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  1. Starting pitching is a helluva drug!
  2. I've been watching baseball for 35 years and the length of the game has never bothered me. If the length of the game is what bothers everyone else, maybe they shouldn't let the manager go to the mound and talk to the pitcher, then make the move. Or, they could prevent batters from stepping out to adjust their helmets, gloves, crotches or whatever else they need to do before each pitch. Maybe they should cut back on the between innings time. Or...get rid of the replay system.
  3. Agree wholeheartedly with this post. If a team has the ability to carry a LOOGY on their roster, why should it matter how many batters he faces?
  4. Good points from both of you. I was thinking that keeping all of the milb teams in MD could be good for attendance, but it makes sense to hold on to Norfolk.
  5. Going back to the original topic...wouldn't it make more sense to move the AAA team to Bowie and let Norfolk go?
  6. And there were a ton of recruits there tonight. Probably lose them all after this fiasco. I think Locksley is in WAY over his head. But, in fairness to him, PSU takes any recruit from the DMV that they want that doesn't go to Bama or Michigan. They are a far more talented team.
  7. Bleier has been getting by on smoke and mirrors for his tenure here. I cringe every time that guy enters the game. That being said, he didn't try to show Flores up. If he said something, it wasn't "in your face" until Flores made an issue of it. Flores should have let it go and talked to him later instead of blowing up like that. I do agree with others that this has no bearing on Flores' ability as a coach.
  8. I don't know if anyone saw it, but on the post-game, they actually showed highlights of Chris Davis ALMOST getting hits...talking about how "unlucky" he was. You know you are bad when the network your team owns shows clips of you almost getting hits.
  9. The problem with this year's staff is that they pretty much all stink. End of story. I think a few guys have some talent to be decent pitchers, but they have command issues and the only person that can fix that is the pitcher.
  10. I feel the same way about Blaine Knight...who we went over slot for last year.
  11. Said it before, and I'll say it again. I would immediately like to see an outfield of Stewart, Hays, and Santander. I would release Chris Davis and make Mancini the permanent first basemen, with Nunez as the full-time DH. Like others have stated, I'd like to see the continued development of guys like Hall, Rodriguez, , etc. I definitely do NOT want to see this team tank the rest of the season. We will still be in the top 3 or 4 picks in the draft, and I'm OK with that. I actually like watching this team now. Also, a strong output by Givens, Bundy, Villar and Mancini could make them movable in the offseason.
  12. Wilkerson and Sisco seem to be totally lost at the plate right now.
  13. Wilkerson should not be playing center field. And Hess is awful.
  14. These are great points. If the FO feels he's ready to contribute, he should be here. I think service time would be a bigger deal if he were 21 or 22.
  15. He did make a nice running catch on a ball to his right. It was a well-hit line drive that looked like a hit off the bat. I think Wilkerson hit it.
  16. I think he can be a productive outfielder. He strikes me as a 20 homer guy who will play decent defense. I see him as more of a 2 WAR type player...and there's nothing wrong with that.
  17. I didn't think their farm system is that great.
  18. I agree with Greg. I think Mountcastle profiles similar to Mancini and the extra control would be the deciding factor.
  19. I'd like to see an outfield of Stewart, Hays, and Santander on a regular basis.
  20. I'd rather see Santander in the outfield than any other outfielder we have on the 25-man roster right now. Personally, I'd like to see an outfield later this season of Stewart, Hays, and Santander.
  21. Milwaukee also may have insisted that Villar be part of the trade.
  22. Outside of Means, I think all of these guys are just "openers".
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