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  1. That team wins one game a week. Holy cow.
  2. Steve nailed it for me. I don't think people appreciated the last few years as much as I did at least. After watching so much crappy ball I've loved the recent years. I've talked so much smack to my in-laws. I think the most recent window has finally closed, but at least it was opened. And I think it'll open again at some point if they sell off right.
  3. Honestly I'm a Ross guy but I would need way more than that. He is sorta their Gausman right now, with the luxury of having other elite starters to negate the damage he sometimes causes every 5 days. Ross and Robles to start, and then I ask how bad they want a World Series.
  4. Well obviously. Just looking long term since deals often take days and weeks to put together.
  5. The Nationals bullpen is roughly as bad as the Orioles' rotation, the difference being the Nats hitters and rotation have been outstanding and they seem certain to go to the playoffs again. In fact all that stands in the way of the World Series seemingly is that dumpster fire bullpen. Brach would likely net someone pretty good in return. But Britton could get back probably not an Andrew Miller type haul, butI would imagine something pretty good. Are you ready to throw in the towel and do it? Who would you look to get back?
  6. Who said I was rational?
  7. JohnD

    Ademar Rifaela?

    This young outfielder is having a decent year at age appropriate Frederick. Playing mostly RF he is showing more pop than in years past. His OBP isn't bad, not great either, but a blemish that stands out is his K/BB rate. Needs to get better, but I've also seen worse K rates. It's too early to say he is the RF of the future, but the numbers bear some watching right now as he gets stronger and shows some pop. Anyone seen him in person who can say anything?
  8. No way he is in the big leagues by then. If he doesn't get hurt, our player development system shouldn't inspire that much confidence. Besides, his name is literally DL. That legit scares me....
  9. I have a hard time comparing Arrieta and Gausman simply because for Jake there was universal acclaim for his stuff snd concern with his ability to command it. He simply struggled to polish what was considered first round ability. Gausman has never really been lauded for anything more than his fastball and his potential. He may end up being a solid starter when it's all said and done but it hasn't happened yet and there is enough reason to think it may not. He has to really be on every time if he isn't going to throw better secondary pitches. And right now it's too much grooving happening.
  10. He has never really mastered secondary pitches. And I was also expecting another step forward this year. Not five steps back. Time to start using the B word? (BUST)
  11. Another bad performance, and frankly he hasn't been the same guy since going through the shoulder injury in the middle of last year. He loses his effectiveness earlier it seems, when he's been effective at all. I just have a hard time thinking any shoulder injury that keeps you on the DL for a couple of months just magically heals to the point you're a big league pitcher again. Honestly I can't see any scenario where it's worth it for the Orioles to sign him in the off-season, unless something drastic changes with his shoulder. It'd probably have to be something surgical that provides a clear fix to whatever it is that has gone wrong. And that's if that's even an available option. I don't know. In another thread it was alluded that he's also dealing with a hip injury now too. Get it fixed. What's going to cost him more on the market, a couple of injuries or an ERA of 8?
  12. I mean, I would keep Buck around until he has had enough. There is an argument for keeping Duwlq here too. A strong one even, as outlined by some people here. But I also see a farm system that still isn't strong, be it because of misses by scouting or by the player development side. Regardless that falls under Duq and the underwhelming results there (Duqs scouring of the waiver wire and modest successes there notwithstanding) also provide an argument for change. A lot of holes in the roster loom and it's hard to envision much impact help coming from AA or AAA soon.
  13. You could argue a good shake up is due in scouting and player development. The farm system looks almost as bad as 15 years ago, both in terms of talent and development. Thats Duqs biggest fault. For all the diamonds in the rough he finds they tend to be role players. And as valuable as they are, they do a crappy job of developing stars. Machado is the only one really, and now that he is an established vet you don't see anyone else coming to help.
  14. JohnD

