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  1. Guilty. Kinda glad I'm not watching too close.
  2. I graduated with two John Smiths.
  3. Alberto started that same 5-4-3 yesterday from 3B.
  4. That SUTC ribbon looks like the original Star Trek uniform emblem.
  5. But Gary saw it for himself!
  6. Nothing was. All McD's. Except Coke and Sprite etc.
  7. It makes you lose your breath if you inhale wrong.
  8. Actually it was McD's branded...
  9. Nah. Same as French's. The GOOD stuff!
  10. We had a food allowance. I'd make my special double cheeseburgers. 1/4 pounder onions (real onions) on the grill. 5 slices of cheese and mustard. Lots of mustard.
  11. I made 2.15 an hour at MickeyD's
  12. It was! I was thinking we prolly paid 80 cents!
  13. That's a trade secret.
  14. All we needed was someone with a car to drive to MD.
  15. We drank this in HS.
  16. Gary and Mike are gonna need wine for this game.
  17. OMG! Thorne and Bordick are drunk already! 😛
  18. Probably still clearing more.
  19. The Hangout isn't porn. THIS is porn!
  20. Another old fav. I have an old rage copy on my HD.
  21. Holy shit! since I've posted a bunch of videos on youboob lately. I've had a few likes and comments. At the bottom of my "homepage" I have now, 6 created playlists at the bottom. "Created playlists?" I think... I haven't made any playlists. So I click on one and it's a list of some of my all-time favorite videos! That youtube MADE! Somebody click this, watch on youtube and tell me if it's a playlist. WMG Dem Changes deleted deleted Bush and Blair Pretty Ballerina Martin and Scruggs
  22. One of my old favorites! "Buddy Miles got this thing called Dem Changes."
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