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  1. My memory is that Phoebus was a pitcher before his time. He pitched in the era where complete games were a big measure of the pitcher. Tom was great for 6 innings, but then he would falter. If he pitched in this era, he would be an all-star and potential hall of famer. He was a darn good player that contributed to some great teams.
  2. I was so upset the day we traded Milt Pappas for that washed up old outfielder. Boy was I wrong!! Frank, I will miss you. Your one my all time favorite Os. Loved the way you played the game. Truly one of the all time greats.
  3. The turnout of old players for this event is really fabulous. These 1966 orioles are no longer with us: Curt Blefary, Paul Blair, Sam Bowens, Mark Belanger, Jerry Adair, Woody Held, Charlie Lau, Dave McNally, Steve Barber, Moe Drabowski, Stu Miller, and Gene Brabender The only players who had a major role on the team who will be missing are Frank Robinson and Wally Bunker All the coaches and manager except Billy Hunter have also passed. It is absolutely wonderful that the Os have been able to get so many of the 1966 Os to come and participate. And many thanks to the members of that team for coming to this reunion. As a fan of that team, thank you for the many memories and all that you accomplished.
  4. 50 years ago, I was mighty upset that we had traded away a pitcher who had started for the AL in the All-Star game that year (Pappas) for a washed up old outfielder. Since then I have been a little reluctant to condemn a trade until a little bit of baseball has been played. Perhaps I should have remember how Pappas had pitched in that allstar game. Home run, single, home run to the first 3 batters.
  5. Looking at career OPS for our outfielders: Player OPS Jones .781 Pearce .768 Reimold .762 Young .742 De Aza .733 Snider .716 Lough .701 Parades .609 (Minors .751) By career OPS it looks like Reimold is our 3rd best offensive outfielder. When you consider that he is healthy and a good number of his career ABs were put up when he was less than 100%, he is probably on par with Pearce and Jones offensively. This is probably not true for any of the other outfield candidates. Offensively Reimold is probably considerably better than De Aza, Snider, Lough and Parades. Considering keeping Parades rather than Reimold when you look at career numbers is almost laughable. Parades just does not have a history of being a strong offensive player. He was very good for 50+ ABs last year and for 50+ ABs this spring, but his career stats strongly suggest this was just a fluke. His fielding is not going to win him positions either. Losing Parades if we try to send him down, IMO is not that big of an issue. We got him to replace Manny when Manny was hurt. Manny is healthy and we have lots of options there now. Reimold is a very good baserunner. He probably is one of the fastest players on the team. He also is one of the strongest, and could be expected to put up some respectable power numbers. He is very good at getting on base (a talent needed on this team). The man hustles, and that along with his speed leads to his many infield hits. His hustling probably also contributed to his two major injuries (IMO probably hurt his Achilles while bursting out of the batters box) and diving into the stands (Neck injury) that have led to most of his time on the DL and in recovery. His offensive abilities and potential along with his great hustle and a career spent in the Os system are the main reasons he has so many people pulling for him. Reimold has a few problems. 1. He is not on the 40 man rooster 2. If he plays the whole season on the ML roster, he will be a free agent next year. He only needs to be down for a couple of weeks so that he won’t be eligible to be a free agent at the end of the year (it is based on days on the active roster over his career) 3. Once he is up (on the ML rooster he can’t be sent down without passing through waivers and if he is playing well, he will be claimed). 4. His defense is questionable and certainly not on par with that for Lough and De Aza. 5. He is not a lefty in the batters box. 5. Can he stay healthy? If the opening day decision was based solely on who are the best 25 players on opening day, Reimold should be on the team (IMO). However, the decision will probably consider his 40 man rooster status, that of others, and his free agent status at the end of the year. I expect to see him start in AAA.
  6. 1969 Game 1 - Os win 4-3 over the Twins in 12 innings on Paul Blair's 2 out bunt single. Powell homered in last of ninth to tie the game. F Robinson and Belanger (yes Belanger) also homered earlier. 1969 Game 2 - Os win 1-0 in 11 innings. A complete game, 3-hit, shutout by McNally. I was at both games and called Blair's bunt before it happened.
  7. RIP Stu. Remembering your time with the O's makes me smile a lot. I grew up in Chicago and Aparicio was my hero. When he got traded to the O's in 63 I became an O's fan and still am one. When it got dark on clear nights, I could pick up the O's radio broadcast. It was usually late innings and Miller would often come in to pitch. I loved it when the Os were traveling. He would throw his first pitch and in the background you could hear the fans groaning. They couldn't believe anyone would pitch that slow and not get clobbered. On his second pitch, usually the even slower one, the groans would grow louder. By his third pitch even slower still, the groans of the fans would be drowning out the announcer. Despite the incredibly slow pitches, he was great. A real shut down reliever. He did a great job in the 66 season. Thank you Stu for the wonderful memories.
  8. Jan 14, 1963. The day my boyhood baseball hero, Luis Aparicio, got traded to the Os.
  9. 6 games in a row coming up in NL parks. No DH, both Reynolds and Davis are hot. Does Buck roll the defensive dice and put Reynolds back at 3B and Davis at 1B? Does he keep Reynolds at 1B and let Davis play 3B? Does he sit one or the other? Not an easy call. I probably would go with Reynolds at 3B and Davis at 1B for most of the games.
  10. I thought it stood for Old Fool From New York
  11. I wonder what the record for most hits in a game by a team where all the hits were HRs?
  12. Another TROLL in this thread!
  13. Chen only 26 pitches over the last 3 innings. No reason he can't come out for the eighth. Lets get him some more runs.
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