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  1. Harry Berrios? Wady Almonte? Tommy Arko? Ntema Ndungidi BJ Littleton, Rommie Lewis, and Chris Lemp Luis Jimenez
  2. Still can't hit lefties. Still plays bad defense. I still think he isn't the top catching prospect in the system, even if his bat potential makes him some kinda top prospect. Just dunno what position. And if he can't hit lefties he is fools gold.
  3. A famous man once said the ceiling is the roof. Right now Eddie Gaedel can't fit under the Orioles' ceiling for the year. They score four runs in the first five innings and can't even sniff a lead? They're setting a record for most consecutive games where the pitching staff literally ***** the bed? When 2/5 of your rotation are among the worst at simply throwing strikes and 3/5 struggle to get past even the fourth, then I don't care how close you are in June, you have no shot. This is simply the worst pitching staff all decade and it's laughable to think it can get them to the postseason. Time to start over.
  4. When you trot out four trash starters of course your bullpen is going to wear down too. Not to mention two of your best relievers being hurt means bumping up guys into roles that ideally they aren't used in. The rotation is trash. Just awful. And it's pretty much veteran guys who aren't so fragile that McDowell should have this dramatic an impact. Mac isn't the one who can't find the strike zone and I'm not sure he should be blamed for the fact Miley and Ubaldo need 94 pitches to get thru two innings every day.
  5. Hopefully they start trying Mountcastle at different positions this fall, be it in Arizona or the Instructional League. Can he play LF? 1b or 2b? Truthfully no clue. Heck maybe he can play 3b well, but concerns about his throwing arm at SS don't disappear with a move to the hot corner. I might give him a whirl at 2b and see how that goes. I'd also consider trying Sisco at 2b, but I have no clue how he can handle it, be it the footwork or the athleticism needed. Bottom line is though that finding where Mountcastle plays in the majors puts him that much closer to the majors. It definitely accelerates his chances of arriving middle to end of next year even.
  6. Really think this guy is fools gold. Can't hit lefties. Can't play defense well. I see lots of people hoping this happens or that happens, but he's a platoon guy at a position where platoons don't often happen. I'd be willing to bet that inside the warehouse he's not even the top catching prospect in their eyes. They'll try to find a way to play his bat somewhere, but that gets easier when he can hit lefties.
  7. Thats crazy talk. i know the farm system is trash but this kid is so unpolished and raw. His velocity is not overwhelming and he is erratic with control. He will still be a top 4-5 guy, by virtue of last years college pitchers being such let downs this year.
  8. This team needs to trade away pieces for pitching that figures to develop into good rotational pieces. It's not there in the minors right now. And it's what will keep the organization from winning. Right now a group of 4/5 starters with Bundy able to pitch like a 3 sometimes (and he needs a made up injury to rest himself a few weeks now) and Tillman no longer the upper end pitcher we had for a few years won't come close to working. The window is shut. It's time to admit it. Deal bullpen arms to DC. Deal Schoop to someone who could use a 2b. Deal nearly everyone you can to rebuild.
  9. In Tillmam's case I'm convinced it's injury. The rest? Lack of talent.
  10. Actually I would. He has done well bringing young guys in to contribute. I have questions about some of the scouts but I think Duq would get who he wants and some of them would hit.
  11. Tejada is easily the best option right now. I can get behind Marin coming up. He has mostly been a 2B this year but has mostly played short. Not sure what a guy with a 700 OPS at AA will do in mlb, but offensively it's probably not worse than Janish. I'm not able to compare them defensively.
  12. Sisco has a .511 OPS against lefties in AAA snd he plays defense like someone who won't play catcher in the big leagues.
  13. *Looks at AAA caught stealing stats* The idea Sisco is the starting catcher here is silly. His bat will give him a shot somewhere, but his defense will make sure it's not behind the plate.
  14. His HIGHLIGHT tape is full of pitches out of the zone. He sits low 90s consistently. That said the slotting system and early deadline means he will have to decide if he wants a million plus soon or not. Gotta think he will take it at the end.
  15. A lot of the fault lies with the guys who made the Orioles good for the past few years. Some lies with Duquette, who patched over a lot of the holes pretty good in recent years but hasn't done much to better strengthen the organization. Some lies with injuries. O'Day wasn't often himself this year, Britton wasn't himself either before going on the DL for the past two months. When the bullpen is a strength, injuries to the best of that bunch will gut that strength, and highlight the flaws the other pitchers have. Plus, Hart has temporarily (I hope) lost whatever magic he had working last year. Tillman has to be injured. Has to be, he's been so bad. Not sure what Gausman's excuse is. And lastly, Machado is hitting .200. We gloss over it because none of us believe he's a .200 hitter. And he shouldn't be. But right now he is. And it seems to be impacting his fielding, because his throws are all over the place. I don't know if it's lazy or bad fundamentals, but Davis and Mancini have saved him from having a lot more errors than he should. Oh yeah, Davis is hurt now too. Put it all together at once and Orioles magic turns into Orioles tragic.
  16. I don't know how to be more blunt: right now you can't argue the scouting department has done a terrible job of replenishing the farm system through the draft. Lots of other teams find talent outside the top 5. Why don't the Orioles? Everyone in the minors who is playing well still have enormous question marks attached. Maybe it's the minor league coaching, either way, whats happening right now should give everyone pause that this organization is capable of leading a rebuild that even I agree is probably coming due.
  17. He is nearly unusable right now. Going forward there is no way you even think about trying to re-sign him next year. Even dirt cheap, the rate it's going is toxic to me.
  18. Honestly I pretty much agree with everything here.
  19. What position is he playing in Baltimore? And how many All Star games?
  20. None of them drafted by the current front office. And all are in their sixth year at least in the organization. If not having moved on as a FA. Tell me about the impact players drafted since then. Anyone who is projecting as a regular big leaguer, much less an All Star who can be built around by a playoff team?
  21. To a certain extent teams are always rebuilding and replenishing talent. That's why there is a 50 round draft. You don't neef to tear it all apart at the big league level before you draft good young players.
  22. Do you want to compare the Orioles scouting record with other teams? Because the quantifiable results are not very friendly to our points of view. Look I'm not against a rebuild. My point is the current regime doesn't have a great record of finding impact talent to rebuild with. I'm not wrong here.
  23. Yea but the first round also had the likes of Addison Russell and Corey Seager. Sure it's a crapshoot, but the Orioles hit far less frequently on a year to year basis. If they decide to tank, tell me how confident you are that they won't miss like they did in 1999 and end up losing 90-95 games with a farm system devoid of any help?
  24. You sure? Kevin Gausman was a top 5 draft pick. That puts a lot of faith in a scouting department that has a lot of swings and misses.
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