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  1. There is no reason Rasmus should ever play in Baltimore for the Orioles again. And yet it would be pretty Buck-like for him to do so anyway. Pretty sure he looks past Father Time’s record in these situations.
  2. Trade Schoop, Machado, Jones, O’Day, Britton, Givens, and Brach Release Davis, Gentry, Beckham, and Tillman Fire everyone in management, including on the field.
  3. Sideline the productive guy for a buncha guys not hitting their weight? The new Oriole way...
  4. Valencia is a guy you trad sometime between July 30 and Aug 31 for a AA arm who could turn into something. Gentry wouldnt get you anything right now.
  5. Brady Anderson? (I kid, sorta)
  6. I think Roch was more speculative. Maybe something will change in a couple of months. But it won’t be significant.
  7. The Orioles are not going to nontender him but he should absolutely be on the trade block and I think extending him will prove disastrous in the long run. Schoop is just like soooo many others on the roster now. He has plus power but a poor eye/discipline that reduces his lifespan as a high end middle infielder (his woes this year notwithstanding). He also isn’t all that athletic and so even with a strong arm he probably has to move off 2b someday. Not while under team control but a new contract will be a different story. Since his hands aren’t the softest it makes other infield spots a risk. Ultimately he could be another DH type a few years from now in an organization with an abundant supply of them. And the demand isn’t strong. Trading Schoop and Machado with an emphasis on getting back infield talent has to be a priority. Target all four positions around the diamond. But especially up the middle.
  8. Stewart’s OBP is wayyyy too high for the Orioles. How about a little less getting on base and more swinging for the fences?
  9. My hunch is Duq comes up with the deals that Brady and the Angelos clan can then veto.
  10. Soooo things are pretty much hopeless for the next buncha years.
  11. Does tinder work with rotary phones?
  12. The way things are going it’s probably going to be Bucks handpicked guy. John Russell probably a good bet. And it won’t matter without an overhaul of the roster.
  13. I was 4 and didn’t know what an Oriole was. Not even sure I had ever passed through Maryland yet — it was before I lived here. So the idea that it was just like yesterday or something is absurd. And the direction of things now isn’t going to remedy that.
  14. Considering Buck played a big role in signing Davis, Trumbo, and now Tillman, thats a real big chunk of payroll that could have been put to better use. He brings a ton of great attributes to the club, but shares blame for its flaws too. Is the juice worth the squeeze? Probably still is. But it’s not as clear cut as before.
  15. Manny never said a peep about SS when Hardy was here because real recognize real. Beckham shows up and now Machado wants to move. Maybe it’s about more $$$ next year. Or maybe it’s because Manny thinks he will be the better option. Maybe it’s both.
  16. GAusmann and Bundy are 1/2 on bad teams. Not if you’re trying to contend. I’m all for getting Almora, but it’s gotta be independent of getting better pitching. And the source for this seems dubious anyway.
  17. Yea, curious how you would compare Orf to Reyes? Based on the way I read the two write ups I might lean toward Reyes too. At another time I could probably argue for both but not with the current obligations already existing.
  18. Oh lord that’s a disaster
  19. Oh I hope not. Can’t play defense. Won’t take pitches. Great bat potential. Great bust potential too.
  20. THE pitching coaches never threw a pitch. The reason the Orioles had the worst ERA was because they had really shitty pitchers. Day in and day out even the ones we thought were good were actually hopeless and sucky. No coach exists who can change that. New pitching staff is needed.
  21. One more of the frequent reminders that sports is a business. The owners don’t care a bit about fans, communities or anything like that if they can’t profit off it, and stop someone else from profiting too. And then people want to turn around and judge fans for how they seemingly support teams. Gimme a break.
  22. You can make an argument for any of the first five. My guess is it’s Harvey, Wynn, and Wilkerson as long as he suggests he can play SS in the fall league. But if he struggles with the defense there they may take their chances.
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