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  1. So what are we to expect...just new logos on the caps? I know there was talk of a slight alteration to the "Baltimore" script. Do you think we'll see any other changes to the uniforms?
  2. A lot of the players being discussed to package for Rasmus have also been mentioned as part of a trade for one of the corner IFers possibly available. So would you rather trade players like Pie/Tillman/DH/Scott (just naming potential options) for Rasmus or a corner IF? I am a huge Rasmus fan and would love to see him in Baltimore, but with the FA market & our needs what they are, I'd much rather see us use our guys to bring in a 1st or 3rd baseman. It would be nice to get both, but I don't think we have the depth for that. Thoughts?
  3. While I agree with everyone that if OsfaninMA was really a fan that this wouldn't be an issue, I think it's important to handle this his post with the proper respect both it and he deserve. After all, that's why he posted it. He wanted a reaction, maybe even a good enough argument to change his mind. That's the beauty of this board. We come here because we expect nothing less than quality discussion with well-researched posts and passionate opinions. So here's my two cents: Like so many others, I have no connection to Baltimore. My dad, who grew up sneaking into Connie Mack to see the Phillies, took me to a game at Memorial Stadium in its final year, and I was instantly hooked. I am now a Sunday plan season ticket holder and drive 2.5 hours each way, most often to watch the team I love lose and lose badly. The emotions we go through 365 days a year (as our devotion doesn't simply end with the season) are the very essence of being a fan. Every fan deals with ups and downs, highs and lows. If the promise of the next day isn't enough to carry you through those lows, than its not worth your time. I don't just mean the promise of better days for the team, but rather the promise that there will be another day to simply follow this team. That, to me, is enough to care! As a fan, I look for any glimmer of hope that will carry me through, whether it's an exciting minor league call-up, great game performance, or a big trade/acquisition. Yes, those moments can be few and far between, and yes I am frustrated, but I would not trade a SECOND of anguish for the pure joy I'll feel watching the Orioles finally win it all. Why? Because I will have earned it! I will have sat through it all. I will have seen the balance of power finally change toward our favor, and it will feel good! That, my friends, is a fan - one who is along for the ride, not one who gets off at a rest stop just because they live too far up I-95 North.
  4. I really don't get how the Orioles are at fault here, at least any more than the 28 other teams that didn't trade for Escobar either. I realize many of you operate under the assumption that MacPhail is failing at his job, but we shouldn't assume that the FO didn't look into this just because it didn't happen. A number of different things could have happened. We may not have matched up, or (more likely IMO) we just weren't as interested as Toronto in acquiring a player with attitude problems that even members of the Braves' organization have said affected his game. I mean really, Alex Gonzalez as the main player going back? Come on. If Escobar was so highly valued, I'm sure they would have gotten a bigger return from someone. Believe it or not, it is entirely possible that we did our "due diligence" on this and decided against it. I'm ok with that.
  5. I hate it. Sure the money's going to charity, but it's still way too self-serving, and does no one any good. How, in the grand scheme, is this any different than a "press conference"? Do we really need a special to announce 1 player's intentions, ESPN? The only way this could be worse is if Ryan Seacrest is selected to host the event. I can see it now: "and LeBron will now announce which NBA franchise he will sign with....AFTER THE BREAK!"
  6. I'm from South Jersey, near Atlantic City. My Dad, who grew up a Phillies fan in the Jersey suburbs, took me to Baltimore for an O's game in 1991, and I've been hooked ever since! I've been a 3 yr Sunday plan Season Ticket Holder, and I have no plans on ever giving that up!
  7. Great stuff. I also love: The Biz of Baseball UmpBump
  8. Thanks for sharing, Tony! I totally agree this is a win-win for us, for now and the future. I don't have any quotes to reference, but there were many times where I got the indication from Zaun or Trembley that Trembley wanted Wieters in there more, but felt he had to show respect to the veteran. Moeller will go a long way toward Wieters' development! As I said in a PM, thank you for posting this information for the community. You set a great example on quality, fair journalism and I'm proud to be a part of this site!
  9. In reading all this Taylor talk, I kept asking myself why we'd go after an OF, even knowing how amazing he is. Didn't realize we would move him to 1B. That makes much more sense. Thanks for clearing that up. But it brings to mind another question. Maybe it deserves it's own thread, but which scenario would you prefer for 2010? Option 1: Wiggy or Huff @ 1B, Wood/Bell at 3B Option 2:Taylor @ 1B, Wiggy (Huff probably not an option in this case) @ 3B?
  10. SG, can you tell us how Wood and Bell compare? Who would the better pickup be?
  11. On a September morning in 1991 when I was just 8 years old, my Dad woke me up asking if I wanted to go to McDonald's for breakfast. We hopped in the car, and hit the road. As we came up to the McDonald's near my house, my dad didn't slow down. He went right by it! When I asked him what happened, he said, "Not that one..." 2.5 hours later we end up at the entrance of Memorial Stadium and my love for the Orioles (and a certain SS) is born. I don't remember who we played that day, but I will always remember my first O's game with my Dad!
  12. terporiolefan

    Baseball Book?

    I'm trying to find a book on the game and business of baseball from a fan's perspective for my friend as a birthday gift. In doing an Amazon search, I found a few such as Baseball for Dummiesthat teach you how to play the game, but I'm really looking for one that teaches how the game is played and offers explanation into the business done behind the scenes (roster decisions et al.) Two years ago, my friend wouldn't have been able to tell you who the Orioles are, but is now a growing fan. I would love to find a book that would help increase her baseball knowledge and answer her many questions! Any help is greatly appreciated!
  13. Great post, Roy! My love for the Orioles dates back to '91 when my dad surprised me with a trip to Baltimore. He woke me up early on a Saturday morning to take me to McDonald's for breakfast, but instead of pulling in the drive-thru, he just kept driving without saying anything. 2 1/2 hours later and we were pulling into Memorial Stadium! Living outside of Philly, we had gone to a bunch of Phillies games, but something was different about watching the Orioles that day. I was instantly caught up in the environment and claimed the team as my own. There was just something about that team, especially the way Cal played. I was hooked. Over the years, I have been blessed to witness some great moments like the first Opening Day at Camden Yards, Cal's 2131 game, the game that ended The Streak, and even got to spend time before a game with the entire 1994 squad, including an exclusive half hour chat with Cal himself! Entering my 2nd year as a partial season ticket holder, I look forward to the day where I will be able to watch MY team win the World Series. But that's not gonna stop me from enjoying each and every game until then!
  14. Maybe I'm reading too much into nothing, but did anyone else see this?? I'm not saying Nick HAD to be a Brian's wedding, I just assumed he would have been. I guess I thought after all these years playing together they were close enough that Nick would be at Brian's wedding. Obviously Huff was there, and maybe other O's...so why not Nick? Odd or no?
  15. This may sound unbelievable, but today at work, I helped the wife of one of CC's agents, who seemed just as involved in the business as her husband. We talked about a lot of players to which she had a lot to say. I asked her her thoughts on where he would end up. Without hesitation and with full confidence to what she was speaking about, she said "Dodgers." I said, "I heard he wanted to be in California, but I worry the Yankees will offer him whatever it takes to go there." "Nope. Don't worry. Even if their offer is less than others, if the Dodgers are involved, that's where he'll be." She then added in typical agent speak: "We're shooting for 30 (million) a year."
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