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  1. Isn’t Mullins worth holding on to?
  2. Mr. Trumbo needs to retire and take his teammate CD with him.
  3. Why can’t they just leave the game alone? It’s been a fun game for over 100 years. When they tweak the game they take chances on messing the game up. IMO
  4. Why copy the Ravens? NFL top pick in the draft can help a team right away in MLB in can take several years before they come up. I will try to be patient with the O’s and hope for the best.
  5. Well it was weird WS. I mean the home teams didn’t win at home. I foolishly thought the Stros could win 1 game out of 4. Oh well I love the Astros but things happen. That’s why I like baseball so much. Underdogs can win.
  6. The Nats will win. I just don’t see the Stros winning the last game at home. They couldn’t win one of the first 3. Wish I where wrong but I just don’t think I am.
  7. I agree. But can they??
  8. Astros 4 Nats 0. Hope they keep it up and win the WS. I don’t think they will though.
  9. I’m a fan of the Stros. Do I think they will win. Nope. As for the idiot in the FO well he was fired and that’s good.
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