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  1. It would also be a bad indication that Elias didn’t learn anything from what happened to his old colleague in the LCS celebration.
  2. No effing way. This guy is untouchable on a team that already clearly doesn’t give a #@$% right now. How many middle fingers can you give fans? They’re already pretty apathetic. Do you want to alienate them and make sure it takes longer to make them ever care again?
  3. My hunch is he got hurt. He had to run and make a tricky cross body throw on a chopper of a ball that ended up foul. The throw ended up pretty off the mark if I recall right. Never saw him again after. Dude is wayyyyy bigger than anyone else who was on the field too.
  4. Nunez strikes me as a guy who is fine for teams like this but his shaky defense and all or nothing at bats don’t have me expecting him around even a few years from now. Santander and Severino possibly, but I’d be less surprised if the 2023 Orioles still had anyone who is on the 25man today. (Means possibly but he’s on the IL) Those guys may be the most we see left from today.
  5. Right, and you can say the same about lots of other players. But they feel the lineage also provides an extra advantage on top of the tangible skills already there.
  6. The strategy is working well for Toronto though. Two of their top prospects are the sons of Vlad and Dante Bichette. Wanna say there might be one more Im missing. But they target the kids of ex big leaguers believing there are intangibles that will set them apart.
  7. Reason I asked was because the consensus now is that it’s these two and then a noticeable gap between the second and third pick. It’s chatter you don’t normally get this early in the process.
  8. Does everyone forget all the work Manny put in at 3B before games while he was at Bowie? That was going on for months secretly. Whoever gets the job will be a sacrificial lamb and given no chance to succeed and then likely be disposed of before any real success might be seen with this rebuild, which isn’t guaranteed to work. And it has to be a good teacher on board with analytics apparently. Dickerson, Kendall, and Johnson could be that guy. They all know the game. But who knows if they fit right in the direction this team supposedly wants to go.
  9. Hard to not like that kind of resume and the local ties are nice too. But the resume is much better.
  10. JohnD

    Keegan Akin 2018

    Wondering if Akin was told to work on something fastball related since that’s what most of the hits he allowed came on. Seems like one batter fouled off several in a row before ripping a double on one, to the point you wondered when he would finally mix in a change up. Another xbh came on thr third or fourth off speed pitch in a row. For a while there didn’t seem to be a effort to mix so I’m sure there was something behind it.
  11. JohnD

    Keegan Akin 2018

    Same here. Been quite a show here.
  12. The biggest disappointment is how poor the development has been among pitchers. Starters especially, who frequently seem to continue up short vs what their potential/expectations/ceilings were. Like a potential TOR guy may never be more than a 4/5 starter, and a future 4/5 starter ends up a long man yo-yo-ing to Norfolk. That has to be considered too.
  13. Am I the only one who reed those quotes and sees another voice ala Brady potentially undermining whoever is supposed to be running baseball operations?
  14. Does anyone remember how much he struggled at third when he was younger and more athletic?
  15. A rebuilding team should absolutely move on, and cold blooded businessmen could make that move and not look back. I’m not that guy though. It may be tricky but I hope they figure out a way to keep him. Heck right now the Orioles keep flanking him with infielders on each side. Even if you call up Stewart and Mullins I still see room for Jones another couple years. But that means moving Mancini back to first, which means tough swallows on Davis and Trumbo. Thats all not impossible but also not probable either.
  16. Probably not. They should have traded Schoop this past winter. I’m not sold on him repeating last years offense and I have long felt his days at second we’re numbered. Likewise I’m not sure he is quick enough with soft enough hands for third.
  17. But that’s a big effing if
  18. If Mullins is the next Devon White I would be so much beyond thrilled...
  19. Lux is the second guy I’m hoping for. Whatcha hearing?
  20. I’m guessing he is number one, number two at worst. Mountcastle rakes but he doesn’t take pitches which is going to catch up to him. And he can’t really play defense.
  21. You do want the curse to end right? (not that I believe in curses)
  22. Also, I met Jon Jay on Pit Bull’s tour bus once. Nice guy. Both of em were.
  23. Yes it was an awful signing and yes he was as bad as feared, but this should be celebratory! Dude literally walked away - from the money and the playing time - two things that could be put to better use now. This is an opportunity!!!
  24. It’s almost like there is no plan more than three days ahead of whatever today is.
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