thread????
  4. I'm getting disillusioned by this board. Beating dead horse after dead horse after dead horse. I need a f-ing break. See y'all maybe when an actual Game Thread is active. Probably post a song every now and again, because... MUSIC! IMPORTANT stuff.
  5. WOW!!! That's a beautiful thang! I like her earrings!
  6. I like Local H! Interesting band name... I think I know what they mean....
  7. Money does not directly equate with talent. And you KNOW that. I think they did very nicely in the draft. And save a little $$$ off the top. (Depending on Servido's deal...)
  8. I don't see the obsession on here about spending every last drop of money! We've spent $13+ MILLION. What is a couple hundred thousand? The odd leftovers that didn't figure into the 6 deals. Step. Back. From the ledge!
  9. Much better than sitting at home on their butts...
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