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  1. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday</p></p></p>

  2. Forget the Orioles "budget" nonsense.Angelos has scrimped this team to the bottom of the American League. He owes us, period. Look at it this way. The Orioles supposedly "offered" VMart $48 million for 4 years-or $12 million per year (ha ha).If Vlad indeed wants 8 million for one year, that shouldn't be a problem for a one-year contract-you think? That's a lot cheaper than VMart. There is absolutely no excuse for not bringing him here and piddling around over chicken feed pocket change.If he goes elsewhere simply because of a couple of million dollars you can blame in on our useless owner...
  3. For the life of me, I don't see why this team should hold off on a chance to get a great hitter and have one of the best lineups around just because of concern over the effects on Reimold and Pie.It's not like we're holding back two great players.Reimold will probably never return to 2009 levels; Pie slipped some last year. He should be traded if they can get value for him.
  4. I don't think the question is relevant. They scrimped on the first pick,and I believe MacPhail/Jordan did the best they could.It was a money thing.Hobgood's signing bonus was well below that of Matusz, Wieters and Machado. You want to blame somebody; blame Angelos, not Jordan.
  5. Let's hope they can do it. I'm concerned that the Nats will throw some ridiculous amount of money at him. I'd much rather see him than Lee, who could be beginning his decline.
  6. Trading the farm right now isn't that same as trading the farm when it meant Matusz, Arrrieta and Wieters. I absolutely would not trade Machado. The rest, even Britton, I'd trade for the right guy.
  7. Winter Meetings Dec. 6-9. We'll see what happens then.The only consolation to the lack of news so far is that nobody else has made many huge moves either other than Uggla if that's considered huge.
  8. Better him than the other two. But they are an upgrade over Izturis at least.
  9. If David Hernandez is indeed that hot of a trade item, they should use him as part of a package to get a lot brighter nugget than Hardy (or Bartlett for that matter)
  10. The Orioles could help drive up the bidding. Why should a player openly say he doesn't want to come here?
  11. He has about a as much chance of coming to Baltimore as Tiexiera did.
  12. I hope they don't put the pressure on Machado they put on Wieters. The Switch-Hitting Jesus is still trying to live up to the expectations. M. is an 18 year-old kid. Just hitting the ball is enough of a challenge.Telling him he has to walk on water at the same time is going to be a bit too much to ask.
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