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  1. Watched it hundreds of times, especially Janis! Just an unbelievable performance. And the Airplane's Today. The whole film a dark and light silhouette of Gracie on the organ and singing harmony. Those two or ten.. others are many of my favorite videos of all time. Got my vinyl at the ready, but the turntable hasn't worked in years. Besides, the internet is faster.
  2. WOW! Look what I found! I had a VHS of this in the '80's. They left out Jimi tho. My favorite two songs (his whole set was great!) Not on youboob... a BARELY reasonable facsimile... The creme de la creme. Some of the crowd wasn't sure what to think... 😛
  3. scOtt

    Space Cadet

    Crazy landscape! Is that Iceland? Or CGI?
  4. Might want to get his foot in the door of Elias' regime.
  5. scOtt

    2019 New York Yankees

    He'll alway be ZacH to me! *le sigh*
  6. You think some guys in the AFL wouldn't be protected? Roster squeeze I guess...
  7. scOtt

    2019 New York Yankees

    Greinke 6 Ks in 6 innings, but down 3-0. Mistake pitches.
  8. scOtt

    2019 New York Yankees

    Now Stanton. 3-0 Evil Empire.
  9. Ok, I'm going to turn this off, watch the ALCS. Thanks for posting Luke!
  10. Since I'm watching both, I wonder how nostalgic Elias and Sig (and Holt et al) are, watching the team they helped build in Houston.
  11. Alec Bohm. Pronounced "bomb". GREAT baseball name!
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