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  1. JourneyFan


    Major League II did have one redeeming factor - it featured a brand new Camden Yards, without the big hotel blocking the view.
  2. I didn't take games played into consideration, just the fact that he manned a few different positions.
  3. Would Jeff Conine be too much of a stretch? If not, him. Otherwise, Flaherty.
  4. If there's any truth to the off-season improvement plan the club is putting him on, a good part of me is curious to see how that fares before releasing him. Elias seems like he's a little more tuned into the show than Duquette was, so I imagine the fire Elias ignites under Davis' rear end will burn a lot hotter than Dan's, who likely didn't even light one in the first place, and possibly bear fruit.
  5. What about his response makes him seem unpolished or poor at controlling emotions? He acknowledged the incident, tried to turn down the heat a bit and didn't call anyone out. What should he have said instead?
  6. I concur. It's been refreshing to have a straight forward, candid guy at the helm. I liked Buck a lot, but he did a significant amount of that smoke blowing you mentioned. Hyde's been a great change of pace, and he's certainly been a hell of a lot better than our previous rookie managers.
  7. Maybe it was all staged so people would have something to talk about other than all the home runs the team's giving up.
  8. Sports Guy loooovvvvveeeeddd Matos. And John Stephens.
  9. On the plus side, they seem to be playing something other than the usual God -awful MASN music for commercial breaks.
  10. Pitching notwithstanding, this year's team is a hell of a lot more interesting to watch than last year's. It isn't much of a reason, but it's something.
  11. It's to the point now where I hate seeing players get singles or walks, given how much the team hits into double plays.
  12. The bullpen's been just as terrible, if not more so. We'd probably be in worse shape if we employed the opener approach.
  13. Most of the pitchers get me down, mainly because a good deal of them are supposed to be established major league pitchers - i.e. they don't apply to the whole "bad because the team is rebuilding" thing. It's freakin' ridiculous just how freakin' terrible they've been.
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