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  1. Yup... that's my fear too. You stand still and people that are moving forward are going to pass you by. Our depth moves are nice as far as that takes you.
  2. I don't get this either. National TV revenues are up $25 million per team, we've cut bait with some "expensive" talent, and we've had a lackluster offseason so far. I just don't see it. Having just moved back to the area, I had been looking forward to buying a partial season package. So far I'm not seeing any reason to. And.. let's make it more expensive?
  3. <p><p><p>New to the hangout but had something to offer my fellow fans. I've been sittin on a set of 5 pictures for close to 15 years now of Cal swingin and hittin the homerun in the 2131 game. I also have the mound conference to authenticate the set with the pitcher Mark Langston of the Cali Angels. This is a beautiful set and if anyone is interested out there and I'd be glad to email copies. I don't know if I'm able to post my cell number but I'll try. My name is Terry. Call anytime and maybe we can make a trade or come up with a fair exchange. I currently live in VA now. Give me a call at 757-687-9818 or email me at cboehustler@yahoo.com. I'd be glad to hear from ya. Take care</p></p></p>

  4. So who has the better range - Jeter or Wiggy?????
  5. Or a 3 year $15 million dollar contract to Redding?
  6. As long as we're on the same page.
  7. Not trying to negative, but since one I think we're going to stink this year, and two that Wieters is represented by Scott Boras - so he's going to be a free agent 6 full seasons after he makes the majors, I am wondering about a different approach. If we had him play a full season at AAA, and started the 2010 season at AAA, the O's could keep him thru the 2016 season instead of losing him after the 2015 season.
  8. Not going to happen, unless like Guthrie he drops Scott Boras as an agent. Weiters is gone after 2015, when Boras plays these same Teix games for Wieters.
  9. Or as I put it, Boras may be trying to boost his commission check.
  10. Since Tony restarted the thread it seems like we're in a hurry to get back to post #4,000
  11. I am starting to wonder/hope that Teix has already decided on the Orioles, but Scott Boras is just trying to boost his commission check.
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