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  1. Tony's Birthday? Happy Birthday you (official) old fart! 😛 Join the rest of us in our 50's.
  2. The beginning of this vid is Alton Brown and his SO Elizabeth doing Warren Zevon's Splendid Isolation. Topical on purpose... Check it out. Give him some views and a few likes. custom 2nd verse
  3. BTW everything about my world sux right now. This is turning into THE WORST thing I have ever gone thru. Possibly dire straits ahead. Tragically dire even.
  4. Here's a much larger picture so anyone can check. No cases in Franklin County or Washington County, MD. Maybe a couple in Adams County. So I'm still fairly safe. Only been out for groceries beer and tobacco. Just saying... Tried to order some (TO DIE FOR) Ham and bean soup from a local restaurant yesterday. Got a busy signal for 10 minutes and gave up. Have part of the stuff I need to make my own but the grocery store has ZERO dried beans! A few bags of chick peas and black eyed peas. NOTHING else. right click>View Image>click to zoom
  5. Take you hands Don't hide your eyes Don't you want to look? Lookin' Thru the faded glass All it was you took Please don't make me hurry I ain't got no time to worry About it.. Talkin' with my friends don't make it They don't seem to care... Take my time It doesn't mean much to anyone Turn you back! Cuz I can take it You know it's true You don't know the life I'm livin' You don't know what I've been given You don't know You don't know The life of a man. Hangin' on I CAN'T imagine Why I do it? I can't find a reason Why I go thru it! There's Somethin' Keeps my mind all runnin' Even if I know There's no answer... You wonder You wonder where I find it The answer The answer is any ol' way That you choose it! Just don't confuse it. You don't know the life I'm livin' You don't know what I been givin' You don't know' You don't know The life of a man. It ain't easy... It ain't easy...
  6. I actually use 3 videos players. One for .webm, and one for those nasty Ruskie .mkv files. ALL the rest I use KMP player. Plays everything, and I just discovered today it plays my DVDs too! So woo, and might I add HOO!
  7. Sorry to repost this again! (Ok... not really sorry. Y'all know how I roll and how I obsess.) But the interaction of video, the quick cuts, between the good lead guitarist and the lead singer guitarist at 2:40 is really stellar! Worth the price of admission.
  8. Yeah... but then he'd have to work for a living.... Not that MLB isn't hard work but y'all know what I mean.
  9. Hi I'm scOtt. And I'm a chocoholic.
  10. Not one bit! A box of chocolates is like unicorns and rainbows and daisies and sunshine! 🤩🥰🤗🙃
  11. Not David Hess' problem but I'm an inch and a half shorter than when I graduated (1980.) No wonder I have a pinched sciatic nerve!
  12. American Pickers would pay HUNDREDS for that sign!
  13. Look at the two little boys looking at it, just rapt!
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