    JJ Hardy

    The saddest thing is he has the weakest arm in the infield. Davis keeps making scoops that bail him but you worry it may cost them at some point. He isn't a liability but he isn't the strength he used to be.
  15. Also I believe the Orioles pay 980/570 to carry their games.
  16. Granted I used to work there and have friends who still do, including the guy who wrote that promo (he is the boss), but so what? To me this is a fun rivalry. Good the days each team plays each other and then pretty meaningless the other 158 days. He had that jab. I talked shit about how the Orioles (and AL as a whole) are the varsity league when I was out with friends who are Nats fans last night. The implication that the Nats are in a JV league. Have fun with the trash talk.
  17. Do the Os view Rickard and Gentry as redundant? That's the big question. Otherwise it's gonna be a pitcher I think
  18. My guess? Doom. luckily this team wins every time they lose someone crucial.
  19. If you think Manny plays that well on instinct and ability and gives no thought to the matter you're nuts. i have no problem moving him to SS next year. I think he would probably prepare differently in the offseason and come in with a different body as opposed to how he preps for a year at third. And I just don't have high hopes that Hardy will be able to physically play at a high level for too much longer. Obviously it all depends on if the Orioles agree and on who is available among SS and 3b.
  20. Eff off with this talk. We are three games in.
  21. I don't think it's that so much as realizing that in a time everyone measures everything, there are some things that can't be measured. That some guys do rise to the moment better than others, or will figure out how to get an extra squeeze out of their talent and ability. he isn't looking for a roster full of Ecksteins, but concedes character needs to be taken into account at a time people are now focusing only on what can be measured. it won't revolutionize the game the way Moneyball did, but he admits it matters and you have to see players as people too, not just items on a spreadsheet.
  22. Was listening to that interview today and to be honest there are some pretty interesting things worth posting here. First the bad news, and least interesting (and No Duh moment) part related to the Orioles, where he mentioned the Arrieta/Strop for Feldman deal as the most lopsided he's ever made. Called Strop a throw-in, and said Arrieta has exceeded what they expected from him. More interestingly they asked him about market inefficiencies, and how the guys he picked up for the Red Sox run in 2004 were all cheap and undervalued. Now everyone has stats guys in the front office, when back then only a few teams did. So now perhaps the undervalued trait teams should pay closer to attention to is "makeup" and the so-called intangibles some guys are lauded for. He used Kyle Hendricks as an example of that, noting he was picked up by the Cubs in a trade where all other things being equal, their scouts praised the heck out of the attitude and work ethic of Hendricks versus the other players available. The idea was that if they were going to take a flyer on anyone, do it on the guy you can count on to do his absolute best and bring the right attitude. It's from there that I started thinking about the Orioles right away. We've talked about ad nauseum (as have lots of others around the game) about the flaws of this team. But the leaders include guys like Cap10 America Adam Jones, Zach Britton, Darren O'Day, and JJ Hardy, who I think we all agree have great work ethics. Joey Rickard and Caleb Joseph have less experience, but seem to work hard and say all the right things. Donnie Hart is on that same sort of path. Prior to that, Matt Wieters would be in the same group. So that's not to say that this team is destined for World Series glory, or that all of that doesn't cover up other flaws. But the example set by Buck and players in leadership roles seems to be overlooked by some people pretty easily (in part because you can't really measure it) and so even in spite of all their success, it makes you wonder if the O's front office was ahead of the game in this regard and are correct in seemingly putting more stock in something that other teams don't always do.
  23. JohnD

    Melvin Upton

    The name sort of makes you go "hmmm" but I'm not sure who he would replace on the roster, and I'm not sure he isn't redundant. Isn't he basically a poor man's Adam Jones? I'm thrilled to have the Capt. America version. I'd sign him for Norfolk just in case disaster strikes, but the only other player I'd consider him over might be Rickard, and even then it'd have to involve some re-arranged roles for guys like Kim and Gentry as a result.
  24. After being a vocal critic of Gausman and his future potential before last year, I really really think he's going to blow up big this year. It'll be needed too, because I have little faith in Tillman's shoulder holding up to the point he is what he was first half of last year or at other times in recent years. By July Gausman will be our clear cut number one guy.
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