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  1. Great, great win. PLayed out pretty much the way I said it had to. And Garrison had his best game as a Terp. Beauty. Jones provided the perfect spark and I thought for the most part the game was officiated evenly, though with a few bad calls on both ends. Coach K just reinforced what a whiny snot he can be on the sidelines. And I still can't figure out why anyone is arguing with bitter Rob. We all know he'd come in and gloat about everything had they won, but since they didn't, well he's no different than any other Dookie.
  2. I've been looking forward to this game all week. Today I celebrate my birthday quietly with my girlfriend. Tomorrow a few of my good friends come down to the beach with a case of good stuff. Maryland and Dook start the party. My apartment may be the loudest one on the eastern shore. If I'm this excited already I can only imagine when gameday starts tomorrow and then finally tip off. I'm hoping to celebrate all over two beach towns tomorrow night. Seriously, tomorrow is my night. I have no idea whether we win or not, frankly it's as dicey as it was last time, but if everyone comes with great effort and plays smart the home crowd could really, really be something else. I've been down on McCray for a while, but if he goes scoreless but hold Redick under 20 I'm fine. Mike Jones will be asked to step up again and I think he will. Hopefully Ebekwe can pull a Willis Reed. I'm honestly most worried about the inside game and Gilchrest's shooting. If NCM goes inside effectively and Gilchrest is on, then I party till the sun comes up over the ocean!
  3. Look, I'm happy as heck they won. But all it did was prove this team has underachieved this year. Should they be 3-3, and close to 2-4 this year? Not right now, no. They should have beaten an NC State team that had no business winning the way they did and they should have played defense like that all along. Instead their 3 conference losses were by about 100 points. One of them came at home. I love Gary and think he's done a tremendous job there and has nothing left to prove to anyone. I have no doubts about what he can do. As for the team he has though, they've got a lot of work to do before they can live up to teams from the past, and I don't even mean just the final four squads. He can relish the win all he wants but in no way at all should he feel confident this team has turned the corner and will reannounce their presence with authority the rest of the way. All they've shown is that they can play with the big boys when it's worth their time.
  4. Not yet he hasn't. Not when NC State kicks your butt at home. He can feel good after they beat Tech on Sunday and reel off wins against Carolina and everyone else in between. This team should have played like they did last night most of the year and they haven't. Feel good when you show up in games against the best and win the games you're supposed to how you're supposed to.
  5. Wow, just shocked. And happy. It ain't spiced rum but nyquil will have to do tonight. Hot damn!
  6. Doesn't help there's been some awful, awful no calls. I'm looking at Sheldon Williams. Most of those times too. There's been some shoddy calls that went against Maryland too.
  7. The same kind of stuff happens in Cameron. So it's no surprise at all. And in general, college kids continue to behave like heathanistic nitwits at sporting events in the name of "supporting your school."
  8. Will the number of points Dook wins by be greater than the cursewords coming from my mouth tomorrow night? Unlikely. And the game ain't going to be close either.
  9. Garrison is having an awful game. He's taken more shots from beyond the arc than he has inside the paint. Pitiful. And my goodness the defense! They had a stretch where it was solid and they got the lead. THen they just started going Matador style. How pathetic.
  10. Kiss? Ewwwww. I was just holding hands. Heh, that relationship never was the same after that weekend. Heh, and for a while it was red hot!
  11. That's where I found out I had mono back in college. Yech. And hey, it was a saturday morning in the summer, it's not like there were a whole lot of places I could go to find out why I couldn't eat, move, or swallow.
  12. Would the two of you just please freaking stop it now?
  13. That and faxes it in, I wouldn't be surprised. He's a lawyer first and an owner second, that seems pretty obvious.
  14. When I was an intern at NewsChannel8 in DC my job three days a week was to cut up highlights to use on that evening's newscasts. That also meant sitting around logging games until they ended, just about when each and every play happened on the tape. That said, this column was a joke. With that kind of attitude, his Yale degree will get him in the door but won't keep him there for long.
  15. Loyola scored eight goals in that game? I guess it just seemed like one. That's right though, that's the one I was referring to. BTW, I was at that Hopkins game at Byrd. Just an awesome contest. Maryland got the right side of the field on the coin flip and the goalie for Hopkins (the scum bag he was, and wasn't he eventually charged with the date rape drug?, not that I didn't care for him anyway, hehe) had the sun in his eyes for the final OT period. Literally, he never saw it coming.
  16. Browns... Cappies... Terps... I always seem to root on losers.
  17. You mean like that 19-1 drubbing in the final four a few years back? :mad: Wait until the tournament. You won't be so lucky, punks! :mad:
  18. Well when Maryland beats the crap out of those pansies from Hopkins, they'll go back to number 1.
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