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  1. Soooo much better than Hunter. Nothing against the guy personally but glad to heck he's gone.
  2. Just tuning in. Who's doing pbp?
  3. I tried to bare hand a Canseco batting practice HR back when the Devil Rays visited OPACY. Couldn't use my hand properly for 2 days.
  4. Newcastle 1 - 0 Man United !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Starting this to get the talk going. Week 3 of the EPL. Good stuff so far. Today Drungo's Spurs are down 0-1 at home to Newcastle United (howay the lads!) at the half. Remind us all who you support, whatever the league.
  6. All of this, word for word. I like Hunter on the radio because I don't have to listen to him when I'm watching the game. I say the same though, he seems like a good guy (I have no frame of reference to the contrary) but his announcing is terrible and I just cannot listen to him. Carpenter and FP are the worst in the entire sports world, let alone baseball.
  7. Good pitch sequence from Tate.
  8. I was actually referring to his beard/look as I think he really looks like Tillman. You are correct, though.
  9. This is a new low. What in the actual F
  10. Givens better find his marbles for Upton.
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