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  1. Raven fan should considering that their team is looking up at both of them. I would think since you lost twice to Cincy, you would want Cincy to win so that if you beat the Steelers twice you could sneak into a wild-card spot.
  2. No, the critical hit that forced the Hines Ward Rule was the broken jaw he gave Keith Rivers last year. Knocked him out for the year.
  3. I am a Steeler fan and I will admit that Hines steps over the line at times. That said, not a single NFL fan wouldn't want him playing WR for their team. No one was dirtier than Harrison, at least Ward doesn't go at people's knees.
  4. Maybe his contact rate will improve when he starts seeing more polished pitchers. Maybe he takes the walks now because he can. I think he could have a Reggie Willitis type future. That is the comp I see.
  5. Am I the only one wondering why Norv Turner is the coach of that team? They should be one of the better teams in the AFC, but time and again the pull defeat from the jaws of victory. Wish they had a decent coach.
  6. 86 catches for over 1000 yards is a #2 receiver. You have high standards, particularly since the team was beyond aweful and his QBs were Brodie Croyler and Taylor Thigpen.:scratchchinhmm:
  7. I don't think a third and a five are key players to a rebuilding effort, they would be nice pieces, but you don't trade a #1 receiver for nice pieces. It would be an aweful trade for the Chiefs unless Bowe and Haley absolutely HATE each other, and even then it is a bad deal.
  8. Bowe was a 1st round draft pick who is hitting his prime years. 3rd and a 5th would not be enough.
  9. Lewis is brought in to run the West Coast Offense when Zorn is fired after this weekend. I can't see Lewis hired as the interim head coach, maybe Blatche moves up, maybe they bring in another third party to do this part. At the end of the season Snyder shreds the incriminating pictures Cerrato has of him and fires him, everyone else in scouting, and hires a winning head coach. I am a Steeler fan and I would love to throw support the Redskins way if they hired Cowher. Cowher would want total control of picking players, a la Marty, so it would be tough for Snyder to stomach. If not I woul
  10. So now Snyder is a solid defender ... wasn't there someone who said Snyder couldn't make it defensively at 1B in the bigs?
  11. He also has the build of Curt Shilling ... by the way a Bartolo Colon career is not something to cry over. He was great for several years for the Indians and then was traded for a boatload of prospects.
  12. How? How could you possibly know this right now?
  13. I guess you told me. I just can't wrap myself around your player evaluation system. Your criticsims of certain players and your affection for others confuses me.:scratchchinhmm:
  14. Ah, judged him on one at bat. Good deal.
  15. So what? His overall OPS has not broken .800 the last two years at the AAA level. You think he is going to go from being an injured, less than .800 OPS at the AAA level to a starter at the ML level. :scratchchinhmm:
  16. This is a very nice sentiment. Between injuries and performance Scott Moore has played himself out of this organization. My post is dripping with sarcasm because despite all evidence JTrea keeps thinking that Moore has been mistreated by the organization and should be given the opportunity to be the starter next year (or at least a chance). I just don't see it, yet, over the past 2 years he has continued to throw this out there --- give him credit for being consistent and wrong.
  17. Ah yes, why look at 350 ABs in AAA in 2008 when you could look at 30 ABs in Spring Training when he is often matched up against the same pitchers he saw in AAA the year before. Awesome.
  18. This is so dead on ... Look at the way Moore has completely dominated on the field in his time with the Orioles. He has been unstoppable and yet the Orioles won't give him a chance. What's that you say ... he didn't play this year? He stunk last year? Oh ... nevermind, no big loss.
  19. That's a fair comparison. One of Mason's best friends dies and he retires, then thinks better of it, compared to a prima dona who has retired several times and held the Packers hostage for a full two years before coming back out of retirement. Favre is a drama queen, he needs attention constantly. He will fail in Minnesota. Mason is a great guy, good teammate and warrior and I'm a Steeler fan.
  20. The Yankees are dicks. Our guy hits one and sprints around the bases and gets yelled at. They hit one, stare at it, walk around the bases and celebrate in the dugout like its the 7th game in the WS. Almost makes me hope one of them gets drilled in the ribs.
  21. Just to add to what others have said, with an absolutely dominant defense and running game he can win 10-12 games. With an average defense and running game he can win 6-8 games. That said, I expect him to with 9 games this year.
  22. I expect them to trade Crawford for a haul. I expect them to take the money they saved and sign Pena to an extension (3 years) and who the hell gives a crap about Balfour, he is incredibly replaceable.
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