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  1. I'm currently on hold with the folks at DirecTV "Customer Retention" to chew someone out over this. They've never done this crap before, why start now.
  2. UGH! Damn DirecTV is blacking out the O's Extra pre game.. unreal! I was so looking forward to catching all the opening day ceremonies, especially Nick & Matt's gold gloves..
  3. I saw that place on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.. I know my fiance would flip to catch breakfast there. She actually makes those French toast now. A bit too sweet for me but she'll love it. Good ol Guy and Triple D.
  4. I just got my confirmation from the Renaissance for $192 all in for 5 nights (Sun-Thurs) wheelchair accessible king suite with a roll in shower. There were a couple other places a little cheaper but neither were as nice looking and close to where I wanted to be. Hopefully it won't be an issue but I like the idea of being able to cancel without a problem up until the morning of check in. I do unfortunately have medical issues now and again so being on the hook for a grand if I had to unexpectedly cancel wouldn't be good. Good looking out grimed1.. I never even looked at the Renaissance figuring it would be way out of my price range. Train and room are booked! Now, I need to lock down transportation from the train @ Penn Station on Sunday night down to the Renaissance and back to Penn early Friday morning. I've also got to get a reply from a medical supply place down there about a patient lift I need for my transfers to and from my chair. I'd hate to lug mine all the way down. I just noticed that Rams Head was right in the neighborhood. Hopefully something good pops up on their schedule. Any other comedy or live music type places in the vicinity? Next up.. figure out all O's related activities I can get away with. Stadium/Warehouse tours and stuff like that. It's going to be very surreal being on home turf for the first time.
  5. I really can't tell you how much I appreciate all the links, comments and suggestions from all of you. This is exactly what I was hoping to get when I posted here. Thanks to all of you for helping me out. Do they allow you to move around seat wise during the game? I'm figuring it wouldn't be a huge deal seeing how I don't envision the place being packed mid week. I have looked in on flying down but with everything I've read about possible problems with getting my power chair there in 1 piece I'd just as soon avoid that hassle. I got a quote today from Amtrak of $260 for both of us round trip which I found pretty hard to beat. I was going to drive down in my van but I couldn't get there for $260 with the cost of gas nowadays. If I can get the right rate on a room I may come down on Sunday the 24th of June and have all of Monday to get acquainted (O's off day) and starting Tuesday it's 2 Angels games and 1 against the Indians then jump on the train home Friday (29th) morning. Everything seems to be way cheaper coming down on non peak days thus a no brainer for me. Restaurant wise, I definitely would love to try out a place or 2 in Little Italy and then maybe something I've never had before like Helmod, which seems interesting. I can see having a problem with too many great options and not enough time. I'll let you know how this all comes together. Thanks again everyone and feel free to keep the suggestions and recommendations coming.
  6. Hey everyone, I know most of you don't know me much but I've been lurking around here for a long time. I'm finally hoping to make my first trip down to Baltimore from the frozen ground of northern New Hampshire. My fiance and I are planning on taking the train down during the last week of June when the Angels and Indians are in town. I have a few questions from those of you that might know the Inner Harbor area much better than someone who has never been. Any information and or help would really be appreciated. I've been a quadriplegic for 21 years since I broke my neck and a power wheelchair is my mode of transportation. My main focus of the trip is to see the Orioles and Camden Yards but I also have to include some stuff (Aquarium, Harbor Place etc) for my girl. We would be arriving at Penn Station and hopefully making our way to a hotel somewhere within a decent walking distance to OPACY and the Inner Harbor area. With me being in a chair it makes me want to keep the need for transportation to a minimum. I guess my questions for all of you are.. Respond here or PM, whichever you choose. Any suggestions on a decent priced (up to $200 per) hotel in that area? I'm looking at probably 5 nights on Sunday thru Thursday the 28th of June. I'm looking at the Days Inn Inner Harbor or Hampton Inn Baltimore-Downtown-Convention Center from quick research. Public transportation. . Is it pretty easy to use if I do need it and wheelchair friendly? I'm going to make a few calls and get more information from public transit. Restaurants/Bars.. I'd like a couple places non tourist central that would really make me look good with my lady. Tickets.. Should I buy them now or maybe wait until I get there? I know there is wheelchair seating all over the park and I'd like to see the place from a few different angles. Unknown? Is there anything that you would do if you only had 4-5 days in Baltimore besides seeing the Orioles ? I hope this isn't to annoying for you and please disregard if you have no interest or help. This trip is a pretty big deal for me and I'm hoping to soak in everything Orioles I can plus show my better half a fun time for indulging my Orioles trip over going on a cruise. Does this prove my loyalty or my insanity? I'm thinking it's her loyalty to me and my insanity for insisting on Baltimore over the Bahamas. It's a bit odd how excited I am that this might actually happen. Thanks for reading.. Edited the ? out for the ' that were supposed to be there. Something in my word prediction program is not working right. Sorry about that
  7. LINK Was really hoping he would come here but I can't blame him for going to L.A. It sure seems he's really got a great perspective on his place in the world..
  8. I also tend to agree with this conclusion but after I just watched that video I sure wish we would be in on the bidding. Are the normal questions about Latin players age around this kid? I'm far from a scout but he certainly looks impressive and very fluid in everything he does.
  9. <p><p><p>New to the hangout but had something to offer my fellow fans. I've been sittin on a set of 5 pictures for close to 15 years now of Cal swingin and hittin the homerun in the 2131 game. I also have the mound conference to authenticate the set with the pitcher Mark Langston of the Cali Angels. This is a beautiful set and if anyone is interested out there and I'd be glad to email copies. I don't know if I'm able to post my cell number but I'll try. My name is Terry. Call anytime and maybe we can make a trade or come up with a fair exchange. I currently live in VA now. Give me a call at 757-687-9818 or email me at [email protected] I'd be glad to hear from ya. Take care</p></p></p>

  10. Anyone here the Baba Booey shout out during the O's post game show on MASN? I heard it on Monday's show too.. I captured the audio tonight and sent it to JD. I'm not sure if it's show worthy or not but I figured I'd let them be the judge.
  11. Offer is for the Birds It seems that Sarasota really wants to get a deal done but with the economy and Angelos never give an inch style being major factors it certainly isn't an easy negotiation for them. It's really sad this is still dragging on.
  12. I found this to be an excellent read and thought a few of you would enjoy as well. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
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