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  1. Just the wording of it. Perhaps I'm looking into that too much. #orioles won't bring back third base coach Jose Flores. And pitching coach Doug Brocail not returning, per sources. Why specify it that way instead of: #orioles won't bring back third base coach Jose Flores or pitching coach Doug Brocail. Obviously one came from the O's side, announcing that they aren't retaining Flores. Just seems they would announce them both if both were decisions by the O's themselves. Just conjecture on my part, thanks to the wording by Roch.
  2. Sounds to me like it's Brocail who chose not to return.
  3. I've considered that as well actually, it usually pops in my head at the start of the EPL season. Roster sizes would be ridiculously small, like a goalie you'd have the same starting pitcher every game, but perhaps like in European footy have those games on Saturday with random Tuesday games mixed in that are part of a broader championship. Perhaps a huge cup that starts off in the low minors and eventually you'll have the random "darling" AA team vs. a MLB team.
  4. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/kevin-smith-663325?stats=career-r-pitching-milb
  5. Well good start to the game. It's gotta be those flowing locks Ruiz has got going on!
  6. I also like hearing the players on the pitch, but I agree. Hearing a real crowd react, especially to something negative, helps make me feel like I don't need to go to anger management over whatever is happening. Now when the team you support scores, which in my team's case isn't that often (Newcastle), it feels extremely hollow and I find myself almost whispering my excitement.
  7. I get that, but most people don't work on Saturday's but we still have night games. Just curious if they change something like that is all.
  8. Doubleheaders! I wonder if the times of the games would change since there won't be any fans in the stands? I would personally love some more afternoon games, but I digress.
  9. Deathloop looks awesome
  10. Nice delivery! On a side note, I hated pitching off of those mobile practice mounds.
  11. Tork or Martin. Torkelson is actually from the small town where I live in NorCal, so that would be pretty cool.
  12. nevadaO

    UGH! 64 HOURS!?!

    I thought this was a joke when I first heard it. Talk about being completely out of touch with your audience...
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