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  1. Hopefully they don't draft a HS kid who doesn't throw exceptionally hard and doesn't throw many strikes either.
  2. No reason to think Angelos brings Duq back after next year and no reason to think he isn't too cheap to fire Duq and start over. It's clear he hasn't been on same page as others. The Trumbo and Davis contracts for instance remember were done with ownership intervention. He just seems less sentimental in business decisions. And it'll cost him.
  3. JohnD

    2018 roster

    I doubt it's even that high. I'm not saying he has no future but I doubt you would even put him in the top 10 of prospects. This time next year may be a different story but right now I would risk it and feel good about seeing him in Bowie next year.
  4. I mean it's definitely bad, rotten, awful pitching. The hitting has been good, though with production exceeding expectations in as many cases as it underachieved. Basically a wash. all told once again the sum is greater than the parts, primarily because of pitching being so awful so often.
  5. JohnD

    2018 roster

    Right and most reports make him sound a lot closer and discernibly more power than Rifaela is. Plus he spent a crap ton of time on the DL.
  6. JohnD

    2018 roster

    Realllllly hard to think Trumbo goes anywhere this offseason. Just can't see it. When putting guys on 40-man, take into account how likely they are to be taken. Rifaela won the Carolina League MVP but does anyone think he is close enough to stick on someone's 25-man next year? Sure you can stash Harvey in the bullpen and use him sparingly so you protect him. But an OF who seems kinda far away still? Probably not as much a concern.
  7. I truly believe Tillman is still affected by last year's shoulder injury. I also don't see that changing without major surgery. And even then I heard somewhere it may not matter....
  8. I can burn out your bullpen just as fast and I will do it for half of Miley's cost!
  9. You can pay someone the league minimum to throw 100 pitches in 4 innings while walking six. If Wade Miley is back then this team isn't serious about contending even if the big contracts on offense say otherwise.
  10. Thats why this sudden argument that Wade Miley may have to come back for the bargain rate of $1 is an ass argument to me. Him, Tillman, and Ubaldo all need to be somewhere else next year.
  11. JohnD

    End of season top 25?

    The pitching depth that was counted on through the draft has generally flopped. Truthfully the best starters the Orioles have developed in what, decades?, are all with other teams, not in Baltimore. Brutal to see the guys counted on to change that so far haven't. Any concerns Mountcastle doesn't really draw walks? A guy with an OBP that batting average dependent typically raises red flags.
  12. JohnD

    Austin Hays

    NOw that he is here it is absurd to even consider playing Rickard over Hays. Rickard may be on his way to being the next TJ McFarland in that Buck will keep going to the well for something not there.
  13. Yeah any season between 1999 and 2010 were worse, especially the years like 2004 when there was hope and excitement. This year sucked because even as Schoop and Bundy made giant leaps, nearly everyone else took big steps back. Gausman is one of MLBs biggest disappointments period this year. Ubaldo was himself. Miley was infuriating to watch. Manny sucked the first half of the year. Etc. It was then made worse by bad decisions in the past. Trading Davies away was awful in hindsight. I know some said it at the time too. But guys like Wilson and Wright never reached the potential they showed. Heck they can't even replicate what they used to be able to do. The bullpen collapsed relative to what it was. But ultimately it's knowing all the guys they were counting on to carry the load to contention instead fell flat on their faces is what sucked. Been a while since that happened.
  14. JohnD

    Garabez Rosa

    There are 5-10 guys on the 40-man who either won't ever contribute in Baltimore or figure to be easily replaceable by comparable flawed free agents. If there are guys on there you know will be removed next month then why not reward a guy for all he has done? If you outright him after the season so what, but give the guy a little credit and reward.
  15. JohnD

    Prospects or Suspects?

    That's good to hear about Sparks. His numbers are really exciting.
  16. JohnD

    Austin Hays 2017

    Might be a stretch to say Hays is better than Rickard now. He may not be far, but Rickard is a legit backup OF. Hays has a brighter future, but I'm not convinced he is there yet.
  17. JohnD

    Ademar Rifaela?

    Finished as the Carolina League MVP at an age appropriate level. It seems like he really worked on cutting down the strikeouts this year, and it showed during the second half. He finished averaging about a K for every 4 abs. A few months ago he around 3.5 abs, just like last year. So that's encouraging. Will he get too big to be an effective OF? Any other thoughts?
  18. I know Tony is getting ready to put together all this fun stuff but taking a peek at a few names had me wondering about a few guys. From the GCL O's: Lamar Sparks was a CF who is 18, and had a great obp thanks to his walk rate. He walked nearly as often as he K'ed. Really good Sb% too, but no power from the 5th rounder. Looms to me like a future leadoff slap hitter, but will he be slighted for his weak slugging % or does that figure to improve? Jose Montanez primarily caught, with some shakey numbers. Good obp, and few walks or strikeouts. Little power. Also just 18. Jose Lizarraga was 19. He has always had a great eye. Power seemed to pick up. Defensive numbers seem to be legit. Appears better than Montanez, at least on surface.
  19. Zippy chance Beckham gets benched. suddenly we hear it hurts whenHardy hits. My guess is it lets him come in for defense on occasion. But thats it.
  20. Still don't have names, but it sounds like we were gonna be fleeced.
  21. Seth Smith is very "eh" to me. Good obp compared to the rest of the lineup but hardly a difference maker. only two position players traded now including Beckham
  22. Was hoping for a good deal but gotta know what they turned down before I get upset. No reason to sell at a discount.
  23. JOe Smith to the Tribe. Takes one team out for Britton...
  24. Ha I interviewed Olson last fall at the Washington Valor open tryouts. He didn't get signed. Neither did Josh Portis who was also there.
  25. This guy struggled to hit his way out of a wet paper bag his whole career prior to 2017. Now at 32 he finally gets it? I suppose it's possible and I know not unheard of. But I doubt it's more than a mirage.
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