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  1. True, I never looked at it that way. But ME cleared up 2 spots on the 40 heading into the Rule V draft, took Wells and Sceroler to fill it. If he was ok then to risk Pop or Fenter to be lost, then that was his decision. And now, I guess it his (And Sig and his department's) decision whether he really wants to keep Sceroler. (Wells is a lock.)
  2. Because the Magic 8-Ball picture reminded me of it. And because I don't mind tangenting threads..... M.C. Escher! One of my favorite artists!
  3. All. Of. This. Nobody knows if there will be a ML season next year. I personally think it's dead 50-50. And I like AR and all our good prospect pitchers (and all the other players) going into the trenches together. learning how to win together. Getting to know one another. But yes, if there is no work stoppage, AR gets called up when he's ready, probably opening day. edit: But for this year, leave him down. All year.
  4. We have hitters coming too. Adley, JJones, Yusniel, Leyba maybe, Gunnar. And if you have the pitching, and defense with it... the hitters matter less. Almost icing on the cake.
  5. And yes, Sceroler hasn't shown us anything yet. The SLIGHTEST hints. But I'm a firm believer in GENES in the majors. If your previous relatives had success it's likely you will too. It happens over and over.
  6. I know Wells is almost 90 days and we can work the system and keep him. And I know we could use the roster spot. But Wells is becoming one of the bright spots in our pen. Maybe we should keep him here. But this year doesn't matter so... whatever. As long as we keep him.
  7. Pitching. Pitching. Pitching. Pitching. Pitching. Catching. Pitching. Pitching. Pitching. Pitching. Pitching.
  8. Talent's coming! We've seen just the first few bits of it. There is much more coming.
  9. Maybe "the curse" is that we and AZ just suck. 😛
  10. MLB had an article 2 days ago. Guess who was the first one they mentioned! https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-players-who-deserve-more-all-star-2021-votes?partnerId=zh-20210620-426530-MLB-1-A&qid=1026&utm_id=zh-20210620-426530-MLB-1-A&bt_ee=fe%2BB6ZRiFYlCHf%2BgJlaFc1zXDGjj416k%2BeAoKbAZCxL8K9drzErRgK3sYzAu3VPN&bt_ts=1624202932876
  11. Father's Day Massacre. Like this isn't a massacree...
  12. He was... and he still COULD have caught it. He just didn't.
  13. what he said. QUIT FOULING IT!
  14. Near Tallahassee? Just curious.
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