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  1. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday</p></p></p>

  2. I got tickets for the ALDS, but no luck for the ALCS. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. I'm not willing to go the route of buying a code on Ebay.
  3. They've already said, apparently, that they aren't giving up Milledge but that could just be a negotiating ploy.
  4. Anyone know the deal with trading someone like Kotchman who's been on the DL most of the season? Pretty sure he can't be traded because of that. I'm optimistic about something getting done but I could also see Kotchman being part of the deal, taken of the DL and end up failing his physical or something.
  5. BTW, I actually think the Angels are that desperate for Tejada.
  6. You're reading my mind before I actually thought that though. I was thinking: offer Tejada for Santana, Wood and Saunders and put it on the table for a set period. If they turn it down, we threaten to go to the Rangers (but not really hehe)
  7. These are the three guys I like the most, believe it or not. Saunders is relatively young, pretty good and a lefty. Aybar does get thrown out a lot stealing and Wood does fan a lot but other stats related to their CS and K is that Aybar does steal a lot and Wood walks a lot and homers a lot, meaning they both have the talent to work around their faults, especially given their youth (Aybar 22, Wood 21). Aybar has good speed so let B-Rob teach him how to read pitchers to steal more without getting caught and leave Wood alone. Someone likened Wood's stat line to Adam Dunn and that's a good assessment. Imagine a 21 year old Adam Dunn playing shortstop. This is from late last year, but the more I read about Wood, the more I like him: MiLB article
  8. Sounds like a good night to me: watch Bedard duel against Freddy Garcia and watch the FO go to work. I definitely wouldn't mind not seeing Tejada in the lineup tonight. BTW, I think the best deal for us now is Wood, Aybar and Saunders. Bring Aybar up to replace Miggy and promote Wood to AAA. We need another pitcher lately with Ramon Ortiz sucking lately, Benson injured and waiting on Penn so let's get Saunders and see what he does. He looked good in his first outing for the big club out in Anaheim.
  9. I agree. I was all for keeping Tejada and trading for Burrell/Abreu with the plan of competing the next few years. Now that trading with the Phils seems unlikely (unless we end up with Abreu by just eating salary since the market seems dry for him) I'm all for trading with the Angels for a package of Kotchman/Kendrick/Wood/Aybar, etc. I think it helps that I did a little research on the Angels prospects and I feel real comfortable with them being able to step in next year and play right away. If we go that route, we also need to trade for Shealy and try to have the guys develop together (I realize Shealy is older). I won't mind the growing pains that come with developing youngsters because it's fun to watch young guys who have great potential to lead the team in the following years.
  10. UMBCOriole


    If the rumors are true, we are at a forkroad as many have mentioned before. I don't see why we wouldn't trade for both Burrell and Abreu and hope the Phils eat a little contract and we don't have to give up much. If we got both and it sounds like we could get them for cheap, imagine the potential lineup the next few years which def could be competitive or, at the least, interesting to watch from a fan's standpoint. Roberts 2B Mora 3B Abreu DH/RF Tejada SS Gibbons 1B Burrell DH/LF Markakis DH/OF Hernandez C Patterson CF Then, with our young pitching improving with age, I don't see why we couldn't be competitive. If we picked up a decent veteran pitcher via free agency this winter to hold down a spot in case a young guy falters and a few bench players, I don't see this team being too far away from competing. Of course, with all this in mind, we'd have to add a considerable amount of salary but with what we're losing this offseason (or hopefully sooner ) in Chen, Conine, Hawkins, Javy and Millar's contracts, I think we can afford to spend a little and not salvage the farm.
  11. So this is the thread birdsofprey told me about...amusing to say the least...
  12. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Munson [/i] [B]Great game today. It sucks that Navy lost though. Now that the college season is over, it looks like it's all Bayhawks until next year. Is anybody interested in getting a group together for a Bayhawks game? I'm looking forward to doing some tailgating. Here's a link to their schedule. [url]http://www.majorleaguelacrosse.com/0,5911,1_437_0_10804,00.html[/url] [/B][/QUOTE] I'd be interested in getting a group together for a game. The Bayhawks should be fun to watch this year and they should be even better once they get Mike Powell.
  13. UMBC's game on the 27th is televised??? I hope they don't expect many students there...it'll still be spring break altho I'll be there (I'm in an apt. on-campus)
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